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I'm Laura, your dedicated Travel Counsellor, here to share my passion for travel and create unforgettable travel experiences for you and your family.

I've been fortunate enough to travel, live and work in various corners of the world, from South East Asia to Madagascar, Saudi Arabia and Malawi. Exploring off-the-beaten-track destinations is one of my favourite things to do, but I must admit, I also have a soft spot for a bit of luxury!

I believe that travel is not just about visiting new places, but also about immersing yourself in unique experiences. As your dedicated Travel Counsellor, I'm here to curate personalized and exceptional travel experiences that are unique to you.

Working as part of the trusted Travel Counsellors network, I have access to trusted suppliers and local experts, no matter where you want to go. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, I can provide insider tips and recommendations that will make your journey truly unforgettable.

As a mum of two young children, I understand the complexities of family travel. I know how important it is to create magical moments for everyone, ensuring that each family member has a fantastic time. Whether it's finding child-friendly accommodation, arranging engaging activities, or simply offering advice on traveling with kids, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

And forget impersonal call centres and rigid schedules. With me, you'll experience personalized service and flexibility, making the planning process stress-free.

So whether you're dreaming of a thrilling safari or a relaxing retreat, let's embark on this adventure together and create lasting memories for your family to treasure!


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Exploring the Wild: A Journey Through Untamed Landscapes

30 January 2024

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to a journey through some of the most captivating wilderness destinations around the globe! Inspired by Simon Reeve's breathtaking BBC series "Wilderness," we embark on a quest to discover the untamed beauty of our planet. Strap on your boots, pack your sense of wonder, and let's dive into the heart of nature's grandeur. 1. Uganda: A Jewel of the African Jungle Our first stop takes us to the lush greenery and diverse ecosystems of Uganda, a fantastic alternative to the Congo explored by Simon Reeve. Venture deep into the misty jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to over half of the world's endangered mountain gorillas. As you trek through dense foliage and listen to the symphony of exotic birdcalls, encounters with these majestic creatures will leave you in awe. 2. Namibia's Kalahari: A Desert Wonderland From the verdant jungles, we journey to the arid yet mesmerizing landscapes of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia. Contrary to its harsh reputation, the Kalahari teems with life, boasting a kaleidoscope of desert-adapted flora and fauna. Marvel at the towering red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, sculpted by the winds of time, and witness the resilient wildlife, from graceful oryx to elusive desert-adapted elephants, thriving in this seemingly inhospitable terrain. 3. Maluku Islands: Indonesia's Hidden Gem Our next destination whisks us away to the remote and enchanting Maluku Islands in Indonesia, one of my favourite places on earth for incredible diving and snorkelling. Fringed by turquoise waters and swaying palms, these volcanic isles offer a glimpse into a paradise lost in time. Dive into the crystalline depths of Raja Ampat, a marine wonderland brimming with vibrant coral reefs and a kaleidoscope of marine life, including majestic manta rays and quirky pygmy seahorses. Or have your own Robinson Crusoe experience on a deserted private island. 4. Patagonia: Nature's Last Frontier Another destination for Simon was the windswept expanses of Patagonia, where rugged peaks, vast glaciers, and pristine wilderness converge to form a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Trek along the legendary Torres del Paine Circuit, where jagged granite spires pierce the sky and azure lakes reflect the ever-changing hues of the surrounding mountains. Keep an eye out for elusive pumas prowling the grasslands and Andean condors soaring overhead, as you traverse this untamed frontier at the edge of the world. 5. Madagascar: A Biodiversity Hotspot Our final destination transports us to the ecological wonderland of Madagascar, a land of mystique and marvels unlike any other. Even though this hasn’t been featured in the BBC series, it’s definitely one of the wildest and most untouched places I’ve ever visited. Explore the otherworldly landscapes of Tsingy de Bemaraha, where towering limestone pinnacles create a surreal labyrinth to navigate. Encounter an array of endemic wildlife, from playful lemurs leaping through the canopy to colorful chameleons blending seamlessly into the foliage. With over 90% of its flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth, Madagascar is a living testament to the power of evolution and the beauty of biodiversity. So if you find yourself yearning for the thrill of adventure and discovery, look no further than these captivating wilderness destinations. Whether you dream of trekking through mist-shrouded jungles in Uganda, diving into the crystalline depths of Raja Ampat in the Maluku Islands, or exploring the rugged beauty of Patagonia and Madagascar, the world is yours to discover. If you're ready to embark on your own wilderness experience, don't hesitate to get in touch. Let me craft a tailor-made journey that will ignite your sense of wonder and leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Your wilderness adventure awaits – are you ready to answer the call of the wild?

5 Amazing Destinations for Fans of Video Games

06 November 2023

Where do you get your travel inspiration? You might think of the obvious contenders: Instagram, magazines, TV travel shows? But there are some more unlikely sources of travel inspiration that perhaps you haven’t thought of: video games. That might sound unusual if you are not a gamer, but in a world where video games offer increasingly immersive and visually stunning landscapes, it comes as no surprise that they can also serve as a source of travel inspiration. During the height of the pandemic, when international travel seemed like a distant dream, my husband and I played video games as a way to feed our travel bug. We climbed to the top of icy mountains, rode camels across the Sahara and battled hoards of rats in the ruins of medieval castles. And when restrictions lifted, and travel was on the cards again, we revisited some of the same destinations in real life. So here are my top 5 destinations inspired by video games: Egypt – Assassin’s Creed Origins This game allows you to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, visit bustling ancient temples and cities and sail down the Nile. Why not do it for real, with a trip to the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Luxor and a cruise down the Nile in a traditional felucca. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to climb the pyramids in real life! Las Vegas – Horizon Forbidden West It may seem strange to take travel inspiration from a post-apocalyptic story, but in Horizon Forbidden West the magic of Las Vegas is still preserved beneath the sands of the Nevada desert. You just have to find it. In one memorable mission, your character Aloy is tasked with retrieving holograms for a light show from the ruins of an ancient casino. So why not visit the lights of Las Vegas and witness its vibrant nightlife, unique architecture and nearby natural wonders like Red Rock Canyon and the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. No digging required. Bavaria – Witcher 3 In the Blood and Wine expansion, your character Geralt visits the fictional Toussaint which bears more than a passing resemblance to Bavaria. To get a taste of Witcher life, visit Germany's Bavaria region to explore the enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle, wander through picturesque towns like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and immerse yourself in the region's lush forests and majestic mountains. This time without the monsters! The Amazon Jungle - Green Hell In this survival game, you are dropped into the middle of the Amazon jungle with nothing more than a GPS device and your own wits to keep you alive. But you can explore the jungle in much more style, with a luxury cruise down the Amazon, spotting wildlife from the safety and comfort of your boat. Explore the vibrant ecosystem, encounter diverse wildlife and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous communities that call the Amazon home. Japan – Ghost of Tsushiuma Ghost of Tsushima takes players on a captivating journey through feudal Japan, specifically the island of Tsushima. The game’s stunning landscapes, ancient temples and traditional Japanese architecture make it a perfect source of travel inspiration. To experience it in real life, consider visiting Japan and exploring its historical sites and cultural gems. Walk through Kyoto’s bamboo forests, visit Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park and immerse yourself in the samurai heritage of Kanazawa. Through the magic of video games, we can explore virtual landscapes that inspire us to seek out real-world destinations offering similar wonders. So, whether you choose to traverse ancient Egypt, explore post-apocolyptic Las Vegas or immerse yourself in feudal Japan, let your virtual worlds guide you towards incredible real-life adventures. Have you played any travel-inspiring games recently?

Journey into the Eerie: Exploring the World's Spookiest Travel Destinations

24 October 2023

The world is full of mysterious and eerie places that beckon the adventurous traveller. Whether you're fascinated by chilling tales of the supernatural or drawn to the rich history of dark legends, these spooky travel destinations offer a blend of the macabre and the mysterious. Let’s embark on a spine-tingling journey to some of the most haunted and captivating places on the planet… 1. Bhangarh Fort, India The Haunting Legend: Nestled within the hills of Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort has earned its reputation as India's most haunted location. The curse of a vengeful sorcerer, who fell in love with a princess and met a tragic end, haunts the fort. The place is rife with stories of ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, and a feeling of being watched. Exploring the Fort: While the fort is open during daylight hours, venturing here at night is prohibited by the government. By day, you can explore the ancient ruins, royal palace, temples, and the surrounding breathtaking natural beauty. 2. Budapest Labyrinths, Hungary The Subterranean Enigma: Deep beneath the streets of Budapest lies a maze of tunnels known as the Budapest Labyrinth, where Vlad the Impaler was reportedly imprisoned. These tunnels, formerly used as cellars, dungeons, and even a bomb shelter during World War II, are believed to be haunted. Visitors report strange occurrences and ghostly encounters while wandering these eerie passages. Get your adrenaline going by opting to walk the pitch-black route! Exploring the Labyrinth: The labyrinth is open to the public for guided tours, and you'll have the opportunity to delve into the chilling history of this subterranean world. 3. Edinburgh A City of Ghosts: Edinburgh is often called the "City of the Dead" due to its rich history of ghostly tales. From the infamous haunted Greyfriars Kirkyard to the catacombs beneath the South Bridge, the city offers an abundance of spooky experiences. Exploring Edinburgh: Take the Vaults tour beneath the streets of Edinburgh's Old Town, that with its rich and gruesome history earns it the name as one of the scariest places on earth. 4. Catacombs of Paris Beneath the Streets of Paris: The catacombs of Paris are a subterranean world that houses the remains of millions. These tunnels are said to be haunted by the restless spirits of the departed. The eerie atmosphere is heightened by the countless bones and skulls that line the passageways. Exploring the Catacombs: Guided tours are available, taking you deep into the catacombs and sharing the history and legends of this underground burial site. 5. Bran Castle, Romania The Dracula Connection: Bran Castle, often associated with the Dracula legend, sits atop a hill in Transylvania. While it might not be as terrifying as the folklore suggests, its medieval ambiance and dark history make it a must-visit destination for lovers of the macabre. Exploring Bran Castle: Roam through the castle's halls and corridors, learn about its connections to the Dracula legend, and immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere. 6. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA The Voodoo Capital: New Orleans is a city steeped in mysticism, voodoo, and a rich history of the supernatural. Explore the haunted French Quarter, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, and other eerie locales. Exploring New Orleans: Take a guided ghost tour, visit historic cemeteries, and embrace the mystical and otherworldly side of this vibrant city. For those who seek to quench their thirst for the mysterious, these spooky travel destinations offer a unique blend of history, legends, and the thrill of the unknown. Remember to be respectful when visiting these sites, as their histories and spirits are to be treated with care and reverence. Happy haunting!

Take the Kids to Rome!

20 September 2023

So, full disclosure. I did not expect to have a good time in Rome with 2 kids under 5. Especially, my kids. The oldest (4) refuses to walk anywhere further than the local shop and hates crowds, retreating inside the cocoon of his buggy like an A-list celeb on the run from the paps. My youngest (2) just has no sense of danger and would literally run laughing into oncoming traffic. Which, as we know, there’s a lot of in Rome. But we were in Italy, flying in and out of Rome, and my husband had never been. So despite my better judgement, we booked a place in Rome for a few days. And you know what, it was the best part of our holiday! Staying in the Monti area, we were within 15 minutes’ walk of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain. Of course, 15 minutes walking is more like 3 hours with kids, so we opted to spend our first morning riding the hop-on-hop-off bus which visits all the main sites and offers a cool breeze while doing so. Admittedly some of the commentary was a bit unusual [“this area is a melting pot of different cultures which aim to achieve integration, mostly successfully”], but the views were great. We hopped off at the impressive Castel St Angelo and wandered up to St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, spent an eye-watering amount of money on coffee and a snack, admired the view, and browsed the various souvenirs on offer. The 2024 Calendar of Hot Priests, anyone? In the afternoon, we set out for the Colosseum. TOP TIP: Book early, preferably as soon as you book your flights. Or you will end up having to get a ticket by paying for the audio-visual guide which your 2 year old will rip out of your pocket whenever your back is turned. And then will somehow reset the screen to show the latest stocks and shares prices. [No I don’t know how she did it, either.] In fact, my actual top tip for the Colosseum is not to bother going inside, and just to admire it from the outside. Preferably in the early morning before the crowds. On our second day, we hopped on the bus again and went up to Villa Borghese, an 80 hectare area of gardens, museums and outdoor attractions, perfect for escaping the heat of the city. We hired a 4-person pedal car, and made a slightly hazardous tour of the park. A frisson of danger was added by the discovery that our bell didn’t work, so we negotiated the steep hills packed with pedestrians, scooters, ponies, bikes and other pedal cars, by shouting a chorus of ‘beep-beep’ at regular intervals, which, of course, the kids loved. So overall, our stay in Rome was a huge success, probably the best part of the whole Italy trip. Here are my top tips for planning your Rome trip with kids: 1) Stay central. You’ll probably end up paying a bit more, but you’ll also see so much more. And it’s easy to pop back for chill-time or a nap. 2) Get the 48 or 72 hour hop-on-hop-off bus ticket. It’s a great first-day activity, and you can use it for the rest of the stay to roam about the city. 3) Book your attractions as soon as you book your flights – you’ll get the best entry times and it will mean you’re guaranteed to see everything you want. 4) Get out and about early. The added benefit of having kids is you’re probably up early anyway. Make the most out of it to see the sights before the crowds. 5) Plan your meals. When everyone is tired and grouchy it’s easy to just opt to stop at the nearest café, but there are so many fantastic place to eat in Rome, from pizza-kiosks to posh restaurants, so it’s worth taking the time to research the best ones. Or just ask your Travel Counsellor! For more tips on travelling in Rome, or to discuss your next family holiday, get in touch!

Five reasons why Jordan is a great place to travel with kids

08 June 2023

When we told friends and family that we were planning on touring Jordan for two weeks with our kids (aged 4 and 1), we got a few funny looks. ‘Are you sure?’, ‘Is it safe?’, ‘How will you manage with the baby?’, people asked. But having got through covid and done a few more ‘low-key’ trips with the kids to Cyprus and Spain, me and my husband were desperate to reclaim our travelling youth and do something a bit more adventurous. I had spent a month in Jordan as a student, and had a fabulous time geeking out in all the historical sites, so Jordan it was! And it was wonderful. The kids loved it, but just as importantly, we loved it too! So here are five reasons why Jordan is fantastic for family travel: #1 You WILL feel like Indiana Jones (if he travelled with kids) I’m not ashamed to admit that I felt pretty cool walking down the Siq (canyon route into Petra) with a baby strapped to my back, like ‘Yeah, I’m Adventure Mum’. And there is no shortage of places to make you, and your 4 year old, feel like rogue archaeologists. My son had an absolute blast exploring desert castles (no roped off areas here!) and climbing over Roman temples. Petra is basically like one huge adventure playground. And if you want a sure-fire way to get both kids to nap, try a camel ride. #2 It’s small but diverse You can drive from top to bottom in under 6 hours so it’s very easy to get about, especially if you hire a car like we did. The roads are mostly good and traffic free, and having a car meant we could be completely independent and stop whenever the kids got fed up and needed a break. In the north, you’ve got the Ajloun Forest reserve, which has a green, Mediterranean feel. There’s also the lush Azraq Wetland Reserve in the East, the stunning canyons of the Mujib Reserve, and the lunar desert landscape of Wadi Rum, not the mention the short but beautiful Red Sea coastline, backed by huge red mountains. It certainly makes for some good scenic driving! #3 There’s accommodation to suit everyone Whether you are looking for 5* luxury or something more basic, there’s plenty of choice in Jordan. We chose to bookend our trip with some resort time in Aqaba, flying in and out direct from London. This gave us time to adjust at first, and relax at the end, with access to kid-friendly pools and pristine beaches. In Petra, we stayed at a homestay guesthouse close to the entrance, and then we based ourselves in Amman for a few nights in a lovely apartment in the city centre, which gave us a break from all sharing a room. Next time, I’d definitely like to try out one of the luxury desert camps in Wadi Rum, where you can stay in bubble domes which look like something out of Star Wars! #4 Kids are popular Jordan is one of the most welcoming countries, I’ve ever visited, and kids are no exception to this. Everywhere we went they got chatted to, cooed over and given little gifts of sweets or trinkets. Though restaurants are a bit hit and miss with things like high-chairs, there was never a time where we felt unwelcome going for dinner with the kids, even in some of the posher joints. If you’re used to the hustle of somewhere like Egypt, fear not! There was virtually none of this in Jordan, and when we did get approached, it was very no pressure. #5 The food is very kid-friendly Mezze. Need I say more? Ice cream and chips also readily available. So if you want to have your own Adventure Mum moments, get in touch! I can design you and your family a bespoke itinerary to help you get the most our of your holiday in Jordan or beyond.

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