Travel 2021

Leia Morales on 08 April 2021
Foreign holidays seem a distant memory for most, unless you were one of the few to make use of the travel corridors last summer. With the recent introduction of mandatory testing to enter the UK and additional tests two and eight days after returning home, the additional cost for a family can be difficult to justify on a 7-day holiday.

There is good new though; despite some reports, it is not illegal to book a holiday and it is perfectly reasonable to want something to look forward to later in 2021. Our suppliers have adapted to the circumstances with airlines offering flexibility that was unheard of pre-Covid. For example, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are allowing date and route changes without a fee. These policies are in addition to the package protection offered and our own flexible promise.

Under the package travel regulations, a tour operator will offer a refund should you be unable to travel due to government travel advice. The quantity of refunds has meant that processing can take longer than hoped, but Travel Counsellors have topped surveys by Money Saving Expert because of our personal service, keeping customers fully informed throughout the holiday booking and subsequent refund process.

So, should you book an overseas holiday this year? Absolutely! But understand where your money is going. Questions to ask; how much is the deposit? When will final payment be due and what are the cancellation charges? Can I change to a future date if I still have to take tests and/or quarantine on return? What are the travel restrictions for the country I am travelling to? You may not find answers easily when you are booking online, which is where speaking to a real person is invaluable.

These are all things that I speak about with my clients to ensure that they know that I am looking out for them. I will be proactive during the process and if I think at any time that you are better to move dates or to look at another destination I will be 100% honest with you.