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Hi, I’m Jo, and I would like to share my passion and inspiration for travel with you!

I have over 10 years of experience working as a travel consultant where I specialised in building large complex itineraries for many amazing destinations around the world. I now build a diverse range of itineraries for my clients, from polar cruising, and multi city business trips, to relaxing beautiful beach getaways and adventurous road trips across North America.

There is excitement and inspiration to be found by all, in every corner of the world! We live in a wonderful world that is full of captivating beauty and exciting adventure. Unique and colourful landscapes, amazing wildlife, diverse and exotic cultures, it’s all there to be experienced!

My travels have taken me far and wide, I love to explore and have unique experiences, expanding my mind and memories;
I have seen the curvature of the earth whilst stargazing from the summit of Mauna Kea volcano on Big Island, Hawaii.
Watched delicate wisps of vapour, trail from the summit of Mount Everest.
Kayaked amongst pristine blue icebergs in the Valdez region of Alaska.
Had the thrill of drinking in a bar with Basil, a wild hippo, in Kafue NP, Zambia.
Awoken to the most amazing sunrise of Monument Valley from the top of Hunts Mesa in Utah.
Listened in awe at the amazing bird song on New Zealand’s Ulva Island.
Squidged the warm silky sand of Australia’s Squeaky beach between my toes, and realised, yes it does actually squeak!
These are some of my amazing experiences and memories that I have to share with family and friends, and inspire my clients with.

Everyone's perfect trip is different, I take great pride in delivering a service that matches your unique requirements. You could take many hours to source the pieces of your perfect trip online yourself, why have the hassle? I can deliver you an amazing itinerary without the need to compromise on protection, personal service or expertise and give you great value for your money. It would be my pleasure to play a role in enriching your life, to be a part of building new and amazing memories for you by tailor-making your perfect trip. Whether its for work, relaxation, adventure or a special event in your life the possibilities are enormous, and the experiences extraordinary!

Please contact me by phone or email, I look forward to hearing from you!


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

My Travels.....New Zealand's Annual Garden Marlborough Festival

30 July 2021

New Zealand is beautiful, no doubts, no buts, it is a superb and stunning country. The landscapes and terrain, the people, and the wildlife, it’s just beautiful. October 2018 was my first trip back to NZ in 15 years, and a first visit for my travel companion, my Dad. This was our 4 week awesome road trip around NZ, a showcase of the best of both North and South islands. I try to incorporate several events or occasions into my trips, something unique to experience and remember. Whether planned or spontaneous, these are the experiences that create the moments that build amazing memories, even the embarrassing ones! The garden festival in early November is at the top of the South Island in the Marlborough area. Famous for the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, with its stunning coastline, superb walking and cycling tracks, water activities and seafood. Further inland are valleys of vines producing award winning Sauvignon Blanc wines, superb food, and amazing unique arts and crafts. The Garden Marlborough festival celebrates this stunning landscape in early summer, a magical time for any country. It showcases the very best the region has to offer with a range of garden tours, and events. I had booked us on the East Coast and Awatere Valley gardens tour. Boarding our bus early that morning it was a beautiful sunny warm day, and our travel companions some very enthusiastic and friendly Kiwis! Our first stop was Barewood Garden, a ‘cottage’ style garden. A mix of formal flower beds and perfect lawn with some other more relaxed planting structure. The best Wisteria you will ever see! But basically, it was just awesome! And very colourful! This was a rockstar of gardens! Our kiwi companions were in full chitter chatter flow as we travelled on to our next garden, Winterhome. Situated on the East Coast this property is the ultimate retirement dream, beautiful formal gardens with a mix of native and tropical plants. A fabulous house with all the usual toys (tennis court etc), looking out over some stunning coastline and the Pacific Ocean. Yep, this was very nice! The next garden was Paripuma, still on the coast this garden was very different to the previous two. Primarily native plants, with a few tropical plants thrown in, it had a Mediterranean feel to it. That sounds weird? But it worked, and it was pretty unique! The Kiwis had started to tire now, the bus was quiet as we made our way back to Blenheim, our last garden was in a beautiful valley. A modest but beautiful house sat in the middle of several acres of huge garden, consisting of perfect lawn and flower beds of roses and other beautiful plants, (I appreciate them, but I not good at knowing the names!). But what I remember the most was the many amazing mature trees and the prolific and diverse bird song. Amazing! And a great end to a superb day.