Travel Agent to Travel Concierge

Jade Hawkins on 14 May 2019
How did that happen?

I was once a travel agent, I booked peoples dream holidays, I sorted their tickets and made sure they had the answer to any questions that came up. Sometimes we discussed excursions and extras but more often than not I was just a standard travel agent.

Then I started to listen to what my clients really wanted, stress free, no hassle, just to travel. When planning these beautiful, wonderful holidays to far flung places, I began adding all the essentials plus all of the fun, exciting memorable trips they could add. Some of them book all, and others book none, but all of them know what options they have to add to there trips to make the holiday easy, unique, special and completely unforgettable. What extras can I add? Tours and trips that you haven’t yet thought off, from; swimming with dolphins to wine tasting and Segway tours (but not all on the same day!), car parking, lounge passes, insurance too and even the spa treatments and restaurant reservations for your holidays.

I can sort it all without a second thought, so just hand me your holiday plans and let me begin to put together your dream trips, all you have to do is look over the details and give me the okay to book!