Search for the Ultimate Family Holiday

Lisa Brady on 11 June 2019
Looking for the ultimate family holiday?

I completely relate to the challenge of keeping all members of the family happy. With 3 children of my own, 2 of which are teenagers (please send help, or gin) and sometimes grandparents who join us - finding holiday options to keep all happy can be quite a challenge. Children of varying ages who have different likes (probably more dislikes, parents of teenagers will understand), keeping different age groups happy whilst creating memories with some thrills and some chills – it soon becomes quite a tick list…challenge accepted!

When searching for the ultimate family holiday for myself and clients, we tend to create tick lists of things we want to achieve – I love a list! The holiday type which ticks every element is cruise. For those who are yet to discover a cruise and have lots of questions I thought a blog might help to explain why this could be your Ultimate Family Holiday.


Cruise is a fabulous way to discover cities, coasts, countries, continents – hey you could opt for a world cruise! The core reason people cruise is to reach and explore land-based product. With the possibility of waking up in different place every day, only ever needing to unpack once and sailing onboard the most amazing vessels. Now cruise lines own their own private islands and create unique experiences on land as well as at sea. Royal Caribbean have recently launched Perfect Day at Coco Cay, clients are choosing cruise itineraries with dream destinations and specific experiences in mind. Weather that be to search for Northern Lights, star gazing or the ultimate thrills and chills of an island designed with you in mind.


Cruise ships all differ, my job is to match the sailing to the client’s needs. The list of facilities is endless, how many resorts on land could you choose from waterslides, theatres, outdoor and indoor cinemas, dodgems, zip lines, rock climbing, mini golf, fencing, roller skating, bowling alleys, basketball, dance lessons, VR rides, ice skating and so much more. Some entire countries don’t have the facilities that one cruise ship can offer, something for everyone.

Cabin choice

From solo cabins, interconnecting options, balcony staterooms, suites, accessible cabins, villas and family suites sleeping up to 8 people. There is a cabin option and space which is right for every family and budget. That’s my job to find the one that’s just right for you.


Food plays a major part in any holiday, whether you are looking to discover something new, excited by speciality dining, have specific dietary requirements or a picky eater you will find cruise ships cater for all. Full board is included as standard on all cruises. Some offer all inclusive, or upgrades to include drinks packages and speciality dining. Rest assured there will be lots of restaurants and café choices, from 24-hour pizza outlets to some of the most talented chefs in the world, you will make culinary memories from the food onboard.

Safety at Sea

Is it safe? Is a frequently asked question and one we all take very seriously. It is impossible to fall off a ship, all balconies and barriers are at least 4-foot-high and made with toughened safety glass. Cruise ships have medical areas, hospitals on board with qualified medical staff, trained to deal with every eventually. Cruise lines priority is your safety, there are a variety of communication methods including electronic wristbands to determine location of children, monitored CCTV, walkie talkies and children cannot leave this ship without you.


Cruise ships can be the most incredible option for clients with accessible requirements. As an accessible travel expert, I am well versed with selecting the right line, ship and sailing to match your needs. Some ships have pool hoists, ramped access throughout, accessible tendering processes etc. All ships have adapted cabins and medical centres. There are autism friendly ships with programmes where crew are trained to ensure every member of the family has the best time possible, starting before your cruise with a cruise passport to take you through every aspect of what to expect.

Dress Code

From formal nights including dinner with the captain to very casual, again there is an option here for everyone. You do not have to dress up for dinner if you choose not to, there will always be an alternative option to the formal dining rooms on where you can eat. Some cruise ships are formal, some are always casual, most offer choices. It may be that one generation opts for formal night at where they can dress in their finest attire, one for smart casual at a speciality dining restaurant, whilst the kids enjoy the most spectacular burger and ice cream at sea. Whatever keeps everyone happy. Cruise is about choice.

As a travel expert, I am very passionate about all things cruise, introducing clients who have never cruised before, or who are seasoned cruisers to a new company, cruise ship or itinerary and gathering the feedback of how awesome the holiday was is a job well done. I genuinely believe there is a cruise for everyone and for families is truly is the ultimate family holiday!

Hopefully I have answered some cruise uncertainties you may have had above, as always please feel free to ask me any questions.