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Your Memories - My Passion.
Welcome everyone

Before I start telling you more about myself, I first want to say my passion is to create unforgettable memories for you and your beloved ones. Creating the perfect trip for each individual and family requires a lot of time, knowledge and dedication to detail. And that’s where I come in.

I can say that I am extremely well-travelled, it’s been my own personal passion to see and experience new cultures and adventures. I have personally organised many complex road trips, weekend breaks and longer holidays; for my friends, people referred to me and myself. I have travelled to 35 countries to date, stayed in a range of accommodation from hostels to some of the worlds finest luxury hotels. I have travelled on most modes of transport from low-cost budget airlines to private jets, yachts and helicopters. Therefore, whatever you desire for your travel needs, I am able to cater for or suggest the best means for you!

Through my travels, I have established an extensive worldwide network of friends on a global basis. I hope you will benefit from the shared knowledge acquired from the local experts, as we create new and exciting opportunities together.

As my mantra states, I truly believe creating your memories is my passion!

From saving your favourite seats on a plane, reserving a table at the best restaurants, suggesting & booking activities or just thinking ahead of every eventuality and need. You can trust 100% in my efficiency and determination to make your holiday stand out from all others.

In addition to the travel industry, I have also worked in the finance sector and also spent a year abroad in Australia as an Au Pair. This means I understand the value of money when negotiating the best deals - while also being mindful of those additional needs required for the mini adventurers travelling amongst your party.

So when you are thinking about planning your next trip whether that be a family holiday, honeymoon, ski trip, weekend break or road trip with friends. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I’m here to save you time and hassle, provide knowledge and experience, whilst also saving you money by through accessing my extensive routes to the best deals possible (I should have said I’m great at saving you money as well!)

I look forward to assisting in creating special memories for you, your friends and your family.

If you would like to find out more about my service and experiences, then please have a look at my Instagram Profiles, YouTube Channel and my Facebook webpage. (The Links are below)
Personal Instagram: @Passion2Travel
YouTube: Passion2Travel Travel Counsellor

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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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Coral Reef Club Barbados


In January 2021 I spent 5 weeks in Barbados and visited over 20 Hotels on the Island. The Coral Reef Club was one of my favourite hotels

Ritz Carlton Al Wadi


Ras Al Khaimah is known as the nature emirate and hotels like the Ritz Carlton promises to make it an unforgettable experience.

My Blog

I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Swimming with the Pigs! A dream came true

14 January 2019

Yes, the Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas DO exist! It’s quite a site to see because it’s not every day you see a 300-pound pig swimming gracefully in the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas! But it’s true, they will swim right up to your boat if you have food to feed them and have even become friendly from interacting with so many visitors! The swimming pigs are located in the Exuma, which is a district of the Bahamas with over 350 islands. The popular island that you can stay at is Staniel Cay, but the pigs are on Big Major Cay AKA Pig Beach or Pig Island. It’s an uninhabited island except for the swimming pigs. Since the island is uninhabited, that also means there’s no airstrip for planes to land, and that you need to take a boat to get to it. Staniel Cay is the closest island with an airport, and you can either rent or hire a boat from there to get to Pig Beach. More on how to get there in a sec. There is also a very small island/cay in Abacos near Green Turtle Cay that has a smaller population of pigs, although they didn’t really seem too excited to swim when I was there.

Honeymoon Bridal Registry

14 January 2019

Are you planning a wedding and thinking about your dream honeymoon destination? The Travel Counsellors' exclusive Weddings and Honeymoon Gift Registry service might be just what you are looking for. An easy, stress-free way to manage your wedding and honeymoon plans online - courtesy of your personal Travel Counsellor. Our Honeymoon Gift Registry service allows your friends and family to give you the most memorable gift of all – the perfect honeymoon, tailor-made and planned with you down to the finest detail. You may already have everything you need for your home, and perhaps you do have the ideal honeymoon destination in mind, but need a helping hand making your dream trip a reality. Whether it’s the ultimate adventure trip on safari in Africa, a romantic city break to the "city of love" Paris or romantic Venice, or a relaxing retreat at a 5* luxury resort in the Maldives or Mauritius, the Gift Registry means you can have the honeymoon you always wanted. Your unique Honeymoon Gift Registry webpage will be personalised with your photo and messages, allowing guests, friends and family to log in easily and contribute towards the costs of your trip. As part of this unique service, you can also purchase a Honeymoon Registry pack, which includes guest cards specially designed to send out with your wedding invitations, to let guests know how they can contribute. The special pack also includes thank you cards and envelopes, to let your guests know how much you appreciate their contribution. Some of our top selling overseas wedding and honeymoon destinations are Mauritius, the Maldives and the Caribbean but no matter where in the world you choose to go, Travel Counsellors can help you get there. For more information, please get in touch.

One week in paradise!

20 June 2018

I’ve been recently to the Maldives and was blown away by the white sandy beaches and the incredibly, clear ocean! When I booked my trip, I decided to stay on two different islands to see as much as possible and to gain some knowledge for my customers. The first two nights were spent at the laid-back resort “Soneva Fushi”, about 45 minutes by airplane from Male. Soneva Fushi is a luxury resort with a jungle atmosphere and perfect for groups and families.All the villas are surrounded by big palm trees and many other flowers. Everyone is barefoot during their stay and you get your own bike to cruise along the island. The kids club was the best I have ever seen in my life so far. The kids have their own, big area called “the Dom”. It has a pool with a big slide and a pool bar, a LEGO room, craft rooms, cinema, cooking kitchen music room and much more. After two nights at Soneva Fushi I made my way to the Six Sense Resort at Laamu Atoll. This is a 35-minute, domestic flight from Male and then a 15-minute speed boat trip. Everything is very well organised! You get picked up at the airport, they take over the check in, bring you to the Six Sense lounge and answer every question you might have. Six Sense is for me an absolutely, amazing hotel and everyone should have seen it once in their life. Everything is just perfect! The staff always have a smile on their faces, the different restaurants are all special it their own way, the rooms are stunning, the spa is like heaven, the gym has a view to the ocean and the dive school is very professional. You also get your own bike at this resort and everyone walks barefoot on the island. This resort is a good place to go if you look for a luxury getaway, maybe for a special occasion, honeymoon or just a relaxing holiday with some amazing dives! Feel free to contact me if you want some information and I am happy to share my amazing experience and some important tips.

One month in Fiji

22 March 2018

I was working as an Au pair in Australia when I decided to travel for one month to Fiji and stayed with the locals. Fiji is an absolutely great holiday destination. It is blessed with so much turquoise water, great dive spots, white sand beaches, jungle rivers and authentic culture. Whether you're looking for a decadent resort, family getaway or backpacker adventure, these islands have it all. I viewed five different islands, stayed with six lovely Fijian families and even got to visit lots of local villages where I took part in a traditional welcome ceremony and drank ‘Kava’ with the local villagers. These were definitely the friendliest people I have ever met in all my years of travel. Always a smile pasted on everyone’s face and loud Bula’s shouted from all around! How I got to live with the locals A Facebook post in a Fiji local group in December 2014: "Jasmina Becker is a lovely 23 years old girl who comes from Germany but currently working in Australia. She is a guest of this forum because she had written a request to us previously asking if we can organise a travel arrangement on her behalf to Fiji. And if we can look for some families in Fiji to host her and stays with them for a couple of days, perhaps move around the island on the basis of such arrangement possibly from a host to host. She wanted to interact and learn to understand the very basic way of our living, our tradition and the cultural diversity in the Fijian villages and those of the urban areas. We advertised her request in this forum (Fiji, Australia and New Zealand seasonal fruit pickers/backpackers forum) a couple of months ago. We have received an overwhelming respond from people of different walks of life in our community who are members of this forum offering to accommodate her for free. This is why we regard ourselves as so unique in our ways and are re-known worldwide for our friendly and welcoming attitude expressed in that single magic word that every tourist who visited our shore are accorded with and will remember for a lifetime. "BULA " means "WELCOME" Get in touch with me and I can tailor madke your perfect Fiji holiday as well! Venaka (thank you)

My road trip through Israel

18 February 2018

You probably never thought of visiting Israel! Well, this country has lots of great and unique things to offer! Visit the holy city Jerusalem or relax at one of the stunning beaches of Tel Aviv. Experience diving in the Red Sea, swim with dolphins or float in the Dead Sea. It’s called the Dead Sea because no fish can survive in the salty waters. Which is also renowned for its unique salts that promote health and healing properties. I spent one week with my best friend in Israel, driving from Eilat all the way up to Tel Aviv but we still did not manage to see everything, so we will definitely go back again. Is it safe? I’m sure this is a top question on many people’s mind when they think about travelling to Israel. I felt very safe and didn’t have that “I am tourist and I stand out” feeling that I get in many places. I was very comfortable taking my camera everywhere we went. Transport Public transportation is pretty good in Israel, so you can easily visit most places by bus or train, although renting a car will make things far more convenient. The rail network is also pretty spectacular, although it mostly covers the northern half of the country, so if you want to travel south you will need to take a bus. Flights There are various direct flights between Europe and Israel, with most flights arriving in Tel Aviv but also in Eilat. I flew from Germany to Eilat, rented a car and drove all the way up to Tel Aviv with my best friend. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will send you my top travel tips to make you will have an unforgettable holiday.

Iceland- a country which has left me speechless.

07 February 2018

Are you up for an adventure and want to be blown away by nature? I went to Iceland last year and witnessed the most breathtaking waterfalls, glacier, icebergs, many amazing nature hot springs, countless volcanoes, lava deserts and of course the Northern lights - a true nature spectacle! After spending lots of time of doing research to create the perfect 6 days itinerary, my friends and I decided to rent a car and drove all of Iceland's scenic Ring Road. The Ring Road wraps its way around the country in a circular fashion – 1300km of mostly paved highway, this is your main road from which secondary roads break off, leading to further adventure. When planning a road trip through Iceland, break up your journey with detours along the many secondary roads which sprout off from the highway. There are so many spectacular villages, attractions and sights off the Ring Road itself that you’ll miss the majority of the country by not taking detours. Let me create you the perfect road trip with lots of inside tips I have gained during my time there. If you don’t like what I come up with, there is no obligation to move forward:). But I’m confident however I will be able to save you time as well as value Jasmina x

My customer stories

Sent by Stefanie Jungandreas

Dank der perfekten Organisation von Frau Becker hatten wir einen wunderschönen und sorgenfreien Urlaub. Ich werde meine Urlaube nur noch durch sie organisieren lassen. Vielen Dank :-)

Sent by Lisa Thornton

fabulous service, very patient and knowledgeable...

Sent by Ben Hermann

Excellent Service. We are very happy

Sent by Liz Honer

Always responsive and helpful- understands what we want quickly and has found the Best Hotels to stay in :)

Sent by Keeley Brady

I have used jasmina in the past to qoute my holidays and she has always gone above and beyond on ideas and service , her approach is always professional and knowledgeable. Without a doubt hands down the best travel consultant I would only use her and recommend to everyone to give her a try first ..... thank you jasmina xx

Sent by Anja Kristmann

The planning with Jasmina was very easy and helpfully, She has quickly understand what we like to do, visit, etc. I have already recommended her to my friends!

Sent by Jessica Jarosz

Wir können gar nicht in Worte fassen, wie sehr wir von Jasminas Arbeit begeistert sind. Noch nie war Urlaub planen und buchen so schnell und unkompliziert. Denn nach einigen geführten Reisen wollten wir nochmal alleine auf Tour gehen. Das Planen hat aber immer so viel Zeit in Anspruch genommen, dass wir dieses Mal eine Alternative zur Reiseplanung gesucht haben. Und so habe ich Jasmina ganz unverbindlich auf Instagram angeschrieben. Der Service ist wirklich mega! Vor allem ist es viel persönlicher und angenehmer als wenn man ins Reisebüro geht. Im Reisebüro hat man viel mehr das Gefühl, dass man nach der Buchung „alleine“ ist. Hier kann man allerdings alle erdenklichen Fragen (fast) rundum die Uhr stellen. Alles wird super per Mail, WhatsApp, Instagram usw. geregelt. Grade für Berufstätige sehr angenehm. Ich habe sie aufgrund des Services sogar schon vor der Buchung weiterempfohlen und werde ich auch sicherlich nach unserer Reise wieder tun, denn bisher habe ich keine Wünsche offen!

Sent by Tony Turner

Thank you Jasmina, My wife will he so happy when we go on the surprise you helped me book

Sent by Emma Davison

Jasmina was brilliant and gave me the perfect holiday really quickly - have recommended her to friends family and strangers every day since!

Sent by Samantha Barnard

Every project we give her she excels! No challenge is too much for her and she finds the best deals and builds fabulous itinerary’s

Sent by Alessandra Nai

She provided a really good service to us. Very responsive (even if we were indifferent time zone, with almost 10h differences), quick, precise, flexible and always kind. I faced some small issue with the payment process and she was super supportive on this and helped us to solve this very fast.

Sent by Marco Safranek

Jasmina is the best consultant for booking an unforgettable trip. The whole process - starting with choosing different destinations, speeking about the travel period or the budget, until the end, the final booking - this is the way to book a holiday :-)

Sent by Elke Schumacher

Thank you for the very nice holiday in Ibiza! Great hotel, good location and the girls had a lot of fun surfing. It was amazing that Jasmina was always available to help with other trips, clubs or general tips.

Sent by Oliver Tullius

Jasmina organised an unforgettable trip to Bali for us. During the planning she has responded to each of our requests and has adjusted the offers until we were 100% satisfied! She was a great help on the journey, e.g. when our luggage got lost on the flight, Jasmina spared no effort to get our bags back. Also for all the questions we had during the trip, Jasmina had an answer. We will definitely book our holiday again through Jasmina and highly recommend her services! Thanks Jasmina !!!!!

Sent by Peggy Barnard

I cannot recommend Jasmina highly enough! She organised the trip of a lifetime for my friend and I.....we didn't want to come home. She is so passionate and really goes the extra mile to ensure you have the holiday of your dreams. Her knowledge, attention to detail and great communication made booking the holiday a pleasure rather than a chore and the holiday itself was a dream come true. I will certainly be using her for all my future travels! Thank you Jasmina!

Sent by Mladen Isek

Sie ist sehr freundlich und geht auf jeden einzelnen Wunsch ein!:) Wir haben uns in der gesamten Planungszeit sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt und werden den nächsten Urlaub definitiv wieder über unseren Travel Counsellor Jasmina Becker organisieren lassen!

Sent by Tish Joyce

Thanks for a fabulous recommendation and organisation for our family escape to Morocco.. the hotel was perfect and it couldn’t have been simpler to book, with everything taken care of. Thank you Jasmina ??

Sent by Rebecca Van Hulle

Wir waren einfach nur super zufrieden ???? Sie hat uns von Minute Eins an toll betreut .. viele tolle Angebote auf uns zugeschnitten.. nach Buchung super tolle Tipps von ihr für das Land und Ausflüge erhalten ..wärend des Aufenthalts sich immer erkundigt und bei Flug Ausfall schon um Alternativen gekümmert, bevor wir überhaupt davon wussten.. es wird definitiv nicht die letzte Reise mit ihr sein und wir können sie nur weiter empfehlen ?? vielen Dank Jasmina ??

Sent by Carol Comer

Excellent service, Jasmina listened to our needs and changed bookings to suit as and when required as the more you get into the process of booking a trip the more you think of what will be important to whilst on that trip.

Sent by Michelle Morrison

Jasmina was very knowledgeable regarding my trip and flight, her responses were extremely prompt. I would definitely use her again. Thank you so much!

Sent by Elaine Shepherd

I have dealt with Jasmina Becker before and again she has given us fabulous customer service and fulfilled everything we wanted and more.

Sent by Laura Rohr

Jasmina hat uns eine traumhafte Reise zusammengestellt. New York -Bahamas-Miami! Eine super Kombi. Bahamas war einfach super!

Sent by Emma Ashdown

Jasmina is perfect in every way! She listens to your requirements and gets you the best deal possible. She is very responsive and helpful and her fantastic level of service doesn’t stop when you’ve booked your holiday. She’s available while you’re away - getting in touch to check you’re OK, arranging all your check ins and documents for you and helping you with any excursions. You couldn’t ask for any better! Thank you so much for arranging our perfect Bali holiday and we look forward to the next one! X

Sent by Graham Heap

Jasmina found us a really lovely hotel in Corfu which met all our requirements - all the arrangements went super smoothly and we were kept up to date during the process - I would thoroughly recommend Jasmina for all your holiday needs - she goes the extra mile to make your holiday just extra special

Sent by Dahlia Hagemann

Jasmina Becker worked round the clock to ensure our family holiday to Norway was wonderful. She was proactive, anticipated our every need, and super friendly. Despite the fact that Norway was a new destination for Travel Counsellors she discovered some great places for us to stay (hotels, fishing cabins and even remote campsites). We absolutely loved staying at the Hardingasete where our son learned to fish on the private pier and was shown by the staff how to forage for mushrooms (which they later cooked for us). We also enjoyed canoeing in the peaceful fjord and playing horseshoes on the property. Absolute bliss. Jasmina also recommended things for us to do in the areas we visited and provided us with scenic driving routes. She prepared us for the trip, but throughout the trip was also in touch anticipating our next moves. My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Jasmina as a travel agent.

Sent by Elaine Shepherd

Jasmina was so incredibly helpful and patient with our booking. Her advice was so knowledgeable and because it was a numerous destination booking it was invaluable to us. Jasmina has also given us advice on all the trips and great places to go at the destinations. She was a pleasure to deal with.

Sent by Peter Wallwork

So I've had a really busy year so far and if I hadn't had everything organised for me by Jasmina, often exchanging emails late at night, me and my 15 year old son just wouldn't have got away for our holiday this year. We both had a great time, five nights in the Costa Brava, to a lovely unspoilt seaside resort called Tamariu, then two nights in the fantastic city of Barcelona, in a modern hotel just five minutes walk from Placa Cataluña and La Rambla, followed by six nights in Puerto Portals in Mallorca, a marina to die for with boats worth millions - flights, hire car, hotels and transfers all arranged for us by Jasmina who was only a phonecall away if we needed her but everything went like clockwork. Only problem was, we had to come home. Time to plan another trip, maybe not so last minute next time!

Sent by Heather Pollard

Just back from a better holiday than i could ever have imagined. Who knew that there was somewhere that could satisfy the need of adults in need of luxury and relaxation and a 4 year old boy that has to be busy most of the time. The hotel that Jasmina found us in Split ticked all of those boxes and having it all so efficiently organised was the icing on the cake. And I should also mention the teddy that we received beforehand that helped to build the holiday excitement. Can’t thank you enough and hope to be able to use your services again soon !

Sent by Benedikt Banz

Jasmina hat uns in einer Villa direkt an der Küste vor der Insel Krk in Kroatien einquartiert. Eine 4 Sterne Villa wie im Bilderbuch mit Meerblick, beheiztem Pool, 4 Schlafzimmer, 3 Bäder und Top Nachbarschaft. Wir waren 7 Leute und alle samt übelst begeistert. Ich kanns sie nur empfehlen, jeder Zeit wieder!

Sent by Jenny Beyer

Jasminas was the best service I have every experienced. Thank you so much for taking care of our dream honeymoon!

Sent by Christoph Grandpierre

Jasmina, super Hotels und tolle Strecke. Es hat alles genial geklappt. Ganz vielen Danke!

Sent by Karin Schönwetter

We had a fantastic four days organized by Jasmina, a wonderful trip through the alps! Thanks, Jasmina, you did a great job by combining perfectly special hotels, fun activities and leisure time!

Sent by Nigel Larkin

Jasmina did an excellent job in arranging everything, including front row seats and priority booking. I would have no hesitation in asking her to arrange my next trip.

Sent by Marvin Maher-Smith

Really enjoyed my trip organised by Jasmina, she listened to what I liked and then tailor made the itinerary to suit me. Will definitely be using her services in the future as I am not one to plan my trips in advance, and having a personalised counsellor takes the stress and hassle out of planning! Thanks again Jasmina - look forward to working with you in the future!

Sent by Paul Linz

Danke für die tollen Urlaub. Es war wirklich super. Jasmina hat ihre Arbeit wirklich spitze gemacht. Sehr freundlich, herzlich und professionell. Ich werde Sie auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.

Sent by Stefanie Haase

Ich habe das erste Mal meine Reise nicht selbst organisiert um zeit zu sparen und bin begeistert wie toll alles von jasmina organisiert wurde. Mein Urlaub war fantastisch und ich danke jasmina sehr dafür! Meine zukünftigen reisen werde ich nur noch von ihr organisieren lassen und werde sie auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen!

Sent by Allad Walsh

I have had the pleasure of having Jasmina, both book and organise a 2 week road trip around the ring of Kerry in Ireland. Everything happened perfectly, from my flights to the car she had organised for me, as well as all the accommodations, which were these lovely little bed and breakfast right in the hearts of small villages which gave my trip a much more personal touch. As well and little hints and tips she had found for each place I stayed at, these being walks the locals recommended or a look out you can run to. And these provided me with some of my most memorable photos of my trip. I would recommend Jasmina to any of my family and friends to take care of them and their travel plans, as i will be doing in the future as i know we are in safe hands.

Sent by James Cornell

Would be lost without Jasmina sorting my holidays and trips out. Her determination and professionalism to go the extra mile really does benefit me immensely.