The Island of love - Cyprus

Laura Skeats on 02 April 2003

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My final stint as a Rep landed me in Cyprus - "The Island of Love", famed for being the birth place of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. I loved working and living in Cyprus and it felt very much like home from home, just with better weather and great beaches to go with it. I was given a car to get around as I was to cover Paphos and Pissouri on the west of the island. The great thing with Cyprus and having a car is that we both drive on the same side so there was no confusion once getting behind the wheel and the roads and signs are very easy to follow.

Cyprus as an island is steeped in a huge amount of history. What with Greek mythology and the island divide between the Greek Cypriots in the south and the Turkish Cypriots in the north and the Capital Nicosia being divided. When I went to the city you could see the area that had not been crossed in 30 years where time had stood still, it is so interesting to see how the city carried on working up to a line. Not only did you have the interest on the political side but also the stories from the families that had lost.

Along with its history you have the diverse landscapes from the golden beaches in the east to the mountain ranges in the west, which at certain times of ear you can ski in. For those for whom the idea of any of the above is like hell on holiday and all you want to do is enjoy sun, sea and water sports with great food and welcoming people then you'll have a ball too. Cyprus really is the island that offers everything.

For places to stay you have a resort for everyone from the crazy party place of Ayia Napa to the family and couples who like a busier resorts of Protaras and Paphos. There are also the rural and peaceful areas like Polis, Latchi and Pissouri. I do feel some parts of the island are more commercial than other Greek Islands and you will find the accommodation of a high standard.

Another great thing is that it is a top destination for getting married and you can choose all different locations from hotel grounds, churches or the town halls and what with a great selections of accommodation it can accommodate anyone budget.

I loved Cyprus the whole time I was there and would go back in a flash for a good all round type of holiday.

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