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Hi, I’m Janet, based on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. I am extremely passionate about travel and love nothing more than planning tailormade adventures.

I have access to hundreds of suppliers and can arrange short breaks, to cruises, a family holiday in the Mediterranean to a luxury honeymoon in the Maldives. And everything I book is 100% financially protected through the Travel Counsellors Trust.

My Filipino mother gave me the first insight into what this wonderful world has to offer, and so my travel bug started from a very young age. My travels have taken me to remote parts of the Philippines, to enjoying sunsets in South Africa, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Barbados, Las Vegas, New York, Italy…the list goes on.

Think of me as your personal travel concierge and I will handle the whole process from start to finish. Which means all you need to worry about is packing your suitcase and remembering where your passport is.

I work from home so that I can be there for my two amazing kids, which means I can be flexible to work around your schedule and am available to speak outside of the normal 9-5.

Destinations on my bucket list include Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Belize – what’s on yours?

I’d love to find out more and help you create your memories that will last a lifetime.


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Top 5 tips for travelling with kids

05 June 2019

1. If you can - check in early I always suggest to pre-book your seats, but if you haven’t done this when you booked, then I would definitely make sure that you aim to select your seats as soon as check-in opens. It can be a complete pain if you aren’t sat together. Sometimes a kind stranger will swap seats with you, but why have the added stress of asking them and what if they won’t! 2. Allow enough time Ok so it’s an obvious one I know, but if you’re someone who generally likes to fly by the seat of your pants and arrive at the airport just as the boarding desk is closing (I kid you not this is how my husband likes to travel!). This is just not advisable with kids. You absolutely need to factor in, the impromptu toilet stops, the extra time it takes to get through security, requests to stop and watch the planes taking off through the concourse window, the dropped teddy etc. Much better for your stress levels if you can be sat having a coffee with plenty of time to spare. 3. Invest in Kiddie headphones This is one that I almost forget, as my kids don’t generally wear these. However, when on a flight with strangers (who may or may not have kids) then they will thank you for packing a pair of headphones. I mean seriously, who really wants to hear the theme tune to Peppa Pig on repeat? No-one. Also add it to your list to download films, games and apps to their iPad before you leave home, or at the airport on the Wi-Fi with all that spare time you built in! Another great tip I saw was to pop your iPad or phone into a Ziplock bag so that you can hang it on the seat in front…genius! 4. Pre-order your baby milk I get asked a lot particularly by new mums about what they can and can’t take, will they have to taste it at security, how much are they allowed. Well, did you know that good old Boots offer a pre-order and collect service at the airport departures. Problem solved. 5. Pack plenty of snacks, snacks and more snacks. Kids are allowed a cabin bag so why not allocate their little rucksack as a fun bag for all the essentials, snacks (as much variety as you can fit), wet wipes and pocket games. I’d even chuck in a couple of pull-ups. They may just save your bacon if your little one just plain refuses to go to the toilet on board.

Why parents should put themselves in 'time-out'

22 May 2019

I’m not suggesting we sit in the corner of the room or on the bottom step of the stairs, but I do think taking time out to regulate ourselves can only be a good thing. Today I met with some fellow Travel Counsellors and spent just a few hours away from the laptop and mobile phone relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of Thoresby Hotel and Spa in Nottinghamshire. On arrival, I wasn’t sure what to expect as my preconception was that a couple of hours out was just not going to cut the mustard - but how wrong I was. After signing into the spa and stepping into my swimming cossie and fluffy robe, I was soon daydreaming about being on holiday and enjoying the slower pace of life. Don’t get me wrong, my life as a travel agent is not stressful by any means - in fact, it’s a joy. However, being a mum of a 7- and 5-year-old sometimes can be. Juggling football, dance lessons, parties and playdates; if you are a parent, you know where I’m coming from. Why is it that for some people the only time they genuinely unwind is that week or 2 each year that they go on holiday? Is that enough? Surely not! Maybe you’re thinking that you can’t afford to always go on holiday abroad but 'vacaying' in the UK is within everyone’s reach. So, go on do yourself a favour and take a mini-break even if it’s just overnight or a few stolen hours one afternoon. After all, being in time-out isn't just for the kids!

The iconic Hurtigruten voyage along the Norwegian Fjords

13 February 2019

Back in October 2017 I was lucky enough to win a place on a trip with Hurtigruten, on board MS Kong Harald from Tromso to Bergen. If you’ve not heard of Hurtigruten, they’ve been sailing along the Norwegian coast since 1893 delivering the post, cargo and passengers to numerous tiny villages, towns and cities along the way. Today their vessels depart Bergen daily for the voyage over the Arctic Circle to/from Kirkenes still ‘working’ delivering post, cargo etc. Given the spectacular scenery it has become known as the ‘world’s most beautiful voyage’ and absolutely the best way to see Norway. Having never been on a cruise before, I was surprised to be informed that I would not require my ball gown or best party gear! In fact, I needed to pack jeans, fleeces and a good pair of boots/shoes. Slightly smarter attire for the evening. Now, for anyone who knows me they will know that this meant a visit to a well-known outdoors retail establishment as I’m a heels and dresses kind of gal. Fast forward to the day of the trip and I hopped on a short flight from Manchester to Oslo where I met my fellow companions and took the connecting flight to Tromso. We had a lovely meal as we waited for the ship and to our delight were greeted with the Northern Lights - what a treat. We boarded the ship and were soon made comfortable in our cabins. I was sharing a cabin and we decided to set our beds in bunk bed configuration, giving us more room in the cabin. We had a window which meant we could see the beautiful scenery as we came into each port. We were advised to not oversleep so that we didn’t miss the Vesteralen islands as we headed towards Lofoten. There’s a moment on the journey where it looks like your heading straight for the mountain wall, but as you get closer a narrow opening appears. We visited the Hurtigruten Museum whilst in Storkmanes and later whilst in Trollfjord went on a fishing village walk. This was so fascinating learning all about the history and techniques used by the local people. The next day we crossed the Arctic Circle and were asked to join the Arctic Circle Ceremony. I noticed the bottles of champagne on the side and excitedly got into the queue. It soon became apparent that we were not in fact having the champagne but a ‘rather large’ spoon of pure cod liver oil!!! I’m not even joking it was disgusting but hilarious fun. I was also grateful to learn that the alternative is the ice bucket challenge. Whilst in Trondheim we visited the Nidros Cathedral hidden rooms and later in the afternoon the most amazing Bergatt Marble Mine. The remaining part of our trip saw us pass the picturesque Nordfjord which lies below the enormous glacier Jostedalsbreen. The rugged landscape and natural beauty of the fjords is just breathtaking. I joked earlier about the lack of dressing up, but this is a voyage not a cruise. When I was wrapped cosy in a blanket, feet up, sipping a hot chocolate, or settled in the hot tub on the deck at the back of the ship, I realised what a truly relaxing experience it was to be on board. No airs and graces or formalities necessary. If you’re a keen walker or a family that like to explore then this trip is a must.

Malta definitely not just for the oldies

08 October 2018

I recently spent a long weekend (4 days/3 nights) in Malta. A super quick 3-hour flight from East Midlands and we were out of the cold chill and in the wonderful all year-round warm climate of Malta. I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect, as the only people I really knew that had been to Malta were of the older generation (aka mum and dad and a few of their friends), but I was happy to make up my own mind. Just a short 15-minute transfer from the airport to our hotel, The Corinthian, St. George, close to but far enough away from the very lively, Julian's Bay. Our hotel was positioned on top of a hill overlooking the bay and had everything you could wish for from a private spa, adult-only pool, great views, and two fine dining restaurants - Buddhamann and Caviar & Bull. With private access straight into the bay it was a perfect spot to rejuvenate and relax. I also cannot fault the hotel services, I had a couple of issues during my stay and used the hotel's WhatsApp to communicate with hotel staff and could not believe the speed of response. **Day One** We decided to take a day trip to the capital city of Culture for 2018, Valletta. It reminded me very much of Italy, and some of the buildings reminded me of those that can be found in Rome. There is plenty to see and do, no matter what your interest. From shopping to sipping coffee in a hidden away café you will be hard pressed not to fall in love with this beautiful place. We managed to walk around with ease, but if you prefer there are horse drawn carriages or a mini train that you can jump aboard to take a tour around the city boundaries. We also marvelled at the enormous cruise ships that docked literally in the bay - how do they float - seriously?! **Day Two** We went on a bus ride to The Blue Grotto - which were a series of sea caverns on the Southern Coast. Every day from sunrise until around 1pm a unique sight can be observed. Due to the cave's location combined with sunlight, they mirror beautiful shades of blue. We took a 25-minute boat trip which cost around 8 euros each and it was lovely to see the coast line and caves whilst skimming the waves. Afterwards we moved onto the fishing village of Marsaxlokk which boasts a fresh fish local market amongst other locally produced items. It was a sweet picturesque village and a nice way to spend a few hours whilst enjoying the local wine and food. On the Monday we decided to stay closer to home and enjoy the facilities at our hotel. If we had been staying another day I would have liked to have gone to Gozo and see the Ggantya temples which are older than the pyramids of Egypt - but I guess I must save that for the next time. After a few laps of the pool, a treatment and some afternoon tea, it was soon time to leave and make our way back to the airport. I have to say that we had no trouble at all during our stay, our taxi driver told us that there was very little crime and that the area was very safe, and I have to agree. They are very proud to have almost non-existent unemployment and we found everyone very helpful and pleasant. Malta is definitely not just for the oldies. if you're stuck for an alternative place to go for some winter sun I would definitely keep Malta in mind!

Why I love Italy

24 June 2017

I’ve just been reading about all the wonderful places that Italy has to offer and it has inspired me to quickly share why I love Italy so much that I chose to get married there! Where to start – well you can’t really go to Italy without going to Rome. I was lucky enough to visit Rome a few years ago and from the moment we arrived in this jaw-dropping city I was a taken back with the sheer size and magnificence of some of the famous landmarks. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, walking up and down the Spanish steps you really can spend hours and hours wandering around soaking in the history and culture this wonderful city has to offer. I have spent one New Year in Milan, choosing to stay in a small boutique hotel off the square facing the Duomo. Although I didn’t manage to see a fashion show I most definitely partook in my other favourite pastime – shopping! Then there’s the beautiful Lakes. Bellagio in Lake Como is simply breath-taking. You can take a boat ride and hop on and off at various destinations along the way, exploring secret gardens and villas and stopping for a refreshing glass of prosecco and some great local Italian food to round things off. For those of you that like to ski or trek then there is of course the Italian Alps. Or perhaps you would prefer to ride or hike along the Amalfi Coast (definitely one for my list). This is just a handful of the places to visit not forgetting to mention Venice, Pompeii, Florence, Positano, Umbrio the list is endless. A visit to Italy never disappoints. There is a part of this beautiful country to suit everyone’s taste. If you would like to know more or want help planning your own Italian escape then get in touch, I would be delighted to help - I even promise not to come with you.

My customer stories

Sent by Kathy Poole

Janet worked extremely hard to deliver the holiday we were looking for in a climate where the prices were rising almost by the minute as countries opened their borders to international travellers once more. Janet was professional and caring throughout and kept us informed every step of the way. I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family.

Sent by Lisa Hill

Janet has had to move a trip we had planned abroad twice and a local UK trip twice because of Coronavirus and she has been brilliant. She listened to what I needed and was very attentive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Sent by Julia Grooms

Janet is absolutely brilliant, she has been booking us fabulous holidays for several years and every one of them has been perfect. Janet takes all the stress out of the whole process so you can just sit back and be excited about your upcoming holiday.

Sent by Wendy Mitchell

Janet is awesome, she totally understood what we were looking for and when we changed our minds on a few things she got them sorted straight away, I would confidently recommend her to anyone.

Sent by Sue Morehouse

Taken the stress out of trying to find a holiday and would strongly recommend.

Sent by Joe Vanaman

A really fantastic service, made the whole process very easy. Thank you :)

Sent by Emma Greaves

Massive thank you to Janet Tomblin for organising this fabulous holiday for us. She makes it so easy, nothing is ever too much trouble and we didn't have to worry about anything. She even made sure we could stay in the hotel an extra day when our flight was delayed!

Sent by Bindiya Patel

Janet helped me and my fiancé organise an unforgettable holiday to Iceland and New York in November 2019. Everything was organised seamlessly and Janet was always on hand to help, no matter what. Would highly recommend! Thank you, Janet xx

Sent by Angela Darar

Janet is fabulous, I wouldn’t go anywhere else to arrange a holiday or short break or try to do it myself. Leave it in her capable hands and she always delivers and goes the extra mile! Thanks so much!

Sent by Sasha Dewes

Janet was INCREDIBLE helping us to plan our honeymoon to the Maldives and Dubai. And she was even more amazing when our flight was cancelled as we were sat on the runway! Janet sorted everything to ensure that all our connections were reorganised so we could relax and enjoy our flight to the Maldives. She was also on hand to help with any queries and also gave us a lovely personal and warm service throughout. We will definitely be booking future trips with Janet and would highly recommend using her.

Sent by Lynda Croome

Fabulous service, Janet has been extremely helpful and patient with me in sorting a very special holiday. Also helped with a trip for a holiday which I was unable to do. Will always use Janet now - so much easier. Janet is brilliant and lovely.

Sent by Lisa Pickering

Janet has been totally amazing. Her customer service skills are incredible - I would highly recommend. Thank you for everything x

Sent by Andrew Simpson

Janet gave us a fantastic service. So much so that I recommended her to our friend who lives thousands of miles away in California USA. I will let my daughter know as well how Janet organised the holiday for my wife and her American friend.

Sent by Diane Hulland

Janet listened to what my requirements were and acted in a very professional and friendly manner. I would definitely use Janet again.

Sent by Susan Bramley

Janet is a warm person who likes to get to the know the client first. This proves that she knows the client inside out and can work bespoke to their needs.

Sent by Perry Bebbington

I was reluctant to use Travel Counsellors at first, it just seemed so unnecessary with the internet. Having experienced Travel Counsellors and the service from Janet Tomblin I just wish I'd started using them sooner! Janet makes finding and booking a suitable place for a holiday so much easier. I recommend both Travel Counsellors and Janet without reservation.

Sent by Claudine Jackson

Great service and range of options provided by Janet

Sent by Sally Jackson

Very helpful and went the extra mile!

Sent by Dawn Mead

Janet provided a first class personal service. She investigated options available and presented a number of choices that were all perfect for us. Thank you Janet.

Sent by Elaine Drew

Janet made every effort to come up with the most suitable holiday she could for me and a friend. This was done swiftly and without any fuss. I would definitely recommend her!

Sent by Deirdre Westwood

Janet goes out of her way to find out exactly what we wanted on our holiday and was able to put together a package which suited all our needs. Communication between us has been regular, not too much, not too little. She is also going out of her way to help us with restaurant choices to suit my vegan lifestyle. I'd highly recommend using Janet and indeed we shall be doing just that again ourselves. Thank you

Sent by Susan Cropley

Janet, was very helpful in our booking. We had a large group with varied requirements, she advised us well on flights times and dates to enable us to find the best deal for the location we required. Janet is really friendly and personable, we have already recommended to our family and friends.

Sent by Bindiya Patel

Brilliant service, made as easy as possible and Janet is always at hand to answer any questions.

Sent by Melissa Hart

Janet is a wonderful helpful person, she is full of knowledge and expertise and was and is always there for help and advise. We recently booked our honeymoon through Janet and her service is second to none! We would highly recommend Janet without a doubt.

Sent by Kelly Burt

Want to say a huge thank you to Janet Tomblin for arranging everything for our lovely holiday. We are back now and had an amazing time. I always get nervous about booking holidays, never know if it’s the best place or protected if any problems etc, Janet did it from start to finish, checking in for us there and back, lovely little token notes through out, a welcome home letter and I just urge anyone wanting to book a holiday to get in touch with her. Booking a holiday has never been as easy. Thank you!

Sent by Julia Grooms

I just want to say a massive thank you for taking all the stress out of finding a holiday for us. It was so quick and easy, all I have to do now is look forward to it. Thank you for the excellent customer service Janet. I would happily recommend you to anyone

Sent by Rachael Hensleigh

I'm really so pleased we booked our Italian break with you , it was absolutely perfect, we couldn't of wished for anything better . The service we received from you was outstanding. Can't wait to talk to you about our beach wedding!

Sent by Bev Holden

Janet understood my requirements and quickly came back to me with suggestions that met our needs perfectly. The experience was almost effortless on my part and I'm wondering about booking our next trip already

Sent by Jennifer Gadd

The whole process was quick and easy and Janet was there to guide me a long the way.