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I absolutely love being a Travel Counsellor! It's incredibly fulfilling to be able to turn my passion for exploring the world into a career. Every day feels like an adventure, and I'm thrilled to be helping others discover the joy of travel while pursuing my own wanderlust.
As a Travel Counsellor, I specialise in curating unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences, whether it's an adventurous expedition, a self-drive holiday, a multi-centre city break, or discovering a hidden skiing gem. I thrive on the challenge of crafting bespoke journeys that cater to your specific desires.
My own wanderlust has led me to explore captivating destinations around the globe, including Southern Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Each journey has left me with cherished memories and stories I am eager to share.
If you're yearning for a personalised holiday experience for you and your loved ones, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm passionate about helping you discover your own special place where unforgettable memories are made. For me, traveling is about the journey itself and the lasting impressions it leaves behind.
Let's collaborate to craft a tailor-made adventure that resonates with your unique interests and preferences. Get in touch, and let's turn your travel dreams into cherished realities.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Where to go when in May

02 May 2024

I have been very fortunate to have visited all three of May's 'where to go when' destinations, and they all have created some cherished memories for myself, my family and friends. So, I figured this month, I would pick and share a favourite memory from each destination with the hope of giving you a little taster of why you should visit these fabulous places. The problem will be where to go first! Borneo is renowned worldwide for its orangutans, but for me there is another adorable creature native to the island which you can also see at the rehabilitation and conservation centre in Sepilok, Sabah – a Sun Bear the smallest bear species in the world with its distinctive crescent-shaped patch of sunshine on its chest. Obviously it is a bear and you don't want to get too close, but they do look so adorable! Sepilok is well worth a visit as it not only offers you the chance to see these animals up close, but also educates visitors about how the centres are contributing to supporting, rescuing, and rehabilitating orangutans and sun bears, which still face threats from habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade today. It's heart-warming to know that efforts are being made to safeguard these unique species. South Africa is a home away from home for us, and the penguins at Boulders Beach are adorable, but for me, the perfect destination in Cape Town is where you can take your best holiday photo ever of Table Mountain! The iconic photo of Table Mountain across the bay has to be taken from Bloubergstrand Beach, and nestled amongst these beautiful surroundings is The Blue Peter - a famous pub that offers stunning views of Table Mountain from its pub garden. The Blue Peter provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable time enjoying drinks and good food with family and friends. It is said that the pub got its name from a ship's bell that used to hang outside, which was rung whenever a ship sighting was made. If you ever find yourself in Cape Town, a visit to The Blue Peter is definitely worth it for the views and the experience! My favourite memory of Cape Verde is watching sea turtles nesting, when the female sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand dunes, finding out about sea-turtle conservation efforts on the island, and naming a hatchling 'Bob'. Hopefully Bob is still happily 'bobbing' around somewhere in the Atlantic! Visitors to the island may be able to witness loggerhead turtles nesting between June and October or watch as the sea turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests from August to December. Once the hatchlings emerge, they instinctively head towards the ocean, guided by natural cues such as the reflection of the moonlight on the water. This journey is perilous for the tiny turtles, as they face numerous obstacles on their way to the sea. Conservation efforts on the island aim to reduce these risks by protecting nesting beaches, minimising human disturbances, and implementing measures to reduce predation and artificial light pollution from hotels etc. If you would like to know more about these destinations, as well as any insider tips and travel recommendations, please do get in touch as I would welcome the opportunity to create your dream holiday.