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Hello, I am Joanne, I live in Redcar, North Yorkshire and have a huge passion for all things travel.

I provide a highly personal travel service with exceptional attention to every detail of your holiday from start to finish tailoring the experience to suit your exact needs.

I will take the time to get to know you, your holiday likes and dislikes to ensure you get the best value for money and the perfect holiday, ensuring you will have an amazing experience and make wonderful memories with family and friends. Let me take the stress out of booking your holiday, leave the hard work to me whilst you sit back, relax and think about what you are going to pack in your suitcase.

Working as a Travel Counsellor gives me the flexibility to be available at a time that suits you, I do not work 9 - 5 hours so if you need a weekend or evening appointment that is not a problem.

Travel Counsellors is a world leading travel company with a unique trust fund, 100% financial protection and the My TC technology that provides personalised information about all of your bookings in real time when you need it. You can be assured you will be in safe hands.

That's all part of the value I create for you, providing you with a better experience than you can find yourself, I'll get you the best experience for the money you invest and will be here to support you all the way.


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We all have a different wish list from sleeping under the stars to being waited on hand and foot. What's on your wish list?

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

My Wish List

21 September 2021

My wish-list Many people call this their bucket list, I personally prefer wish-list, everyone has one and the experiences on them will vary greatly from sleeping out under the stars to being waited on hand and foot by your own personal butler. Here are the top 5 travel adventures on my wish-list. Iceland The land of fire and ice is high on my list of must-do travel moments. I think I may have to visit twice so I can experience the Northern Lights, snowmobile adventures and frozen waterfalls in the winter, then return in the summer so I can take in the midnight sun, enjoy the Blue Lagoon, and see all the nature that summer has to offer. Swim with the pigs Yes, this is a real thing! The district of Exuma in the Bahamas is home to 20-something adorable pigs. Welcome to Pig Island where all pigs go to heaven. Uninhabited and accessible only by boat you float across the shimmering water and as your boat approaches the beach the pigs and piglets take to the water to greet you. Los Angeles – Sunset Strip This is high on my wish list. Apart from the usual touristy things to do such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverley Hills tour and walk to the Hollywood sign I so want to visit the likes of Whisky-a-Go-Go, Rainbow Bar and Grill and The Troubadour where many of my idols such as Bon Jovi and Guns & Roses have graced with their presence and rock shows. Namibia One of the safest countries in Africa and rich of history, exotic animals, diverse culture, adventure-packed excursions and massive deserts, Namibia is a fantastic destination for the traveller who wants to experience something new and exciting. Slide down the iconic “Big Daddy” red sand dune in Sossusvlei, visit the Africat Foundation Cheetah Sanctuary then head for Etosha National Park home to rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lions and much more. Elephant Hills – Thailand Located in Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park, Elephant Hills is unique and the countries first luxury tented jungle camp. You stay in luxurious glamping tents, with all the facilities expected of a 4* hotel, plus can choose from one of 4 soft adventure tours, where you will take part in their Ethical Elephant Adventure Experience, getting to feed these majestic animals before observing them in their natural habitat – a true must for all elephant lovers like me.

Ethical Tourism, an Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia

05 December 2019

Finally we are starting to see Tour Operators and sightseeing companies, put aside the pound signs in their eyes and drop cruel and unethical "touristy" animal experiences. I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a honeymoon to Cambodia involving a visit to one of the "ethical" elephant sanctuaries. The Mondulkuri Elephant Valley Project is a registered Cambodian NGO. Their key motivation over the past 10 years in developing the Elephant Valley Project has been to set an example for how to look after and treat elephants. Being a highly endangered animal their main goal is to give the elephants back their independence, natural behaviour and dignity. Their goal is to simply let the elephants just be elephants in a stress free natural habitat. From a visitor’s point of view this implies that ‘putting the elephants first’ also means that they do many of the activities that you can find elsewhere (feeding, swimming) and in turn feel that this difference has come to define why they are a True Sanctuary for captive elephants. They offer a variety of tours ranging from a quick half day trip for people in a hurry to a 3 day Elephant Immersion Experience. My customers chose the Ele Lovers experience which gave them the chance to Hike into the beautiful Cambodian jungle and spend a full day observing two different elephant herds, following them as they graze, play and wander through their forest home. Learn about the elephants, local indigenous people’s culture, forest and conservation. A new elephant sanctuary in Chiang Rai, Thailand has recently opened using the same model. Meet Doe, Darling, Sambo and Ruby. Their stories are harrowing and the EVP is doing everything they can to protect the elephants, their habitat, the future of Cambodia's forests and the local community. Let's keep things ethical and hopefully see a lot more natural interaction with animals in the future.

My adventure at Kennedy Space Centre!!

07 August 2019

Have your kids ever dreamed of becoming astronauts? Are you curious to see space shuttles and rockets up close? If so, then Kennedy Space Centre is an absolute must on any visit to Florida. The main Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Centre is a massive, sprawling area, almost resembling a theme park in places. Your mission starts here... the Space Centre is organised into Mission Zones where attractions and tours are grouped in order from first to present. From the dawn of space exploration to current and ongoing missions, you can get an up-close, hands-on feel for the story of humans in space. Fuel your quest for inspiration right here. The main attractions are Heroes and Legends, Behind the gates, Race to the moon, Shuttle: A spaceship like no other and NASA now + next. In advance we decided to visit on the day that a real live astronaut would be giving talks, plus a chance to meet them, photos, autographs and even lunch! My son is a massive science geek so this was a no brainer. We were extremely lucky to be visiting on the day Anna Fisher was the resident astronaut. A truly remarkable, inspiring lady who would make you believe you are capable of following your dreams and achieving a 100% success rate. Dr. Anna Fisher was selected as an astronaut by NASA in January 1978 as one of the first six female astronauts. When her husband was selected by NASA in 1980, they became the first married couple ever to be employed by them and in 1984 she became the first mother to travel in space. Following lunch was the bus tour - access to the restricted zones, vehicle assembly building, launch complex 39 plus all the bits in-between, ending in a tour of the Apollo vs Saturn Centre where space comes to life. You truly cannot comprehend the immense scale of the complex until you visit it yourself. When you first enter, you view a short multimedia presentation about JFK’s goal of putting a man on the moon. From there, you enter a viewing area overlooking the control centre for the Apollo 8 mission and saw what it was like to manage the mission here on land. You can easily spend at least an hour at the Apollo/Saturn V centre, taking in the show, touching a moon rock, and examining the Saturn rocket. Once you take the bus back to the visitor centre you can fill your time with some of the other exhibits. A walk around the Astronaut Memorial brings home that no matter how exciting and scientifically advanced the NASA programme is, space travel is a dangerous and courageous vocation. I have to say it brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat to think that these astronauts laid down their lives, although doing something they had an extreme passion for, all in the name of innovation and exploration. If you are thinking of taking kids young and old alike to Kennedy Space Centre for a day trip, I say DO IT!

River adventure

01 August 2019

Details kindly provided by a lovely customer who writes as Wayfarer's Travels…. Banjul provides a convenient starting point from which to explore deeper into Africa. Roads (if you can call them that) are far and few between so it`s essential to hire a boat and crew for a couple of weeks. The river is very wide for the first few miles and due to the currents, it`s quite unusual in that one side is saline and the other fresh water. Hence from our boat I was able to photograph dolphins at one side and crocs and hippos at the other. Sadly, Gambia’s main claim to fame has always been the slave trade. In the 17th century hundreds of thousands of innocent natives were kidnapped and shipped off to America to work as slaves mainly on the cotton plantations. One of our objectives was to find the birthplace of Kunta Kinte, the slave who featured in the film and TV series “Roots”, and to learn more about his past. We found the village where he was born, Juffure, on the banks of the river about 30 miles upstream. Nearby in the middle of the river lies the island to which he and the other captives were initially taken. The huge slave house remains, albeit in ruins, and in strategic positions around the shoreline are huge cannons to ward off any would-be invaders. Unfortunately, the island is now gradually disappearing due to coastal erosion. The island was originally named “James Island” but has now been renamed “Kunta Kinte Island” in his memory. Gambia is often referred to as the land of The Mandinka. The Mandinka are the largest tribe in that part of West Africa. At certain times of the year it is tradition for their older boys to be taken out into the bush by a few village elders and the witch doctor. Here they are said to become men, when they are circumcised, and then they spend a month in the bush learning the village traditions and family values. No one else is allowed in that area during that period. In the meantime, the villagers celebrate the occasion with traditional dances accompanied by the witch doctor who is covered from head to foot with red or brown tassels as he swings huge machetes. We were fortunate to witness one of these dances as we made our way through one of the villages but had to be on our toes as the machetes flashed past our noses a bit too close for comfort! About 300 miles upstream we came across several small native villages where they still live in mud huts and where the only access to any health care in some of the more remote areas was to the local medicine man or the witch doctor! Not surprisingly the mortality rate of young children was very high – particularly amongst males for some reason. The resultant imbalance of the sexes meant that it was common for the men to have several wives. Our little boat also braved the mangrove swamps where we were able to photograph many spectacular birds, both huge and colourful. Then it was onward to a stretch of river banked by jungle, one of the few places on earth where chimpanzees flourish in the wild. A couple of clothes pegs would have come in handy as the stench in the mangrove swamps was something else!

My customer stories

Sent by David Markham

Joanne has been helping us book holidays for years now. No matter how awkward of fussy we can be she just takes it her stride. Very helpful indeed and will continue to book holidays with her.

Sent by David Palmer

Jo is a very friendly and helpful consultant nothing is too much trouble for her, no matter how many times you ask questions she will always treat them as the first. Trust is earned and we trust Jo implicitly.

Sent by Julie Nixon

Joanne was so polite she was professional and she supplied me with all the information I needed she also helped me with my COVID passes and travel forms

Sent by Ann Rowe

Couldn't ask for a more helpful, caring and willing person than Joanne, she always goes above and beyond to help her customers,.

Sent by Nichola johnson

Highly recommend Joanne. Such an easy and pleasant experience. Thank you !

Sent by Martin Smith

Brilliant service all sorted for me nothing too much trouble, thanks,

Sent by Moira Williams

Joanne has been very professional and is keeping me right all the way through the covid rules and the process

Sent by Patricia Taylor

We have found Joanne always very helpful with all our holiday plans for many years. She always goes beyond to be helpful and friendly we look on her as one of the family.

Sent by Stacey Collins

Would highly recommend Joanne, she went above and beyond for us and made it so easy to book our holiday. Joanne personally delivered our tickets and a bag of goodies to pass time on the flight for our girls. We were so grateful and we had a lovely holiday. Thank you Joanne, you go above and beyond what we expected.

Sent by Wayne Downey

Joanne has been excellent since the first time I contacted her. She goes above and beyond any high street travel agent and puts so much time and effort into finding you your perfect holiday. I wouldn't use anyone else, keep up the fantastic work and I hope things pick up for you soon.

Sent by Robert West

Joanne has been a great help to my wife and I in booking our holiday with Travel Counsellors. Joanne has been very friendly. polite and was always on hand when we needed any help with our booking and she knows her way round the travel industry like the back of her hand. In our opinion, Joanne is very knowledgeable in her role as a Travel Counsellor and must be a valuable asset to the company, we would always use Joanne in any future holiday bookings. Well done Joanne.

Sent by Ann Rowe

We have known Joanne for quite a number of years, she has booked and arranged all our holidays and she has often gone the extra mile for us on many an occasion. We are both in our seventies but regard Jo as a friend who we can rely on.

Sent by Susan Drinkell

I could not have asked for any more assistance at finding me a perfect holiday for a very good price and such a quick response to any of my queries. Thank you

Sent by David Palmer

Jo has looked after our holiday needs for many years. She always provides a first class service and goes out of her way to ensure our needs are fully met. Great asset to Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Nicole Taylor

Joanne was fantastic. Her response to my enquiry was extremely speedy and provided a number of options. Joanne was friendly, efficient and highly responsive. We did adjust our spec a few times & she wasn’t phased! Very happy with the overall service. Will definitely be asking Joanne about our future trips abroad. Thank you.

Sent by Wayne Downey

Excellent customer service. Very friendly and down to earth. Goes above and beyond

Sent by Robert West

I would like to thank you for booking my holiday for 2020. I found the experience booking the holiday very relaxing and you made me feel comfortable, even though I was in my own home. You put me at ease straight away, with your help, knowledge and the efficient way you talked me through the booking. I can't believe how easy it was and can't thank you enough. The service you provided was excellent, would use your company every time l need to book a holiday. Well done Joanne.

Sent by Marie Kay

Joanne provided an exceptional service and has kept me up to date on a regular basis with information on my holiday. I have passed her name on to friends and family in the hope that they will use her services for any future holidays.

Sent by David Markham

Joanne is 1. Polite 2. Well mannered 3. Very professional 4. Very knowledgeable

Sent by Robert West

I was very impressed with the quality of service I received from Joanne in finding me a holiday. She is so helpful and professional and found a good price for our holiday, can't thank her enough.

Sent by Andrew Savage

Excellent service , takes all the hassle out of booking in the shops and everything delivered to your door step .

Sent by Angea Burns

Joanne was extremely accommodating and helpful whilst I decided on where to stay on holiday. I had quite a number of queries, and she was always very quick to advise. I would most certainly use her services again when booking a holiday.

Sent by Bob Bean

Jo has helped us with advice & assisting us with sorting out the nightmare that was left by Thomas Cook going bust . I cant thank you enough & would recommend you to all our family & friends.

Sent by Krystina Pearson

Amazing service. Knew exactly what we wanted. Would absolutely recommend to friends and family.

Sent by Karen Pearson

Jo, Goes the extra mile to get what you need for your holiday plans xx

Sent by Ann Graham

Joanne is great to work with.

Sent by Alan Witham

Joanne is always helpful with any of our needs, and with her experience we know she will do her best to fulfil our holiday expectations.

Sent by Catherine Bradbury

Hi Jo can’t thank you enough sorting our holiday it was fab. Everything about it, from hotel, hotel location, the weather, our beauty swim up room, the hassle free journey. Really appreciate all your help. Loved my welcome home card & present ?? nice little personal touch, thanks so much I will be recommending you to all my friends & family xxxxx

Sent by Claire Garrett

Joanne found us an excellent holiday in Lanzarote after we'd been searching for ages. She gave us lots of options to choose from and responded really quickly to our requirements and emails. So thankful for her help!

Sent by John Walker

Joanne helps you find the perfect holiday you require.

Sent by Sharon Watson

Joanne is a lovely lady who will do her utmost to help you organise the perfect holiday.

Sent by Lee Oxley

Awesome travel consultant, fully recommend

Sent by Karen Jessop

You can be assured that Joanne will always try to get the best deal for you and you'll return time after time.