Abu Dhabi - knowing the customer so well!

Karen Wilson on 20 November 2017
My good friend came to me in early August 2017 in desperate need of a family holiday. Busy work schedules, young girls with more activities than you can shake a stick at, a dog, a renovation project and thrown into the mix some medical things going on, they needed to get away and quick!

Having done a few hours research on availability for August I knew what I was coming up with just wouldn't tick their boxes. Knowing my customers is so important, it's what makes the difference between a nice holiday and an amazing holiday.

I persuaded my friend Liz to save their hard-earned cash and advised instead to look at October half term. We hung fire and I started the search again in September. Dubai had been mentioned and with a nice budget to work with I first thought 'we can do this'. A few hours in it was clear they'd get much more for their money in Abu Dhabi and enjoy seven days for what they'd pay for four in Dubai. No less luxury, no less sunshine and the same the flight time.

The hubby was a little reluctant at first, however after putting together two options that I absolutely knew would blow him away, and sending a little bit of a low down on Abu Dhabi, the decision was made very quickly.

October half term 2017 and they jetted off for their much-needed week in the sunshine. Here's their first reactions on arrival at the hotel.

“Everyone needs a Karen in their life, tears of happiness as we just entered the hotel room. No idea what strings you pulled Karen but its amazeballs, you only got us upgraded to 'Executive Deluxe Suite' didn't you. We feel thoroughly spoiled rotten. Thank you so much!”

Things like this truly make my day.

Here's Liz's low down of their holiday in Abu Dhabi:

The Bab Al Qsar hotel was beautiful, a traditional and gorgeous serene atmosphere. We loved the fact that we had the option of a pool and a beach right there. The weather was a steady 36 degrees and didn't cool much at night. Be prepared to spend around £150-£200 per evening meal on 'normal' food, but everywhere we ate was very nice. My favourite time of day was sunset which was 5pm and the sun disappeared very quickly. Everywhere was bathed in a magical orange hue. It was also the best time to go visit The Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed. A beautiful white domed building with gorgeous courtyards. Basically we loved Abu Dhabi.

Liz sent me these fab photos with permission to use them.