32 people and one big fat Greek wedding

Karen Wilson on 06 June 2022
When Sharnie called me asking for help with her wedding in 2022 I couldn’t have been more delighted and really quite giddy. Having known the family for many years through their business Excel Dance and Excel Martial Arts here in Sheffield, I knew immediately the kind of venue that Sharnie and her husband to be Josh would want.

Within just a couple of meets we’d narrowed it down from five and then to the beautiful luxurious 5 star Ikos Aria in Kos, Greece. Working closely with the bride to be and her mum giving them guidance on not only travel side of things but exploring the pros and cons of the two options of wedding planners, reception venues, room categories and flights. All the time reassuring them that I’m at the end of the phone through the whole process and their money is 100% protected.

Leaving Sharnie to plan her wedding I’m taking care of the 30 guests individually. Ensuring everyone has what they want and when they want it. In June 2022 the happy couple will tie the knot on the gorgeous little island of Kastri, just a short boat ride from the Ikos hotel. With 30 wedding guests joining in their celebrations it’s set to be one amazing wedding that I for one can’t wait to see the photos and hear the stories.