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Based on the stunning Isle of Man, and with over 23 years experience, I am the ideal person to curate that perfect holiday for you.

Explore this beautiful world - Experience amazing places and cultures - Enrich your life, soul and local people.

Picture travel that immerses you in local cultures, supports local communities and nurtures your wellbeing. That’s what I'm passionate about bringing you.

Growing up in the diverse and multicultural North West of England I've always been captivated by the power of travel to connect us with different worlds and perspectives. For you, this means journeys filled with authentic local experiences.

Imagine staying in charming, locally-owned accommodations where your presence directly benefits the community? Imagine dining at hidden local eateries, savouring meals that are not just delicious but also a window into the region's culture and traditions?

Picture yourself immersed in unique activities led by locals – activities that offer both authentic insights and genuine connections. Your journey is about more than just 'seeing' – it’s about 'being' in the moment and 'feeling'.

You’ll have the chance to venture off the beaten path, to places where you can truly engage with locals and their way of life. This is travel that goes beyond the surface, offering you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places you visit.

But this style of travel isn’t just about external exploration. It’s also about looking inward too. It’s about your wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional. Alongside your adventures, I’ll guide you towards experiences that promote your health and happiness.

Whether it’s learning a local wellness practice, engaging in mindful activities, or simply finding time to relax and reflect in serene environments, I’ll ensure your journey will be a holistic one. My aim is to craft personalized journeys that enrich you and the world around you.

Ready for a journey that's as good for you as it is for the places you visit?

Contact me, Lizzie, for an initial chat and we can start to make those travel aspirations a reality.

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5 Reasons to experience a tour of Sri Lanka

14 July 2023

5 Reasons to book a stunning Sri Lanka tour with Cox and Kings If you're looking for your next thrilling escapade, look no further than a Cox and Kings group tour to the island of Sri Lanka. Here are 5 reasons why this tropical paradise should be at the top of your travel wish list: 1. Breathtaking Beaches Picture yourself lounging on pristine golden sands on a Cox and Kings tour, with crystal-clear turquoise waters gently lapping at your feet, safe in the knowledge that you are well looked after by this fabulous company. Sri Lanka boasts some of the most pristine beautiful beaches in the world, offering the perfect setting for relaxation and water sports. Whether you're a surfer, snorkeler, or simply a sun-worshipper, the coastal wonders of Sri Lanka will leave you in awe. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for Whales spouting off the coast! 2. Wildlife Wonderland Get ready to embark on a thrilling safari adventure! On a Cox and Kings tour of Sri Lanka they make sure that you visit the home to an incredible array of wildlife, with the national parks of Yala or Wilpattu search for majestic elephants, bear sloths, monkeys, crocodiles and of course the elusive leopards, and vibrantly colourful birds. Explore the lush national parks with local Cox and Kings expert guides and witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. Don't forget your camera though, as you'll want to capture these unforgettable moments! 3. Cultural Riches Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich history of Sri Lanka. From the Golden Temple of Dambulla to the sacred site of Palonnawura, bustling markets and traditional dance performances, this island is a treasure trove of cultural experiences. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and the sacred city of Kandy, and let the stories of the past transport you to another time and you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket, Cox and Kings have it covered! 4. Scenic Train Rides Hop aboard one of Sri Lanka's iconic train journeys originally harking back to British Rail and prepare to be amazed by the breath-taking landscapes that unfold before your eyes. Wind your way through lush tea plantations, misty mountains, and cascading waterfalls as you traverse the country's scenic railway routes. This is a truly unforgettable way to witness the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. 5. Mouth-watering Cuisine Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure like no other! Sri Lankan cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavours, influenced by Indian, Malay, and Dutch culinary traditions. Indulge in aromatic curries, spicy sambals, and delectable seafood dishes. Don't miss out on trying the famous hoppers, a traditional Sri Lankan pancake, and the refreshing king coconut water to quench your thirst. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready to explore all these wonders, by booking a remarkable Cox and Kings magical Sri Lankan tour experience with me! This tropical paradise is calling your name, with unforgettable experiences, courtesy of the fabulous Cox and Kings, await at every turn.

5 Reasons to Tour India with Cox and Kings

12 July 2023

Cox and Kings group tours include flights fares, so grab your friends and enjoy an amazing trip to India with Cox and Kings! Here are 5 Reasons why you should book a group travel holiday to India with Cox and Kings. 1. Stunning Cultural Experiences Cox & Kings has been operating in the travel industry for several decades and has extensive knowledge and experience in organizing trips to India, they know all the best places off the beaten track for you to explore and offer excellent value for money. India is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and festivals. From the colourful celebrations of Holi and Diwali to the spiritual journey of the Kumbh Mela, there's always something exciting happening in India. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage, visit ancient temples, explore bustling markets, and witness traditional dance and music performances. India's cultural tapestry will leave you mesmerized. 2. Jaw Dropping Architecture Cox & Kings employs experienced and knowledgeable guides who can provide valuable insights into India's history, culture, and traditions. Prepare to be awestruck by India's architectural wonders. From the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra to the intricate carvings of the temples in Khajuraho and the majestic forts of Rajasthan, India is a treasure trove of architectural marvels. Explore the intricate details, learn about the historical significance, and marvel at the craftsmanship that went into creating these masterpieces. Cox and Kings ensure you make the most of your visit to various attractions, with an average group size of 14 and a maximum of 18, with employed local tour managers for their in-depth knowledge of the places, people and culture. 3. Delicious Culinary Delights Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the flavours of India. Indian cuisine is renowned for its diverse range of spices, flavours, and regional specialties. From the fiery curries of the south to the aromatic biryanis of the north, there's something to satisfy every palate. Touring with the Cox and Kings experts you won’t miss out on trying street food delicacies like samosas, chaat, and mouth-watering sweets like Gulab jamun and jalebi. 4. Outstanding Natural Beauty India is a vast and diverse country with a rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. Cox & Kings can offer a variety of itineraries to suit different preferences, whether you're interested in exploring historical monuments, experiencing spiritual destinations, discovering wildlife, or enjoying scenic beauty. They can customize your trip according to your interests and preferences. From market tours and cooking classes to hot-air balloon rides and epicurean dining, they can arrange a whole variety of immersive experiences. India is blessed with breath-taking natural landscapes that will leave you in awe. From the serene backwaters of Kerala to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the pristine beaches of Goa to the lush tea plantations of Darjeeling, India offers a diverse range of natural beauty. Embark on scenic hikes, go wildlife spotting in national parks, or simply soak in the tranquility of nature. 5. Warm Hospitality Experience the legendary Indian hospitality that will make your group holiday truly special. Indians are known for their warmth, friendliness, and welcoming nature. You'll be greeted with open arms and treated like family. The locals will go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable and comfortable stay. Travelling in India can sometimes be challenging due to its size and complexity. But, with Cox & Kings handling all the logistics of your trip, including accommodation, transportation, and local transfers, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey, this allows you to focus on enjoying your trip while leaving the organization and coordination to the experts. They take great care in the selection of accommodation too, as these are typically well-located, 4- and 5-star hotels. From cultural immersion to architectural wonders, culinary delights to natural beauty, and warm hospitality, India has it all. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

A Life Affirming Solo Adventure

02 July 2023

If you are someone who wants to experience life’s experience and cultures through travel this is for you! Whether you are single or in a partnership, I have many clients who love solo tours. Recently I travelled to Thailand on a solo group tour where I was immersing myself in diverse culture, unearthing hidden gems, and embracing the transformative power of travel. Now, I could spend hours raving about the breath-taking sights and destinations I visited, but what truly stood out were the incredible experiences I encountered when I ventured far beyond my comfort zone. I was a tad uneasy, I’ve got to admit, travelling as part of a solo group tour, but the amazing and very experienced JustYou team will ensure that you are put at ease and at the end of the day, the rest of the group are in the same situation. For it was during those very moments of stepping out of my comfort zone that I experienced the most incredible and life-changing moments of my life! I found that the group gelled really quickly and soon we were discussing our lives with each other, as well as oohing and ahhing together along the way. The food! I was soon indulging in delicious Thai street food that left my taste buds exploding with flavour. I found myself savouring each bite, not wanting the taste to leave my mouth. I even relished cold beers in charming little bars, where space was tight, but the experience was unforgettable, with lovely smiley locals. The Culture! Cycling through glorious green countryside with the group and seeing beautiful Thai locals was an experience that was truly transformative. I embraced the beauty of the country and, most importantly, its people. I truly believe I lived the travel mantra that I abide by on my social media posts, which is, Explore – Experience – Enrich Despite having little material wealth, the Thai people oozed happiness and the warmth of their hearts was infectious. We were embraced as part of their community, and the kindness they showed us will forever be etched in my memory. The Experiences! I was awestruck by stunning temples and ancient ruins, such as the Grand Palace and the Wat Pho temple, home of the incredible Reclining Buddha! And a highlight for me was private blessing ceremony with monks and a visit to an elephant rehabilitation centre! With JustYou Travels you can experience life affirming experiences and enjoy it all, safe in the knowledge you will be very well looked after in the group. Upon returning home, I felt a renewed sense of purpose – a burning desire to share this life-changing experience with others and inspire them to step out of their comfort zones. Travel to new places but do more than merely observe – become a part of the community, share, and give back. You'll find rewards beyond imagination, and your life will be enriched in ways you never thought possible. I can’t relay enough about how much this Solo experience made me realise that taking a Solo tour is utterly life- changing, in print. The only way is to book on a JustYou Travels holiday and you will realise it for yourself! Contact me, Lizzie, at 0191 432 6570 to plan your Solo adventure!

Unveiling Italy's Wonders: Embark on an Escorted Tour in 2024

27 June 2023

Introduction: Ciao, wanderlust seekers! Are you dreaming of sipping velvety espresso while gazing upon ancient ruins, strolling through charming cobblestone streets, and indulging in mouth-watering gelato? Look no further than Italy, a captivating destination that promises a sensory overload like no other. Italy's rich history, breathtaking landscapes, delectable cuisine, and vibrant culture are ready to be explored, and what better way to experience it all than through an escorted tour with Travelsphere/Just You? Unravel the Tapestry of History: Italy, a cradle of civilization, is steeped in history, boasting iconic landmarks that have withstood the test of time. From the majestic Colosseum in Rome to the romantic canals of Venice, each stone whispers stories of emperors, artists, and visionaries who have shaped the world we know today. An escorted tour allows you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Italy's past, with knowledgeable guides sharing fascinating insights and untold tales that breathe life into every monument and archaeological site. Embrace Nature's Masterpieces: Italy's diverse landscapes are nature's masterpieces, from the sun-drenched Amalfi Coast to the picturesque vineyards of Tuscany. With an escorted tour, you'll journey through breathtaking panoramas that will leave you awestruck. Imagine savoring a glass of Chianti in a charming hilltop village, surrounded by rolling vineyards and cypress trees. Or perhaps, hiking along the rugged paths of the Cinque Terre, where colourful fishing villages cling to cliffs overlooking the azure sea. Travelsphere/Just You ensures that you witness the very best of Italy's natural wonders, creating a harmonious blend of cultural and natural exploration. Indulge in a Feast for the Senses: Italy is a culinary paradise, where every bite is an explosion of flavor. It's a country that takes its food seriously, and an escorted tour allows you to savor the authentic tastes of Italy's diverse regions. Picture yourself relishing a slice of Neapolitan pizza, its thin, crispy crust topped with bubbling mozzarella and fresh basil. Or surrendering to the velvety smoothness of homemade pasta, kissed by a fragrant tomato sauce. With Travelsphere/Just You, you'll delight in carefully curated culinary experiences, including visits to local markets, vineyards, and even cooking classes where you'll learn to master traditional Italian recipes. Immerse Yourself in Vibrant Culture: Italy's vibrant culture is a vibrant mosaic of art, music, and traditions. From the grand opera houses of Verona to the colorful carnival of Venice, Italy exudes a zest for life that is contagious. An escorted tour offers you the chance to participate in these cultural celebrations, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Italian life. Imagine donning a mask and joining the revelry of the Venetian Carnival, a world of opulence and mystery. Or witnessing the passionate flamenco dancers in the piazzas of Florence, their graceful movements echoing the rhythm of your heart. Travelsphere/Just You grants you access to these extraordinary experiences, providing insider knowledge that enhances your appreciation of Italy's vibrant soul. Seamless Travel Made Effortless: Planning a trip to a foreign country can be overwhelming, but with an escorted tour, all the logistics are taken care of for you. Travelsphere/Just You ensures a hassle-free journey, allowing you to focus on savouring every moment. Experience Italy with Peace of Mind: When you book an escorted tour with Travelsphere/Just You, you can travel with confidence, knowing that every aspect of your holiday is taken care of. From return flights and overseas transportation to handpicked accommodations, Travelsphere ensures that your journey is seamless and worry-free. With a Holiday Director by your side throughout the tour, you'll have a knowledgeable travel expert ready to assist you and share invaluable insights and recommendations. Create Lasting Memories: Travelsphere/Just You believes that every holiday should be an adventure to remember. That's why each tour is carefully curated to include incredible experiences that showcase the very best of Italy. Whether it's exploring the ancient ruins of Pompeii, cruising along the romantic canals of Venice, or indulging in a wine tasting in the Tuscan countryside, you'll be at the heart of the adventure, creating unforgettable memories with like-minded travellers. The camaraderie and shared experiences on an escorted tour foster new friendships that can last a lifetime. Unveil Italy's Hidden Gems: Italy is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and Travelsphere/Just You has curated itineraries that unveil these lesser-known marvels. With the expertise of your Holiday Director, you'll be guided to off-the-beaten-path destinations, secret viewpoints, and charming local haunts that may not be found in guidebooks. These hidden gems offer a more intimate and authentic experience of Italy, allowing you to connect with the local culture and gain a deeper understanding of the country's nuances. Flexibility and Peace of Mind: Travelsphere/Just You understands the need for flexibility when planning your travels. That's why they offer Guaranteed Departures, ensuring that your chosen tour will proceed as scheduled. With more and more departure dates being confirmed, you can book your Italy adventure with confidence, knowing that your travel plans are secure. Additionally, all Travelsphere holidays are financially protected through ATOL and financial failure insurance, providing you with peace of mind that your investment is safeguarded. Conclusion: Italy beckons with its rich history, stunning landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant culture. Embarking on an escorted tour with Travelsphere/Just You in 2024 offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of this captivating destination. From exploring ancient ruins to indulging in culinary delights and embracing the vibrant local culture, an escorted tour ensures a seamless and enriching experience. Let Travelsphere/Just You be your trusted guide as you unveil the treasures of Italy, creating cherished memories and lifelong connections along the way. Don't wait any longer—book your escorted tour to Italy and let the magic of this incredible country unfold before your very eyes. Buon Viaggio!

Why should I book my holiday well in advance?

22 May 2023

Why should I book my holiday well in advance? Lately, I’ve been telling you all about how I can book out of date range flights to long haul destinations, with guaranteed flight prices. I also advertise package holidays for 2024 and cruises up to 2025, but what is the benefit of booking well in advance? 1. The earlier you book, you will have the best choice of accommodation. 2. Similarly, booking your flights earlier gives you a better choice of seats on flight eg seats together. 3. You can choose the perfect itinerary that suits your wishes, without having to compromise due to limited availability. 4. Enjoy the pre-travel buzz longer. Download myTC app and we give you a countdown, plus you have all your documents in one place. 5. Better value for money - you have more choice of accommodation, car hire and experiences 6. Avoid high travel demand periods - it’s basic economics, but increased demand leads to higher prices and limited availability 7. We have specially negotiated flight deals, meaning you can pay them on deposit instead of in full at the time of booking. 8. You can budget and pay as little or as much as you like over a longer time period 9. Pet sitters - grab the elusive pet sitter early 10. It can make you happier! According to recent studies by scientists, we experience higher levels of happiness when we’re planning or looking forward to a holiday. So, you’ll feel happier after booking a holiday – and these benefits last until your trip.   Get in touch to book your next trip(s): 0191 432 6570 Explore | Experience | Enrich

The Ultimate Way to Cruise Aegean Islands!

09 December 2022

One day… You’re enraptured by the ruins of the City of Philippi. Surrounded by stunning colonnades and an awe-inspiring amphitheatre, you grace streets where Ancient Romans once walked. Classical antiquity bursts into life right before you. The Next… You’re feasting your eyes on beautiful, whitewashed buildings with pastel painted shutters. An enchanted island perched on a bed of turquoise water. Strolling the cobbled streets, the tantalizing smell of lamb gyros makes its way to you from the local Taverna. In between… You rest from your adventures in sheer luxe, as the waves of the Aegean lap up against your 7-star cruise yacht. Soaking in the sun and sampling succulent filet mignon. Let Me Tell You a Story About the BEST Aegean Cruise Ever Sounds… Idyllic. Perfect. Like a dream come true. Well, it was for me. Ever had your eye on exploring the iconic Aegean islands? Let me tell you a story about my Aegean adventure aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer. Settle in, sailor! My Ultimate Aegean Cruise Adventure! First Stop - Istanbul The cruise set off from Istanbul, where Europe and Asia kiss. I had some time to explore before I hopped on board my luxury liner. So, that’s what I did! Istanbul is a city steeped in history. The architecture invites you to feel the force of the former Byzantine and Ottoman empires. I took a quick detour to Istanbul’s spice market. If you want a feel for Middle Eastern life, this is where it’s at. The Spice Bazaar is a truly sensual experience. Deep vibrant colours delight the eyes, whilst incredible aromas pack a hearty punch. Arriving at the port, I was greeted by my “small ship”. 10 decks tall, 700 guests, and 560 crew members looking after our every whim. Hmmm. Maybe not so small. But definitely luxury. This was the ultimate way to cruise. Time to settle into my aptly named Superior Suite. Next stop, Kavala! Stop 2 – Kavala Kavala greeted me with the beauty of ancient castles and the bustle of a 21st century city. Located in Northern Greece, Kavala is a principal seaport. It’s also a stone's throw away from the ancient ruins of the city of Philippi. In fact, just 15km away. Take a cheeky visit? Don’t mind if I do. Standing in the middle of the epic amphitheatre, I was absolutely awestruck at its enormity. Intricate and stunning colonnades that stood the test of time towered over me. It hit me. I was standing where Alexander the Great’s dad once stood! The site of one of the most famous battles of Roman history. And where the apostle Paul established early Christianity. It was humbling to say the least. Then, I thought about how I’d make a great gladiator. Right, back to the ship Lizzie. Stop 3 – Mykonos I bet you didn’t know this… Apparently, Mykonos is the mythical site of a battle between Hercules and invincible giants. And it’s now said that the large rocks around the island are petrified giant testicles! Aside from folklore and fun facts, Mykonos is truly magical. I found my happy place wandering among whitewashed houses through mazy streets. Taking in the prettily painted pastel shutters and vibrant flowers. Inhaling the sweet scent of the Mykonos summer and lamb gyros from local taverna’s. The view of crisp, crystal clear waters from Elia Beach. Heaven. Stop 4 – Santorini You’ve seen the pictures of Santorini. The whitewashed buildings in Oia and Fira, clinging to the rock, perched over a crisp blue lagoon. Breath-taking blue domes with short cathedral-like spires. Yet those images still don’t do it justice. When I arrived at Santorini, it almost felt like I’d found the lost city of Atlantis. It’s that spectacular. And if that wasn’t enough, I got to dig through some fascinating finds from the lost city itself. My incredible Fira Museum tour featured artifacts from the excavation of Akrotiri (supposedly the site of Atlantis). I couldn’t take any pieces of Atlantis with me. But I did nab some local jewellery and paintings from little shops just off the paved streets. Final stop – Trieste (Northern Italy) Trieste marked the end of my Aegean adventure. Another stunning seaport, lying in a narrow strip of land between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. Immediately, you feel the strong influence of Latin, Germanic, and Slavic cultures. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to wander and soak in those cultures. But there was time for one quick thrill. As I got off my luxury liner to catch my train, I found myself in the thralls of the most fabulous racing yacht event! Yes, yacht racing. This is one of the wealthiest seaports in Italy we’re talking about. Aegean Cruise Aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer - Would I Do It Again? Absolutely! Sitting on my train from Trieste to Venice, I mused on my epic cruise, as the Venice coast serenaded me. I thought about the stunning destinations. Santorini. The ruins of Philippi. I mainly thought about the mouth-watering Michelin Star quality food aboard The Seven Seas Explorer. The sumptuous prime New York Strip and decadent desserts of Prime 7. The punchy flavours of Pacific Rim's delicious Pan-Asian food. My time aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer was the ultimate way to cruise Aegean. It was time to head back to the UK. Home to Colin to tell him all about it! But would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Want to Embark on Your Own Aegean Cruise Adventure? If you fancy an Aegean adventure yourself and want to cruise in luxe, get in touch. I’d love nothing more than to be your personal travel agent and set you up with the cruise of your dreams. Get in touch with me to find out more ... TEL: 0191 432 6570

Marvellous Mauritius – 10th Wedding Anniversary Bliss

28 October 2022

Imagine this… In the distance, the sun plays off clear, crystallized water. Reflecting a thousand shades of blue. The warmth envelopes you like the embrace of old friend. A soft, almost musical lapping lulls and soothes your soul. And the gentle waves touch the hem of the bleach-white sand. Kissing, they roll back out again. Then, the chirps and squirks of the native Bull-Bull birds fill the air. You close your eyes. The sound conjures the image of an Amazonian rainforest. It halts to a deafening silence. You open your eyes again… Looking out from your swim-up room for 2, you’re surrounded by swathes of tall, swaying palm trees. All of them brimming with coconuts. A tropical backdrop telling you you’re a million miles from life’s worries. You’ve seen this before. In travel magazines. Yet here you are. Picture perfect paradise – in the flesh. Mauritius. This describes our own experience. But oh – it was so much more! Grab a cuppa. Let me tell you about our 10th wedding anniversary bliss. Celebrating 10 Years Married in Marvellous Mauritius… The Trip and the Unexpected Tropical Greeting The journey from Manchester to Mauritius took around 19 hours in total. That’s including a brief wait in Dubai to catch our connecting flight. Even though the travel was long, it was painless. We flew with Emirates and with them, there’s always plenty of on-flight entertainment to keep you occupied. And even the economy seats on Emirates flights are pretty comfy and spacious. So, it was easy to snooze after you’d watched Bridget Jones Diary! Or the new Top Gun if that’s more your style. As soon as we landed, Colin and I were instantly struck by the stunning scenery. It was like a cultural cocktail. We couldn’t tell whether we were in the Caribbean, Africa, or Asia! It was tropical, but with added flavour. All we knew was that we loved it. On to the hotel … An Island within and Island We were staying at the splendid Victoria Beachcomber in the North of the island. Our exclusive swim-up room was in the heart of the resort’s adults only section, Victoria for 2. This part of the hotel caters for holiday weddings, honeymooners, and people like us who are already way into marriage. Even though I’m still only 27… Victoria for 2 was like an island within the island. It was the perfect place for Colin and I to get away and re-connect. To relax and do a bit of digital detoxing. And to get caught up in each other’s company, not the worries of work! Swim-Up Cocktails and a Delicious French & Indian Food Fusion Our package was all-inclusive with premium drinks. The best thing? I could lounge by the pool outside my room and use it to swim to the bar. Swim-up cocktails? Yes please. The food was everything we dreamed it would be. A delicious fusion of French and Indian inspired dishes. As well as mouth-watering Mauritian seafood. There’s plenty of tasty options for carnivores and veggies alike! You Have to Experience Mauritian Hospitality! Now to the thing that stood out the most. The hospitality and the friendliness of the hotel staff. Mauritius is the home of hospitality. Mauritian people will do anything to make you feel welcome on their island. And the Beachcomber Victoria staff went above and beyond to make sure our private anniversary beach dinner was special. Thank you, Rakesh! Dolphin Spotting, Snorkelling with Turtles, and Underwater Waterfalls People, often go to Mauritius to sit by a beach and soak up the sun. But you’d be fooled to think there’s nothing else to do. The waters surrounding Mauritius are full of diverse life. So, Colin and I thought we’d have a look. Our first adventure took us on a private boat ride, just a few meters way from dolphins. Then, we strapped on the snorkels, dived in, and swam with spectacularly coloured Sea Turtles. They were both breath-taking experiences. However, the absolute must-see in Mauritius is the incredible underwater waterfall. Now, it’s not an actual waterfall that’s underwater. It’s an illusion caused by sea and fresh-water colliding. But when you fly over it in a helicopter, it looks like there’s a waterfall underwater. So, that’s what we dd. And it was worth every single penny. As the water folded in on itself, we held our breath. It felt as though we had been transported to a fantasy world. It was enchanting and utterly magical. Should you go to Mauritius? Absolutely. If you’re not already convinced by everything above. Mauritius is idyllic. Its pristine beaches, stunning scenery, and year-round mild tropical climate make It the perfect place for a relaxing break at any time of the year. It’s a popular destination for weddings, honeymooners, couples, and families for a reason. Mauritius is also a favourite for business and group travel. And as you’ve just found out, it’s not so bad if you’re looking for adventure either. Mauritius is the haven away from home that you’ve been looking for! The island also offers a complete range of unique advantages to visitors from all over the world, including … • Modern tourism and hospitality-related infrastructure. Including the premier international airport in the region. • Regular service by international airlines such as Air Mauritius, Emirates, British Airways, Air France and Corsair to major cities in Europe, Africa and Asia. • Resorts of international standard. • Political and social stability. Want to Book Your Trip to Mauritius? If you’re sold on Mauritius, feel free get in touch. We can have a chat and start to put together a picture of your ideal trip. As well as my personal experience of Mauritius, I have 22 years’ experience in the travel industry. I’ve loved helping hundreds of people plan their perfect holiday. And now, being a part of the Multi Award-Winning Travel Counsellors family, I can’t wait to help you too. Lizzie xxx.

7 Scientific Reasons to Travel

08 April 2021

As we in the travel industry start to see light at the end of this very long global pandemic tunnel, there is no better time to consider your well-earned escape. Travel has been well documented to help you with your well-being and mental health and with the support of recent studies this is shown to be the case. Here are my top 7 reasons to take out that passport, blow the cobwebs off it and plan that perfect getaway; to escape the tough times we have all experienced in the last 12 months, during this pandemic. 1. Travel gives you opportunities to try new things and meet new people, helping you combat monotony. Travel connects people and provides opportunities to learn about new and different cultures, which can help increase your empathy towards others. It can also help improve your overall tolerance, reduce biases and even decrease frustration. 2. Activities, such as walking, hiking, and skiing; in scenic areas can help you become more hopeful. A 2020 study also found that people who were consciously aware of the vistas and objects around them on a walk reported being more hopeful and upbeat than other walkers. What could be better than enjoying the wonderful scenery of a new destination on a hiking route or while skiing down a beautiful slope? 3. Travel is great for relieving stress and improving your general outlook on life. According to a 2013 study of people aged 25 to 70+, 80% of respondents said travel improves their general mood and outlook on life with 75% of respondents also saying travel helps them reduce stress. Unsurprisingly, the greatest health benefit of taking a holiday is that it dramatically reduces stress. In a recent survey, we found that 55.6% of respondents, return from holidays feeling less stressed. Sometimes a weekend just isn’t enough time to unwind and de-stress, so extended holidays can often be the best medicine that can you just the right time away to help you. Switching off and taking off on a well-deserved holiday will allow you to completely disconnect from everyday life and truly refresh. So, my advice is SWITCH OFF: literally; then you can forget about the influx of emails, meetings and deadlines, and you don’t have to worry about finding the time to do the groceries, go to the gym and cook dinner after work. While on holidays, your hardest decision will be what cocktail to order, meal to choose or what beach or adventure to choose next. 4. Time away from work can increase your energy and productivity at work. A Study at Harvard University conducted on over 400 travellers found that 94% of respondents had as much or more energy after coming back from a good trip. Book that holiday and crush your work goals when you return! Our time away from home allows us to learn new skills, experience places and cultures we never have before and therefore return with a better world view. If you need a reason to convince yourself you need a holiday… this is the one! 5. Helping others, ultimately helps others Evidence suggests that helping others can promote physiological changes in the brain linked with happiness. Spending money during your holidays in restaurants, attractions and even on locally made souvenirs, helps support the 330 million people who rely on the sector for their livelihoods. You can also help by volunteering with a reputable local organisation! I have a client who went to Thailand in 2019 to volunteer at an elephant Sanctuary, where she had the most life affirming experience that helped her immensely because she was helping others. I am hosting an exclusive group to Sri Lanka in 2022 to help on a Turtle Conservation Project. Contact me if you would love to be a part of it with me! My tagline on my Social Media Posts is Explore, Experience and Enrich; which says it all really! Travelling reduces stress by taking you away — both physically and mentally — from the pressures of everyday life. Whether you’re sunbathing in Greece, exploring Paris or watching a musical on Broadway, you are distracted from your ordinary commitments and experience less anxiety. 6. A wellness trip can contribute to stronger mental health. On a wellness retreat focused on practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, you can learn skills that you can bring home to help you keep up a regular wellness routine. This routine will be key to maintaining stronger mental health. Can you just imagine yourself learning centuries-old yoga practices on an idyllic beach? I LOVE yoga and plan to run some very much needed wellness retreats in the very near future. So, if you or anyone you know, would like to join me or even host a wellness retreat, feel free to get in touch! I am hosting a Pilates Group Tall Ship Cruise this year, in September 2021! If your mind is emotionally exhausted, you probably won’t be functioning at your best and a global pandemic will certainly contribute to that. Just like when you do work you need to take breaks regularly to remain productive, you also need prolonged breaks where you can properly rest. 7. Doing something you have been meaning to enjoy, trust me! Pull out that travel wish list - you have plenty of journeys to complete yet! See what you still need to check off and let’s get planning. By doing something you enjoy, you perform necessary self-care and contribute to your own happiness. Please also find my Podcast: Mind, Body, Travel which focuses on these very aspects of travel, where I chat to suppliers that I work with, who can offer all the mental health, well-being options that will help you find inner peace and total relaxation in this beautiful world. Find my other Social Media and Podcast Episode links here :

Touring Holidays

07 April 2021

Holidays are about so much more than seeing the sights - they're about the places you stay, the people you meet and the experiences you have along the way - and no style of travel can guarantee so many memorable moments as being on a guided tour. In fact, travelling with a tour leader is like having a friend who can take you straight to the heart of a destination, so all you have to do is focus on having a good time. Fancy skipping the queue to get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access at the Vatican? No problem. Want to eat out in an authentic, family-run restaurant in Rio de Janeiro? Your guide knows the best places to go. Always dreamed of taking a private tour around Sydney's top sights? Off we go. On a tour, the journey is every bit as important as the stops you make along the way. Having a driver means you can sit back and enjoy the scenery, while your tour leader brings the place to life by telling you the stories you simply won't find in the guidebooks. On top of that, they'll take care of all the practicalities, from checking in at the hotel to arranging for your bags to be taken straight to your room, so you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday. With so many benefits, you might think a tour would work out more expensive than going it alone - after all, having a guide, a driver, exclusive access to attractions and the inside track on the best hotels must come at a price? Yet the buying power of a group means it is actually works out cheaper than trying to set up the same holiday by yourself, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the very best experience at the very best price. That's even more important in light of the pandemic. Touring companies have led the way in establishing safe, socially distanced itineraries, where all the hotels, restaurants and attractions have been carefully vetted to ensure they meet stringent health and safety standards, so you can set off knowing you're in good hands. Working alongside 7 other Travel Counsellors, we haved formed Hosted Holidays with your Travel Counsellor. Every week we take you around the world from the comfort of your own sofa and we have an amazing variety of upcoming trips for later in 2021/2022 and even into 2023. Get in touch for more information. We'd love to see you there!

Adventure Holidays

07 April 2021

Forget Bear Grylls - there's more than one way to have an adventure. My first travel experience was in 1976 when I went on a PGL holiday to the South of France. We canoed the Ardeche, learned to sail, scuba dive, camped in the open air. It was an awakening and I was hooked! Whether you want to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, go rafting along the Colorado River, or cycle from one Loire Valley vineyard to the next, there's a tour that will take you straight to the heart of the action. Yet adventure holidays are about so much more than getting active - they give you the chance to uncover another side to a destination that most tourists never see. Meeting colourful local characters, eating in out-of-the-way restaurants or resting your head in family run B&Bs are all part of the experience on an adventure tour. You'll also be giving back to the local economy with journeys that have been specially designed to make sure the community benefits as much as you do, so you can skip the tourist crowds while knowing you're doing your bit for the areas you visit. The environment gets a look-in too, with many companies offering a transparent approach to their eco-friendly credentials. With small groups of like minded travellers and a friendly guide to lead the way, adventure holidays can be a great way to try out a new activity or challenge yourself to go further than you have before. You'll also take inspiration from your fellow guests as you swap stories of where you've been and what you've done, so expect to come home with a travel wish list that's at least twice as long as when you set off. There are so many new adventure tours to enjoy across the UK, Europe and farther afield that the only trouble will be working out which one to do first! With my team of TC's at Hosted Holidays, we are currently organising 'Zoom around the world sessions' every Wednesday evening, whilst we're in the dreaming phase. We have a massive range of tours then planned for late 2021/2022 and even into 2023. Whatever your age or group make up, there's something for everyone and we would love to host you on one of our fabulous trips. Please do get in touch to find out more. In the light of the pandemic adventure companies have led the way establishing safe, socially distanced itineraries, where all the hotels, restaurants and attractions have been carefully vetted to ensure they meet stringent health and safety standards, so you can set off knowing you're in good hands.

Solo Touring

07 April 2021

Seeing the world and sharing new experiences is the very essence of why we love to travel. Watching a pride of lions come to life as dawn light creeps across the savannah, getting your first glimpse of the sparkling domes atop the Taj Mahal, or sitting down to a home-cooked meal on a country estate in Tuscany – these unforgettable moments live on in the memory long after we get home. That's why solo touring is seeing such a boom, as more and more travellers open their eyes to the enriching experiences and incredible characters you come across on a guided holiday. Leave any preconceived ideas at the door – you'll find all ages, all interests and all types of people on a solo trip these days, meaning no matter where you go, you're bound to come across like-minded travellers with a similar sense of adventure. If you've always gone on holiday with friends or family before, a tour is a fantastic way to make your travel experiences even more exciting – without any of the hassle of organising it yourself. A tour manager will take care of all the practicalities, from meeting you at the airport to taking you straight to the very best sights, so you come away with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the destination. But what really stays with you are the experiences you share with your fellow travellers, always having someone to chat to over dinner about what you've seen that day or getting inspiration for your next adventure by hearing tales of their favourite places. On a solo traveller tour, you can be guaranteed the freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace, with free time built in to spend however you like. Plus with no single supplements on many dedicated itineraries, you can enjoy all the advantages of a guided holiday at an unbeatable price. In the light of the pandemic touring companies have led the way establishing safe, socially distanced itineraries, where all the hotels, restaurants and attractions have been carefully vetted to ensure they meet stringent health and safety standards, so you can set off knowing you're in good hands. Get in touch to arrange your next adventure. I'd love to hear from you.

Do you cut your own hair or do you go to a hairdresser?

24 September 2020

Do you cut your own hair, or go to a hairdressers? You have a water leak in the heating system, would you call a plumber? You are thinking of selling your house, would choosing an estate agent be at the top of your list? Of course, you could try all of the above yourself. But what could the end result be? Water flooding everywhere, an unsold house and a very questionable haircut! If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say the majority of you lovely people out there would stick to dealing with the experts? It’s exactly the same with when booking your travel. Holidays are so important, arguably the one thing people look forward to most in the year. You may have saved up all year for your holiday or even wedding/honeymoon (I've organised over 500 destination weddings). There are some perfect reasons to give, as to hand your hard earned wages over to an expert? These are just a small snapshot of what I can do for you and your family: • Someone who lives and breathes travel will ensure you get the best out of your budget by using their many years of experience. • Someone who knows the child-friendly hotels around the world • Someone who gets to know you as a person, who understands your exact wants and needs, down to the finest detail. • Someone knows the best time to visit the Maldives, or what visas and entry requirements are needed for Turkey, for example • Someone who knows that all the Covid-19 safety compliance precautions have been taken into account. Why spend hours of your valuable time searching for your holiday online, trawling through website after website when you can get us to do all the hard work for you at no extra cost! It’s your time to relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones. Is it really worth taking the risk by getting it wrong? If a sub-standard hotel, miles from anywhere with a view of a brick wall makes you shudder, then you’re already realising the benefits of booking with an expert! People have said that personal travel agents in this internet booking age aren’t necessary anymore? In fact, you could argue that me as your very own personal travel has never been more relevant, especially at time of writing we are in the throes of a global pandemic, here's why… Saving you time Time is more precious than ever before, especially if you are a corporate traveller. How often do we say "There’s never enough hours in the day?" From searching the web, to reading up reviews, to asking friends for their opinions, before you know it hours have passed and you still haven’t made a decision on where you should go on holiday. We call this 'The Carousel', it just goes around and around, you get on but can't get off! I will save you time and ultimately money, by doing all this for you. Personal Service Once you’ve pressed ‘pay’ or 'confirm' on an online booking site, that's where the service ends, unfortunately. Your holiday should mean more to you than that? It certainly does to me. Someone who can be with you from the start to the very end of your holiday. Nothing beats good old- fashioned personal service. Guess who will be there for you every step of the way ? Yes, me. Expertise It’s a big world out there! So many countries, cities and holiday options to choose from. I have over 20years of knowledge and expertise, working with booking systems and direct contracts, which you may not. I have all the insider tips who can find the perfect holiday to suit all your requirements – and make lots of suggestions you’d never have thought of. I will ensure that the supplier is Covid-19 compliant. Peace of mind You arrive at the airport at 3am and your luggage has been lost. What do you do? Get stuck in a queue on the phone to a call centre? This is when the need for your Personal Travel Counsellor really comes into play. I would be your one point of contact to help you when things go wrong. It’s this kind of service which is invaluable. Also, on top of this I can provide Travel Insurance which now covers Covid-19 issues. Financial protection When booking your holiday it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. Things such as financial protection might not be at the forefront of your mind. Travel Counsellors have made sure that every penny you spend on your is fully protected. So if an airline, supplier goes bust or a hotel shuts down the safety of your money will be in safe hands and never be in doubt. Connections Travel Counsellors have built strong relationships with hotels, airlines and tour operators, giving them access to the best deals in the industry. If there is someone who is going to be able to get you a cheeky upgrade, know an all-inclusive deal or can guarantee a sea-view bedroom, it will be me! For more information on how I can help you through that minefield of booking your precious holiday or lucrative business trip, give me a call for a chat.

Where to go in May

29 April 2020

As we roll into Summer 2020 and the world isn’t open for holidays this year, let’s focus on our holidays for 2021! These are available to book now and I’d highly recommend booking early so you can make the most of the early booking prices and availability. Here are some of my personal choices as a guide for your May holiday next year! I’ll give you some options for a short break, 1-week break and a 2-week break for you to think about. Short Break … You may not be in the mood for a trip overseas or to spend time in the airport right now, so why not try a short break in the UK first? If you are a whisky drinking connoisseur, nature lover or amateur historian, the Isle of Skye in Scotland could be for you… SKYE - SCOTLAND Early May is the best time to visit as the dreaded midges haven’t emerged yet and there is fabulous chance of good weather to make those lochs sparkle, mountains blush and the peat moors glow in purple and green. The majestic Cuillin mountain range is a breathtaking sight to behold, in all its atmospheric allure and imposing cliffs. May is said to be one of the driest months so it’s an ideal choice. The sun rises in all its glory at 4am and sets after 11pm making it nice long days to enjoy all that Skye has to offer. Visit the historical Dunvegan Castle, Museums that delve into Scotland’s bloody past and crofting. Why not try a cruise to the fabulous rock formations of Trotternish, spy sea eagles and sip on a Talisker whisky? Sky is connected to the mainland both by Ferry and a road bridge. One Week Break … Castles without crowds, and weeping willows draping the resplendent River Loire, flanked by glorious chateaux and quaint little market towns …. THE LOIRE VALLEY- FRANCE This area is in a class of its own, steeped in history with links to Joan of Arc and Fontevraud Abbey with its royal tombs. Stroll or canoe down the river Loire and sample the markets, abundant with fresh strawberries and asparagus, this is the land of delightful food. May is a great time to visit with an enjoyable, comfortable mild climate and it’s a lot quieter, before the summer crowds descend! My tip would be to stay in the Central Loire between Orleans and Angers, packed with amazing architecture and fabulous eateries and why not stay in a Chateau? Two Week Break… If you are looking for some warm early sun and looking for empty beaches or a perfect pilgrimage, Spain’s northwest province is ideal. A lot greener, due to the damper climate in contrast to the more overbearingly hot, southerly Spanish provinces … GALICIA – SPAIN In May the Galician Hills are alight with blossom and yellow broom. You may get some rain at this time of year, but it will still be warm and empty countryside will be inspiring. Galicia’s beaches are unspoilt and lest developed with fabulous dunes at Playa de la Lanzada and amazing rock formations at Prais das Catedrais. The walking is legendary and the Camino de Santiago which starts at St Jean Pied a Port and finishes at Santiago de Compestella is a Pilgrimage made by many at this time of year and thought to be life affirming for many Christians. To walk it all would take approx. 30 days, but you can drop in anywhere en-route, around Santiago with all facilities open. I would suggest hiring a car and a ‘must do’ is a stay at the Parador de Santiago, heritage hotel overlooking the outstanding cathedral! I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions in this blog, but feel free to contact me for fantastic options for May, within your budget. Lizzie xxx

Where to go in April

04 April 2020

Where to go in ….. April So, you have decided that you would like to look forward to an amazing trip in the Spring, when the blossoms are blooming again and nature comes alive again after the dark winters? It’s ‘Sakura’ season in Japan just now and the streets and parks are awash with colour, as the cherry blossoms show off there pink and white blooms, you could connect a trip to Japan with a fabulous cruise? Here are some other amazing suggestions, to help you decide on where to go in April. I’ve given suggestions of different lengths of trip you may like to take. Weekend Break The Lake District – UK Visit now to see poet William Wordsworth’s host of Golden daffodils. He lived in Dove Cottage, Grasmere, which is open to the public. April is a great time to visit as you can book up easier and the summer tourists haven’t descended yet. The campsites, hotels, roads, villages and holiday cottages are not so busy and more affordable. As it’s a hilly part of the world, the weather can be unpredictable but go prepared with suitable clothing and you won’t be disappointed. Base yourself around Windermere or Ambleside and enjoy some fine hikes or mountain biking, topped off with superb local meals and ales. Short Trip Boston – USA Why now, you ask? If you are or are not a sports fan, Boston is a city of sports fanatics and with this you can experience an amazing American Football game at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, which is an experience never to be forgotten. I’ve put Boston down in the category of Short Break because you can add this fantastic city onto a longer stay on the east coast of the USA, where there are so many other fabulous places to see! Imagine hiring a car and driving to some of the most famous east coastal villages and eating the best lobster and crab! One Week Holiday Jordan Bring out your inner Indiana Jones, in the kindest temperatures.Jordan is the complete for ancient wonders, such as the 2000 year old city of Petra, hewn out of solid rock! Experience the city sights of Roman Jerash and the souks of Amman. Or how about camping in the alien-like deserts of Wadi Rum? For Wildlife, explore Dana Nature Reserve or for a trip to the beach and float in the Dead Sea or snorkel in the Red Sea. Jordan can also be very green at this time of year. With temperatures around 20C the central valleys are lush with wildflowers. This is a beautiful time to visit Jordan. Two Week Holiday Hawaii – USA At this time of year, Hawaii’s temperature is a lovely and warm 26—29C and the prices to visit can be very reasonable. It’s a great time for hotel bargains and less crowded beaches. Oahu is a great location for families with the gently sloping Kailuha beach, Dole Pineapple Plantation and Aulani Disney Resort. A must see is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and on Maui hire a car and drive the scenic Hana Highway where you can whale watch from your car as Humpback pass by! Contact me on 0191 432 6570 to plan your perfect trip!

Are you a PA, EA or VA who books business travel for your company or clients?

03 December 2019

As someone who understands the time constraints and stresses associated with being an assistant, as well as having a comprehensive knowledge of corporate travel and the ability to save your company time, money and stress, I’d love to help. Prior to coming to Travel Counsellors, I had 8 years’ experience in corporate travel, working for huge companies including Microsoft, Kellogg’s, British Telecom and numerous SME’s. I initially started my own business working as a VA, Positively PA, and I wanted to be able to offer the same corporate travel services to SME’s that I’d previously offered the larger organisations. As my business grew it became clear that I needed focus purely on travel, which is why I joined Travel Counsellors. With over £650 million in purchasing power, we are one of the UK’s top travel management companies and have access to special rates on flights, hotels and other suppliers. Regardless of the size of your organisation, you could benefit from working with us. However, great air fares and hotel rates aren’t everything. Keeping your travellers safe is a vital part of managing travel and, as an assistant booking direct, I often worried about what support I could offer in case of emergencies or changes. However, with Travel Counsellors duty of care is all part of the service and you always have a clear point of contact 24/7, every single day of the year. So, if you are booking travel direct with airlines or hotels, or even already using a travel management company, then I would love to talk to you to explain all the benefits that I can offer. Please do give me a call on 0191 432 6570 or email

Where very special things happen outside your comfort zone!

29 October 2019

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to go on a trip to Thailand with one of my very favourite suppliers, Intrepid. They are always my port of call for adventurers and experience seekers, as they have the BEST guides and tour leaders, smaller groups and totally committed to responsible travel through the Intrepid Foundation. I could talk about all the amazing things I seen and visited, but for me the all-encompassing thing was the wonderful experiences I had, when out of my comfort zone. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my home comforts and luxuries, so I was quite apprehensive about the trip. I would be staying in basic accommodation including a homestay with a local family. In the homestay, I’d be sharing a room with 8 other girls who I hadn’t met before the trip, sleeping on a mattress with a mosquito net, very basic washing and toilet facilities. And then I’d be taking the overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok – 13 hours on a sleeper train. I can’t lie, I almost cancelled at the last minute……. Which I can admit, would have denied me the most amazing, life changing experiences ever! Our group gelled very quickly. We had a lot in common, not least the love of travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people. We formed an immediate bond – friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I’m a girl who is so OCD about hygiene, has eaten street food and it’s been the most amazing food I’ve ever tasted. As a foodie, the flavour explosions in my mouth meant I didn’t want to swallow the food as I didn’t want to lose the taste; I’ve drunk cold beers in tiny bars where there isn’t room to sit inside, the owner has set up a table outside with random chairs and tables – in the humid climate, the cold beer was just amazing. We were told there’s no regulation on the local beers – it says 5%, but could be anything up to 15%! I stayed in the homestay (staying with a lovely Thai family) and was greeted by the most welcoming, friendly and amazing people. It was a small village, we had no WiFi and only basic facilities, but I didn’t care! The local children came and performed for us, we played card games with the family, we visited the school, I showered outside– and yes, I shared a dorm with a bunch of girls I never knew, but we’d already formed bonds and ended up giggling most of the night. My entire experience was truly life changing. I embraced this beautiful country and particularly the people. They don’t have a lot, but they are so happy, warm, welcoming. We were made to feel part of the community and I will NEVER forget the kindness shown to us. On arrival home, I have a renewed sense of purpose, a need to share this experience with others and encourage them to also go out of their comfort zones. Visit new places but be a part of the community – share with them and give back. You’ll be rewarded in so many ways.

Why do SMEs need TMCs?

16 April 2019

SMEs often assume that TMCs are too big or costly for smaller organisations to consider using them, however many TMCs have the services and expertise to help smaller businesses track travel spend, handle duty of care requirements, save time and stress. I work alongside VA’s (Virtual Assistants) too, as they specialise in the SME admin and PA duties, while I have the TMC company and have many years expertise in corporate travel booking. Here are the main reasons, of many, why using a TMC is the best option every time for booking their business travel arrangements … Experience and Skills Would you re-wire your own house instead of hiring a professional electrician? No, because you need to know the work is done correctly, a professional has honed their skills and trained to the highest levels. Along with this and using many years of experience, knowledge and tricks of the trade to ensure you get the outcome you want, safe in the knowledge that you are in safe hands. Tracking travel spend Although SMEs have fewer employees, their organisation may travel frequently – making travel spend as difficult to track as larger businesses. TMCs can provide data, patterns and behavioural analysis around travel spend to ensure that SMEs can control their budgets and get the best value for money. TMCs have access to better rates from airlines and hotels and can identify the right balance between cost savings and flexibility. Save Money Often it is the senior executives and sales people who travel the most. These people are also often the most expensive people on your payroll. So, it will save the company a lot of money if you can take travel booking and associated administration off their hands. I was recently ‘tested’ by a new corporate client to beat a price they had worked out, for 6 staff to travel across the world to many destinations, using the internet. I managed, not only to save the company £14k but ensured they had better flight times and they now have the financial protection and 24/7 support of my company! Saving time and Stress Smaller businesses often think they are better off booking their own travel, assuming this is the more cost-effective option. However, it’s worth taking into account how much time employees are taking to book their own travel, and if their bookings align with the business’s travel policy in terms of spend. Often booking travel is not the main priority for employees who already have a full workload, resulting in bookings made at the last minute which are more expensive than if they’d been booking in advance. What’s more, travel arrangements don’t always go to plan, and this can be extremely stressful for the traveller if they don’t have access to support – and extremely stressful for those left at the office when you have no visibility of where your travellers are or whether they have been caught up in travel disruptions. I will be available during office hours to support you and your staff; offering support when it’s needed and helping you to understand and fulfil your duty of care responsibilities. After hours I am supported by our 24/7 Duty Office – the team there works round the clock to give my travellers early notification of disruption to travel plans and support me and therefore in supporting your staff and, where necessary, making alternative travel arrangements seamlessly and efficiently. Duty of care Duty of care is no longer an option - it’s a requirement for all businesses. When bookings are made by travellers, personal assistants and even in-house travel managers often oversights occur when it comes to the organisation’s duty of care responsibilities. Travel managers may be able to enforce certain duty of care requirements, but unless they have a large team, they can’t provide 24/7 support for travellers, like I do. No matter what size your organisation, or how much travelling you undertake, I can support your business travellers to find the best rates, fulfil your duty of care responsibilities and schedule most effectively. This is backed up with technology; by downloading our MyTC app, your travellers have access to all their travel arrangements and documents, as well as quickly receiving any alerts or notifications. I will get to know you and your team and will take into account your individual travel preferences when making a booking – window seat? aisle seat? vegan meal? – and book accordingly. Your employees are freed up to concentrate on their work – and you don’t have the overhead of a dedicated travel manager. Despite getting all the benefits – and more! Financial Protection You may have heard the news about the regional UK airline Flybmi, which ceased trading recently leaving passengers stranded across Europe? Many of the travellers stranded by Flybmi’s collapse were corporate travellers, returning to and from the UK on European business trips. Despite Flybmi creasing trading on a Saturday evening, as soon as the news broke my support teams ran reports to identify clients affected and set to work to ensure they could continue to enjoy seamless trips wherever possible. Our corporate travellers can always be secure in the knowledge that, whatever the circumstances, they have a me as a 1-1 contact but also a 24-hour support team behind me, to keep them moving onto their next meeting, or safely back home. What’s more, it’s circumstances like this that highlight the issue of financial protection in travel. It can be a complicated issue, which we’ve made very simple by ensuring that all corporate travel bookings made with me– whether that’s flights, hotels, car hire or transfers – are 100% financially protected. It is our duty of care to look after every penny, just as we take pride in looking after every detail of our travellers’ itineraries. This unrivalled level of protection also applies to flight-only bookings, which is a common type of corporate travel requirement that many other travel agents or travel management companies may not offer financial protection on. What’s more, I take the time to do due diligence, nurturing close relationships with our travel suppliers and partners to ensure that the companies we work with on behalf of my corporate travellers share our aim to always have my clients’ best interests at heart. For more information, feel free to give me a call on 0191 432 6570 and we can chat or meet up, to discuss your options.

Where have you been all my life?

27 February 2019

“How come I haven’t heard of you before?”. “Where have you been all my life?”. “You are truly a hidden gem!” These are just some of the things I hear from new clients. This is because, in my opinion, I run my business with THE best travel company in the world, deliver THE best service in the world and offer world-beating holiday products. I’m not just saying this; we have an unrivalled Global 96% Net Promoter Score, which means we are rated higher than Apple, Amazon and even BMW! So, why are we so special? Do you want to book with someone who can look after you, on a one-to-one basis? My clients initially come to me not knowing what they are getting into, but they soon realise that they have come to the right place. My customer service in unrivalled in the travel industry, I have over 19 years’ experience and skills, have personally visited many destinations, experienced many types of cruises available and all with fantastic HQ support. They also love the fact that I take my time to get to know my personally and by building a relationship with them I can ascertain what they want from their ideal holiday, their likes and dislikes. I want them to be 100% satisfied with the holiday they book with me and I will spend this time, even at nights or weekends to ensure this, when it’s more convenient for them, not me. They are then so happy with their holidays and the booking procedure with me that they are more than willing to recommend my personal travel services to their friends, family and colleagues. This is why we don’t need to advertise and my business has grown substantially over the last five years. Is state-of-the-art technology your thing? We do not sit on our laurels when it comes to business – we are constantly investing millions into it. With fantastic live booking and airline systems, we are the envy of the trade. We launched our MyTC smartphone travel app a few years back and this is being constantly upgraded. If you haven’t already downloaded the MyTC app, feel free to do it, register and fill in the preference centre, for up-to-date travel, holiday and news updates. Watch MYTC video here: You want to know you are fully protected, right? With us, you are financially protected and this is unrivalled in the travel industry, we have even won two Queens Awards because of it - no other travel company has won any! In these days of uncertainty, with airlines and other suppliers going bust, what is one thing that we must be certain of? You can travel safe in the knowledge you will be thoroughly best cared for by us and you won’t be left in the lurch. With us and only us, your hard-earned money that you have paid for your ideal trip with is secure should any element of your holiday fail, you will be reimbursed straight away. Unlike the many other travel companies, you will have to fight to get it back and this could take months and months, that is if you get it back at all? On top of that our amazing duty office, which is manned 24/7, you will have a friendly voice at the end of phone that will be able to assist you with any concerns you may have. We had even sorted out clients’ flights when Monarch recently went bust, before they had even woken up from their slumbers! This is how ‘on the ball’ we are when our client’s needs are paramount. Variety is the spice of life - I don’t know who originally coined this phrase but when it comes to booking with me, it certainly rings true. With many other travel companies out there and high street travel agencies, you are bound to stay in their own properties and use their airlines, but with me, I can offer thousands of options for clients to tweak to ensure that their requirements are fully met. Cruising is now becoming a major seller, with my clients finding that there is definitely a cruise out there; whether it’s across the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean or on gorgeous rivers such as The Danube or The Rhine and even magical experiences such as the Galapagos or Northern Lights cruises, there is something to suit them perfectly. Gone is the misnomer that cruising is something you do when you’ve won the lottery - it is a fabulous cost-effective way to experience more and only unpack once. I’ve had some strange requests, such as heliboarding (jumping out of a helicopter onto a mountain and snowboarding down) to families staying with Vietnamese families, while learning to cook, play football with local kids and getting to know their culture. As I like to say ‘travel is the only thing that makes you richer’. I am finding that yes, I can book your long weekend hot tub break in Cornwall, your ski trip to Vail Colorado, that stereotypical beach holiday but I can also push the boundaries out for you so you can experience some fantastic travel challenges too, like climbing up to Machu Piccu or cruising on a tall ship while doing Yoga, to diving under the ice of Antarctica in a mini sub!

Top 10 cool foodie cities to visit this winter

04 November 2018

1. Graz, Austria Graz is one of Austria’s most beautiful cities. With a vibrant mix of Renaissance, contemporary (The Kunsthaus art museum) and futuristic architecture, Graz is a city that lives and breathes history. Wander the winding alleyways in the Altstadt, finding secret courtyards and quirky artisan shops, where you can find chocolate and almond biscuits topped with poppy seeds. From November 23rd you can find 14 Christmas Markets dotted around the old town. The smoked sausages, mountain cheeses and the Styrian ham are a must, then warm up over a Kaffee und Kuchen in a local café sampling the unique to Graz Chocolate truffle spiked with alcohol. 2. Aachen, Germany This rabbit warren city is Germany’s most westerly city with towering cathedrals and dazzling chapels that come alive after dark. Try the tantalising gluhwein in the medieval Christmas markets (Nov, 23rd - Dec 23rd) beneath a canopy of pine and baubles. The gingery biscuits made with a blend of spices spiked with aniseed are delicious. For a savoury meaty treat, try the fabulous beef marinated in gingerbread sauce, before warming up in the geothermal spa at Carolous Thermal Spa 3. Rovaniemi, Lapland The official ‘home’ of Santa Claus and his elves is surrounded by snow-covered pines in this stereotypical winter wonderland. Whizz across the slopes on snowmobiles or even try ice swimming, a typical Finnish pastime! Reindeer is the meat of choice and is traditionally served with root vegetables and lingonberry jam, followed by a slice of ‘bread cheese’ which is similar to halloumi, soaked in milk and cinnamon before being deep fried. To grab a front row Northern Lights treat check out the Arctic Lodge Treehouse, where you can watch the show from the comfort of your own bed! 4. Ljubljana, Slovenia Comparable in looks to Prague, with its red-roofed houses, soaring church spires and enchanting castles, Slovenia's capital is a hidden gem and has one of the best preserved old towns in Europe. Climb up to Neboticnik for THE best view and enjoy a slice of traditional sweet nut roll with a coffee with stunning views over to the castle. Try the Kranjska Klobsa, a speciality sausage, for a super meaty treat. 5. Bled, Slovenia With its fairytale castles, with snow-covered belltowers and a beautiful glistening blue lake and to top it all off, a gorgeous 17th-century church floating in the centre of the lake, Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s top ‘must sees’. Between November and February Lake Bled is transformed into a sparkly winter wonderland. Skirt around a maze of wooden bridges at Vintgar Gorge, where waterfalls and cascading pools freeze over leaving daggers of ice like tiers of a wedding cake on the frozen water. Refuel with a traditional confectionary square ‘Kremsnita’, filled with vanilla and custard. 6. Sofia, Bulgaria The Bulgarian capital has a fascinating storied history. Given the moniker of ‘Europe’s most affordable capital’ you can peel back the Stalinist architecture to reveal some fabulous golden domed neo-Byzantine buildings. Follow the yellow brick road to discover the ancient Serdica Complex. Home to 2000 year old Roman Ruins, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral is a striking structure adorned with domes, mosaics, onyx and alabaster thrones. Feast on traditional Bulgarian fare of ‘Kapama’, a dish of layered pork, chicken and veal baked in a clay pot and topped with rice. 7. Tromso, Norway In the ‘New Reykjavik’ as it is frequently named, visit the frosty fjords for dazzling Northern Lights displays, whale watching and a snow-topped city festooned in fairy lights. Visit from October to January to raise the odds of catching those spellbinding Northern Lights. Head to Lake Prestvannet a 20-minute walk north from the city centre to increase your luck further. You will find no fresher fish here, consisting of Cod, Coalfish, Halibut and Wolfish. 8. Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne is an idyllic winter hideaway, with a cobalt blue lake surrounded by mountains, it is famous for its crisp, fresh air, top-notch cheese and chocolate. The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) is the place to be for astounding views across the city roofs to the clock towers and ancient ramparts. To fully appreciate the views, take a two-hour boat ride around the lake, a 30-minute cable car journey up to the Pilatus Massif on the worlds steepest cog railway. 9. Cappadocia, Turkey With an alien landscape straight out of a movie, volcanic eruptions and natural erosions have resulted in fairy chimneys, funnels, pillars, and lunar toadstools soaring 40m are best viewed at sunrise or from a hot air balloon. Sip on ‘Salep’, a milky cinnamon drink, ‘Yaprak Sarma’ rice in vine leaves and ‘Testi’ Kebab cooked in clay for 2 hours, where the pot is cracked open at your table. 10. Budapest, Hungary Winter is, hands down, the most amazing time to visit Budapest. Seeing the Hungarian Parliament surrounded by ice drifts on the Danube, along with fabulous grand cafes, museums, and thermal baths infinitely more welcoming after spending a few chilly hours exploring the city. For all you foodies out there, Budapest is awash with fantastic options, for example try Fisherman’s Soup (HALÁSZLÉ). This delicious spicy soup is usually made from carp caught in the river Danube. The recipe relies on the traditional paprika powder, which gives the soup’s bright red colour. Or that well-known favourite, Goulash (GULYÁS). Goulash is one of the (if not the No. 1) most famous Hungarian dishes. Goulash is a rich stew made of meat and vegetables, and with lots of paprika. Traditionally, it is made from beef, but you can also find goulash made from pork or chicken. I'd love to hear any of your own recommendations.

Back to my Beautiful Happy Place!

05 October 2018

I have good reason to be in love with Fuerteventura! I believe that this wonderfully beautiful island was the catalyst to me carrying on living. I was seriously ill in 2000, but I had an amazing consultant surgeon who worked miracles and I was sent to recuperate by my company to assist in the Fuerteventura office (which was code for ‘go away, get better and forget about work’). I instantly fell in love with Fuerteventura and after spending time in the glorious sunshine, relaxing and eating lovely fresh fish with the locals, I was in remission. When I had the chance to revisit again this year with Colin, I couldn’t wait for him to see this wonderful ‘happy place’ of mine and considering it had just been our sixth anniversary, it was a fabulous treat. We stayed in the adults-only part of Atlantis Junior Suites in Corralejo, which is a lovely quaint harbour town in the north of the island. The staff are so friendly and helpful and loved it when Colin tried out his pidgin Spanish! In the Premium Club adults-only area there was a lovely serenity pool with luxury loungers and Balinese beds. It had its own bar and meals area and access to La Scala which is the Premium Club restaurant on site. The property was literally 50 yards from the beach in Corralejo, but it did run a courtesy shuttle to the sand-dunes if you fancied a different beach. We went into town quite a bit and if it was just too hot we would grab a taxi for 3 Euros back to our hotel. Revisiting the harbour area again brought all the emotions back, as we sat at that same restaurant with the same meal that I had loved in 2000. Garlic prawns with Canarian potatoes and Mojo sauce. With a flight of just over 4 hours from Newcastle, this is an excellent, reasonably priced destination to get some well-earned sun and relaxation all year round. This week was all about returning with Colin and ticking some relaxation boxes, which we did in spades!

Do you love trains? Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience of a lifetime!

08 August 2018

This is a spectacular coastal train journey between Seattle and Los Angeles, with detours inland through the Cascade Mountains on the fabulous Amtrak Coast Starlight. The onboard seats are wide, comfortable and almost fully reclining; the fabulous observation lounge has swivelling seats, that provide a fantastic view of the scenery. There is also a café, a lounge for business class passengers (complete with a wine-tasting event) a dining car and an at-seat dinner service. Advance booking for the dining car is advisable. Wi-fi is available on some trains. But a word of caution straightaway, don’t even think about it if you are in a hurry. If you have some time on your hands and a lover of trains, this trip is certainly for you! Seattle to Los Angeles is 1,377 miles by Amtrak, which you would do in bite sized chunks. Inside the trains there are well-padded reclining front-facing seats, ample leg room (crucial for tall passengers like my 6’2” hubby), with big picture windows to watch the world go by, as it travels along at a leisurely speed, giving passengers the opportunity to drink in the splendour of this magnificent adventure. The 187 miles to Portland take about five hours, which was about average. You can view the wide blue waters of Puget Sound to the right and distant mountains to the left with the intermittent spattering of rivers and lakes, one-horse towns and two-horse towns and real towns like Tacoma and Centralia, which the Americans confusingly call cities. Thundering over the Columbia River into the imposing Union Station at Portland, which really is a fabulous city and a great place for beer! Next to stop, the great silver monster – Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, a truly magnificent specimen of locomotive power, clanking wheels and hissing brakes, becomes an imposing force at the platform. Following the route over the valley of the Williamette through Salem and Albany to Eugene. Next stop, Redding. From here why not take a car out to the Lost Coast and the giant redwoods of Humboldt State Park and other attractions? Emeryville is the stop for San Francisco. Why not stop in San Francisco for a few days then hire a car to visit Yosemite, Monterey, the Big Sur and San Simeon; before re-joining this magnificent silver beast train, at San Luis Obispo. This last section to Los Angeles is absolutely astounding. The railway hugs this throbbing, dynamic coastline, with surf pounding one empty beach after another before heralding beautiful Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Santa Monica before arriving into Los Angeles. When I visited California last year, I remember watching this stunning train passing by. It's on my list. If you fancy trying this, or any other rail trips, get in touch.

Are you ever too old to snowboard?

12 June 2018

Mummy Snowboarder is a very good friend and client of mine. She has kindly sent me this fantastic blog about snowboarding in senior years, so there’s hope for me yet! She has also written a book called ‘Take it all on board’, working through doubt, setbacks, injury and grief, she applies some hard-knock lessons from the slopes to daily life and delivers a unique confidence programme for any woman seeking greater self-esteem. Here is the link to Kate’s book … Written by Mummy Snowboarder aka Kate Mackay Snowboarding is perceived to be a young person’s sport, and having just watched the Winter Olympics, where more than fifty percent of snowboarding medal winners were under 25, you’d be forgiven. In comparison to skiing, snowboarding is a relatively young sport, becoming popular back in the 1980s. Skiing heritage travels back over one hundred years, so it’s relatively common to see those aged over sixty, seventy and beyond cruising the slopes. For snowboarders, who started ‘back in the day’, they are likely to be in their fifties, and it is unusual to see ‘silver’ snowboarders. As I get older, I’ve been asked a few times, “when are you going to stop snowboarding?” which made me think about what is possible when the body ages. Luke Rees, Managing Director of AWE365 introduced me to Jenny Cruse, who learned to ski in her late thirties when accompanying a school ski trip but switched to snowboarding at fifty and continues to do so today, twenty-one years later. As a self-styled grob (grannies on boards) – a term with more than a passing nod to those at the other end of the spectrum, here’s what Jenny had to say when I talked to her. Why did you switch to snowboarding? I thought it was cooler and more challenging, plus my skiing was at a plateau and I felt I would not get better without putting in a lot of effort. I also liked the idea of not wearing those horrible ski boots which always seemed to hurt! What makes you continue snowboarding? I love carving sports, so enjoy the sensation. I also have damaged knees and arthritic hips and I find the forward backward motion of boarding easier on knees and hips. Plus, I love the gear. I’m always in love with my snowboard. I’m currently riding an Arbor Push which is quite an old model, but previously I loved my Tina Basich Pro with a swan graphic, but sadly it got stolen. Do you snowboard at an indoor snow slope or in the mountains? Only in the mountains. What is your favourite resort and why? Auron in the Alpes Maritime [situated in France’s Southern Alps 90km north of Nice] because it is so friendly and ridiculously cheap. When the sun is out, after a dump of snow, it is just delicious. I also love the Provençal Rosé wine! The best plan is to ride mid-week as it gets busy at the weekends with the Niçois, all keen to ski or ride the 135km of pistes. What type of board do you ride? Arbor Push, Burton Fish (which is way too big for me) and an old Burton Custom. With whom do you snowboard, and do they ski or snowboard? My husband and family as well as friends. Our group is usually 50% skiers and 50% snowboarders. The skiers are good and can ride in the powder off-piste, and in February, we had 29 people travel with us for the two weeks we were out in Auron. If you want to see how we got on click here. Did you have snowboarding lessons when you started, and do you still have lessons/ coaching? No, I’ve never had a snowboard lesson; I just learnt by falling lots. I often think about having coaching, but it’s bit late for me. [I say it’s never too late, Jenny!] Although, I would probably add it’s a good idea to have lessons, because nowadays the teaching methods tend to be very physically supportive and will prevent some of those nasty falls I encountered. Do people ever comment on your age when they see you on a snowboard? Um yes, I got stopped a few times at the lifts because I have an OAP pass! I also think someone mentioned me, as well as my hubby, in an online forum about, ‘Who is the oldest snowboarder you know?’, but I’ve no idea who it was. You don’t see many older people snowboarding; why do you think that is? It’s hard work and you have to be very fit. You also have to not mind crashing a few times. My friend Nicky, who is also recently a ‘grob, is very good and super fit, but she is also a personal trainer. To be honest, I think personal fitness and toughness is the key to keep riding when you are older. How do you keep fit between snowboarding trips? Daily yoga, tennis, swimming, and lots of gardening. I don’t do much running because my knees are knackered. What advice do you have for those aged 50+ who want to take up snowboarding? Get a very good helmet, a good set of impact shorts, wrist guards and a big tube of arnica, ibuprofen and paracetamol plus plenty of grit. You will fall lots of times, so you need to be tough.

Cycling the C2C … a personal challenge for a fantastic charity!

07 June 2018

I was introduced to the MS Research and Relief Fund in my local town of Morpeth, due to the fact that Lizzie specialises in accessible travel. Upon finding that they were fundraising for their charity and being a keen cyclist, I signed up for the Coast to Coast (C2C) challenge they were organising, which spans the North East from the Irish Sea at Workington to the North Sea at Tynemouth. A distance of about 140 miles over 3 days, across the high altitude across the Pennines! This is a challenge I have wanted to try for a few years now. It was a supported trip organised by Cycling Generation, a fabulous company based in Morpeth, who took the cyclists, 15 of us, over in a mini bus with the bikes going on ahead in the support vehicle aka ‘The Van’. This vehicle would be in close proximity during the ride, to keep the group supplied with water and snacks, also supplying lunches, as well as giving some riders a rest. Cycling Generation also organised the overnight stays in Penrith and Edmundbyers. Day One I met the rest of the group on a glorious sunny Friday morning and loaded up my bike with overnight bag at 730am, for the transfer to Workington. I was then met by Dan, Hayley and Tania from the charity, with Hayley and Tania doing the challenge too. Arriving at Workington we set off after dipping our rear wheels in the Irish Sea! I had prepared for this ride by doing about 90 miles a week in the lead up to this challenge, but not unsure about how I’ll perform doing approx. 45miles a day for three days in a row. We were given a pep talk by our guide leader from Cycling Generation, Richard Rothwell, who is a competitive cyclist, so we knew that we are in safe hands. We set off at a gentle pace, knowing that we had to stick together as a group and not to leave people behind. It wasn’t long before the group started to chat and cycle along, having a laugh and finding all about each other. The distance that we were facing, did not faze me in any way and I was really looking forward to the challenge and getting to know the group better! After a few miles we hit upon some steep climbs and this is when the group really came into its own, giving a lot of moral support for each other as we dug in up the hills heading towards the van for lunch and a top up of water, Haribos and other energy boosting snacks! Arriving into Penrith, I was glad to get into my room at The George Hotel for a quick shower then food, before heading to bed with very achy legs, a warm fuzzy feeling that this is day one over and sleeping like a baby. Day Two Up at 7am for breakfast then after packing our overnight bags away in the van, we are off again for what will be the toughest day, heading over the Pennines with some big climbs, including Hartside Pass heading for Edmundbyers. The group are all up for the day ahead which is great for morale, as we set off again in high spirits, only to be hit with a very steep hill climb out of Penrith. The views are stunning, on a once more glorious sunny day and we have all slapped on the factor 30 sun protection. I can’t believe how great the weather is considering it tends to be quite wet in the lakes area. Passing through the village of Langwathby the residents are setting up for a Royal Wedding Day Fair with scarecrow versions of Harry and Meghan in attendance. Once again ‘The Van’ was in close attendance with support, those ever popular Haribos and even marshmallows. Marcus and Ben from Cycling Generation were the other two fabulous guides during the trip, who were equally proficient and professional. One would drive the van and the other would ride at the back of the group for safety reasons. Riding through an off-road section at Whinlatter, I suffered my first puncture, but the amazing views through the trees on this sunny day toward Derwentwater, this certainly makes me think positively on this great journey. This is quite a personal challenge for me after suffering a potential life threatening medical incident in 1999 which has reduced lung function for me. In saying that, I am really enjoying this challenge and I think it’s a lot to do with the fantastic welcoming and supportive group of fellow cyclists, the total professionalism and expertise of Cycling Generation and the fact we are all cycling for the great cause which is, the MSRRF! We have all had some great donations made to us and the charity individually, we were even given another £20 this morning from another group cycling the C2C for their charity! With a feeling of massive achievement and full of support for each other, we were all really ready for a well-earned rest once we reached Edmundbyers and a good night’s sleep. Day Three Again, a lovely day awaits our final day, which will be mostly a lot easier to cycle as we head down into the Tyne basin and our final run into Tynemouth! Spirits are again high as we mount our trusty steeds for the final day of this amazing challenge. We are once again hit with a steep climb straight away which caused some mechanical issues to surface, which the Cycling Generation team dealt with on the spot. Cycling along the Derwent Walk Cycle path was pure joy on a flat, well surfaced route, arriving into the throng of civilisation into Gateshead as we passed The Metrocentre. Stopping for a group photograph after crossing the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle we were now on the final run in to Tynemouth! Arriving into Tynemouth we were met by a welcoming committee of friends and family, blowing whistles and cheering, which was quite emotional. Then the cycling group gathered together at the water’s edge to dip our bike’s front wheels into the North Sea, to signify the final act of our amazing C2C challenge! I personally raised 100% of my sponsorship target at £500, but I believe the group as a whole have raised around a magnificent £12k, which is what really makes this challenge all the more worthwhile. I thoroughly recommend the C2C challenge, especially with the support of Cycling Generation, who definitely enhance the whole fantastic experience. I have returned back to my ‘normal’ life now, with some new friends from the challenge and an amazing sense of personal achievement.

It's a fact - travel can make you stronger!

17 May 2018

There have been many studies done on how travel can benefit those with mental health issues. Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Working too hard? Stressed out because your mind is in a twirl and your capacity to process information is diminished? We have all been in that situation, where we get to that point where we have to get out of the house at a weekend and having a change of scenery, even if it is just a couple of hours down the road, this can work wonders. It has been scientifically proven that travel provides a number of benefits to your mental health. Here are a few reasons, why it may be worth packing your suitcase! Creativity booster Because of the way our brains are wired, it means our brains are sensitive to change, influenced by new environments and experiences. We have many clients including children, who become immersed in the culture in their destination and engage with its local culture. This open-mindedness can help you and your children to embrace different ways of living on your own, in turn influencing your outlook on life. Many of my clients love the experiential type of holiday for them and their families, instead of sitting on a sunbed by the pool, which could be anywhere in the world or even at home. Age Healthily Challenge the brain by travelling to new and different experiences and environments. This can then become a part of life that will promote and enhance brain health and resilience. Also, studies have also shown that those who did not go regularly were more at risk of heart attack or disease. Men who did not go on holiday for several years were actually 30 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack compared to men who did not take time off. Women who holidayed only once every six years or less were also eight times more likely to develop or suffer from a heart attack or disease compared to women who vacationed at least twice a year. Change your personality If you are travelling to a foreign country and out of your comfort zone, you often have to adapt to those differences. This can make you more open by raising awareness in your personality. This can also make you less emotional and less reactive in day to day challenges back home. Studies have shown that this can help make you more agreeable within your existing social networks too. Relieve Stress Although missing a connecting flight or losing baggage in a foreign airport is sure to boost your anxiety, travelling in general has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, dramatically. Don’t live your life ‘On repeat’. Escape the daily stresses and commitments of everyday life, by travelling., thus offering novelty and change in the form of new people, sights and experiences. Try new activities and experiences to free up and reset your mind and body and enjoy some stress relief. We have clients who love therapy activities at home but love to take these activities abroad too. Imagine a sunrise Yoga sun salutation on a Californian beach, or a fantastic well-being retreat in a hidden Thailand Spa resort? A study has also found that women who holiday at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic stress than women who holiday less than once every two years. Pre- travel boost The effects of travel aren’t felt only during and after your trip – in fact, even just the anticipation of going on holiday can boost your mood. People are at their happiest when they have a holiday planned. We have a travel APP that our clients use to view their itineraries, which has a countdown to departure on it. My clients love this build-up of raised anticipation levels. Studies have also found that we get more happiness from anticipating a travel experience in comparison to anticipating buying a new possession. I bet you can remember that magical holiday, wedding abroad or perfect honeymoon with more joy than when you bought that last item for your house? It turns out that money can buy you happiness, but just not in the way we expected! Strengthen your relationships Some say that a holiday will make or break a relationship or friendship, but this is just because you aren’t ready or happy to be in that relationship at that point. Sharing travel experiences with your beloved other half can make your relationship with them even stronger, which has a knock-on effect on your own mental wellbeing and self-esteem. Results have shown that not only does travel have long-term effects for couples, such as an increased closeness and perception of shared interests and goals, but also that it helps to maintain relationships, as well as to reignite a romantic spark. Not only do you get to enjoy some quality time together and enjoy new experiences together, but overcoming the tougher elements of travelling together, such as planning the trip and making any compromises, can help bring you closer together and make you a stronger couple. References: Colombia Business School, US Travel Association, Cornell University, University of Surrey, Marshfield Clinic, Global Coalition on Aging.

A Childhood Dream Comes True!

03 April 2018

As you know, part of my job involves travelling to and exploring new places, so that I can confidently recommend them to you, my fabulous clients. As it has always been my dream to visit South Africa and having the chance to see my beloved elephants, you can imagine my excitement, when I was invited on a familiarisation trip courtesy of TourVest and South African Tourism with fellow Travel Counsellors from around the World. En route from the airport to the hotel, we enjoyed a cultural tour of Maboneng. It was great to see the journey of how Johannesburg grew from a small mining town into becoming the ‘City of Gold’. Our first night was spent at the iconic Sandton Sun. We walked through the mall (attached to the hotel), through Nelson Mandela square for an awesome Thai meal at WangThai. Up early next day for a tour of Soweto, South Africa's largest and most famous township. I toured in a tuk-tuk, which was great fun, but you can take a cycling tour. Along the way, I constantly had my hand out, high fiving the local children and saying ‘yaybo’ meaning ‘hey guys’! We’d taken sweets and colouring pencils with us, and they were so gratefully received. These amazing people don’t have much, but they have such huge smiles on their faces. I felt privileged and honoured to have made this trip and have come home wanting to do so much more. A couple of my fellow Travel Counsellors and myself are looking at doing some fundraising for the orphanage we visited, so watch this space. As someone who went to the Nelson Mandela concert in 1988, it was a bit of a pilgrimage for me to visit Jo'burg and Soweto, as well as Nelson Mandela’s house (we could even hear his great-grandchildren playing in the garden). We had a superb dinner, back at the Sandton Sun, on the ‘San Deck’. The food was fantastic, with an atmosphere so relaxing, firepits all lit, great music and I could have stayed all night. I would highly recommend the Sandton district for my corporate clients. Everything is very close and the hotels are modern, with fabulous facilities including malls selling everything you might need. Next stop was the airport for a short flight to Kruger Mpumalanga airport. This has to be the prettiest airport I’ve ever been in. It’s more like a safari lodge than an airport. There are 3 airports in the Kruger region, making it easy to get to all destinations. The flight is quick and easy, and in my opinion, preferable to driving. After a fabulous wine tasting at Rottcher Wineries – it’s an orange winery as no grapes were available when it was established in 1916. (I may have brought some back with me as it was delicious); we checked into the Country Boutique hotel. What a gem, perched on the outskirts of White River. We had a lovely dinner and, as ever, a superb welcome. The staff just can’t do enough for you – I have to say, to experience South African hospitality is to experience the very best. I’m drawn to huge smiles, so I was in love with this beautiful nation! The amazingly helpful staff at Karongwe Portfolio, Becks Safari Lodge, sang for us after our braai. A short flight to Hoedspruit, takes us to the Makalali private game reserve, based west of Kruger National Park and located close to the mighty Drakensberg mountains. I have been an elephant lover since being a small child, so my binoculars are packed and ready for a very excited Lizzie. After 3 days, we're heading to Hippo Hollow country estate, where we had a tour of some of the most outstanding views I have seen in my life to God’s Window, aptly name as this was heavenly! In the evening, it was a night of Shangaan song and dance. In fact, 2 hippos decided to join us for dinner, which was an unusual event according to our hosts. The following day, I woke up excited knowing I was off on Safari today in Karongwe Reserve, where I was about to come face to face with the most amazingly beautiful and powerful creatures in the world. So exciting to actually see Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Giraffe and of course Elephants up close and personal. In all my excitement I did manage to get a few photos using my phone, so I hope you like them. I know that visiting destinations are knowledge gathering as part of my business, we work really hard and it’s very tiring, but I am very lucky to have this dream come true. I was really very pleasantly surprised to see how affordable this type of holiday is too, with the people being absolutely amazing, fantastic accommodation and very professionally run safaris, which are all about conservation too. Suffice to say, South Africa, I WILL be back with my hubby to savour this amazing experience too! We made a video of our trip, check it out here, ENJOY!

St Lucia, The BodyHoliday April 2017

19 March 2018

I got married at Rendezvous in September 2012. As a sister property, I was only too happy to recommend The BodyHoliday to my very special client for her 25th wedding anniversary. She's kindly shared the following and some stunning pictures. Enjoy! St Lucia, The BodyHoliday April 2017 Lizzie created us an awesome 25th wedding anniversary holiday to remember. She found out exactly what we wanted from our holiday - romantic beach setting, healthy eating, pampering, activity choices and on-tap yoga and meditation. Then she organised the holiday in super quick time with great efficiency and always with cheerful calls and emails. Lizzie arranged a birthday and anniversary surprise for us through the hotel which was a lovely touch. She genuinely is really excited to arrange your perfect holiday. The BodyHoliday in St Lucia delivered – we learned to salsa and jive together, had luxurious daily treatments and learned Tai Chi together. Yet we also did activities separately – self-defence, golf and sailing for him and archery, Qi Gong and cooking classes for me. Healthy eating is really important to me as it’s my business as a nutritional therapist, so I wanted 10 days where I could choose from a vast array of healthy dishes that were gluten-free and dairy-free. Fresh fish and vegetables were abundant as were superfood smoothies, so I was really like a kid in my perfect sweet shop! Lizzie has visited here before, so she knew it would suit us perfectly. We came home feeling like we’d had a rest but also had worked our bodies and hadn’t become beach couch potatoes. A real lifestyle choice of holiday – for us a perfect combination to celebrate 25 years of marriage. If you want a special holiday, just call Lizzie and start talking. She’s fab! Jane is a registered nutritional therapist and the founder of Nurturing Nutrition with Jane Barrett. Her areas of special interest are digestive health, food intolerances and living with 'Free From' diets. You can contact her here: or website

Our top 10 destinations for 2018

01 February 2018

With January just behind us, don’t leave it much longer to book up your 2018 holiday. Apart from the fact that availability can run out, the prices will only go up as we move through the year. There are a few ‘surprises’ on here, as our customers are favouring more of an experiential type holiday, rather than the stereotypical ‘fly and flop’ style short haul beach holiday. Families have also realised, that kids benefit massively from travelling to destinations that can educate them in different cultures and enjoy experiences that will stay with them forever. Malta Now with Valletta as the 2018 European Capital of Culture, Malta has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance over the past few years with the government trying very hard to attract visitors from all age groups to enjoy its wonderful charms! There will be so much to see and do this year, with the Jazz Festival, Book Festival, Rock festival and many other attractions, what a great time to visit Malta! I have so many great accommodation options to choose from. Costa Rica Last year I had a family with young children who had a fantastic experiential holiday in Costa Rica. They were blown away by the friendliness of the people and their eagerness to make their stay fantastic and creating lifetime memories for them all. According to the Happy Planet Index (yes, this exists) Costa Rica is one of the world’s happiest countries! Now many of our clients are seeing the attraction of this amazing diverse country, offering so much for everyone of all ages. Greek Islands There are so many Greek Islands to choose from you will be spoilt for choice and with so many great deals out there at the moment, from Santorini to Cyprus, the Greek Islands are more popular than ever. I have had clients honeymoon on the fabulously famous and stunning Santorini and holidayed on many of the lovely other Greek island. With 227 islands to choose from in the archipelago, you won’t be stuck for a destination that caters for your exact needs and budget. Thailand As I write, I have clients in Thailand who are reporting back to me that this is the best holiday they have ever had and has massively exceeded their expectations! With Newcastle being the airport nearest to me, my clients love the Emirates service that opens up so much of the world for them. Bangkok with its hustle and bustle is a city that attacks all your senses and as Bangkok would be your first point of contact with Thailand most visitors spend a few days here, before venturing deeper into this beautiful country. I have had clients visit the (in)famous bridge over the River Kwai which is a very moving experience, situated North East of Bangkok towards the Myanmar border at Kanchanaburi. Cruise Cruising has moved on massively, from it being of the time when the blue rinse brigade with money to burn, used to be the only ones who could afford cruises. Now, cruising is a fantastic way for all age groups to enjoy, and all budgets. It’s the largest growing sector in tourism and our cruise clients are so fully committed to cruising they will now only choose cruise holidays. From taster mini cruises for those who would like to try a cruise before committing to anything longer, to river cruises, a form of city break holiday afloat. My cruise clients see this type of holiday as a very cost-effective way to see so many places in an all- inclusive way without having to pack and unpack so many times. With so many cruise lines nowadays, with destination itineraries all over the globe, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing that ideal cruise to suit you and your family. Mexico When considering a far-flung exotic holiday destination, Mexico always ranks near the top of the list. It is a favourite destination for wedding/honeymooners, who can get married on a sandy beach and enjoy a lavish luxury holiday in some fantastic resorts. Dubai Again, flying from Newcastle, Dubai is the Emirates airline hub with every flight passing through. So, many of my clients have stayed here as part of a two-centre holiday and some have travelled to Dubai specifically for the magnificence of it all. Dubai has so much to offer its visitors, with world-class dining, incredible infrastructure, fabulous shopping experiences, luxury spas and fabulous hotels and resorts. There are activities to suit all kinds of visitors, no matter what your age. India Once a thriving part of the British Empire, India has a lot British influences throughout the country, least of all the railways and some of its grand architecture. India can frustrate and even madden visitors, but the best way to enjoy it, is with an open mind. Once you have opened your mind to India you be able to enjoy it and even bask in all its glory. Florida My clients just love the USA and especially ‘The Sunshine State’! Choosing the best time of year to visit Florida is something that visitors must consider, as the weather can vary significantly throughout the year. Predominantly most of my clients visiting Florida are families, who are so excited to see the wonders of Disneyland and Universal Resorts. With spectacular and ‘no expense spared’ theme parks and shows it’s a family experience that will live with them forever. New Zealand My clients who have visited New Zealand all say pretty much the same thing, “we just couldn’t believe how beautiful and friendly New Zealand is”. My son, who lives in London, and his girlfriend (who is a Kiwi), travelled there last year and my son said he didn’t want to come home! NZ is not a massive country geographically, but it has some of the best scenic vistas, with magnificent mountains, clean sparkly beaches, fjords and raging white water rivers and sweeping green plains it would be hard not to fall in love. Don’t forget to visit Hobbiton and the film locations from Lord of The Rings! Feel free to give me a call on 0191 432 6570 for a chat and let’s book your 2018 holiday!

The one where I discuss Corporate Travel

08 January 2018

I have worked in the travel industry now for 18 years, having worked extensively in the corporate travel sector. I cut my teeth in corporate travel, working for world renowned American Express, assisting some high-end businesses, such as Microsoft, P&G and BT among others. Until a few years ago, I owned a corporate business travel company dealing with many corporate businesses, nationally. When my corporate travellers were asking me to book their leisure trips, I had to turn them away. This was due to the licensing that is required, so I contacted Travel Counsellors who didn’t hesitate to take me onboard (excuse the pun). I joined Travel Counsellors in 2014 with over 2000 client contacts, (apparently, it’s rare to see anyone join with so many!) Travel Counsellors are a fantastic fit for me and my clients, who love that personal touch and being available on a 1-1 basis. Recently I was referred to as a personal travel concierge. My corporate travellers and I understand that business travel can be a very stressful experience. Unfamiliar surroundings, time and performance pressures, networking in a second or third language, and a confused body clock all contribute to rising stress levels. If you can eliminate the unnecessary niggles that can sometimes accompany travelling, you’re in a much better place to deal with unforeseen stresses, delays or disruptions. The stress levels can begin to rise before they have left the office, because I have found that many companies use a PA or an office employee to book these very important trips, but this can have an adverse effect on the business. This can tie up an employee for hours trying to source that perfect itinerary and they may still not get the best option. I know how to manipulate fares using my state of the art technology systems. Because office PA’s or managers can’t access the same systems, this can cause flight and accommodation spend to rise acutely. I recently saved a company £16k on a trip that they said I wouldn’t be able to beat. We can achieve savings through the optimum combination of routing, schedules and price. My corporate clients love the fact that we never close, I don’t ‘do’ opening hours. We are a 24/7 service that is available when it suits our clients, not the other way around. I have a duty of care which means no client will ever be left stranded or expected to make their own arrangements. My system monitors all my bookings and in the event of an incident or emergency, we can pinpoint and track clients who may be affected, wherever they are in the world. I also provide travel management data. Reports and analysis that show travel patterns, identify savings and monitor compliance. Helping to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Our smart phone travel app ‘myTC’ means we are with you before, during and after your business trip. Meaning we can push important messages to you while you are on the move. If you would like to chat to me about your corporate travel requirements and what I can offer, feel free to give me a ring on 0191 432 6570.

Our Luxury Christmas Market Rhine Cruise with AmaWaterways on AmaKristina

29 December 2017

I travelled the Danube with Tauck last year and absolutely loved it, so I jumped at the chance to experience the gorgeous new AmaWaterways river ship AmaKristina, on the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam, with my husband Colin. Living in the North East of England the easiest way for us to fly to Basel was a 90-minute flight via EasyJet from Edinburgh on the 15th December, which is a quick and easy flight direct to Basel. Our return flight was from Amsterdam on the 23rd back into Edinburgh, again with EasyJet. We spent the night before embarkation in the lovely city of Basel, visiting our first Christmas market and dining on fondue, in one of the market cabins, whilst chatting to two lovely local ladies. Crossing The Rhine the next day, we were greeted by the lovely sight of AmaKristina waiting for us and she is a beauty! The staff were fabulous and met us on arrival with a hot drink, taking our luggage from us and escorted to our amazing cabin. We were in a standard priced cabin but to be honest every single detail was catered for. With high end products in the shower room (which had a heated floor) to the fresh water in the fridge every day. Our cabin also had a state of the art entertainment system with English TV, movies and free internet, which was brilliant as I still had work to do. Before setting sail the following morning, we were given a ‘Daily Cruiser’, which was the next day’s itinerary, including all the tours we could go on and contained very useful information too. These were left daily by our cabin attendant, who would also leave little chocolates, little presents and a rabbit shaped towel presentation! Our Itinerary consisted of Basel, Breisach, Strasbourg, Mannheim, Rudesheim, Cologne and Amsterdam. Arriving into Breisach we had the option of a few tours and decided to visit Riquewihr, which is a gorgeous medieval town in the Alsace region, inspiration as the setting for the film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Back on board and time to relax before our absolutely amazing evening meal, where all the ladies were presented with a lovely red rose. All the meals, which included wines and soft drinks, were of the highest Michelin star quality were fantastic! Next stop, the adorable city of Strasbourg decked in Christmas finery, which reminded me a lot of Bruges, with its old half-timbered medieval architecture and canals where we wandered the lovely Christmas markets. The tours cater for all passengers with differing levels of abilities, so you could go on a hiking or cycling tour if you were up for it. We loved the fact that we could do as much or as little as we wanted to do. The lit, heated pool on the top deck was fabulous, or just sit in the lounge and relax listening to the amazing onboard pianist. Docking at Mannheim the following morning we decided on visiting Speyer and the Technic Museum, where Colin was in his element as his greatest loves are History and Formula one! The Rudesheim tour in the afternoon to see this lovely town and sample the famous Rudesheim coffee, which had a rather large ‘dash’ of Asbach brandy in the bottom. En route to Cologne we passed through the lovely, rugged Rhine Gorge and even though it was a rainy foggy day, sitting on the top deck wrapped up tight with a hot chocolate, it was truly magical. Our fantastic Cruise Manager, Dejan, gave us a wonderful commentary as we passed through, about the castles and of course the famous Lorelei Rock. Dejan in our opinion is a fantastic asset to AmaWaterways and he, above all, made this a magnificent trip, with his energy and enthusiasm. Visiting the fantastic city of Cologne with its amazingly intricate Gothic cathedral that dominates the city skyline was a highlight, along with our fabulous guide, Marion, we learnt so much. Then we sampled some locally brewed Kolsch Bier and Reibkuchen, which is a potato pancake served with apple sauce, Yum! Our short trip is nearly over now, but we have met some very lovely people onboard from Canada and USA who have invited us to visit them. Arriving in Amsterdam, we head off for a bus tour and canal cruise of the city. We have visited Amsterdam before, but this is a better way to see the city and relax, as we sail along the canals with our very informative guide. The following morning it’s time for us to jump into our taxi, which the receptionist on the ship organised for us to take us to the Airport for our flight home. To summarise, I highly recommend that you consider this trip with AmaWaterways on AmaKristina as it has been the most memorable trip that we will savour forever and can’t thank the staff enough who were all truly magnificent, for making this the most special of holidays. With the cruise being all inclusive, it’s very cost effective way to see so much, whilst only unpacking once!

Where would you like to go in November?

03 November 2017

Short Break (2-5 days) Athens & Evia Steeped in history with some fabulous sites such as the Acropolis, Parthenon and Temple of Zeus. Why not satiate your tour history appetite and spend a few days in Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world, where the first Marathon was run? I’m not saying you run a marathon - this is the spiritual home of the event and it’s a great place to see with temperatures a comfortable 10-18°C which is ideal for wandering around the sites. Then head down to the beautiful Aegean island of Evia for some glittering beaches, mountains and fabulous food. A fantastic relaxing end to your short stay. Evia is linked to the mainland by two bridges and a ferry service, so, it can be easily accessed by hire car from Athens and then back for your flight home! At this time of year, this is generally a cheaper time to visit as it’s out of season. Medium Break (7-10 days) Valletta, Malta Malta has the most marvellous Mediterranean climate this time of year with temperatures still hovering around the 21°C mark. Again, this is out of season and with a resurgence of visitors to Malta, deals are to be had with Valletta and its surrounding areas much more in demand. Valetta, with Baroque palaces, churches, narrow lanes and beefy fortifications there is so much to see and do. Why not stay in a converted palazzo and hire a car to visit St Pauls Bay, The Blue Grotto, Marsaxlokk for great seafood, medieval Mdina and the Dingli cliffs. All washed down with a ferry trip across to the beautiful beaches of Gozo, which of course in November will be less crowded! Long Break (14 days plus) Costa Rica We have many clients and their families travelling to Costa Rica at the moment to experience the amazing sights, sounds and culture that this beautiful country has to offer. November is the end of the rainy season, although I would still suggest packing a light waterproof jacket, so the land looks lush and green with waterfalls in full flow. There is so much to see and do, it would take me forever to list them all, but here’s a quick guide. Often, a good first step is to choose one or two destinations, and then complementary locations can be found based on time constraints, proximity, and interest. Many travellers choose three or four destinations to visit in a 7-10 day period, with a relaxing beach break thrown in for your last few days. There are currently two international airports in Costa Rica. The largest, Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) in Alajuela, is located within the Central Valley region north of San Jose. The other airport, Daniel Oduber Airport (LIR) in Liberia, facilitates access to destinations in the Northwestern Guanacaste region. Visitors enjoy a wide range of activities and accommodations and are captivated by the unique natural landscape and habitat, as well as the developed tourism infrastructure with tours, nightlife, and restaurant options. I would say that the Guanacaste region and Marino Las Baulas National Park is one of the most important nesting sites for leather-back turtles. Staying in the North, one of Costa Rica's most notable natural features is the Arenal Volcano. This fantastic sight rises above the rainforest that surrounds its base. Arenal frames the skyline with near perfect symmetry. The immediate area hosts a wealth of activities – including white-water rafting, waterfall rappelling, hiking and canopy tours – as well as the friendly town of La Fortuna. Whatever your choice, you are spoilt, with adventure activities such as Hiking, Rafting, Zip Lining or more sedate activities like, Bird Watching, Catamaran trips, Cable cars, Hot Springs or just relaxing, Costa Rica has it all! Talking of which, the stunning beaches on either the Pacific or Caribbean side of Costa Rica from Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side to the beautiful Tamarindo on Manual Antonio on the Pacific, there are 300 spectacular beaches to choose from! Contact me on 0191 432 6570 to enquire about these magnificent destinations, or for more info.

My sweet taste of Ontario!

09 October 2017

A few months ago, I was honoured to be chosen to attend this educational trip to Canada and could not wait for the time to arrive! Excitement just doesn’t cover it! At long last the day arrived and off I flew to Heathrow from Newcastle to meet up with some of the others before heading to Ottawa on an Air Canada flight, which included an upgrade to business class, how fantastic is that? Ottawa After booking into the Ottawa Marriott, which is a short stroll from Parliament Hill, we were met by our local tour director, who walked us over to D’Arcy McGee’s Irish Pub. What an amazing atmosphere here. I met some fellow travelling buddies from different travel companies throughout the world. In the morning we were off, after a hearty but healthy breakfast to the fabulous Museum of Nature to see some of Canada’s finest from dinosaur fossils to an enormous blue whale skeleton. What a time to be in Canada, there is so much going on with its 150th Anniversary and the weather is stunning, not a cloud in the sky! For lunch, we experienced the awesome Lone Star restaurant which is famous for its chips and salsa, BBQ ribs, fajitas and steak. The table was groaning with food and the staff kept bringing more! Everything is just so tasty! After this amazing lunch, it was time to work it off, with a cycle along the Rideau Canal, a World Heritage site. What an amazing experience! No rest for the wicked, not that I’m not complaining. I’m loving it here and can’t wait to get onboard a boat that will cruise along the Ottawa River, offering us fabulous views of the city. Back on dry land we head up to Bier Markt Ottawa, offering a European style inspired market dedicated to the art of brewing, with 150 beers from 30 countries and fantastic food to match (I didn't taste them all, by the way). Breakfast the next day is in the stunning Fairmont Chateau, which is an ideal place to stay, especially being so close to the Parliament buildings, which is where we headed to next to visit Parliamentary precinct. With our lovely guide, Margo, we saw the Cenotaph and Houses of Parliament. We had lovely lunch in the Lord Elgin Hotel. We then transferred to the 1000 islands region boat cruise, taking us through some stunning scenery and visiting Rockport along the way. Next stop Gananoque, which is a beautiful waterfront colonial style town in the heart of 1000 islands. With breath-taking views from all angles only matched by the warmth and friendliness of its residents. We stayed her overnight. Day three and we are heading off to the 1000 islands helicopter tours for a short flight, taking in the amazing views from up on high. From here we were off to Kingston. This was once Canada’s original capital city and I just loved it here! It’s a very vibrant but hip and constantly evolving city that is also steeped in history, with 20 museums and the awesome Penitentiary and Fort Henry. Fort Henry was built in 1812 at the time of the war between Great Britain and Canada. We had an amazing visit here with people dressed in authentic period clothing and guards to keep us in check! The Penitentiary visit gave us a rare and unique insight behind the walls of Canada’s oldest and most notorious maximum-security prison. Closed in 2013, I was so glad I only had a visitor’s pass! Afterwards we jumped on a trolley bus and had a tour, guided by the enigmatic Bryan, around the lovely city of Kingston. Our dinner tonight was at the Atomica Pizza and Wine bar. Fabulous food in a vibrant atmosphere. Day 4 and we arrived at the most amazing place: Elmhirst Resort, on the shores of Rice Lake. We had a fabulous tour by horse and carriage. Elmhirst’s Resort offers accommodation in the most spectacular setting, in fully equipped private lakeside cottages. This 240-acre resort is family owner operated and breeds its own cattle, chickens, grows its own vegetables and herbs, perfect for the dining rooms. So much to see and do here, at all times of the year, it’s definitely on my tick list to came back and stay! Did I mention I had the best ever Thanksgiving Dinner here! Next stop, Toronto! We book into the Chelsea Hotel, where we have some spare time, before the Toronto leg of our trip starts with a vengeance tomorrow. Day 5 and we had a fantastic tour around Toronto which is just stunning. This city is more cosmopolitan than Ottawa in my opinion, but everyone is just so friendly. This will be my overriding impression of Canada; the Canadian people are just so warm. I even seen friendly road rage! In the evening we paid a visit to Toronto’s iconic CN Tower where I managed to walk over the glass floor, looking down on the ‘ants’ of people 2000ft below! We had an amazing dining experience in CN Tower’s fabulous revolving restaurant at the very top. The views from here are spectacular! I don’t want to leave! After breakfast is a seminar where we meet all the other travellers and chat to the suppliers before we leave for the airport, with a heavy heart! My overall impression of Canada, for the short time I was here, is amazing! I have had one of the best experiences in my life. I was in California last year where I felt I was home, but Canada and especially Kingston, is in the mix now too!

Where to go . . . October

09 October 2017

City Break (2 - 3days) Lyon, France Lyon is France’s second city and there are more restaurants here per square metre than anywhere else in the world! Where the Saone and Rhone rivers meet, this fantastic city is perfect to visit this time of year with ancient medieval streets and architecture. Those fantastic restaurants with elite chefs, chocolatiers, fantastic markets and having the Rhone valley vineyards within striking distance and its fabulous vineyards, it’s a perfect central base to discover all the best France has to offer. Why not hire a car and visit Geneva, which is only 90miles away, or even Paris which is 2hrs away by TGV? Short Break (7 - 10 days) Porto and The Douro, Portugal The best way to see this lovely area this time of year is on a Douro River Cruise. There are many excellent River Cruise specialists that cater for this amazing experience. Fly into Porto, Portugal’s second city and spend a few days there, before setting sail on the beautiful Douro, home of wine production (I’m sure you’ll taste some along the away) basking on the beauty of the rolling scenery in all its autumnal finery. Sailing all the way down to the Spanish border at Vega de Terron this is a fantastic way to see as much of this amazing area of Portugal, while relaxing as you sail along. Long Break (+14 days) Vietnam What can I say about Vietnam? I have had a few clients visit lately and have come back raving about their experiences! As Vietnam has quite a ‘quirky’ climate it can be difficult to judge the best time to visit, but October seems to tick that box to be the best for clear weather, that isn’t too hot and sticky. So much to see and do, it’s difficult for me to fill it all in, but must do’s are Halong Bay and/or Bai Long Bay where you can have a cruise around the bay. Why not head south via train visiting those historic sites of Hue and Hoi An. Head down to bustling Saigon, visit the Cu Chi tunnels dug out by the VietCong during the Vietnam War, visit the Mekong delta and for a fantastic beach finale, Phu Quoc. Even nip over to Cambodia or Laos on the same trip but remember to apply for a multi-entry visa.

A break is as good as a rest!

29 September 2017

A few weekends ago I was very excited at the chance to try out a Hoseasons Lodge Break in Derbyshire, which is also fantastic because I spent a lot of my childhood years in that area around Ashover. This gave me the opportunity not only to try out one of these fabulous lodges but to show my Husband, Colin, around the area in which I used to live. We were booked into a two bedroomed Lodge (with Hot Tub) at the Landal Darwin Forest Park just outside Matlock. We arrived a little early for check in, which was 4 pm, but the lovely receptionist Adele, managed to get us in early. We were given a comprehensive guide to the park, wifi codes etc, as I did have to finish off some work I was busy with. We were even given a complimentary pint of milk to enable us to get a cuppa as soon as we unpacked. There were some tea and coffee making facilities already in the lodge. On site there is a shop, café, pub and leisure facilities. You can even hire bikes to cycle though the forest. We were very surprised at the actual size of the lodge inside, it was more than sufficient to accommodate 4 adults or a family of four quite adequately. The bedrooms had built in hanging space, with bedside units and storage drawers too, with a double bedroom and the twin bedroom equally well appointed. Before I say anything else, I do have to say that the double bed we slept in was SO comfortable with a lovely duvet and heavenly pillows. It was the best two nights sleep I had in ages! The Living room had a great flat screen TV and DVD facilities. It was possible to exchange board games and hire DVD’s from reception if you fancied. The kitchen had a halogen hob, which Colin used for the breakfasts, microwave, fridge/freezer and even a dishwasher! There are strict noise restriction rules on the park, which suited us as we were a bit concerned but there were no problems whatsoever on that score. As for the hot tub, it was just bliss! It was checked by staff first thing in the morning for its chemical levels and all filter are new on your arrival. I was sitting in the hot tub in the rain even, whilst Colin watched the F1 on TV! We did spend many hours languishing in the tub, drinking prosecco, generally relaxing and staring at the stars in the dark! The price of a lodge was comparable, depending on season, in price to spending a night in reasonably priced hotel, but having the luxury of the hot tub and the chance to relax without disruption. We are now lodge/hot tub raving fans and can’t wait to book our next one!

Where to go in September

12 September 2017

Short Break (7 days) Costa Brava, Spain While stretches of the Spanish south coast have surrendered to the ‘fly and flop’ brigade, the dramatic shoreline northeast of Barcelona has retained its Catalonian soul. For the smaller resorts, Llafranc and Tamariu are gorgeous quieter spots with beaches sloping gently down to the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean. In September, it will be generally quieter and therefore cheaper due to being out of school holiday season, with the weather being still warm and balmy. If you like more than beaches, there are Greco-Roman remains at Empuries, Medieval Begur. So much to see and do! Why not hire a car and nip down to Barcelona for the Festes de la Merce on the 24th? Flights can be taken into beautiful Girona, which itself is worthy of a visit. City Break (3 – 4 days) Munich Beer Fest (Oktoberfest) Make a pilgrimage to the (in)famous world beer festival, Oktoberfest, which runs for 16 days from mid-September until the first Sunday in October. With ceremonies, evening concerts, traditional Bavarian music and a big procession, it’s a colourful attack on the senses and worth a visit to tick that box! There are plenty of lovely Bavarian culinary delights to soak up the suds and plenty of family activities too. As you’d imagine Munich is very busy at this time, so make sure you have all your travel and accommodation arrangements including your Beer Fest tickets well in place before you go. Long Break (14 days) Vermont, USA Now is that time to be dazzled by the fiery autumnal colours, with gold, red, orange and various other hues, Vermont’s hill will be flaming with colour. Driving tours are very popular but you can also resort to pedal power for some amazing visits to the beautiful colonial towns and villages, such as Brandon, Middlebury and the fabulous Lake Champlain. It would take about three days to complete this triangular cycle to these three towns. Here, try out the craft beers, artisan cheeses and of course America’s finest maple syrup! The weather is still warm, but make sure to take a cardigan! Flying into Boston, you could catch an internal flight to Rutland Airport which is convenient for the Champlain Valley. Boston itself is fantastic and worth a good five days to visit in your Itinerary.

Oman – Welcome to ‘The Real Arabia’

14 August 2017

This week I learnt at a training day that Oman is not all about sand and camels! This country has everything for everyone and I have had my eyes well and truly opened! The government are making their country very accessible and attractive to cater for all visitors, with a huge selection of quality resorts and attractions for everyone, including children. I discovered that Oman is a country of contrasting landscapes, with the beautiful white sandy beaches contrasting with the spectacular mountains of greenery. Summer months in Oman can see temperatures of 40°C or more inland, with the mountain and coastal areas being a lot cooler. Spring and Autumn holidays here would be an ideal time to visit (also, being out of school times, this would be a cheaper option). Like I said, there’s something for everyone, with a wealth of coastal activities for the more energetic of you, such as Scuba Diving to some of the world famous diving sites, Sailing, parasailing and kite surfing. For the less energetic or more relaxing, take a trip on a turtle cruise, dolphin watching trip or just relax on the beach or by your hotel pool. Inland, where the fantastic scenery is green with stunning mountains, try rock climbing, hiking on fabulous trails, camel trekking or how about a 4 wheel drive experience through a dried river bed, called ‘Wadi Bashing’? Things I also learnt . . . the price of petrol in Oman is 36p per litre, so taxis are cheap and plentiful; alcohol is available in selected hotels and restaurants but you can’t buy it from shops without a licence - you can, however, consume duty-free in your hotel room. In public, women are expected, to dress appropriately by covering arms and legs with clothing that is not too tight or sheer. This does not apply to private hotels where you swim and sunbathe as you would anywhere in the world. Being from a wedding planning background myself, I can see and picture many gorgeous honeymoons in Oman, with so many fantastic and beautiful resorts to choose from. Give me a call on 0191 432 6570 for more info on Oman and the fabulous choices it offers. Lizzie x

Arnside Knott - Reuben's Retreat Charity Walk

03 August 2017

This was supposed to be our annual walk for Reuben’s Retreat across Morecambe Bay on Saturday 29th July but was cancelled the night before due to high water in the bay, even when the tide was out. Our guide, Cedric, who is the official queen’s guide for Morecambe Bay only managed to get his tractor across, through deep water. Obviously this meant that a lot of people had sponsored our walk with many of my colleagues from Travel Counsellors raising quite a lot of money to do it. Therefore, the following morning, as we are a resilient bunch, we decided to walk inland around the area of Arnside, a pretty little coastal village in itself and up a steep hill called The Arnside Knott. This route would be a comparable distance to the original Bay walk of 10 km, the bay being flat this walk was now heading to an elevation of 500 ft. With a few dogs and children in the party, we all met at the promenade in Arnside at 09:15 hrs, ready for the challenge ahead. The weather was overcast but dry overall, but we were dressed for rain, being the British summer we weren’t taking any chances! As the walk progressed, people just laughed and chatted as we went along, wearing our Reuben’s Retreat tabards. As we got to The Knott, we started a steady climb on reasonably easy going paths, and as the National Trust own this land, it is very well tended with a few benches sprinkled around at timely stops for a breather and to take in the magnificent views over the estuary to Grange over Sands in the distance. Also on the walk, was the lovely actress, Julie Hesmondhalgh, of Coronation Street and Broadchurch fame, who is a patron of Reuben’s Retreat. At the top of The Knott, we all casually chatted and took the odd photograph with Julie, then we all set off again along with Julie’s daughter also along to accompany her, we all had a good craic as we continued our walk. The walk downhill from the top of The Knott was a lot easier and at the bottom, back at the estuary we stopped for coffees, cake and some even had ice cream! (I may have been one of them). After this we headed back to Arnside WI where we had a post walk catch up and a fabulous buffet and drinks to look forward to! All this was laid on by some fantastic Travel Counsellor colleagues of mine and with some extra food kindly given by a local café, which was a very kind gesture. Up to now, we are so proud to have raised over £7k, with a lot of off-line donations still to come in! Well done to every single walker and their sponsors for this brilliant effort! We are all looking forward to the 2018 Charity Walk across the Bay. Laet’s hope it is ok to walk across the bay next year? Reuben’s Retreat:

Where would you like to go in August

27 July 2017

Example 7 day break - Umbria, Italy: Pick a secret hideaway in central Italy’s gorgeous region and immerse yourself in the rolling hills, medieval walled towns, artistic gems, and amazing food (wow, the food) and of course the wine. A full blown Italian experience awaits with many self-catering accommodation options, including apartments or even working farms with pools. Visit Roman historical sites and try the famous Perugian chocolates. Fly here via many international flights into Perugia and hire a car to get the most out of your Italian adventure. Must visits are, Assisi, Florence and Orvieto, with the usual temperature at this time of the year reaching a comfortable 29 °C. Example City Break (3 days) - Berlin, Germany: This now reunified city is probably the coolest and friendliest capitals, with fantastic bars and over 2500 parks and gardens, making it a very green city. The biggest park being Tiergarten, its stretches from Brandenburg Gate all the way to the Zoo. The many parks in Berlin are where you will find most of the summer buzz, with buskers, fleamarkets and even open air karaoke! Hire a car and visit some sights nearby such as Potsdam, the German Versailles, Oranienburg, Museum at a former Concentration camp and Rheinsburg, which is a magnificent Renaissance castle. All types of accommodation budgets are catered for, so you shouldn't’t be at a loss for somewhere to stay, but plan in advance to be sure. Flights here are into two airports, Schonefeld, which is 30 minutes away by train or Tegel, which is a 30 minute bus ride. Both these airports are well serviced by many airlines. A ‘must visit’ is to the new Reichstag with its outstanding views over Berlin from its dome. August temperatures are normally a pleasant 23°C. Example Two Week Break - Koh Samui, Thailand: Koh Samui is a bit of an oxymoron! In august while most of Thailand is being rained on, Koh Samui isn’t! This is due to the strange micro climates that feature around the Gulf of Thailand and this island seems to find itself bathed in sunshine with swaying palm trees and the softest of sand. With a fantastic choice of food and a wide range of accommodation available, it is a stereotypical fantasy paradise island! Of course, you can find the nightlife if you wish or the peace and quiet if you don’t. It can be very hot at around 32°C, but this makes it the ideal beach style holiday. Day trips to Ang Thong Park offer an amazing and snorkelling and kayaking experience in this dream like area of crystal clear emerald sea. Flights to Koh Samui are with connections from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. You could catch the ferry from the mainland at Don Sak, Simply choose a coast and pick your beach!

Coffee around the Globe

14 July 2017

I recently joined a ladies networking group in my local area, called ‘The Coffee Lounge’ and I thought what a great idea this would be for a Facebook post! I posted a generic post on by business Facebook page about The Coffee Lounge and the reach went bonkers. Everybody, it seems loves to talk about their coffee drinking experiences! So I thought this a blog right there? There were many who commented on the Facebook post about their coffee experiences around the world, so here is a selection: Vietnam A Vietnamese filter, is coffee (optionally with chicory), and condensed milk. The coffee used generally contains chicory, otherwise it wouldn't be the stereotypical Vietnamese. This is served using a small filter that fits on top of your cup, where the hot water runs through the coffee into the cup already holding about 1/3 of an inch of condensed milk in the bottom. Some people mix the milk through the coffee or it can be left until the end. Morocco Moroccans love a coffee with a blend of spice, black pepper and nutmeg and sesame seeds, which are mixed with coffee beans and ground, to create a fragrant and potent brew. Spain An espresso with sweet condensed milk. If you want a mix of half normal milk and half sweetened condensed milk, then it's a 'leche y leche'. Italy Espresso served with a slice of lemon. The lemon is rubbed on the rim of the cup, the idea being that the sourness of the lemon enhances the flavour of the coffee. Australia and New Zealand The infamous ‘Flat White’ is like a condensed latte, with one or two shots of espresso, and 180 ml of milk (a latte has over 220ml of milk). Indonesian Islands Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee is altogether something that you may or may not wish to try? This refers to the coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian Palm Civet, a rodent like animal. Germany Pharisäer is Coffee made with rum and whipped cream, it’s totally gorgeous and very moreish! If you’re interested in the latest travel news, ideas and inspiration, please pop along and follow my Facebook page:

Where would you like to go - July!

29 June 2017

Example - 7 day break Austrian Alps: With fresh mountain air and a very comfortable 25C, why not visit the glorious mountains instead of that typical beach break and dare to be different? Try a bit of light climbing or a trip in a cable car, the views will be stupendous. How about Zip-lining or canyoning and swimming in crystal clear mountain pools. Austrian Ski resorts cater enormously for the summer visitors too, where you can hike on the winter skiing pistes. There may be some great deals to be had! For the more adventurous why not stay in one of the network of huts to sleep in the middle of the mountains! Don’t forget to throw in a visit to the beautiful cities of Salzburg and Innsbruck in the Austrian Tyrol for some sightseeing and shopping as well as sampling the Austrian Culture. Example, City Break (3 days) Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen is a busy, buzzy city in July! After what is usually a harsh, cold winter the city residents flock to the parks and pavement cafes to make hay while the sun shines, with average temperatures of around 20C. Visit Tivoli Gardens and have a go on the rides, check out the street-food market at Paper Island. Try a traditional ‘gammeldags’ ice cream with whipped cream, jam and choc covered marshmallows at the local Amager Beach. Remember to visit the sights too at Slotholmen and Nyhavn harbours. Also the shopping experience at Torvehallerne market and Strogert is not to be missed. Example Two Week Break Dordogne, France: Glorious summers await here in this adorable area of southwest France, with temperatures vying between 25-30C. Hire a car and see as much of this amazing area as you can! Drive down meandering roads passed fine turreted châteaux, seek out ancient cave art and find some fantastic mouth-watering markets as you go. Early July is the best time to visit, to avoid the French School holidays. Stay in a rustic Gite and wile away summer evenings in the pool and have a BBQ with locally bought produce, not forgetting the wine of course! A must see, is the rock art of Lascaux and Font-de Gaume, but book tickets in advance to avoid queues. Perigord Noir is the place to be for outstanding Castles, Caves and villages. Perigord Pourpe is where you will find Bergerac and other fantastic medieval bastide towns. Give me a call. It's not too late to book your 2017 summer break xxx

My awesome birthday treat!

25 June 2017

It all started with a phone call in my office on a Thursday afternoon, “Hello, is that Lizzie? I’d like to welcome you to Archerfield House for you birthday tomorrow” says the soft spoken Scots lad on the other end. “But it’s not my birthday until Saturday,” I replied, not even registering the Archerfield House bit! “My name is Calum, from Archerfield House and your husband, Colin has booked you a Spa Break at our lovely location” he goes on to say. Now I’m just gobsmacked, “He’s what? Oh my god that's fantastic,” says I, holding back the tears, “Ooooh I’m so excited now, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” I did know about this amazing place from a customer of mine who had stayed there for a Spa Weekend too and had raved about it. So now I’m just hyper and dancing around the office, I just wanted to hug and kiss my lovely hubby! Anyway, I’m glad I knew early enough to be able to plan outfits etc. Early on Friday we set off on a 2 hour drive up to Dirleton which is just past North Berwick. We did detour a little, so we could have a leisurely drive up the coast. We didn’t arrive until nearly 2pm, but when we turned into the estate you could tell we were in a high-end place and parked up outside the “big house”. It turns out you check in at the Clubhouse which is further down the estate beside the golf course, where Michelle and Kirstie were fantastic. I was booked in for a ‘Signature’ treatment at Fletchers Spa at 4:30 pm and Colin was having his neck and shoulders massaged at the same time. It was a case of picking up our keys for our accommodation, unpack and then head down to the spa. When we saw our ‘Pavilion’ room it was like having our own one bedroomed flat which was absolutely fantastic and pure quality! It even had a complimentary, fully stocked fridge of wine and beers as well as chocolate and other snacks. The spa which is set in mature woodland with a walled garden and absolutely stunning; was a short drive down the lane or a lovely walk if the weather is nice, which it was but we were in a bit of a hurry. The spa staff were so friendly and helpful, to the extent that nothing at all was a problem and they were only too willing to help! Sarah was my Therapist and Hannah was Colin’s. The spa treatments were out of this world, and Colin who hasn’t had many massages said he felt fabulous. Afterward we were given fruit and a small cup of fruit smoothie and lazed in the sumptuous lounge area . . . pure heaven! We had booked our evening meal in the Clubhouse for 8 pm so we just relaxed before heading back to our suite to change for dinner. We were offered a lift from our suite in an estate vehicle which is complimentary and very thoughtful. The clubhouse is enormous inside, full of fluffy sofas and a large dining area. Once again the customer service was awesome and Jess looked after us impeccably. The food was outstanding, great quality and fabulous value. We could have asked for the transfer back to our suite but as it was a lovely night we walked back, past the amazing Lodges that can be hired. Next day after breakfast, we headed back to the spa for our ‘Rasul Mud’ treatment which was for both of us. Again, we had THE best time and stayed relaxing in Salt Room which is a room built Himalayan salt bricks which made the air so fresh and relaxing. We stayed just chilling, walking around the walled gardens for ages in our gowns and slippers, then decided to have a cream tea outside, pure decadence and so delicious. We left Archerfield House with heavy hearts, wanting more and can’t recommend this place enough! With the facilities, accommodation and ALL the staff, Archerfield House is world class! I’m already planning a return visit with a group of friends. They have a fabulous offer of a day in the spa with afternoon tea – just what the Doctor ordered!

Qatar, a hidden gem in the Arabian Gulf

22 May 2017

I have to admit, visiting the Middle East on a trip with my business wasn’t on top of my tick list. I don’t really know why? Was I expecting it to be culture restrictive? I can’t really put my finger on it! Anyway, I decided I would give Qatar the benefit of the doubt and putting on my professional Travel Counsellor business owner hat, I travelled to Edinburgh to stay overnight before my early flight the next day. Our flight departed from Edinburgh on Qatar Airlines for Doha at 0810, arriving at 17:05. At Doha airport I was pleasantly surprised to see how lovely and clean and fresh it is, with the added comfort of air conditioning which was most welcome. We were met by representatives of Qatar tourism who transferred us to our hotel, The InterContinental Doha The City. Stylish and modern, this Doha hotel is impressive in every detail, from the hotel lobby atrium to the open-air rooftop pool. This Doha hotel is ideally located for leisure and business stays in the exclusive West Bay area and is close to Doha Golf Club, the City Centre Shopping Mall, and the more traditional Souq Waqif. After settling in to my room which was magnificent, with fantastic views over Doha, to the sea. I could see that Doha is a city undergoing some development which promises to be a popular destination, as Dubai is in the UAE. We then enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Doha followed by a hotel inspection. Ritz-Carlton, Doha is one of the most elegant hotels in Qatar with a world class Spa and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It has recently undergone a no-expense spared renovation of its rooms. Next morning we had breakfast at Shangri-La, another fabulous hotel, we were shown around by our lovely hotel representative. Shangri-La is located in the heart of the city and is home to Doha’s first non-smoking lounge. Following this, we headed off on a long drive to the historical Al Zubarah Fort, built in 1938, is Qatar’s only UNESCO world heritage site. Which in the main archaeological area of Qatar and is now a museum. This site shows the exceptional archaeological remains from this trading town, dating back to the 1760’s Back in Doha, we inspect Sharq Village Resort and Spa, followed by lunch. A luxury waterfront Doha resort, located 15 mins from the airport and is on 350m of private coastline. My favourite feature was the award winning ‘Sixth Senses’ spa, which evokes a traditional Qatari setting, creating the ambience of a true Middle Eastern village. A perfect destination for spa and yoga trips! Following on from this we were given a guided tour of Museum of Islamic Art, showing a magnificent collection covering 14 centuries of the finest art and artefacts from across the Islamic World. Returning to my hotel I had some free time before dinner, so why not sample a swim in the top floor swimming pool and steam room, all in the name of business! Time for dinner, and what an experience this was! We set sail in this lovely port and estuary in the Arabian on-board a traditional Dhow for a private BBQ. This is a great way to experience Doha from the water. We took in Doha’s glittery skyline. I would definitely advise any visitor to take this cruise in an evening, to watch the spectacular sunset. Our breakfast next morning was at Sheraton Doha. Situated on the shores of the Arabian gulf, this is a landmark hotel that was recently restored to its former glory. After our site inspection of this fabulous hotel, we travelled 60km into the desert from Doha to the ‘Inland Sea’ or ‘Khor Al Adaid’, which is a UNESCO recognised natural reserve with its own ecosystem. Then on a jeep dune safari the adrenaline rush was fabulous and we didn’t stop laughing the whole time. It was great to actually see one of the few places in the world where the sea encroaches deep into the heart of the desert. Half way through our jeep journey through the rolling dunes, we stopped to view Saudi Arabia in the distance over the gulf. Back in Doha in the afternoon, we took a stroll down the bustling alleys of Souq Waqif. The maze of small shops offers a dazzling array of Middle Eastern merchandise from spices and seasonal delicacies to perfumes, jewellery, clothing, handicrafts and a treasure trove of souvenir bargains. Traditional music, art and cultural shows added to the ambience and we enjoyed soaking up the vitality and atmosphere of this vibrant place. For dinner, we visited the InterContinental Doha, which is beside the beach, hosted a lovely BBQ in the evening. The outdoor space is superb and perfect for any parties, celebrations as it’s directly on the beach. After a very busy trip, I kicked off my shoes and went for a paddle in the sea. All too soon, it was time to come home (sad face) on our flight back to Edinburgh. As I said, I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved Qatar. It’s a perfect stopover destination and you’re missing a trick if you don’t take advantage of this fabulous place. The people are lovely and we weren’t bogged down by customs and cultures. With lots of ongoing developments and work on the infrastructure, meaning that it’s going to be even more popular as Qatar leads up to hosting the 2022 World Cup. Go on, try Qatar, You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for supporting my dream

07 March 2017

I recently celebrated my 3rd Anniversary with Travel Counsellors and I'd love to share a little bit of my story with you. Travel was my passion from a very young age but I was academic at school and decided to pursue a career in education - I went to university and became a secondary school teacher. After a very serious health scare in 2000, I decided life was too short and to reach for my dream. 17 years later, here I am - running my own successful travel business and living my dream. People often ask what drives me and my answer is my boys. They're both grown up and we haven't had the easiest time. I want to earn enough to make sure they never struggle like I did. My youngest son is autistic and I want to make sure that whatever happens to me, he has a safe home of his own. A massive thanks to my wonderful hubby Colin Bongo Brown - he is there, right by my side every step of the way. Travel Counsellors was one of many companies I could have become affiliated to, but they stood out head and shoulders above the rest. In my three years with them, they have only served to prove me right! They are the best! I want to thank you all for being fabulous supporters and sharing my details. It means so much. I love having that first conversation with you and finding out more about you, your likes and your dislikes. Please always remember, it takes a bit of 'to-ing' and 'fro-ing' to get your holiday just right. That's what I'm here for! We go through your first options and then tweak them to make them perfect for you and your family and friends. If something isn't quite right - tell me! We'll make it perfect together. Thank you massively to everyone for sharing my details. We're all in this together. We only live once - let's enjoy it! Much love to you all and thank you for reading to the end. Lizzie xx

My Top 5 tips for planning a Destination Wedding

12 February 2017

Prior to joining Travel Counsellors, I worked overseas as a Wedding Co-Ordinator in Paphos, Cyprus, where I was organising 5 weddings per day, which was a bit of a logistical challenge! After returning back to the UK, I worked as a Wedding Planner at Linden Hall in Northumberland, where I organised a more manageable 1-2 weddings per week. In 2012, I organised my own dream wedding in St Lucia. Here are 5 of the best tips for planning your wedding abroad, that I have learned in this time: 1. When should I start planning my wedding abroad? The simple answer to this is, the sooner the better. This gives you time to organise your budget, documentation and also ensures you get the destination you want. 2. How do I stay organised? If you’re planning your wedding as a couple, then whoever is more organised should keep track of the bookings. This person doesn’t have to do all the work, but they should organise all the information you need for your honeymoon. Staying organised will help reduce the stress because information will be where you need it, when you need it. 3. Do I have to set a budget? The number one cause of wedding related stress is money. Don’t rack up credit card debt to have your perfect destination wedding. If you plan carefully, you won’t have to stress. 4. Use a Wedding Registry service. If money is a concern for your wedding and if you would just prefer the most memorable experience to a kitchen full of duplicate appliances you’ll never use, or even more linen, sign up to a Wedding Registry. The way I explain it to your friends and family is, “We would love to have the wedding of our lifetime and would love if you could contribute to making THE best memories for us”. This way your friends and relatives can contribute to this, helping your budget, to help you realise that perfect destination wedding. 5. Why should I use a professional destination wedding planner, I’ve booked holidays before? This is the biggest of all special occasions and there are many pitfalls that can be encountered. The legalities vary among destinations and you can’t afford for this to go wrong. I have done this for a long time and with the support of my company we have come across every single question and problem that a couple could come across. Nothing is a too big a problem to sort. All my clients are VIPs to me so you know everyone gets the very same level of service and knowledge! If you'd like an informal chat, please get in touch. Tel: 0191 432 6570 Mobile: 07760885954 Email:

A Transatlantic cruise on the QM2, beautiful Leviathan of the seas!

18 January 2017

Following on from our few days in New York we embarked seamlessly onto QM2 at 12:30 on 3rd January. Our luggage was picked up at the dock and mysteriously reappeared outside our cabin on deck 12 - just amazing.We had an inside cabin for the 7 day crossing and I have to say, as it was dark and the ship would gently rock as we slept, it was the best night’s sleep we had for ages! It had been a rainy few days in New York but today was dry albeit a bit misty. This meant that as we drew closer to embarkation at 16:30 the Manhattan skyline and the statue of Liberty were shrouded in mist making some of our photographs not as good as we had liked. That being said it was an amazing experience to stand on deck at the ‘Sail away party’ with a glass of champagne in hand and watch as we sailed down the Hudson River and out into the Atlantic, never to see land again for 7 days, which was a strange thought, the ships horn blasting as we left. The QM2 is a fabulous ship and has recently had a major overhaul, with some of the regular ‘Cunarders’ commenting that she was now resplendent in Art Deco magnificence. If you are a lover of Art Deco you will adore this ship! As we were on the flagship Cunard ship you could see that everything was catered for, down to the minute detail, including cheery staff looking magnificent in their flamboyant red outfits with white gloves. If you someone who loves to be pampered and to feel extra special, this is the cruise for you. The food was of very high quality and with fantastic choices in buffet style Kings Court and in The Britannia Restaurant where we were allocated a table to share with two other couples, which was great to meet other people, was divine. With an amazing choice of food that you would normally find in a Michelin starred restaurant, all part of your fare. During the night there was a Daily Programme posted at our cabin to inform us of all the activities that would be available for you to think about the next day and I have to say, you would never be bored. But, if you wanted to swim in the many pools or visit the Canyon Spa for a massage or just relax in one of the many lounges, you are spoilt for choice. In the evening there were two formal dress nights where Colin wore his Tux and I wore my best evening dress. What a fabulous excuse to dress up an dine - everybody looked amazing. The other nights were informal nights where gents can wear an open shirt and jacket with smart trousers and I wore smart casual evening wear. My husband, Colin, loved the talks in Illuminations Theatre, as there were some great presenters on, from The New York Times. One chap, Phil Shenon, talked about the JFK assassination, 9/11 theories and the Trump effect, during different days on the trip. Illuminations is also the home of the Planetarium which lowers from the ceiling giving the viewers a 360 degree view of the fantastic twice daily shows of our universe, literally out of this world! I tried my hand at line dancing lessons in the Queens Room Ballroom and loved every minute! (Colin would nip away at this point to the golf simulator) The daily announcements were short and sweet, would let you know our location in the Atlantic and informed us all of the exact time we would sail over co-ordinates 41o43'35" N, 49o56'54" W, which is the location of The Titanic disaster. Many people stood on deck in silence as a mark of respect, with heads bowed. This was a very emotional feeling as we remembered those who had perished that dreadful night. We bought a soft drinks package for the trip as the prices at the bar can add up on your cabin card, which doubles as your cabin key and your debit card, where drinks are added to your final bill. Credit or debit card details are taken when you embark for these bills to be charged to. Our Soft drinks package was £100 for the 7 days for the two of us, but considering it was nearly £3 a drink it was well worth it. I needed to work for some time while I was on board and for this reason, I bought a WiFi package of 135 minutes for approx. £40. I suppose if you want to get away from it all, you wouldn’t need Wifi but as January is my busiest time, I had to check in now and again. The trip was quite choppy at times, but this fine lady managed to soften out the bumps with ease and the sensation of travelling was akin to a flight, I thought anyway. We arrived in Southampton at 06:30 on 10th January and as we left her majesty, we said goodbye to her and to many of the friends we had made en route. I have to say, I am a certainly a cruiser now after sampling this amazing experience, on this superb and stylish lady of the seas, Cunard’s QM2.

NEW YORK! I want to be a part of it!

13 January 2017

I had been to New York many years ago, but I was really looking forward visiting again with my husband, Colin, for a few days prior to embarking on our Transatlantic Queen Mary 2 voyage (this will be covered on another blog). We had only a few nights and one whole day to cram as much in as we could, which is why we booked our accommodation in the RIU Plaza Times Square, which is a lovely new property in a very central location in the Theatre district. As we had flown into New York on 1st January 2017, the craziness of New Year’s Eve was over and the prices were considerably better, for flights and accommodation. The following day, the 2nd January, we headed off early into the city using an itinerary drawn up by my husband Colin, of a comprehensive list of places to visit, using a street map along with online maps to work out walking distances, which turned out to be very accurate. First of all, breakfast! This we had predetermined would be at the famous Brooklyn Diner, which was a 15-minute walk away. We didn’t have to queue and were met by a lovely waiter who wished us Happy New Year and showed us to our table. In the diner, there are small metal plaques fixed to the wall of the booths, these show names of famous people who had sat in those booths. I spotted the plates of Rick Moranis, Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner among others! After our lovely, filling breakfast we headed back out and toward South Central Park which was only 5 minutes' walk away. Here we met a lovely Turkish guy, ‘Ray’, who offered to cycle us around Central Park with his PediCycle, which is basically a trike with a canopy. As it was quite rainy and we wouldn’t get to see as much on foot , we took Ray up on his offer and decided to go with him. This was $80 well spent as he was fantastic, guiding us around and explaining how the park was formed as well as pointing out some of the apartments overlooking Central Park and how some of them are worth $20m! Does anyone recognise the fountain in the picture on the right, from a very well known US sitcom? We, or should I say, Ray, cycled up to the famous Wollman Ice Rink, famous for many movie scenes, then on to Strawberry Field and the ‘Imagine’ mosaic, in memory to John Lennon who was assassinated outside his apartment building, Yoko Ono, now 83 years old, still lives in that same apartment at the top of the Dakota Building, which is just across from Strawberry Fields. After this we visited Bloomingdales, which was only 10 minutes' walk from South Central Park as we were on a mission to buy our friends from home, the famous ‘Little Brown Bag’. In the restroom, I spotted an elderly lady wearing a red 1920’s-style hat (I have a thing for hats) and commented to her how lovely it was, to which she replied “thank you so much”. Then it hit me, this was Yoko Ono herself! (I didn’t say to her that I had recognised her and I got the impression from her she was happy with that. I am still shocked!) From there we walked past Tiffany’s jewellers (I couldn’t force my husband to go in), which has Trump Tower attached and on to see the Rockefeller Centre, Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station, 20 minutes' walk from Bloomindales. We didn’t visit the ‘Top of The Rock’ due to zero visibility (it's $34 each) so make sure the visibility is good before you go up. After freshening up at our hotel we went for dinner, which consisted of pizza from a street vendor at Times Square, which is all part of the experience! The following day we were leaving New York at 12:30 from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal so we decided to visit the World Trade Centre via subway after checking out from our hotel. It was really easy to use the subway with two large cases and it took only 10 minutes from our hotel to the World Trade Centre and at $3 each a cheaper alternative to taxi, which would have cost $30 and taken 30 minutes. We had a short walk from the subway to World Trade Centre itself , where we found the whole experience very moving. We bought some momentos to bring back from ground zero, which goes toward the NYC 9/11 fund. We didn’t visit the memorial museum as the queues were too long and we didn’t have time to wait before jumping in a taxi to the cruise terminal for the next part of our trip . . .

I left my heart in California!

30 November 2016

One of the biggest perks of running my own travel business is getting to see the destination first hand. I am completely in love – it’s official! Since I was 17 years old, I have wanted to return here. To say I was completely blown away is an understatement. The stunningly beautiful state of California has something to offer everyone. Our first day was spent exploring Hollywood and learning its history. We visited the Walk of Fame and walked down Hollywood Boulevard. The next day, we drove down Highway 101 to Santa Barbara and experienced a fabulous local wine tasting on the magnificent pier. For any of you out there who like your wine, I’d highly recommend the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail. Join the locals and taste some of the finest wines produced in Santa Barbara County, all within blocks of downtown and the beach. This gorgeous State continued to fuel my passion. If you're headed this way, you really need to experience the Land Shark. You have a tour of Santa Barbara on land before the Land Shark enters the ocean. We were fortunate to be in the USA on Thanksgiving. It was lovely to see all the families at sunrise setting up for beach barbecues. The town was buzzing and welcoming. For the first time in my extensive travels, a place really hit me like a thunderbolt. Santa Barbara is my forever home – I just need to figure out how to get a visa to make this dream come true. I lived the dream next day, taking a Mustang down the Pacific Highway! We went on the famous Ferris wheel on Santa Monica pier, then a 4-mile bike ride along the beach. This may sound energetic, but you can go at your own pace and truly enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the area whilst enjoying the breeze in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Big shout out here to Rusty’s Surf Ranch on Santa Monica pier – great atmosphere and awesome food! Highly recommended! Had a few drinkies and watched the sunset from the rooftop bar of the Erwin hotel. This is a must visit. The views from here are simply awesome! I’ve never seen a sunset like it. Moving on from Santa Monica, we drove to Beverly Hills, California and recreated scenes from Pretty Woman; the singing might have been a little off-key in places, but it still earned us a round of applause. One place you have to visit is Sprinkles Cupcake ATM - Beverly Hills. You can go into the shop, or you can go to an ATM, similar to a bank ATM and order your bespoke cake! Great fun and the most delicious cakes ever. Our final leg of the trip was to Palm Springs. A great place to go and relax, have a spa or, as we did, visit the Living Desert, where you can take a tour through the deserts of the world and see some beautiful animals. You go to California for the sunshine, right? If you take the aerial tramway, with its rotating cable cars, you can ride to the top of the mountain and see snow! Yes, that’s right – snow! In California. Our final day was spent shopping. There are numerous outlets in the whole state selling lots of goodies to take home at some bargain prices. If you buy too much, don’t worry – just buy an extra case to store them. California – I’m coming back – if possible, to stay! A true love affair has been ignited and I want more! If you want to find out more, please email or call 01914326570/07760885954. The best call you could ever make!

I'm married to a travel agent who is married to her business!

11 November 2016

I hear a lot about running your business and how wonderful it is. Yes it is great, in a way, allowing you to become master or mistress of your own destiny, being your own boss and making you self-accountable, it’s got to be awesome hasn’t it, or has it? My wife Lizzie runs her own travel agency as a personal travel agent with Travel Counsellors and she has worked in the travel industry for over 16 years. What I really mean is, she has been married to the travel industry for that time and as she has only been married to me for four years, I know my place as a house husband to my other mistress: Lizzie’s passion for her travel agency business. I left my ‘proper’ job in 2005 as a Plant Operative in the nuclear industry in 2005 but knew it was too early for me, as I had loads of lucrative employment years left. I turned down a megabucks chance to work on decommissioning Russian subs in Murmansk to move to Cyprus with Lizzie to help in her role as wedding co-ordinator. What this really meant, of course, I was throwing in my lot to help Lizzie in her passion to help others at their most important time of life, their wedding! Fast forward to 2014 when Lizzie joined Travel Counsellors. Now, with the backing of this amazing company Lizzie can truly immerse herself in the business of making her clients happy, which as it turns out is a drug to her! She works all hours and even on downtime that blooming iPad is never out of her hand, while she answers clients’ emails at ungodly hours and wonders why they are expecting her to reply at midnight. She even takes the iPad to bed! Her title is Personal Travel Counsellor and my does she not utilise that word personal to its utmost. She makes herself available to clients at all times including weekends which can impact on our time together and socialising with friends. I’ve become a ‘partner’ in her business which helps her with some of the day to day running of her business, but also includes all the back office household tasks including making meals, washing, ironing and shopping etc. I think my testosterone levels are now non-existent. I also have to be a counsellor myself when she becomes stressed by a potential client that has picked her brains for many hours, only to head online. Every day is a business day to Lizzie. Even when we do manage to socialise, her business brain is only dormant; it will switch on fully when someone happens to mention the trigger word, ‘holidays’. I help her out with breakfast networking because she says doesn’t like to 'sell' herself, as she puts it, but I think it’s because she has been up during the night doing an online check-in or other stuff for clients and has hardly slept. Being married to a home based travel agent does come with its perks, even though she is the one who travels regularly to far flung places on Fam (familiarisation) trips, I do have the benefit of having in-house, up to the minute travel information and a wife that will always work to get us the best deal. She has made some great contacts that can source us the best rates for our own personal holidays, so there is a major plus side to being married to a travel agent passionate about her work. All in all we are a team that works well together and having a supportive HQ team always on hand in a crisis makes for a healthy balanced business. So that’s it from me, the chief cook and bottle washer, marketing and social media expert, laundry specialist and stress counsellor. Now, can anyone suggest a good HR advisor? I need advice on my working conditions! Colin Brown, husband of Lizzie Adamson-Brown, Travel Counsellors

Luxury and elegance on board the remastered Cunard Queen Mary 2

26 September 2016

As someone relatively new to cruise and already completely hooked, I was delighted to be invited on board the newly remastered Queen Mary 2 for training at sea, last week. It was my first experience of the Cunard brand and Queen Mary 2 has recently undergone a major, multi million pound refurbishment - I was totally blown away. She is stunning. Our first experience of the renowned Cunard 'White Star Service' began the moment we stepped on board when the white-gloved officers and crew greeted us with a smile and warm welcome. My immediate impressions were of the sheer spaciousness and elegance. I was taken back to a bygone era where you would dress for dinner, listening to some fabulous jazz music before taking to the dancefloor. I was appointed an outside stateroom and you can see from my photo that it was lovely and had everything you need. Our first day was spent taking part in a treasure hunt! We had such a giggle, but it was a great way of getting to know this stunning ship and finding out some little nuggets of information including finding Homer Simpson discretely hidden in one of the panels. Cruises are well known for the fabulous food and again, Queen Mary did not disappoint. We had the opportunity to eat at a variety of restaurants and the food was simply superb - top quality, accompanied again, by the fabulous 'White Star Service'. If you do get the opportunity, take advantage of the speciality dining at the Verandah and Kings Court - you won't regret it. A wide range of entertainment awaits you, but my favourite had to be the dance lessons. I learned to Cha Cha Cha and line dance - later on in the cruise, we had the opportunity to showcase our new dancing skills. I was lucky to have two clients on board who are the most amazing dancers. I watched in awe at their chemistry and sheer elegance. Next time, that'll be me and my husband - with lots of practice, anyway. We had two ports of call and I had a fabulous time on both. Whether you like something formal and planned, or just want to go and explore yourself, you choose - it's your trip. The first trip was to Bruges. The last time I visited Bruges was in 1984 (how can that be when I'm only 27 you might ask!) We had a fabulous guide who gave us lots of information and background to Bruges before letting us loose on the chocolate shops. OK, Bruges is more than chocolate shops, but this is me - the chocolate called! What a vibrant place with so many amazing places to visit. We took a canal boat ride - it was a fabulous way of seeing Bruges from an alternative view. Be warned - some of those bridges are low - remember to duck. Guernsey was our second trip. What a stunning island. My tip is to take the bus service that takes you around the island for £1 each! Yes, £1! It's full of little alleyways with local shops and if you're into World War Two history, you will find evidence of the German's occupation of the island. The Cunard team were so welcoming, knowledgeable and approachable. Nothing is too much trouble for them. All you have to do is ask. If you would like to experience a bygone era, get dressed up in your best clothes for formal night and dance to some fabulous music, whilst eating amazing food, mixing with like-minded travellers and making new friends - Cunard is for you! A mini cruise really is a fabulous way of trying out a cruise to see if it's for you. If you've cruised before, it's a great way of trying a new cruise line. Or even, just a great excuse for a few days R&R, away from the stresses of life, being completely pampered and having special time together. Always more than happy to help you find the perfect cruise for you. Just give me a call on 0191 432 6570 or email

Paradise and Sandy Toes in the Bahamas

11 September 2016

One of the biggest perks of running my own travel business is getting to see the destinations first hand. I have just returned from a fabulous trip to the Bahamas, courtesy of AMG. Upon arrival in the Bahamas, we transferred to the spectacular Atlantis Paradise Island hotel, where we stayed in the Royal Towers. The hotel boasts the amazing Aquaventure water park, as well as a huge choice of restaurants and bars, multiple swimming pools and leisure facilities and even a casino. You certainly won’t get bored here! There’s something for everyone and then some! After a site inspection of the Atlantis, we had the afternoon to take advantage of Aquaventure and experience more of the hotels’ facilities. The questions is, did I dare to take on the legendary Leap of Faith slide, with its near vertical drop? What I loved was swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cay. I was very interested to hear how a number of the dolphins had been rescued from New Orleans and lovingly cared for in the resort here. The experience was superb and the trainers had a great manner with these beautiful creatures. You can’t help but smile from ear to ear at the antics! That evening, we had dinner at the British Colonial Hilton; a striking building in downtown Nassau with direct beach access and a great view of the busy cruise port. I was so excited for our next trip. We visited Rose Island on the famous Sandy Toes excursion. This is one of the most popular and best loved day trips in the Bahamas and I can see why. A short boat trip took us to this beautiful island with the most amazing beaches. If you're looking for a taste of the ‘real’ Caribbean, this is for you. This was the perfect antidote to my sore feet from all the walking yesterday. I covered myself in sun cream and just bobbed around in the warm Caribbean Sea, glass of beer/cocktail/water in hand and relaxed! I wonder if we could persuade the NHS to prescribe this. After the most wonderful, peaceful, relaxed day, we checked into the Melia Hotel, Nassau Beach. I really liked this hotel. It’s modern, fresh and contemporary, situated on the lovely Cable Beach. The next day we visited some fabulous hotels: Firstly, the Graycliff – a legendary mansion built by the feared pirate, Captain John Howard Graysmith, who was master of the notorious schooner Graywolf. As soon as you walk in the door, the history hits you – you feel as though you’ve gone back in time. We transferred to the Warwick Hotel. Newly renovated, there were no guests, but it’s going to be popular with the young, trendy set as it’s adults only and very contemporary, set right on the beach. I could not wait for our next visit, to the ‘One and Only’ Ocean Club – it took my breath away. You know a hotel is going to be good, when it was the backdrop to a James Bond movie, as this was for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. We enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea. I have to say, our Junkanoo Educulture tour next day was great fun. Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance, and costumes of Igbo origin in many towns across the Bahamas every Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day. We made our own seashells and cowbells covered in coloured paper and ornaments before putting together our own band. We played drums, whistles, cowbells and just laughed and laughed. The experience is led by Arlene, who is so passionate and proud of her heritage. I really would recommend this as a morning out when visiting Nassau. In the afternoon, we had a Bahamian Food tour. We walked around Nassau visiting restaurants and places of interesting, testing and sampling traditional Bahamian food, whilst learning of the islands past and its multi-cultural heritage. Our final day was a day for chilling and relaxing. I love going on these trips as I get to meet some really interesting people who become friends. We share photos and experiences, as well as business cards. The Bahamas is often referred to as a ‘bucket list’ destination and is renowned for white sand beaches and sunny climate. This is definitely true, but there’s so much more to the Bahamas than chilling on a beach. Explore a little and you’ll find some hidden gems in the form of friendly, welcoming locals, a fabulous cultural heritage and some stunning architecture; alongside all the mod cons of new resorts such as the Atlantis with its waterparks and jam packed programme of entertainment. Bahamas – I’ll be back!

Ten Top Tips for Venice

22 August 2016

Everyone knows Venice is a unique city-break destination with global appeal, but what are the ten top tips which allows you to maximise your time experiencing the authentic Venice? My lovely client Kate and her husband Gordon, travelled to Italy in May 2016. Spending four nights in the city gave them some couple-time away from domesticity and work. 1. Use the public water buses rather than a private taxi: they are frequent, easy to use and are a great way to see the city from the water. An unlimited three day pass cost €40. Much cheaper than a private taxi and certainly less than a gondola. 2. Stay somewhere quiet to get away from the hustle and bustle of city-life: at times the sheer number of tourists was overwhelming, so book somewhere which offers calm and tranquillity. The Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort hotel (near the train station at the opposite end of the Grand Canal to St Mark’s Square) is steeped in history (it was built in the 18th Century) and its gardens offered space away from the crowds. The rooms displayed a faded grandeur of a bygone era but with modern facilities. 3. Visit Scuola Grande di San Rocco: with long queues for many of the tourist hotspots we opted for the Scuola Grande di San Rocco which displays over 50 Tintoretto paintings, the largest collection anywhere in the world. The entrance fee was €10. 4. Climb the Bovolo Staircase: Bovolo means snail in Venetian and reflects the spiral nature of the climb to the top. It was hard to locate but well worth it for the uncrowded space to view the Venetian rooftop vista. And it only cost €10 per person to access the staircase. 5. Visit the islands in the Venice Lagoon: this offers a different perspective when spending time on Murrano (glass factories abound); Burrano famous for its painted houses and leaning tower; and the quiet Torcello, the home-place of Marco Polo and original seat of Venetian power. 6. Bring comfortable walking shoes: Venice is comparatively small so getting around on foot is viable and healthy. Exploring is part of the Venetian experience and is to be embraced wholeheartedly. 7. Visit the Jewish Quarter: this area of Venice is 500 years old in 2016 and has its own distinctive flavour. Did you know the word ‘ghetto’ originated in Venice? 8. Try an orange-coloured Aperol Spritzer: this Venetian alcoholic beverage will make you feel like a local. 9. Buying Murrano glass and leather: if you are considering buying either beware of cheap imitations and Chinese imports. If you want the real deal look hard and ask questions. 10. Make use of hotel staff’s knowledge: the staff at the Ca’ Nigra were knowledgeable, offering great tips of places to go and restaurants to eat. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Venice and will return in the future. A huge thank you to Lizzie Adamson-Brown for her organisational skills and good advice. Kate writes the most incredible blog: If you're a keen snowboarder, pop along and follow her blog for the best top tips ever! I'm not a snowboarder and I love it!

My return to St Lucia

16 June 2016

I’ve just returned from the most amazing time in St Lucia, courtesy of Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort. I was keen to return to St Lucia, as I got married there in 2012 at the Rendezvous; but it was strange returning without my hubby. A huge thanks to British Airways for our complimentary upgrade to Club class. It meant we could work on flight on the way over and sleep on the way back. It’s going to be difficult flying economy again after this fabulous experience. We landed at St Lucia Hewanorra Airport to be met by representatives of Windjammer. They were waiting with fresh, cold cloths to cool down and a much welcomed bottle of ice cold water. The journey to the North of St Lucia takes you through some lovely spots and our driver stopped at the lookout point so we could take some photos. The welcome by Sherani and the rest of the staff was absolutely fabulous. They were so smiley and welcoming – and incredibly FUNNY (Sherani really should be on the stage lol). After a swift, smooth check in, I was taken to my villa. You could hear the squeals of delight from my fellow travellers. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! I shared a 3 bedroomed island villa with private plunge pool. It really was a home from home with everything you could need and more. Decoration was incredibly tasteful, neutral and top quality, designed to perfection. After a long day travelling, we had a lovely evening at the Upper Deck restaurant, hosted by Mark and Linda Ozawa (MD and his wife) with a few members of staff. This is a lovely restaurant, set on multi levels, overlooking the beautiful bay. Perfect for a romantic night out, tucked away in peace; or a meal for the whole family. I spent the next day meeting with staff to talk about what they offer my clients. They are so welcoming and want to do all they can to make this extra special for you. This was great, as it aligns perfectly with my philosophy that every client is a VIP. I particularly wanted to chat about weddings. Destination weddings are increasingly popular. Having organised well over 500 destination weddings, I had a LOT of questions. The wedding planners are absolutely superb. The resort promises total exclusivity – only 1 wedding per day. If you’re looking to get married overseas, get in touch – the Windjammer could be your perfect venue, whether it’s an intimate wedding for 2, or you’re travelling with a large group of family and friends. Dinner that evening was at Papa Don’s taverna, a traditional pizza and pasta restaurant. After chatting to the new Head of Food and Beverage, I’m very excited about future plans for the resort. Next day, after a scrummy breakfast at the Dragonfly, we met for an inspection with the Directors and management team to see the upgrades and future plans for Windjammer. Their vision is superb and will take Windjammer up another notch in terms of luxury accommodation. We had a meeting in the afternoon, where feedback and suggestions were welcome. I was so impressed by their attention to detail and need to know how they can continuously improve to provide the best service to their clients. A great team – very open and welcoming of ideas. That evening, we were treated to a spectacular Catamaran Cruise. We set sail from the Water Sports Centre and headed North to Rodney Bay. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous. It was lovely to sit, with the breeze in my hair, drinking a rum cocktail or a Piton beer (local beer) and just relax. They did hold a dance competition which was hilarious. I have sea legs, but certainly not good enough to dance, so I watched and cheered! Lol The Saturday had to be my favourite day! We were treated to the Spa’s signature massage! Oh my goodness!!!!! I came out feeling like a floppy ragdoll. The spa and wellness centre is superb. It’s new, fresh and welcoming, with fabulously attentive staff who are so skilled. I have to say, this was the best massage I have ever had!!!! Windjammer has had their own range of products perfectly blended using local ingredients and sources. I’m going to be making a shipping order soon. After a fabulous, relaxing day, we headed to Gros Islet Street Party. ‘Jump ups’, as they’re called in the Caribbean, usually take place on a Friday, but the St Lucia Tourist Board put on an extra one for the Saturday. The smell of street food and welcoming locals greeted us with some fabulous live bands. We danced until we dropped and laughed until our sides ached. To start our final day, we went horseback riding with the International Pony school of St Lucia. What an adventure. We trotted along the edge of the sea and then had a briefing before trotting into the sea on our horses; bareback and barefoot. The instructors were fabulous and always conscious of our safety whilst ensuring that we enjoyed every minute. What a truly amazing experience. Sadly, we had to leave and wave goodbye, but I’ll be back! I adore St Lucia – I have such happy memories of my wedding day and now additional happy memories of the stunning Windjammer Landing and lots of new friends. Thanks so much to you for your incredible hospitality! xxxx

Cruise Lines International Association Conference 2016

26 May 2016

I spent last week attending the fabulous annual Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) conference in Southampton. CLIA is an independent organisation who bring together cruise lines, travel agents, associated travel partners and are dedicated to the expansion of ocean and river cruise holidays. 2 years ago, I hadn’t cruised and couldn’t see me cruising – I thought it wasn’t for me, it was for old people, I would get fat with all the food, I’d get seasick – all the usual excuses. As part of my Continuous Professional Development, I undertook the fabulous array of courses CLIA have designed and am delighted to say that I have achieved the highest qualification of Cruise Master. As part of this training, I went on numerous ship visits, training days, mini cruises and cruises on ocean and river ships. I’m HOOKED!!!!! I don’t say that lightly – I was quite adamant cruising wasn’t for me, and now I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t cruise. There’s a cruise line and ship out there for everyone. It’s a case of matching you to the right line and ship and I can confidently say I can do that now. The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Cruise Revolution’. I decided to arrive a day early to attend a Masterclass on board MSC Splendida. She’s a Fantasia-class cruise ship. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had a pleasant surprise. She’s very much Mediterranean in style and the service is second to none. I adored the sparkly gold Swarovski crystal staircase. Next day was the opening ceremony held by our very own ‘Ant and Dec’, Andy Harmer, VP CLIA UK and Ireland and Lucy Huxley, Editor in Chief, Travel Weekly. They certainly know how to work the room and hold the interest with fascinating stats and updates in the Cruise Industry. Our ship visit today was the gorgeous P&O Ventura. We played a game to make the ship visit more fun and I was delighted to win a prize of a free 2 night cruise with P&O. Having said that, my highlight had to be meeting the awesome Marco Pierre White. Marco works closely with P&O, and brings his expertise to the gala night menus in the main restaurants, Café Jardin on board Oceana, and the Ocean Grill on board Arcadia. He’s not as scary as you would imagine, but shhh – don’t tell him I said that! ;-) That evening was a Trade Fair and Street Party at the Mayflower Terminal in Southampton. It was a great opportunity to meet all the suppliers, make new contacts and find out more about the latest developments in the cruise industry. Penultimate day was the official conference, with some top notch keynote speakers. I was particularly enamoured with Larry Pimentel (or Luxury Larry) from Azamara cruises who gave brief details of some fabulous research they’ve undertaken. The cruise industry is just growing and growing and customer feedback is second to none. Arnold Donald, Chief Executive of the Carnival Corporation had us raptured; so much so that we voted him for next US President. All the speakers were absolutely superb and I have come home feeling more motivated and energised than ever – and I’m a motivated, energised person already! The evening gala dinner was superb and we were treated to entertainment by Princess Cruises, holding the final of the ‘Voice of the Ocean’ competition. Final day – and what a finale! We were the first agents to board the gorgeous Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas. She took our breath away. If you read my previous blog, you can find out much more about her. This is definitely an annual pilgrimage for me. There are so many professionals in this industry who are passionate about what they do. We are all pulling in the same direction in that we want you, our clients to have the most amazing time and to be so in love with this form of travel that we can’t wait to get home and book our next trip (NB: You can actually book your next trip on board and get some amazing deals). If you’re interested in hearing more, please do get in touch. I’m always happy to have a chat and help you find your perfect cruise! Love, Lizzie xx

Harmony of the Seas

26 May 2016

I was so lucky to be invited on board Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas last week. We were the first clients to step foot on her and she did not disappoint. Harmony is the world’s largest cruise ship to date, so before embarking, I made a sneaky visit to City Terminal to have a sneak peek before the crowds arrived and she certainly has the WOW factor! Embarkation was so well organised and I headed up my first escalator on a ship to meet my fellow Travel Professionals. Like other Oasis Class ships, Harmony of the Seas has 7 unique ‘neighbourhoods’. You can take a leisurely stroll along the lush avenues of Central Park, enjoy all the fun of the seaside at the Boardwalk, or do some window-shopping in the designer boutiques of the Royal Promenade. It’s easy to forget you are actually on a ship when you are sat in a coffee bar looking out at real trees and plants and watching the work go by! One of my personal favorites is the interactive screen on every floor. No more getting lost – just a few taps on the screen and you can find your way around this enormous ship, no problem. Anyone who knows me will know exactly why this impresses me so much. Lol I could go on all day, but I’ll just give you a few tempting morsels to whet your appetite: Watch robots mix your cocktail at the incredible Bionic Bar, or delight your taste buds with an amazing choice of dining experiences. Harmony has most slides at sea including the Ultimate Abyss (the tallest slide at sea with a 10 storey drop); take a whirl down The Perfect Storm waterslides, Supercell, Typhoon and Cyclone - which features a champagne bowl swirling you around as you descend towards your final big splash! Yes, the features and gadgets are great, but you’ll also be exploring some stunning locations. It’s time to start getting excited! Soak up Barcelona’s awe-inspiring atmosphere, walk along a beautiful golden beach in Palma de Mallorca, wander through the vibrant city of Rome, or escape from it all to snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Cozumel, Mexico. After all the excitement end your day by snuggling up in the largest, most luxurious rooms ever. Whatever you do, there’ll be an adventure waiting for you around every corner! Before disembarkation, we were treated to a portion of the hit show ‘Grease’! The first time ever performed at sea, I know every word and sang along - I was just sad I wasn’t staying on board for more fun! I’ll be back though!!!!!! No question! There’s so much more I could tell you about this amazing ship so if you want to know more just get in touch! Harmony is a perfect way for multi-generational families to travel together, enjoy their own type of holiday and have the opportunity to meet up, all at the same time! There’s a cruise line and ship that’s perfect for everyone. Give me a call and we can chat about what you are looking for and we’ll create a perfect match made in heaven for your fabulous cruise experience!

My Singapore Fling

16 March 2016

I was so lucky to be invited as a guest of the Singapore Tourist Board and Holland America/Seabourn in February. After a fabulous flight with Singapore Airlines, we arrived into Changi Airport and transferred to the Pan Pacific Orchard to freshen up before our busy day. This five-star hotel is located along the famous Orchard Road and is an excellent base for both business and leisure travellers. Our first stop was Singapore’s Chinatown, which evolved around 1821 when the first Chinese junk arrived from Xiamen, Fujian province in China. Not all parts of Chinatown are Chinese though. The Jamae Mosque and Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple in the centre of China Town lay witness to the harmonious racial and religious atmosphere in Singapore. We then proceeded to take a tour of Kampong Glam. The name of this historical district of Singapore originates from the Gelam tree, which once grew abundantly in this historical city for its use in building ships. In 1822, the land in Kampong Glam was officially allocated to the Malays and others in the Muslim community, including a small but successful community of Arab traders. Kampong Glam is a gem of Singapore’s history and culture. An amazing place to experience the hospitality of the Malay people. Haji Lane, a tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Arab Street, is a fashionistas paradise. Moving swiftly on, we then visited Little India. Traditionally the home of Singapore's Indian community, Serangoon Road and its neighbouring side streets are still today a bustling hive of sights, sounds and intriguing aromas. A rainbow of colours greets you as you wind your way through the streets. Here, one can find handicrafts from Kashmir silk to peacock feathers and flower garlands. Glittering silk-threaded saris, brassware and Indian designed jewellery are particularly good buys. After a long flight and busy day, I had a lovely relaxing night at the Pan Pacific Orchard. I was so excited the next day as we were to visit the Singapore Cruise Centre and tour the gorgeous 6* Seabourn Sojourn. Seabourn is a small-ship cruise line with intimate ships holding no more than 300 suites. Sojourn herself has 225 luxury suites, 4 dining venues, 6 bars and lounges and a stunning spa. She is simply awesome – I could have stayed for a few weeks. ;-) We then visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens. With more than 150 years of history, the 74 hectare Singapore Botanic Gardens has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is also the first in Asia and the third botanic gardens inscribed in the world. There are a number of trails and so much to see. My particular favourite was the National Orchid Garden. We then took a scenic tour down the Singapore River on board a vintage bumboat, much like the ones that many of Singapore’s early immigrants depended on for their livelihoods. The relaxing river cruise took us on a journey through time, offering views of the iconic Merlion, the Esplanade, century-old godowns and shop houses, colonial-style government buildings and grand bridges with their quaint light fixtures, as well as the modern skyscrapers that now dominate the city’s skyline. Dinner was at Satay by the Bay. From classic chargrilled satays to succulent seafood and refreshing desserts, they have it all. Select whatever you like and then sit with friends by the beautiful waterfront, surrounded by lush greenery. I’d highly recommend the Satay. After filling our boots at Satay by the Bay, we attended the Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay. We lay on the ground, looking up at these magnificent Supertrees, enjoying an ‘Evening of Musical Theatre’ light and sound show. I’ve never experienced anything like it. This show is free and is shown twice nightly. Do not miss this when visiting Singapore – you’ll be blown away. The next day we visited Sentosa Island. Sentosa is Singapore’s premier island resort getaway with multi-faceted appeal, teeming with events all year round. Just 15 minutes from the city, it is a unique blend of leisure and recreational facilities including family attractions, sea sports, golf as well as hotel accommodation and retreats. Offering a variety of experiences for all ages, Sentosa is a must-visit destination for tourists and a popular recreational playground for local residents. We enjoyed the luge and skyride and then zipwired through the trees on the mega zipwire before dipping our toes in the South China Sea. A lovely dinner was enjoyed aboard the lovely MS Volendam, a cruise ship belonging to Holland America Line. There are ten decks, with passenger cabins spread across five of them. The ship has eight bars, two swimming pools, two hot tubs, a spa, and a show lounge. The theme aboard Volendam is flowers and fresh displays are located in abundance on board the ship; décor throughout the ship also emphasise floral patterns. She sails out of Australia, Asia and conducts cruises of the Inside Passage traversing British Columbia and Alaska. On our final day, we visited Gardens By The Bay. This sprawling garden in the city provides mesmerising waterfront views across three gardens, spanning over 101 hectares of reclaimed land. Adjacent to the Marina Reservoir, the park consists of three waterfront gardens: Gardens by the Bay is filled with wonders from every continent except Antarctica. We explored diverse plant life from around the world displayed in its spectacular Cooled Conservatories and again, marvelled at the Supertrees – towering vertical gardens that extend into the sky. I will return to Singapore. It is such a friendly, safe place with so much to do. What REALLY stood out to me more than anything else is the friendliness and awesome welcome you receive.

Top 10 Moments on a River Cruise

19 December 2015

After my awesome trip with Tauck, cruising down the Danube, I'm hooked on River Cruising, so I thought I'd share my top 10 moments with you: 1. Step out of the bathroom without having shut the curtains! Well……hello! 2. Sipping an aperol spritz, gluhwein or hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket on the top deck, whilst gliding past fairy-tale castles and picture-book village. 3. Checking out your moves on the river boat dance floor accompanied by a local band. 4. Laughing till your ribs hurt with your new found friends on the ship - and crying when you have to leave them (and exchanging contact details to meet on your next river cruise). 5. Always finding room for cake – even when you have had more than enough – and then some! 6. Staring longingly into our guide Steve McQueens eyes and thanking the Gods for the technology provided, so you know what’s going on. 7. Sneaking into the Jacuzzi on the top deck when no-ones looking; champagne in hand and gazing at the stars. 8. Feeling like a princess in your own private castle, accompanied by the attention of amazing staff who are there to pander to your every need. 9. Dining like royalty and dancing to Mozart in the Grand Hall of a stunning palace 10. Docking so close to the city centre, you can disembark and get on your way; finding off the beaten track places you never knew existed – and have now become your favourite! I'm so proud that CLIA (Cruise Lines International Assocation) shared my tips on their site with their members. If you are looking for independent advice on any aspects of cruising, please join here: If you are looking for a cruise specialist, I have achieved the highest status of Master and would be more than happy to help. To find me, just type in my postcode: NE65 0HZ Happy Cruising! :-) xxx

My Blue Danube cruise on the Tauck MS Treasures

10 November 2015

I was over the moon to be invited on board the MS Treasures for the 2015 Tauck Academy. I’ve also wanted to try River Cruising and this was the perfect opportunity, as well as gaining professional accreditation. As a child, I was a dancer and imagined dancing the waltz with my beloved grandfather in a Viennese palace with live music. I couldn’t take grandad, but knew he’d be with me in spirit all the way. Budapest I flew into Budapest the night before and stayed at the Hotel Zenit. Just a short walk along the beautiful Danube riverside to the pier, this is a stunning hotel. I was met by lovely staff who took my cases and greeted me with a refreshing cocktail and a light lunch. MS Treasures is absolutely stunning. It’s a Jewel Class ship holding no more than 118 guests. Similar sized riverboats with other companies hold up to 160 passengers, so you can see how much extra space you’re getting and extra attention from already fabulous staff. We picked up our ‘Vox’ and met for a tour of Budapest. The Vox is a terrific idea. You tune into the relevant channel to listen to your tour commentary. It was great for me, as I could wander around looking for fabulous photo opportunities and still hear the guide sharing their extensive knowledge of the area. Prior to 1872, two settlements, Buda and Pest, lay on either side of the river. It’s easy to see the difference between the 2. The Buda side is very hilly, whereas Pest is very flat and set off by the spectacular Parliament Building. Budapest is a spa city with over 100 thermal and mineral springs dating back to the 1500s. It is full of wide boulevards and plazas, surrounding by stunning architectural marvels. I really enjoyed the walk back to the boat. It provided amazing views and some fabulous photographic opportunities (and also worked up an appetite for dinner!) Before dinner, we gathered on deck as we sailed away from this beautiful city, with commentary from the wheelhouse. Bratislava In the morning, we entered the Gabcikovo Lock. It was simply awesome to experience the magnificent MS Treasures being lifted 65 feet! WOW! After a morning studying, we departed for a walking tour of Bratislava. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful courtyards and variety of architectural styles. The evening entertainment was from ‘The Funny Fellows’, a local band playing music from the 1920s – 1940s. My cheeks ached from laughing and singing. Durnstein and the Wachau Valley The Wachau valley is absolutely stunning and so picturesque. The morning mist cleared to reveal a beautiful landscape and we slowly sailed by, accompanied by commentary from the wheelhouse. It was a wee bit chilly on the top deck, so staff brought blankets and hot chocolate. It’s an experience I’ll always remember. The fresh Danube air, relaxing in comfort and warmth in a beautiful part of Europe. We disembarked for a walk to the beautiful town of Durnstein, well known for its wineries and a popular stop in the Wachau Valley. It’s also renowned for its apricots and the friendly shops sell a variety of goodies using this popular ingredient. After a fun wine tasting, we returned to MS Treasures for a lively and absolutely hilarious game of ‘The Liars Club’, led by the Cruise Directors. Vienna One thing on my tick list has always been to have Sachertorte in Vienna, so I was rather excited about today. We had a coach tour first, followed by a tour of the Imperial Apartments in the Hofburg Palace. I was fascinated by the story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Emperor Franz Joseph. So much so, that I was straight onto Google on arrival back at the ship. After the tour, I headed straight to the Sacher café and enjoyed a yummy slice of the original Sachertorte with a cup of Sacher coffee. It did not disappoint. What an absolutely beautiful city. I could have stayed much longer and intend to return. Palais Pallavicini Tauck’s difference is that they take you to places other companies cannot. We were incredibly privileged and lucky to have dinner at the elegant Palais Pallavicini. We were greeted by Prince Eduardo himself before enjoying a lovely dinner accompanied by beautiful ball gowns and a musical performance celebrating the legacy of Mozart Back on MS Treasures Earlier in the day, we sat our final exam, so tonight was the awards ceremony and celebration. I received a fabulous trophy for the office and it’s now sitting here with pride. We danced the night away, and I can quite honestly, hand on heart, say I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Final Day What fabulous organisation. We disembarked smoothly and swiftly. Every single thing was planned to perfection. I was quietly hoping that it wouldn’t and I’d be able to stay on the boat a few more days. ;-) Lots of new friends to keep in contact with. I’m not someone who cries easily, but I was rather tearful on the way home. I’ll be back! Summary If you are interested in hearing more about Tauck and the fabulous trips on offer, they don’t just offer river cruises, they have a massive portfolio. What you CAN expect on every trip is 100% commitment from every member of staff, who ensure you enjoy every single moment – and then some! You don’t have to put your hand in your pocket for anything as it’s entirely all-inclusive. The only thing you’ll pay for is souvenirs to take home. Give me a call on 0191 432 6570 or email if you’d like me to book you on this amazing experience.

We went to Las Vegas by mistake!

18 September 2015

I received the surprise of my life in December 2009, when my (now) husband and I went on a trip to Las Vegas. I've let him tell the story in his own words - read on! :-) In the September of 2009 my wife Lizzie who is a whizz at booking holidays, said to me, “how do you fancy a trip to the sun for a few a days?” I, of course agreed, but left her to deal with the challenge of finding something ideally within our budget. I had been thinking for a while that Lizzie and I have been together for 7 years, and I’d been thinking about popping THAT question for quite a while. So when Lizzie mentioned a holiday my mind was already whirring to the potential of popping of THAT question somewhere hot and romantic. After a few days, Lizzie came rushing through to the living room, “I’ve been looking at all the options for a short break around the Canaries, but this one has come in cheaper and the hotel is amazing” “Ok” I said “Where to?” “How do you fancy Las Vegas?” she said excitedly I just blustered something like “Vegas, really, how come?” “I can get Las Vegas in a 5 star condo hotel for 8 days, cheaper than a week in Tenerife!” Well if there’s anywhere on your bucket list, that should be in the top 10, then it’s Las Vegas. So, it was booked and we started to look forward to it immensely and did some research on the things to do and see. Now I had to think about popping THAT question . . . . . but where? Fast forward to December, We stay overnight in Manchester and fly out to Vegas with a change at Philadelphia. I was just excited by the fact I was going there too, even though we never left Philadelphia International! Flying into Las Vegas McCarran International in the dark, over the strip and the shadow of the Spring Mountains in the background was absolutely fantastic. We jumped into a taxi and headed off to our amazing hotel, The Signature at MGM Grand. This is a condo hotel attached to the MGM grand itself, which can be accessed without passing through the MGM casino, which is typical of most hotels in L.V. We were booked into The Penthouse suite as Lizzie, using her travel nous had managed to get us an upgrade! To say this was a stunning suite was an understatement! The whole Las Vegas experience is a huge blow to your senses, all the sights and sounds are just totally intense. We visited every hotel on the strip, which is like having a day out at a theme park for every style you can imagine, from Medieval England, days of the Knights of the Round Table (Excalibur) to the great Pyramid of Egypt (Luxor) there is a hotel for everyone. Also, it is within driving distance to The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, for a great day out away from the glitz and bright lights, which we did midweek. Now back to the story of THAT question . . . . All the time I was there I was thinking of how I could manipulate a situation where I could pop THAT question. I thought about looking for a romantic spot, like the Las Vegas sign or on top of The Paris hotel with its Eiffel tower? But my moment arrived when we visited The Venetian Hotel, on the penultimate day of our trip, with its Italian Palazzo themed style. We had a romantic ride on a Gondola on the canal, inside the hotel. Where, the Gondolier sang 'O Sole Mio' while he punted us around. This was my chance and I took it with both hands, I looked straight into Lizzie’s eyes, held her hand and asked her to marry me! (THAT question). I daren’t risk wobbling the Gondola by attempting the one knee thing. I didn’t have an Engagement ring with me so it was a case of using a ‘substitute’ ring, then when we got home I had a local jeweller make an engagement ring to our specifications. We arrived back to ‘shore’ where the Gondolier announced what I had done, the crowd started to cheer and the attached photo was taken! I asked the concierge in our hotel, how much it would be to hire a stretch limo, with a driver for a few hours, with Champagne and roses, I’m thinking this would be a lovely treat for Lizzie for our engagement. “$80 dollars”, was the reply. How amazingly reasonable is this? So, I got Lizzie into the foyer of the hotel just as the Limo turned up. The driver came in and said “Limo, for the future Mrs Brown” Well, Lizzie’s chin just hit the floor, the driver opened the door for us, and off we went, quaffing the champagne, with Lizzie all tearful. We were entertained by some of the most amazing acts. Lizzie has a ‘thing’ for Elvis, so here she is having her photo taken with 'him'. A trip over the Grand Canyon is a ‘must do’ whilst you are so close! We bought our trip ticket in Las Vegas, which was a short trip up to the airstrip at Boulder then we jumped on a light aircraft that flew us over this amazing, awe-inspiring sight! We loved every second of this magical trip to Las Vegas, we gambled once with $20 and won $50, that was all the gambling we did. I know the title is we went to Las Vegas by mistake, but that is tongue in cheek, because we had the most fabulous time and even though we aren’t gamblers, there is loads to see and do there. You won’t be disappointed, we definitely weren’t, best mistake ever!

500 Weddings and Counting!

27 July 2015

I had a great meeting with a lovely couple this weekend, to help them plan their destination wedding and they asked me how many weddings I’d actually planned... I hadn’t even thought of this, so when I got home, I got out my ‘special’ suitcase. It’s a case full of thank you cards, letters, photos and postcards from weddings I’d planned. I calculated that I have actually planned over 500 weddings! It really doesn’t feel that many, considering that every single one was an absolute pleasure. From intimate beachside weddings for a couple, to elaborate premier league footballer events with over 1000 guests, every single wedding I organise is special to me and wonderful in its own individual way. I’ve laughed until I’ve cried at fabulous speeches, the antics of tiny page boys and bridesmaids; cried at a bride’s emotional speech, asking everyone to enjoy her wedding day and not be sad for the aggressive cancer she was fighting. When you organise your wedding with me, you don’t just get me, you get a whole team working to ensure every single minute is special: we have a team at Travel Counsellors Head Office, the co-ordinator in resort and the hotel team. My only requirement of you is that you enjoy every single minute of your special day and leave all the stress of organising it to me. I know I’ve said it before, but this isn’t a job for me, it’s my passion. I even have been invited to their wedding as a guest and many of my clients have become good friends. I’ve followed their life journey through to their first anniversary, the birth of their beautiful babies and even arranged renewal of vows a few years down the line. Here are my top 5 FAQ’s asked by couples who want to arrange their perfect destination wedding: 1. When should I start planning my Destination Wedding? The simple answer to this is, the sooner the better. This gives you time to organise your budget, documentation and also ensures you get the destination and venue you want. 2. How do I stay organised? If you're planning your Destination Wedding as a couple, then whoever is more organized should keep track of the bookings. This person doesn't have to do all the work, but he or she should organize all the information you need for your wedding. Staying organized will help reduce the stress because information will be where you need it, when you need it. 3. Do I have to set a budget? The number one cause of wedding related stress is money. Don't rack up credit card debt to have your perfect destination wedding. If you plan carefully, you won't have to stress. 4. What is a Wedding/Honeymoon Registry? If money is a concern for your Wedding/Honeymoon and if you would just prefer the most memorable experience to a kitchen full of duplicate appliances you'll never use, or even more linen, sign up to this Registry. Friends and relatives can contribute to this and this will help your budget to find that perfect destination wedding. 5. Why should I use a professional destination wedding planner? I’ve booked holidays before! This is the biggest of all special occasions and there are many pitfalls that can be encountered. I have done this for a long time and with the support of my company we have come across every single question and problem that a couple could come across. Nothing is a too big a problem to sort. All my clients are VIP’s to me so you everyone gets the very same level of service and knowledge. If you're looking to plan your destination wedding, or know someone who is, please feel free to refer them to me in confidence. I'll look after them as if it was my own wedding. :-)

AM Resorts agent trip, Mexico

21 July 2015

This June, I was incredibly privileged to be invited onto the AM Resorts agent trip in Mexico. In the past I’ve shied away from All Inclusive holidays, having terrible memories of a bun fight at the buffet that was always the same, day in day out. I’m a bit of a foodie and ‘brown’, bland food just doesn’t cut it. We visited Zoetry, Secrets, Dreams and Now properties and after experiencing the ‘unlimited luxury’, I am an all-inclusive convert. You can eat a different meal each night, whether it’s traditional Mexican cuisine, French, Seafood, Italian, Mediterranean, Pan Asian – each restaurant is beautifully designed to reflect the country with an ambience to match. The food is fresh, of the highest quality and always served with the highest standards of service and huge smiles (this welcome radiated throughout every resort). If you don’t want a huge meal, you have the option of a yummy snack at the Barefoot Grill by the pool, and one of my favourites was the Coco Café. Every morning, I had an early morning walk and treated myself to a fresh coffee served with a smile (and a pastry/cake if I was feeling particularly naughty). If you have any allergies or special requirements – that’s not a problem. You most certainly won’t go hungry. Gone are the days of vegetarians having an option of omelette - you’re spoiled for choice. I enjoyed some delicious cocktails – alcoholic and non alcoholic. Again, nothing is too much trouble. Glasses are cleared and service is on hand at all times – always with a smile. If all this still isn’t enough for you, you have the option of wine tasting or tequila tasting. We also had a couple of cookery lessons. None of these were boring and staid. We had a lot of fun and learned some skills along the way (who can ever get bored of fresh guacamole?). Since coming back to the UK, I’ve already booked 3 honeymoons and a destination wedding, with a number of others in the pipeline. I just have one dilemma – which property to return to next year. Thank you so much to AM Resorts for a fabulous experience of a lifetime. Like Arnie – I will be back! ;-)

Keeping your property safe while you are away

01 July 2015

Keeping your property safe when you are away is very important, but so are your belongings. You may have fancy CCTV and security systems at home, but have you ever considered that your car could be holding information that could put your home at risk of being burgled and damaged? As a travel company we have come across stories where travellers have left their cars at an airport long stay car park, to find that they have been burgled while they are away. This is horrifying to know, so please follow the tips below... If you have a portable sat nav that sticks to your windscreen, (not applicable to inbuilt Satnav systems): A. Do not attach it to the screen, because it leaves a tell-tale ring mark on the glass, indicating to potential thieves that a sat nav may be present in the vehicle (even if it’s hidden). B. Do not have your ‘Home’ address loaded into the sat nav. Thieves don’t just steal the sat nav for the technology it is the informaton too. C. Delete the history of places visited regularly. These may be friends of yours who may be away with you? D. Keep your sat nav out of your vehicle altogether, use it when required, then remove it again after your trip. On one occasion an airport employee saw a car being broken into in its long stay car park. They quickly attended to find that the car window was smashed but the thieves were long gone. The staff had the foresight to quickly phone the police and informed them of the car owner’s address, the police turned up at the address to find it in the process being burgled. The airport staff made the car watertight and the police secured the property prior to the owner returning. The thieves had stolen the sat nav from the car and interrogated it to find the Home address of the owners, who were away on holiday. Fortunately, there was only minor damage to the car and to the house and because the airport staff and police had responded quickly there was nothing stolen from the house and the burglars were caught in the act. This all came about because of a portable sat nav being left in a car, in an airport car park, with a ‘Home’ address loaded into it. Please think about the safety of your information and your belongings whilst you are away!

Security when you're travelling

12 May 2015

At this time of year many of us are dreaming of winter sun, booking festival tickets or making plans for an eagerly awaited summer holiday. This can all be very exciting, and the preparation is often a big part of the fun, but it’s important that measures are also taken to keep yourself and your home safe while you’re away. * * * * AT HOME * * * * When you leave for your trip, do a final check to make sure that all doors and windows are locked (including those of sheds and outbuildings), and that your burglar alarm system is set. This may sound obvious, but it can be easy to forget to do this in the midst all of your final travel preparations. Turn off any utilities that you won’t need while you’re gone. Cutting out your gas, electricity, water etc will not only save you money on utility bills, but will also limit the possibility of electrical fires, explosions and burst pipes inflicting your home while you’re away. Check with your insurer that you’re covered for events that occur when you’re away from the home. In most policies this will be the case, but there are sometimes limitations on the length of time that you’re covered for, so it’s always worth double checking. Don’t post your plans on social media sites like Facebook or twitter! As tempting as it might be, social media can be used by burglars to pick out the easiest and most fruitful homes to target. If your alarm system is monitored, make sure you contact your security company and inform them of any changes that need to be made to your key-holder contact list while you’re away. It’s not the best receiving a phone call to say that you’ve been burgled, but it’s even worse when you’re on the other side of the world and can’t make it back quickly! Ask a neighbour to park on your drive occasionally while you’re gone to help create the illusion that the home is occupied. This is enough to make a burglar think twice before targeting your home. Make sure that any valuables are out of view from passers by, and consider registering them on Immobilise, the UK National Property Register. Remember; if you’ve logged it you’e got a better chance of getting it back. * * * * WHILE YOU'RE AWAY * * * * On holiday, all you want to do is relax, unwind and forget about your usual worries. It’s especially easy to do this when you’ve taken a few precautions to protect yourself and your belongings! Before you go, make a note of serial numbers on any insurance policies, travellers’ cheques and even your unique passport number. Keep this information separate from the corresponding items in case they are lost or stolen. Try not to flaunt any expensive possessions, and keep them in your hotel safe - along with your passport and travel documents- when they aren't on your person. Never hang bags or jackets on the back of your chair where they are out of view. Doing this creates easy targets for pick-pockets and petty thieves. Don’t store all of your money in one pocket/bag. Spread your money between different sections of your bag and pockets to minimise the potential impact of being robbed. A massive thanks to Bethany Jackson of Tyneside Security for this invaluable information. If you’d like help with making your home more secure please contact Chris Pattinson on 0191 270 0808.

Child Friendly Ski and Snowboarding Resorts

02 December 2014

Are you looking to go skiing or snowboarding with the family this season? This is a fabulous blog by my friend Kate and well worth a follow. This month's blog is all about child friendly resorts in Europe and North America. Well worth a follow and if you have any questions, she's the girl in the know: #snowboarding #childfriendlyresorts So you’ve finally taken the plunge and you’re going to take the kids away for a holiday on the snow but where do you go? You may already have some ideas, but the resort you remember fondly from your twenties, which had a great après scene, may not be the best option with babies, toddlers or young kids in tow! Priorities with children will centre around making your life, and theirs, as easy as possible. So questions you may want to ask are: •How far are the nursery slopes from the main accommodation in the resort? •What other activities, apart from skiing or snowboarding, are available? •What childcare options do we have? •What is the transfer time from the nearest accessible airport to the resort? •How near is everything? Will I have a long walk or drive between the slopes, childcare pick up and the chalet/ apartment/ hotel? Some of the above will need more consideration than others depending upon the age of your children. Really young ones will need a nursery whilst the teenagers are likely to want a park with jumps and rails. There are number of places that list family-friendly resorts such as those listed in The Telegraph and Guardian newspapers. But beware, as some of these are more geared up for skiers than snowboarders. Below are a few I have highlighted. Good family resorts in Europe include: Avoriaz, France: a traffic free centre with good, accessible ski schools and a newly built indoor water park. Plus if you want the little ones to snowboard MINT Snowboard school specialises in teaching the little ‘uns. Avoriaz won the World Snow Awards for most improved family resort in 2012 and is welcoming to snowboarders with several snow parks. Les Gets, France: has a compact centre with all accommodation close to the slopes. It is also close to Geneva airport (50km) so has a short transfer time. There is a dedicated children-only area of the mountain and mostly blue and red runs for them to progress to. However, there is a snow park and an area the other side of Les Gets called Mont Chery, which has mostly black and red runs for the more adventurous members of the party. La Rosiere, France: despite marketing itself to families, and there a number of family tour operators based here such as Esprit, Crystal, Inghams and Thomson, La Rosiere is one of the resorts more attuned to skiers. Saas Fee, Switzerland: traffic free centre but geared in winter towards families who ski. In summer, due to its high altitude glacier, summer freestyle parks, pipes and boardercross course, freestyle snowboarders abound. But it is not really a place for families wanting to snowboard in the winter. Laax, Switzerland: a real snowboard orientated resort with great parks for the teenagers and gentle tree-lined pistes for beginners to progress to. Laax hosts several freestyle snowboard competitions including The Brits and is probably best avoided by families with young children when the comps are in town. Selva Val Gardena, Italy: The Dolomites enjoy a relatively short transfer time from Innsbruck (under two hours) and a pretty, traditional village. Childcare can be limited unless you are travelling with a specialist tour operator as Italian families tend to take grandparents along for child minding duties. Despite a plethora of skiers making up 90-95% of slope users we had a great family holiday here with Italy providing delicious food and good value. Good family resorts in North America include: Tremblant, Canada: a long way to travel with small children but Tremblant has a good reputation for being child-friendly with ski in and ski out accommodation and other non-snow activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledding and a water park. The Kid’s Zone for those aged 3-12 is being launched this season helping children to get to grips with snow sports through play. Smugglers Notch, USA: another long-haul destination but this resort in Vermont is consistently mentioned in various company Top 10 resorts for family friendly resorts and has won many awards. There is the dedicated Burton Riglet Park which has a ‘treehouse’ designed for 3-6 year olds. As well as the kids you also need to consider the adults in your party as their priorities and desires will need to be taken into account. After all it is their and your holiday too, so have fun researching and happy hunting for your perfect family resort. Ta ta for now, Kate.

Start a lifetime's journey with one in the Andes

04 November 2014

A journey full of highs and lows, a nerve racking commitment but so very worth it - a description of a trek to Machu Picchu, or a marriage?! I undertook the challenge to fund raise for charity, but for any intrepid couple looking for a honeymoon with a difference, I can’t imagine a more memorable experience than trekking along a remote Inca trail 4,000 metres up in the Andes. And if you did it for a charity maybe you could even get your guests to contribute to your chosen one as a wedding gift. The first challenge on my trip was on arrival into Cusco, getting used to the high altitude. This means you have less oxygen, which means even climbing up half a dozen stairs can leave you breathless and dizzy. Cusco is a pretty mix of traditional Inca and Spanish influence, easy to get around, friendly and full of fabulous restaurants, cafes and markets. It’s a great place to spend a couple of days before leaving modern comforts behind. The four hour bus journey to our trekking starting point in the Andes was an experience in itself, on a steeply climbing road that quickly turned into a narrow track with hair pin bends. If you dare look out of the window the views are amazing! Many people refer to ‘the’ Inca Trail - the most popular one, which is so busy that passes to go along it have now been restricted. But there are others, less well known, so less busy, but equally if not more stunning and challenging, which I preferred to do. We were trekking the Lares Valley route for four days, reaching heights of 4600 metres in a remote area, seeing nobody else but the Andean people who live in the mountains. Their way of life has changed little in hundreds of years, they are self sufficient with no modern amenities and still speak only Quechan. We met many of the mountain people along the way, they were about half our size and twice as fast. Brightly coloured dots on the horizon would suddenly appear and quickly pass us, wearing traditional hand woven outfits, carrying full loads on their backs, in blankets. Reaching camp in late afternoon we would find a group of women and children waiting for us, blankets spread out with an eclectic mix from alpaca wool socks and hand knitted hats to bottles of Inca Kola for sale. Ah yes, camping on a remote Inca Trail. If you’re a seasoned camper or trekker, used to no toilets, hot water, showers, electricity, or any mod cons at all, then you won’t even flinch. But I wasn’t and initially was particularly worried about the lack of toilets. Most of the time we were so high the environment was barren - no trees, bushes or rocks to go behind. But it was surprising just how quickly I got used to the ‘squat and go’. Helped by being in an all female group, you were never alone either and there’d usually be a line of us, chatting away. No privacy and nowhere to hide, this trek really will make you share everything! After four days of trekking, coping with all weather from hail stones to scorching sunshine, altitude sickness, dodgy stomachs, and injuries, we finally reached the Sun Gate. This is the ancient entrance to Machu Picchu which looks down onto the iconic view so often used in photographs. I walked through to be greeted by white clouds. The sight was totally obliterated – but they soon cleared, and when they did the view was breath taking. You can get to Machu Picchu without doing the trek but there was something very satisfying about it, feeling like we’d really earned the right to be there. The journey, as they say, was definitely as crucial to the experience as the end point. But there is no getting away from how awe inspiring the ancient city itself is. Machu Picchu is every bit as magical and mysterious as the pictures and stories suggest – and more. Built over 400 years ago, with only the most basic equipment, many of the 200 buildings are almost intact. Up close it is even bigger and more impressive than I expected, swirling clouds add to the mystique. So much remains unknown as the Incas didn’t use writing or drawing to record anything, but one of the main theories is that Machu Picchu was built because its location was of importance to the spiritual Incas who worshipped the Sun and Pachamama – or Mother Earth. We celebrated our achievement at the end of the trek with a night out that combined the traditional – pan pipers, roast guinea pig – with the modern – drunken dancing and a disco. A trek to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience – and what a great way to start your lifetime together than an unforgettable adventure like this. If you want to find out more about what it’s like trekking to Machu Picchu, warts (and lack of toilets) and all, I’ve published a book ‘On Foot to Machu Picchu, a duff trekker’s adventure along an Inca trail’. A donation from sales of the book is going to Breast Cancer Care. You can get On Foot to Machu Picchu on Amazon Or iBooks:

Customer Safety is of the Utmost Importance to Me

04 September 2014

As an ambassador for Maiden Voyage and also with my business as a personal Travel Counsellor, I sometimes send customers into potentially volatile areas in pursuit of business and that elusive perfect deal. I keep my business travel and leisure customers up to date with FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) advice on volatile or flashpoint areas around the world, as well as giving them hints and tips of how to stay safe on any trip. Here are some very useful tips, gleaned from colleagues and customers: It is very important to understand the local customs, culture and etiquette, as much as possible, before you go. This will make all the difference in keeping you safe. Also, keeping you one step of the competition when trying to secure that lucrative contract! When you leave home, you are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting. Therefore, before you go, learn as much as you can about the local laws and customs of the places you plan to visit. Good resources are the library, your travel agent, embassies, consulates or tourist bureaus of the countries you will visit and online research. Keep track of what is being reported in the media and the FCO about recent developments in the countries you are visiting and ones you may be passing through. Understand local cultures, rules, laws, crime rates, weather conditions, attitudes, etiquette, price of things and similar information. Don’t get bogged down with this too much, just the basics! Make sure you understand local gestures and body language. You may be inadvertently offending someone or breaking the law. Learn some basic language skills. If you are hoping to clinch that deal, it would be wise to have some small conversational knowledge of the country you are visiting. This will go down well with your hosts. Your local UKTI can help you with language courses and these and can be free! We had a customer who completed a basic Mandarin course and it helped him enormously on his business trip to China. Find out which local areas of your destination are considered safe and which are considered unsafe. This will allow you to plan your transfers/taxis more confidently. Read up on common scams and crimes in your destination area. Keep your family up to date at all times of where you are. Even if it’s just using the ‘Check in’ facility on Facebook. Take copies of your itinerary and leave them with family and friends at home. Whenever you move to a different locality or register in a new hotel, message the contact numbers and contact people’s names to your family. I highly suggest that if you are a female traveller, register with for free. This will give you access to the website for hints, tips and female friendly hotels as well as having the opportunity to meet up with for meals and network with other ‘Maiden Voyagers’.

Austin, Texas

10 June 2014

We left the Alex Johnson early after breakfast and caught a flight from Rapid City to Austin via Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport with American Airlines. First stop in Austin was the Formula 1 track, Circuit of the Americas! This made my husband incredibly jealous as he is a mad F1 fan. It's a huge venue with a viewing tower. At the top of the tower was a glass floor, not for the faint hearted, but I managed it. The view over the track and the surrounding area was fabulous! I would love to go back one day to see a concert or for an F1 race (better take the hubby though)! After leaving the track we headed to The Hilton Austin to check in. I found chocolate covered strawberries had been placed in my room, a nice touch! We got changed into our finest, for the festivities that were planned for tonight at the W Hotel. Arrived at the W Hotel for the final night and the Grand Finale! This was an evening of dinner and presentations, bringing together all the other six groups that were in the USA as part of this trip! Following all the formalities, we were treated by our hosts to a concert by the Gypsy Kings in a venue next door to the hotel. They were fabulous! What a lovely surprise. A trip down 4th Street afterwards was brilliant and we experienced the wonderful nightlife, true Austin style! I love live music, so I was in my element, where every bar had live music of different genres. Now I know why Austin is known as the ‘live music capital of the world! Early morning after the night before! We came across a rooftop party playing live music until the early hours - what a way to finish the week! We had our breakfast at the Stephen F Intercontinental with all seven groups from the trip and were entertained again with live music - what a place! A chance to take lots of group photos. After breakfast we headed for a shopping trip to 'The Domain', which is an amazing open air, park style, shopping experience. If you are a big shopper, this is the place for you, as well as some fabulous restaurants to sample. There are even three hotels onsite! I loved the next part of our visit, where we went to the Food Trailer Park. You can try every type of food in the world here, from Thai to BBQ on a trailer, which are all licensed and monitored for health and safety by the state. I tried some rib eye steak and some homemade ice cream, which was awesome! Finally, it was time to head for the airport with our new found friends, to head for home! What I must say is, this has been the most awesome trip of my life - I didn't want it to end. I have visited and experienced some fabulous places, but the icing on the cake was the absolutely warm welcome we received from the people everywhere we went, including the native Americans, who are so keen to share their history and their passion. I am already planning another trip very soon, I might even bring hubby! I have learned so much from my experiences that my customers will benefit hugely from this too, as I will be able to pass on information I have picked up and thus ‘paint real pictures’ for them, as well as giving tips on new places to visit in the USA and tours off the beaten track. They’ll find some absolute gems! I promise! For me, this is the ‘real’ USA! A massive thank you too all our hosts, guides, hotels and to the American people in general!

Scottsbluff, Nebraska & Badlands, South Dakota

10 June 2014

After breakfast in Loveland, Colorado, we set off for a new state – Nebraska! We arrived in the Scottsbluff/Gering Area and picked up a fabulous packed lunch at the friendly Emporium Coffeehouse & Café in Scottsbluff before heading to Scotts Bluff National Monument. Scottsbluff is a truly majestic landmark used by Americans Indians, fur trappers, pioneers and modern travellers, when making their way along the famous Oregon Trail - original wagon train ruts are still visible! The guide told us that a lot of people had perished along the trail and had just been buried alongside it. It was fascinating to hear about the thousands of people that WALKED the 2000 miles from Central America to Oregon in the mid 1800's, taking them 6 months to walk, while carrying all their worldly possessions in a rickety old wagon. America may be a relatively young country but the history is vast! I found the museum and visitor site enthralling. We travelled by coach through tunnels in Scottsbluff itself, followed by a relatively easy walk to the summit. There is a spectacular view over the North Platte Valley from here, a great photo opportunity. I had my lovely packed lunch here taking in these wonderful views. After leaving Scottsbluff we headed for the Wildcat Hills Nature Center, which is in a lovely, picturesque setting. There were on display some of the most unique flora and fauna exhibits of the Wildcat Hills area, in this interactive nature centre. It was a great chance to have a walk around and relax, to be able to see some indigenous plants and animals of this region We then set off for Chimney Rock, which is a National Historic Site. This is a spectacular sight, rising 300ft into the air, it is the most recognised landmark along the Oregon Trail. Today an interpretive centre pays tribute to those who travelled the trails and features original maps from Captain John C. Fremont’s exploration of the Oregon Trail in 1842-43. Later, we headed for dinner in Scottsbluff at Rosita’s, which is one of many Mexican restaurants in the area that prepare the most delicious authentic homemade Mexican dishes, prepared from scratch. Try their famous Panchos: homemade chips topped with frijoles, melted cheese, guacamole and jalapeños. They’re one-of-a-kind! That night we stayed in Monument Inn and Suites in Gering which had free Wifi - an opportunity for me to catch up with family at home! The next morning we left Scottsbluff/Gering picking up my Gering Breakfast Box on the way. It had fresh fruit, delicious homemade breakfast burritos from Sandy’s Burritos, and tasty doughnuts from the Gering Bakery. Our first stop was the fantastic Fort Robinson and State Park. My granddad used to tell me about places like this US Army fort on a Saturday afternoon whilst watching his cowboy films. I thought of him a lot on this trip and how much he would have loved it. This is the place where Crazy Horse, the Sioux chief surrendered and where the ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ were stationed The Fort Robinson museum houses some very impressive exhibits too. It was absolutely amazing to see Bison, namely Buffalo, roaming alongside Bighorn sheep, Elk and Antelope on 22,000 acres. It would be amazing to be here when they hold the little big horn festival here, in the state park to recreate historical events. We then picked up a yummy lunch at Bean Broker Coffee House in Chadron. I thoroughly recommend the tuna salad made with artichokes & sweet red pepper, & romaine lettuce on whole grain bread! In the afternoon we headed across the border into South Dakota for a tour of Badlands National Park and I have to say I was mesmerised! The scale of this place is just mind blowing, with amazing rock shapes that have formed over millions of years and with vibrant colours too! I could rave on forever about this fabulous experience! My bed for the night was in the fabulous Cedar Park Lodge, where I stayed in a luxury log cabin! The lovely Oglala Lakota people came along to show us some traditional Native American singing and dancing, as well as teaching us some of their traditions. A cowboy sang some classic western songs while we enjoyed a gorgeous meal of buffalo, elk, pheasant and game. We met a young Rodeo family who told us all about their amazing lives of bull riding. Still pinching myself!

National Memorials & Custer State Park, South Dakota

10 June 2014

Sunrise at the Badlands! Definitely worth the 5:00am wakeup call! The colours are more vibrant, the outlines sharper and the atmosphere calmer – a truly magical experience! As the sun rises, it’s a very humbling and special feeling, as I watched the tips start to glow and draw long shadows across the formations, to paint the most impressive landscape on the ground. After having our breakfast at Cedar Pass lodge we departed for Rapid City. I wonder what treasures I will encounter today? Arriving in Rapid City I visited the Journey Museum. This was an incredible trek through time, from the formation of the mystical Black Hills over 2.5 billion years ago up to modern times. Inside is the Sioux Indian Museum, with the most amazing original artefacts from the American Indian society, even a holograph of a Native American elder. After my incredible journey visiting here, I now understand the legacy of this land and its people. Can it get any better? Oh yes, I’m now at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore near Keystone. These 60ft sculptures of the 4 presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are even more impressive in real life! We did our best with 4 members of the group to recreate the monument, but some may say it was a monumental fail! We arrived at Crazy Horse Memorial, which is the world’s largest mountain carving in progress. I loved the visit to Mount Rushmore, which was extremely impressive, but personally I loved the story of the Crazy Horse monument, which is going to be a lot bigger when finished. An elder from the Lakota tribe, of which crazy horse was, commissioned this masterpiece as a lasting memory to the great chief. I was blown away by this true example of hard work and commitment that will take many years to complete. There are controversies surrounding what could be the world’s largest sculpture, but it will be magnificent. At Custer State Park you get a true sense of the enormity of the USA. It is the second largest state park in the United States and home to one of America’s largest bison herds. This 71,000 acre park features scenic drives, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping and 4 outstanding resorts in a must-see setting. Oh my goodness, the wildlife loop is an amazing drive not to be missed! I made sure I had plenty of battery in my camera and plenty of memory card space, with wildlife everywhere, such as bison, pronghorn antelope (known affectionately as fluffy butts), deer, prairie dogs and even donkeys! Then we headed for a stop off in downtown Rapid City, which I found is a lovely and friendly small town with some gorgeous colonial architecture. We visited the Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries, a wonderful store that features collections of Native American art, crafts, books and music. The store features regional American Indian artists, as well as a few Non-Native American artists. I found an amazing collection of everything from ceremonial drums to buffalo hide robes and some beautiful native art. We walked through Main Street Square, a newly-created centrepiece which holds hundreds of events through the year including live music. The City of Presidents is a collection of bronze statues of each of America’s past presidents dispersed throughout the downtown area. It was then time for dinner! We went to the Adoba Hotel for a lovely meal, in this very eco-friendly and chic hotel. We are staying tonight in the prestigious Hotel Alex Johnson. It is a most imposing, lovely building of German architecture. It even has swastika symbols in the floor, that I found out were a native American symbol for the ‘four corners of the earth’, well every day is a school day, as my hubby would say! Many American presidents have stayed there. We heard it was haunted so we settled onto the rooftop terrace and enjoyed a few drinks around the fire pit. I believe the spooks are mainly on the 8th floor, so I’ll be ok on the 4th, won’t I?

Estes & Rocky Mountain National Parks, Colorado

08 June 2014

After saying a fond farewell to Denver, we travelled to Estes and Rocky Mountain National Parks. Is this really happening? I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! We checked in at the YMCA and had a brief guided tour. The YMCA of the Rockies is the largest YMCA facility in the nation with over 800 square miles of land. It’s in a fabulous location and has a plethora of activities. It even has a sculpture of four children doing the ‘YMCA’ dance outside (we may have had a little bit of fun with this?) We grabbed our backpacks, boarded the bus and headed to the east end of Rocky Mountain National Park for a sunset hike and gourmet picnic on the Gem Lake Trail. Sadly, the weather had other ideas, but that didn’t dampen anything. We had our picnic on the coach and stopped for a pint of the local ale at the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. I highly recommend this classic mountain bar and eatery, the Rock Inn is a local hot spot with great Colorado beer on tap and live bluegrass music. Back on the coach next day, we headed off for a tour of popular sites and scenic treks in Rocky Mountain National Park with a very informative guide. She told us about the history of the early settlers having to cross the Rockies long before winter set in or they wouldn’t make it over. Some employed mountain guides to see them safely over, but many turned back or perished! What an amazing day! I can see why this gem of nature was dedicated in 1915 as a national park! This is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life, with glorious forests, meadows and rocky cliffs. I saw some amazing wildlife, including elk, big horn sheep and moose! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a bear but they were obviously camera shy today. We stopped high up at a point called ‘top of the world’ which still had 10 foot snow drifts at the side of the road, even though the sun was shining brightly. After our tour of the Rocky Mountain National Park, we were met by a representative from the Stanley Hotel for a brief tour of the famous hotel and adjoining buildings. In an absolutely glorious setting, this outstandingly beautiful building is known for its history and spirits, with a whisky bar that boasts the largest selection in Colorado. In addition to those spirits, the hotel has attracted a lot of attention for being haunted and if you pick room 217 this comes with a complimentary ghostly maid, seemingly! It was the inspiration for the book ‘The Shining’ after Stephen King spent the spookiest night of his life here and encountered a few more spirits than the 700 whiskies behind the bar! I have to say, this is a fabulous place to stay and I would love to come back to visit and spend at least one night in the Stanley Hotel, even if it’s got a few spooks!

Lovelands, Colorado

08 June 2014

Before checking in at the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch we visited the wonderful outlets at Loveland. After some of the group had ‘shopped until they dropped’ (not me, honestly) we had a photo stop at Benson Sculpture Park. Loveland is home to the largest outdoor sculpture show in the U.S. Benson Sculpture Park has one of the largest collections of sculpture on display in the country. Over 139 sculptures on permanent display. We checked in at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, where we changed into our jeans and boots and prepared to discover our inner cowboy, as we set off on a riding adventure through the beautiful foothills of historic 3200 acre working dude ranch! We were presented with honorary cowboy hats, met at the fence line and I saddled up my horse, JR (Jolly Rancher, not THE JR from Dallas) for a one hour trail ride through the foothills of picturesque Loveland, Colorado. The staff here are absolutely amazing and I can’t say enough how brilliant they have been! We then trekked off over the beautiful countryside in the sun for a good few miles, where we enjoyed the pure air and the absolute peace and tranquillity of it was fabulous! This is the way to de-stress. Back at the Ranch, we were immersed into the cowboy culture with our cowboy hosts, as we dined on local BBQ (a rack of ribs, the best corn on the cob I have ever had and homemade ‘slaw). We tasted spirits and beers from local breweries and distilleries, while sitting around a campfire enjoying the music of a real cowboy singer, where we joined in; a true western photo opportunity. Any BBQ in the USA always has to have ‘S’mores’ for dessert. These are simply the biggest marshmallows you have ever seen, roasted over the open fire. I think I got more down my chin than I ate, but it was great fun! Then, I put my gloves on for a roping lesson and played some horseshoe tossing, which I was surprisingly good at! Then after saying our fond farewells we moseyed back to the bus pardner. YEEHAA! This ranch is an amazing family run Guest Ranch where the utmost love and attention to detail has not been spared. From their horses to their cabins everything is so well cared for! I will definitely be back to sit around that campfire again, thank you guys! I remember leaving the ranch with a heavy heart. We later arrived at The Embassy Suites Loveland Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre for a well-earned rest! The hotel was recently ranked the #1 Embassy Suites in the World.

Denver, Colorado - 'The Mile High City'

07 June 2014

In May 2014, I was very honoured to be chosen to visit the USA with Brand USA. I've visited the major tourist areas of the USA before, including Las Vegas, Florida and New York. I was delighted to be accepted on the ‘Meet the Mountains’ itinerary. This trip would include some of the amazing areas that I have only seen in Hollywood films. This wonderful experience has given me an insight into different states of the USA so that I am now able to help my clients discover parts they may not even have considered before. Our first stop was Denver, known as the 'Mile High City', due to its official height being 5,280 feet above sea level. We checked in at ‘The Curtis’ hotel: a fun, modern, boutique hotel. Each of the guest room floors has a themed personality all of its own. What a treat after a long flight. I had the most awesome salad at ‘The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar’. The restaurant is your answer to all things food and drink while staying at the Curtis. A short ride down the elevator and you will enter this Denver restaurant with endless character, retro décor and tantalising flavours. Yes, I tried a couple of the martinis and they didn’t disappoint. ;-) Next day, we had an early start to visit Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This is a naturally formed, world-famous outdoor venue just 15 miles west of Denver and is the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world. From Sting, The Beatles, U2 and opera stars; every artist aspires to play on this magical, spiritual and emotional stage. It was a beautiful day and the red rock looked like it was on fire! This is a must visit on this trip. I’m now keeping an eye on forthcoming gigs (not that I need an excuse to return). We returned to Denver for a tour of this spectacular city. First was a photo stop at - "The Big Blue Bear". This delightful 40-foot sculpture peers curiously into the Colorado Convention Centre from the pavement outside, injecting a sense of fun and playfulness. Denver Art Museum was a trip well worth making. The contemporary building is a work of art itself, with its sharp wedge shaped lines. I saw some of the most amazing and famous collections of Native American and bold art. The Photograph collections of the old west were a joy to behold. Another new sharp contemporary building is the History Colorado Centre, which includes exhibits and programs that tell the stories of Colorado and engage you in the past, present and future of this magnificent state! You can have a virtual ride in a real Model T, try your ski jumping technique out on a ski-jump simulator and set off some (virtual) dynamite in an 1880’s hard-rock mine. There’s even a Time Machine that kids of all ages would love! Denver’s Union Station has just undergone a massive restoration and re-development. If you are into architecture this will fill you with glee! The 1881 Beaux Arts station will become a hub for transportation with dining, shopping and entertainment in July 2014. Once complete, this beautiful building will be the envy of any city! The 'Tattered Cover Book Store' is an independent community bookstore, serving Denver's readers for over 40 years. There have been many celebs through these doors such as Jimmy Carter and Yoko Ono. It’s a lovely place to relax for a while. My son is a real bookworm and would have loved it. Yeehaa! The 'Rockmount Ranch Wear Store' is a fabulous shopping experience for all things Cowboy and Cowgirl, and is in a lovely, iconic building built in 1909. I was amazed at the choice of clothing available, belts, buckles, cowboy hats and even Native American Indian blankets! Just to be in the same place as Elvis, Bruce Springsteen & Nicolas Cage bought their distinctive cowboy clothing was amazing! Denver’s urban shopping and dining district, Larimer Square is the city’s oldest and most historic block. It's a fabulous shopping experience and comes complete with glittering lights strung over the entire block. The area is charming and elegant, where Victorian buildings house specialty boutiques and unique restaurants. Lunch at Rioja in Larimer Square was delicious. I had the house salad with arugula, dates, gorgonzola and almond vinaigrette, followed by Colorado lamb burger with homemade mozzarella, spicy aioli and arugula salad; then key lime semifreddo for dessert. Time for a walk methinks?

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Lizzie was amazing. She listened to what I wanted, took the time to understand my family arrangements, plans and needs, and then worked to get me the best possible options. She was so happy for me to have the perfect holiday. She is warm, friendly, professional and approachable.

Sent by Jane Austin

Lizzie is like having a friend book your holiday who just happens to be an expert. She takes the hard work out of it and finds just what you want. Amazing service!

Sent by Beth & Erla Ragdale

Lizzie cares as much about your holiday as you do! She works so hard to make sure everything goes to plan and takes the stress out of all the aspects of going on holiday. Working around the clock she goes above and beyond.

Sent by Suzanne Helliwell

Lizzie was so efficient. Took all the pressure of booking our holiday. Nothing was too much trouble at all, everything is running so smoothly. Chilling out over a glass of wine. Thank you so much Lizzie

Sent by Ros Tudor

Lizzie is Wonder Woman! I’ve never enjoyed organising a holiday and was so grateful to her for relieving me of the stress. She did an amazing job, first asking what we wanted out of the holiday, making suggestions, putting together a package, answering questions, changing the package, solving problems. Nothing was too much trouble and she certainly knows her stuff. No hesitation in recommending Lizzie.

Sent by Jan Sullivan

Lizzie went above and beyond to help our daughter who was struggling to leave Uganda which is sadly in a strict lock down. Lizzie made herself available virtually 24/7 and it was a real comfort to know that I had someone who not only knows the travel industry from a professional perspective but who’s innate desire was to help. Lizzie is exceptional.

Sent by Dominique Graver

Lizzie has been one in a million gone over and beyond cannot thank her enough x

Sent by Stephen Swan

Really helpful advice based upon excellent experience. Lizzie provides a first class service and is very helpful and approachable. Supportive and looks after you exceptionally well throughout the entire process from exploring holiday ideas until you return. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lizzie. Keep up the great work.

Sent by Donna MacGregor

Lizzie was recommended through a friend who’d used her services before. I was struggling to find flights to Tennessee for my son. Feeling wobbly about him leaving home for the first time and heading, what felt like, a million miles away, I was reassured that Lizzie and her team would be on hand for every eventuality. She was so friendly, helpful and responsive in finding prices and answering my questions. I would 100% recommend her services!

Sent by Lorraine and Lee Clark

Would 100% recommend Lizzie, she went above and beyond in helping us with very complicated travel arrangements recently. We found her extremely knowledgeable on all Covid travel restrictions and she showed us nothing but patience when my husbands route was changing on a daily basis. Always at the end of phone/email too. Thank you Lizzie ??

Sent by Natalie Hanley

Fabulous customer service and quick turnaround for customer questions. We had to cancel our family trip last Oct due to Covid. Our Travel Counsellor Lizzie kept us updated with changes at every stage and found us a fabulous replacement holiday for this summer, even getting 2 weeks for the price of our earlier long weekend. Unfortunately this rescheduled holiday has also fallen foul of Covid but Lizzie again was on the spot to help and advise. She understood our disappointment and was very quick to refund the whole amount of our holiday within 14 days. We will definitely give it a third try with this fabulous lady in 2022.

Sent by Susan Hope

I have been using Lizzie Adamson-Brown since 2015 when she arranged a wonderful family holiday to Portugal. Since then she has arranged all of our holidays worldwide, and when our main holiday to Sandals Jamaica was cancelled due to Covid she arranged our refund very quickly. We have since booked another holiday to St Lucia that we are praying will go ahead in November and as soon as European travel is allowed we will be on the phone to her to sort us some much needed sunshine. I highly recommend Lizzie - you can trust her and she gives 5 star service always!

Sent by Alexandra Fleming

Lizzie is an absolute star of a travel agent. She spent time and energy making sure our holiday was exactly what we wanted and within our budget. Since booking, Lizzie has been fantastic at alleviating our worries when it comes to coronavirus and the peace of mind which comes from knowing she is a phone call away is amazing! Wouldn't hesitate to shout from the rooftops about Lizzie's service. If you book with her, you will not regret it.

Sent by Gemma Harrison

Lizzie has been the best discovery in the world for us as a family who love to travel. We have never previously used an agent to book our holidays as I didn’t feel we would be able to get the personalised tailored holiday we were after. How wrong I was, Lizzie burst into our lives like a burst of fresh air breathing life into our family adventures, nothing has ever been to much trouble, no matter how small or extravagant our requests. From our first family holiday to Cyprus, flights to Antigua, a trip to see Santa and a full on 21 strong family trip to a villa in Florence Lizzie has been there every step of the way with her knowledge and skills helping us to book the best breaks possible. It’s not just the booking process that Lizzie excels at, she is there throughout your break for any support needed and is always keen to know our experiences so she can pass that knowledge onto other clients. It’s been a tough year for the travel industry but Lizzie has never missed a beat, smiley and enthusiastic throughout, an absolute godsend in rescheduling every single one of our bookings that had been cancelled to COVID with a smile . We are looking forward to a better 2021 and beyond and enjoying many more experiences through Lizzie

Sent by Miriam Harte

Thank you for all your work in making my trip really super! Everything worked really well. That hotel really suited me and that is an excellent location. Breakfast was a bit odd but only because of the COVID restrictions - they were really doing their best!!! My room was great and I was very glad of the extra space for having afternoon “pausas” given the glorious weather. I had lots of fun, great food and drink and gelato!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I’ll be delighted to pass your details on when I have a chance. With best wishes and thanks again.'

Sent by Jane Hankin-Middle

Lizzie Adamson-Brown is fab, she is knowledgeable and gave great guidance and support over a holiday booking. She plays a supportive and integral role to booking your holiday. She listens to what YOU want. She does not operate a sales role. I would fully recommend her and use Lizzie again!

Sent by Adele Johnson

Lizzie Adamson Brown, extremely knowledgeable and lovely person! Lizzie Adamson Brown has to be the most knowledgeable person in Travel I’ve ever met, we have booked many trips with her now and have never been disappointed, I feel totally confident every time I book knowing that we are fully covered in all aspects and Lizzie is always there if we needed her.

Sent by Emma Koster

The only people I’d trust to book my travel! We have booked our holidays through Lizzie Adamson-Brown (Travel Counsellor) for years now. Her service has always been amazing, but this year it’s been on a whole new level. Our holiday was cancelled as the coronavirus pandemic took hold. All over social media, I was seeing horror stories about people who could not get hold of their travel agents. Lizzie, though, phoned us. She keeps us updated the whole time, and when the trip was officially cancelled she got it rebooked for next year with no fuss whatsoever. Even when facing what is probably the biggest crisis to hit the travel industry, Lizzie has been cool, calm, and collected. An absolute pleasure to work with, and I simply wouldn’t book elsewhere. Highly, Highly recommend Travel Counsellors, and Lizzie in particular.

Sent by Susan Hope

Lizzie has always booked amazing holidays for me and my family over the last 5 years and I would highly recommend her service as 5 star plus. I always refer friends to her as I trust that she will give them the best service.

Sent by Colin Harrison

Lizzie Adamson Brown, simply the best. Just the best planning and service from Lizzie Adamson Brown @ Travel Counsellors. Lizzie planned the holiday WE wanted and took care of everything. She got us home when Covid hit and has been there for us every step of the way as we sort out the aftermath.

Sent by Nick Neal

4 days ago Friendly Specialist Service! Lizzie Adamson-Brown is an excellent travel adviser, highly knowledgeable with great customer service. Highly recommend her.

Sent by Diana Morgan

Lizzie is an attentive and efficient travel guide. She is in the process of negotiating an upgrade package for next year, for our Norwegian Coastal Voyage trip, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis. From disappointment to delight in a few days!

Sent by Colin and Sue Harrison

Lizzie has been our shining light from start of our booking for our round the world trip to its unplanned end.

Sent by Susan Harrison

Lizzie has been our shining light from start of our booking for our round the world trip to its unplanned end. In October Lizzie pulled out all her expertise & organising skills to plan our trip to leave in January. With 8 flights - an RV - 5 countries & a train journey from Perth to Sydney organised, we left UK end of January. You were our star as it also became apparent we were not doing the usual route either ..... but, who knew what was to unfold in this crazy world at that time. Lizzie you are now our very own super hero.. always a step ahead - whilst 4 flights in Lizzie had to reorganise our planned last flights from America to UK . However it then became apparent within hours that we really needed to scrap that & book a flight home from Australia rather quickly instead. World events overtook Best Laid Plans as the saying goes. Another saying 'Not All Heroes Wear Capes'. Thank you Lizzie you should be wearing a Very Large Cape and we owe you a large glass or more of something cold when this crazy world eases into a new normal.

Sent by Sandra Reay

Lizzie goes above and beyond, is very personal, attentive and approachable, helped me to book a holiday, stress free with the added security you do not get booking independently. Will certainly recommend her service to all I know who will be booking holidays.

Sent by Stephanie Edusei

Friendly, enthusiastic and efficient!

Sent by Allison McManus

Lizzie always takes the time to listen and, will do endless research on your behalf. When my husband took ill and needed hospital treatment when we were on a recent holiday Lizzie's help both practically and with emotional support was invaluable . I have been traveling for many years and used many companies but have never had better customer service than I have had from Lizzie Adamson-Brown

Sent by Kirsty Khan

Lizzie was amazing, nothing was too much trouble and she certainly went the extra mile for me, getting me photos of our apartment at my request and emailing the airline and airport to see if the can assist us with our daughter who has ADHD and struggles in crowds. Would recommend Lizzie to friends and family without any hesitation.

Sent by Tracey Murray

Lizzie is a fab Travel Counsellor. Fantastic customer service with a helpful and positive attitude. Nothing is a problem. Thank you for helping us book our holiday.

Sent by Nikki Renton

Can't fault Lizzie at all. Goes above and beyond to ensure that our experience is just what we are after and more. Second booking just been done and will be using Lizzie for all our holidays in the future.

Sent by Sharon Houghton

Lizzie was extremely patient and professional throughout. I will be recommending her to both family and friends and will always consider her when booking future holidays.

Sent by Gemma Harrison

I have been off enjoying a fabulous holiday planned by Lizzie Adamson-Brown, I can’t recommend Lizzie enough, she took care of every details, was at the end of the phone for any last minute wobbles/ problems. It was a holiday completely out of my comfort zone, theme parks, cruise and a city break all rolled up in one big holiday and it was FANTASTIC! All because all the tiny little details were taken care of and all I did was plonk my bum on that plane seat! Even if you don’t know what sort of thing you are after, Lizzie will be able to guide you

Sent by James Drew

Seamless booking service, immaculately executed with care! If Lizzie was a song it would be 'simply the best' ... can't fault the booking process at any point, from start to finish it was superb!

Sent by Deborah McCue

Lizzie was incredibly knowledgable and patient in responding to my every request. The speed of her responses were outstanding. She made it so easy to book and I would definitely recommend her and will personally be using her again!

Sent by Paul Rumsby

After being recommended, this is the second time Lizzie has carefully listened and organised detailed travel plans for us. We have also recommended her to our daughter who has used Lizzie for a month-long trip and have also passed her details on to friends.

Sent by Stephanie Wilson

Lizzie has been super helpful organising our Lapland trip, despite me going back and forth for ages! I even got a lovely thank you card in the post!

Sent by Gill Barrett

Lizzie always goes above and beyond to try and find the very best experiences to suit your needs.

Sent by Sue Caitland

Lizzie is amazing, she managed to rearrange my daughter's wedding and honeymoon within days following the recent collapse of Thomas Cook. She was so focused and calm throughout and we were never left feeling we were troubling her with the numerous questions we asked during a very anxious time due to the wedding only being 6 weeks away. She was diligent and efficient and her experience shone through. I can never thank her enough for helping my daughter get her plans back on track and rescuing her wedding. Although we've never met Lizzie, she is someone I will never forget and will always be indebted to her for making my daughter and future son in law so happy. Anyone who works with Lizzie will not be disappointed in her commitment and dedication, thank you again for such kindness and for being a fairy godmother!

Sent by Becky Caitland

Lizzie saved our wedding and honeymoon!!!!! Unfortunately due to the collapse of Thomas Cook, our planned wedding and honeymoon in Mexico was in tatters. We didn't know where to turn or how to even begin to try to rebook. Prices were going through the roof to get to Mexico and communication with our hotel was difficult due to time differences. Following a tweet that my fiancee posted, Travel Counsellors saw this responded and put us in touch with Lizzie. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Lizzie is. She has to be one of the kindest people I have ever known. Her dedication to her clients is second to none and I don't think I have ever received such an amazing service. The time, effort and dedication that was put in was incredible. Three long days and nights Lizzie worked with us. She has literally made our dream a reality again. We will forever be grateful as without her our wedding would not be going ahead and we would have to wait some time before we could plan again. I would recommend Lizzie a million times over and can guarantee she will do anything she can to help you. People like her are few and far between. We cannot begin to thank her enough, and that is why on our return we will be delighted for Lizzie to attend a celebration party we have planned. Without Lizzie there would be nothing to celebrate. She really did save our wedding!!!

Sent by Lisa Pullen

Professional, personal and individually tailored to our specific needs to ensure the perfect holiday. Easy, quick and expert a repeat call next year..xx

Sent by Diana Morgan

Once again Lizzie has responded promptly, efficiently, and in a very friendly manner to my request for details of a Hurigruten voyage. We were very happy to book with her.

Sent by Lynn Booth

Fabulous Lizzie couldn’t do enough to help a chat with her and she put together exactly what we wanted.. Will be using Lizzie again.

Sent by Kate Lampard-Leek

Lizzie has been brilliant finding us a holiday, we are so looking forward to it and have recommended her to all my clients and friends .

Sent by Christine Middleton

First class service, very professional and extremely friendly person who goes above and beyond! Would highly recommend.

Sent by Marie Agnew

Very prompt and professional service!

Sent by Emma Sloane

Lizzie has been amazing from start to finish she is a real credit to the team. She has went above and beyond with everything from booing accommodation to helpful tips of where to visit on our trip to New York.

Sent by Angela Slater

Very helpful and friendly service which is why I booked with Lizzie again. It makes organising booking holidays so much less stressful and gives peace of mind.

Sent by Melanie Byers

Thanks to the fantastic, brilliant, lovely (and incredibly patient!) Lizzie Adamson-Brown, Personal Travel Concierge extraordinaire, we are going to be celebrating Lucy’s 18th birthday next Feb in New York City! If you want a holiday sorted, she’s your girl! Booking via Lizzie means that if something goes wrong (cancelled flights, probs with hotel or car hire) she will have it sorted, sometimes before we even know about it! When our Tui flights for our Christmas holiday were cancelled, she’d booked us on Easy Jet before we knew about the problem! Ditto cancelled connection back to Newcastle with BA last summer. She is a star! You don’t pay her any commission and she works hard to get you the best holiday for the best price. She is also a lovely person! #holidays #nycjolly

Sent by Lucy Grieve

Thank you so much for all you’ve done. We’ve both been massively impressed by your service, enthusiasm and continuous help. Ella loved her suitcase and teddy bear also - it was a beautiful touch.

Sent by Emma Sloane

Lizzie has been amazing from the start. We have recently booked NYC for our son and his best mates 16th birthday. She was able to get us the best deal, we went back and forth with a lot of information that she was more than happy to help with. This will be our first trip and Lizzie has made sure we make it the best even with a little pressie to help us once we arrive. Highly recommend this lovely lady. Future holidays will definately be booked with her.

Sent by Allison McManus

Lizzie has now booked several holidays for myself and my husband plus some of our family. She goes the extra mile by making suggestions and offering advice and always gets back to you the same day. When my husband took ill on our trip to Sri Lanka, her support was invaluable. I would recommend her to everyone I know and have no hesitation in continuing to do so. I would never go on holiday now without booking through Lizzie, She is an absolute star!

Sent by Susan Davies

Very helpful and caring for the needs of myself and my son I have mobility needs and nothing was any trouble everything was organised quickly and efficiently looking forward to our holiday.

Sent by Charlotte Armandias-Thompson

Fantastic tailor made service!

Sent by Lisa Forster

Lizzie was absolutely brilliant. She made looking for our holiday so much easier and saved me hours more hunting round on the Internet for the right flights and accommodation. She asked 'the right questions' to find out what we wanted then went away and found a few options for us. They weren't quite right but Lizzie happily went away again and found more options for us, one of which was perfect. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Sent by Paul Creighton

I already propose Lizzie to folks and tell them that nothing is to much trouble to her, she is prompt, persistent and keeps in touch.

Sent by Carli Mills

Great support through the booking process, all questions covered. Very friendly and holiday was booked within two days of contacting Lizzie. Couldn't recommend her enough.

Sent by Jill Hankin

Lizzie was fantastic, she has been so patient whilst I and my family make our minds up. She is so knowledgeable. I have enjoyed the process much more than I thought I would. I would recommend her in a heart beat.

Sent by Carol Hindhaugh

Lizzie is very proactive, responding quickly to queries. Information from her is detailed and very helpful for planning and making decisions. Thank you Lizzie

Sent by Victoria Swales

Lizzie is AMAZING! I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking to book travel. We have booked through Lizzie a couple of times now and her level of costomer service is unbeatable! Superstar!

Sent by Claire Mills

Lizzie is fantastic and has booked an adventure holiday we are very much looking forward too. This is not the first time we have booked with her, she is always incredibly enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable- what more could you need?!

Sent by Adele Johnson

Lizzie always makes it so easy for us to book our trips away, and her knowledge of the world is absolutely amazing, we were unsure of where to go this year so just told her what we wanted and she found the perfect destination, fantastic service.

Sent by Alison Thomas

I just felt compelled to write a few lines about the excellent service (once again) that we have received from the lovely Lizzie Adamson-Brown, Personal Travel Counsellor, when booking our latest holiday:  We usually book our holidays months in advance but for some reason this year we just could not decide where to go. Having used Lizzie before I got in touch last year and threw a few possibilities at her and as always she promptly responded with ideas, suggestions and once we had confirmed dates, many, many quotes. We must have changed our minds a dozen (actually make that nearer 50) times and I'm sure we must have driven Lizzie demented but every time I asked for quotes and advice, she came back promptly but still we (that's me & hubby, not Lizzie) could not come up with anything definitive and went round the globe more times than Phileas Fogg!   With just a few weeks to go we FINALLY decided and were about to book when I decided to give Lizzie one final ring and true to form she came up trump then emailed and posted all the documents out to us, checked us in online both ways and even wrote our luggage tags out for us so now all we have to do is pack and get to the airport with nothing further to do than just relax and enjoy our holiday- Perfect!  So  if you're thinking of booking a holiday, whether it be an expensive long haul exotic trip or a short break I would urge you to get in touch with Lizzie first, nothing is EVER too much trouble for her, she never gives you the hard sell, just a first class service both before, during and after your trip and makes you feel like you are the only one she is dealing with .... now that is a talent!  Lizzie - thank you for putting up with my indecisiveness and for sorting everything out and taking my stress away but beware.....we will be back to haunt you later in the year!

Sent by Lisa Pullen

As usual Lizzie made the whole process easy and was able to meet all our needs in super quick time. It's lovely to have faith in someone who is so dedicated to making your dreams come true. She is as excited as we are. We will use Lizzie again and again.

Sent by Nicola Renton

Lizzie has been fantastic in understanding what I wanted from my trip and gave me a few suggestions to look at. I feel that Lizzie has gone above and beyond to ensure that my holiday is everything I want and will be contacting Lizzie again for my next holiday. Thank you.

Sent by Tracey Murray

Very enthusiastic, helpful and informative. Contactable almost any time with a swift response to emails and queries.

Sent by Jane Callum

Lizzie listened, recommended and answered questions making changes to get the perfect break. Very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.

Sent by Susan Thompson

Fantastic service from a lovely lady who is so knowledgeable. Lizzie created the perfect holiday treat for a special birthday. I shall recommend her to all!

Sent by Pam Little

Lizzie was friendly and helpful.....nothing was a problem. She sorted our holiday with speed and efficiency. Happy to recommend her.

Sent by Adrian Hardwick

Lizzie has an infectious energy that starts the holiday feeling before you have even booked it with her! Her can do attitude is a real breath of fresh air in this moaning world. If she personally does not the know the answer about a particular place, she sets off like a good terrier hound to find out and come back with the answer. Lizzie is a real pleasure to work with and she is ably assisted by Colin - a winning combination. All our family members have used her services as have many of our friends. Keep being Lizzie, Lizzie!

Sent by Emma Hedley

I just want to thank you again for organising our fabulous family holiday. We truly have had an amazing time. Fuerteventura is a beautiful island I didn’t realise how picturesque it really is! Georgina had a fabulous time however she’s not been well the whole time but has still had a great time. You really have gone above and beyond to make our holiday special! Our Prosecco was fabulous, the fruit was delicious and our room was perfect for what we needed. We had a lovely garden area out the front of our balcony that we were able to sunbathe on whilst Georgina had her afternoon nap! Thanks again you remarkable lady. You are 100% in the right job!

Sent by Hugh Campbell

Excellent communication in organising this trip with detailed maps and itinerary. Diamond Beach is one of the places we wanted to see and to see the size of some of these pieces of glacier ice that go out to sea and then get washed back up onto the black sandy beach are truly awesome and a sight to behold. To stand on and touch ice that is more than a thousand years old is something quite breath-taking and special to say the least. So a big thank you to Lizzie Adamson-Brown Personal Travel Concierge

Sent by Rob & Lynsey Martin

Lizzie has been amazing from my initial enquiry all the way through. I needed a bespoke holiday to accommodate a wedding and ensure we could visit three different parts of Mauritius during our stay, no other travel company I know could do this - Lizzie understood what we needed and made it happen and within a budget that we had set. We are delighted with how she has stayed in touch even after we paid in full and how she has shown a genuine interest in our holiday experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lizzie again in future and of course recommend her to my friends for their holidays.

Sent by Amanda Burgoyne

I would highly recommend Lizzie! Booking a holiday with her is just so effortless and her wealth of knowledge helps us when deciding where to go.

Sent by Kay Wilkinson-Hall

Fantastic service once again. Nothing is too much trouble. You go above and beyond the call of duty to help.

Sent by Karen Ferguson

Lizzie was helpful, knowledgeable and wanted to do the best she could for us. Looking for the best deal and offering advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

Sent by Val Howey

Could not have been more helpful in planning a long haul trip to several destinations . Thank you.

Sent by Julie Dockray

Lizzie has been an absolute pleasure to book our holiday with and look forward to booking more holidays with her.

Sent by Katherine Fullen

Lizzie has been great listening to and considering our family’s needs. Very knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. Would definitely recommend.

Sent by Ruth, Steve and Georgie Kinghorn

We’ve had fabulous service and Lizzie has helped us book exactly what we wanted for our dream escapes.

Sent by Jill Scarr

Lizzie gets to know you as a person rather than just another customer. I have just booked my second cruise with Lizzie and she has been superb in advising us when we need to book our flights and hotel pre-cruise.

Sent by Allison McManus

Lizzie goes out of her way to help. She listens to every detail of your requirements, is always available to answer any questions with a massive smile on her face. When our trip was in doubt she went out of her way to put plans in place the same day I contacted her so we did not lose our holiday and was very supportive of our personal situation.

Sent by Gill Barrett

Lizzie has been absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking to travel. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

Sent by Chloe Lindsell

Thank you for all of your help Lizzie, you make booking a holiday so much easier!

Sent by Jackie Maxwell

This was our first time using Lizzie to organise our holiday and we would thoroughly recommend her!

Sent by Robert Martin

Lizzie has put together a fantastic package for us, she is so warm and friendly even when I wanted to make some date alterations after all of her efforts. Would highly recommend.

Sent by Emma Keenan

Lizzie was so lovely and thoughtful when helping us to book our holiday to Thailand: even when we didn't really know what we wanted from the trip, she was lovely and patient and offered suggestions to help us make up our minds. I'd absolutely recommend to everyone - all the searching and sorting through the internet is taken care of for you and you know you'll have someone right on call while you're away to help you out.

Sent by Jodie Broadwell

Just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting it out for us and making the process so much easier! We had such a brilliant time. We loved the resort and would absolutely stay there again. It was lovely and quiet, our family room was spacious and clean, the food was good and staff were fantastic. We honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more (except for fewer clouds on our last day!) Your help in booking and amending the details when Sonny was born was invaluable. It just made the process so much easier as I know you were taking care of it all, checking us in and sending us the documents we needed. Huge thanks to you and props to you for the hard work you do- I think the longest I waited for a reply to an email was about half an hour!! We’ll definitely be in touch in the future if we can face going away with three kids again.

Sent by Amanda Cheesey

We've always found Lizzie to be great in her recommendations and knowledge of destinations. Its a great comfort to know that Lizzie supports you until you arrive and is on hand to support with any issues that might arise. Thanks as always Lizzie.

Sent by Nick Neal

Lizzie and Colin made booking my holiday a complete pleasure. Even though I didn't know where I wanted to go Lizzie really listened to my preferences and came up with six fantastic suggestions. When I had selected my ideal holiday it could not have been easier, any queries I had were addressed promptly and confidently. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lizzie and Colin to my friends, family and colleagues. A truly excellent and professional service, Thank you.

Sent by Kate Mackay

Lizzie is incredibly good at her job. She listens and is patient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Sent by Helen Ward

I just wanted to say thank you for organising our trip to Milan. Your organisation was great! I have circulated your details to a number of friends so hopefully they will use you. Thank you once again

Sent by Claire & Paul Thomson

A huge thank you for arranging such an amazing holiday in Thailand. You are an absolute star! The extra touches you arranged for us were so unexpected. Thailand is a magical place and it really gave me the perspective I needed - live life to the full! Thank you so much.

Sent by Patricia Chapman

I would like to send you my most sincerest thanks for the superb job, of the arrangements you made, to make our holiday in Fuerteventura truly fabulous. All the travel details were faultless and the hotel was fabulous, one of the best I have stayed in , the welcome champagne was a very thoughtful addition. The staff were friendly, helpful , the kids club was fun for my grandson, and the food , for both breakfast and dinner was amazing, the buffet had great variety and was really delicious. My family and I will certainly be using your expertise for our next trip.

Sent by Jill Robinson

Highly recommend Lizzie- she booked the perfect family holiday for us to Minorca. All the hassle was taken away and we could just sit back and enjoy safe in the knowledge that everything was sorted. She listens and knows her stuff, and she’s a lovely person too!

Sent by Amy Sunderland

Lizzie is fantastic and very knowledgeable when it comes to travel. Would highly recommend her to others.

Sent by Clare Wood

Thanks so much for booking our holiday, you have really done a fabulous job. The hotel was gorgeous in the perfect location everyone was really happy with it. The staff were friendly & helpful, the rooms were spacious & we were given one on the 44th floor so our view was amazing. Keep up the fantastic work because I will definitely have you booking my next far away family holiday. You have been a star to deal with nothing is too much trouble & any problems I had you were just a call or email away & you always got back to me with no issues. Thanks again

Sent by Claire Thomson

Can’t even begin to say how amazing Lizzie has been from start to finish. Always there for instant answers, really listens to what you want and clearly passionate about her job!

Sent by Sonya Roe

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Lizzie for anyone's travel experience and planning service. She's efficient and understanding and strives very hard to ensure that you receive the best package available within your budget. She's also extremely knowledgeable and imaginative too which is really helpful.

Sent by Margaret Woodliff-Wright

Great personal service, Lizzie is a knowledgable, enthusiastic and passionate Travel Counsellor. Booking our holiday with its complex variations through Lizzie was a straightforward experience, she is also well supported by the worldwide TC Network. Thank you Lizzie for your excellent, prompt and caring travel service.

Sent by Steve, Ruth and Georgina Kinghorn

Just wanted to thank you so much for organising our trip to Belfast and our stay at the Culloden estate and spa. What a hotel! It was amazing! I’m pretty sure a certain somebody had a hand in sorting out an upgrade to the suite, which was absolutely fantastic. The service we received there was top class, with a special mention for Aaron, the concierge - what a top guy, he recommended some great places for Georgina to see, and she absolutely loved it. Everything went so smoothly which was completely down to yourselves and your organisation. We look forward to booking future trips and holidays with you. You certainly give it the personal touch.

Sent by Jill Rouse

Lizzie has gone out of her way to make our 30th wedding anniversary trip very special. Thank you!

Sent by Fiona Maher

Helpful, professional service. Nothing has been too much trouble. Thank you.

Sent by Cheryl Snowball

Lizzie is fabulous goes above and beyond to make your dream trips reality at a reasonable price.

Sent by Melanie Byers

Lovely lady who works hard to get just what you want - even very fussy people like me.

Sent by Helene Graham

First class service booking a fab trip with last minute notice. Lizzie went the extra mile for us.

Sent by Helen Ward

Lizzie made the organising of a surprise trip for my husband as a Christmas present really easy - she did all the work for me. She was so flexible with all my variations and has been a great help.

Sent by Sarah Isli

Had an amazing trip to Dubai booked through Lizzie and Travel Counsellors. Lizzie is wonderful and so friendly! She is passionate about travel and really cares about your travel plans as much as you do! We had a hiccup with our accommodation but Lizzie and the TC team did everything they could to resolve it for us. It really is a 5* personalised service, would highly recommend to family and friends. Thanks so much Lizzie xxx

Sent by Alison & Chris Martin

Lizzie we can't thank you enough for everything you have done to make our holiday so special - those extra little touches mean a lot and we are truly grateful. Consider us new clients and I will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to people. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Sent by Adele, Ken and Abbie Johnson

We have booked a few trips with Lizzie now and the service has been fantastic. From planning secret trips to both Dubai and Denver, to the girly trip to Barcelona for Abbie's 21st. I feel totally confident travelling, knowing the back up we have from Travel Counsellors, 24 hours a day. The personal touches you get with your booking is unbelievable. I don't have to worry about checking in or ensuring that we are sitting together; it was all done for me. Lizzie puts her heart into her work which really shows and it makes you feel confident that you are getting the best deal she can find. Having saved us a fortune on our trip to Denver next year, we may just have to book another trip... and TC Ted will be joining us on our travels!

Sent by Lynn Dancer

Just want to say a massive thank you to you for organising (and re-organising!!) our holiday to New York. We had an amazing time - the accommodation and location were brilliant and it all went very smoothly after our initial upheaval. We will certainly be coming back to you in the future for more holiday advice.

Sent by Kathryn Hayward

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting together the most brilliant holiday to New York and Canada, for us. The memories will stay forever. I will not consider booking another holiday without speaking to you and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again, Kathryn.

Sent by Vicky Evison

Lizzie has been amazing. From her patience and passion to finding us a perfect holiday, to the little gifts and then her commitment and hard work in a tight timeframe for making changes. She’s amazing!

Sent by Angela Reed

I mention Lizzie every time someone I know mentions they are looking at holidays! I wouldn’t book with anyone else.

Sent by Caroline Theobald

Lizzie has offered fantastic support and really gone 'the extra mile' to get me value for money on (particularly) complex long haul journeys. I can't reccomed her service, approach and manor highly enough. 11 out of 10 might best sum it up!

Sent by George Brown

I wouldn't go anywhere else to book my trips/holidays! Lizzie is far better than any high street agent and as for the Internet, no contest! If you want to be safe in the knowledge that you and your well earned holiday is in safe hands, then look no further. Especially in these days of random flight cancellations and companies going bust! My only question is, why doesn't everyone have a personal travel counsellor, it's madness not to!

Sent by Eleanor Cook

My husband and I had an amazing honeymoon in Tuscany, arranged by Lizzie Adamson-Brown from Travel Counsellors. If you're looking for personal or corporate travel any time soon, make sure you get in touch with Lizzie. We were treated like VIPs on our trip and all the travel arrangements were very well organised. Lizzie also made sure we got the best prices for everything, with smiley, friendly service. Thanks Lizzie!

Sent by Neale Smith

Great service, always looking after the customer even after one's itinerary is over. I was very pleased and impressed when needing to find travel and accommodation at short notice and peak times.

Sent by Dave Talbot

We were looking for something special to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We knew we wanted to visit the west coast of Canada. Lizzie put together a fabulous trip for us, staying at some very special hotels and taking in some amazing places including a trip through the Rockies. She contacted all of the hotels prior to our arrival so they all knew it was a special occasion we were celebrating. All her planing resulted in a very memorable trip. If you need someone to arrange a break for you I would recommend that you get in touch with Lizzie.

Sent by Gary Hope

What words can I use to describe Lizzie? Approachable , Friendly, Patient... Very patient, Professional, Knowledgeable and a friend !! I think that pretty much sums her up!

Sent by Janet Pini

Lizzie is the most professional and knowledgeable travel expert i have used and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Sent by Laura Pearman

I really loved being able to delegate all of my travel needs to Lizzie. She thought of so many extra things that I was going to need that I would have left till the last minute or till too late and this saved me so much money and stress on my business trip. I'm going to be using her for all of my future business trips. Thanks so much Lizzie. You are an absolute peach!

Sent by Rebecca Wilkins

Lizzie is lovely to deal with, being a genuinely nice person. Her only goal is for you to have the best holiday EVER and as stress free and trouble-free as possible. She always goes above and beyond. Lizzie also has some great ideas whether you are stuck for inspiration or need something to make your getaway extra special. Happy to highly recommend.

Sent by Ann English

Lizzie has now booked two amazing family holidays for us, not only did we get them for the bes price available (even when compared to other companies and the internet) she also took away any hassle. Lizzie booking everything on our behalf and printed off all the required documents, sending them to us along with baggage labels and few lovely surprises! Booking via Lizzie, who is as a certified Travel Counsellor, takes away the worry. Everything is backed by the Travel Counsellors guaranteed, and it is reassuring to know that should something become a problem whilst on holiday there is someone experienced at home we can trust to call on for help. I highly recommend using Lizzie whenever you are looking to book a holiday, she offers a personal service and is passionate about helping you find the perfect one

Sent by Sarah Myburgh

Lizzie listened to our brief and within an hour was able to come back with our perfect holiday -it would have taken me days to research and I still don't think I would have come up with what Lizzie did. The thought and attention to detail was amazing and it meant that we could enjoy our holiday without having to worry about whether we had all the arrangements covered. I cant thank Lizzie enough and would have no hesitation in using her again or recommending her to others, thank you Lizzie!!

Sent by Jane McHugh

We would just like to say a big thank you to Lizzie for organising several holidays for us. The service is very professional and I would not hesitate to book another holiday with them. I have also just booked flights, which takes away the hassle of going to a travel agent or ploughing the internet. Excellent service would not hesitate to book future holidays with Lizzie

Sent by Adele, Ken and Abbie Johnson

We have booked a few trips with Lizzie now and the service has been fantastic, from planning secret trips with Ken to both Dubai and Denver to the girly trip to Barcelona for Abbie’s 21st . I feel totally confident travelling knowing the back up we have from Travel Counsellors 24 hours a day. The personal touches you get with your booking is unbelievable, I don’t have to worry about checking in or ensuring that we are sitting together, it was all done for me. Lizzie puts her heart into her work which really shows and it makes you feel confident that you are getting the best deal she can find. Having saved us a fortune on our trip to Denver next year we may just have to book another trip and TC Ted will be joining us on our travels.

Sent by Laura Pearman

I loved that I was able to delegate this usually stressful monster of a task over to Lizzie in its entirety. Normally when I travel overseas for work I have a tonne of things to think about. Organising where I'm staying and when I'm flying there involves me with a fully loaded up caffetiere, and a hundred tabs opened up on my browser comparing deals. In this mess, I nearly always forget something important and end up having to fork out for an expensive last minute fix to patch together my arrangements when I'm there on the ground. This time I could simply pass the whole task over to Lizzie and she thought of everything for me. Including filling in all of the gaps like airport transfers (I would have totally forgotten that). Put simply, I'm never travelling without her again.

Sent by Ann Chambers

Lizzie was most helpful and very, very patient with us! :-)

Sent by Debbie Whitehead

Big shout out to the Travel Counsellor we used to book our holidays in Wales and Lake District....Lizzie did all the leg work, totally met our brief and budget plus came up with two amazing holidays....and even better it's a service that doesn't cost a penny, the accommodation pay her travel agency commission! Highly recommended, we're already looking at our next holiday!

Sent by Lisa Pullen

Lizzie created a holiday which was tailored specifically for us and proved to be the best holiday of my daughter's life. Wonderful memories. Lizzie looked after us expertly and was always able to answer any queries we had swiftly. Planning our next Florida holiday soon so will be in touch with Lizzie again. Cannot recommend Lizzie enough.

Sent by Lucy Holloway

Superb service, quick, hassle free and simple. Lizzie came back to me within 30mins with quotes and I paid the deposit immediately. Easy peasy! We saved a lot booking with Lizzie, she knows exactly when how and where to get the best rates. We can wait for our first holiday with travel counsellors

Sent by Lynn Bainbridge

Lizzie has been amazing from start to finish, never pushy, always listening to what we wanted whilst making really sensible suggestions that I hadn't even thought about!!! She really does go the extra mile even after I booked replying really quickly to additional questions. I wouldn't book with anyone else ever again!

Sent by Alison Phillips

We have just booked our second holiday with Lizzie...well what can we say but Lizzie is awesome! The first holiday she booked for us was our honeymoon and we were so impressed by the experience we couldn't wait to use her services again. Lizzie is so friendly and a real pleasure to work with. Lizzie takes note of everything you want/need and makes every effort to make it a reality. She made our dream honeymoon come true so we couldn't resist using Lizzie's services again. I don't know why people wouldn't book with a Travel Counsellor (especially Lizzie) - no hard sell, no cost, really care about what you want and hassle free. It's also the personal touches that make booking with a Travel Counsellor so special. Thanks for everything Lizzie, you are a real star! We are already so excited about our holiday in Crete, especially as we are returning to the hotel we went to on our honeymoon

Sent by Lynn Fellows

Lizzie Adamson-Brown thank you so much for arranging our family villa holiday. To my friends and family, I really can't recommend Lizzie enough. She takes the time to get to know you and understand exactly what you want and need, a very personalised service. This means for the first time ever we truly got the perfect holiday for us which meant John didn't suffer with his back at all so we were all able to fully relax and enjoy it. The villa with our own pool was stunning and the resort both had everything we asked for and more. Thank you so very much Lizzie x

Sent by Kathleen Metcalf

Extremely obliging, and a very helpful personal service.

Sent by Kelly Lienert

Fantastic experience building our holiday with Lizzie. I won't hesitate to have you as first point of call for our next trip. Excellent customer service with really personal touches. If I could give you more than 5 stars I certainly would

Sent by Angela Broadbridge

I could hug you! What a wonderful holiday, and so stress free, we were delighted by our TC experience and thank you for helping us make wonderful memories. Joss was entranced by the whole airport/flight experience and we so appreciated the private transfers, also pleased we went for the junior suite, well worth having the best room in Klelia, luxurious! Thank you for your support, advice and for making our holiday dreams a reality, seeing the turtles was the icing on the cake, and we're now thinking about our next trip, we hope to be in touch soon, time to start those savings!

Sent by Alison Stepney

Lizzie is so friendly and a real pleasure to work with. We look forward to booking our holidays with Lizzie because of the 1st class service, she takes real care of our needs and is happy to answer any questions we have. Thank you Lizzie for being amazing and a real star!

Sent by Angela Broadbridge

Lizzie took my hopes and dreams for my little girl's first holiday and made them all come true and then some! I wish I could have captured the look on her little face as we took off, magical! Warm, friendly and personal service, gently advising and hugely knowledgeable, and as I had little to no clue about booking this kind of holiday I appreciated Lizzie's organisational skills and advice on practicalities of our travel arrangements immensely. The little touches like a lovely warm welcome home card, kind wishes for my daughter and the surprise on arrival was unexpected and so thoughtful. I can't recommend you highly enough, thank you Lizzie!

Sent by Ann Chambers

Lizzie has put up with me for a number of years asking her to look at things for me and I never actually booked with her - she has the patience of a saint ???????? but eventually got there and we have now paid a deposit in a wonderful cruise she got us - thanks for all your help in the past and sorry it took us so long to book anything I will certainly use Lizzie from now on

Sent by Jill Robinson

We're currently sitting in the airport waiting for our flight home from a wonderful holiday arranged for us by Lizzie. Highly recommended - nothing too much trouble and she found us a holiday that was exactly what we wanted, saving us £600 in the process! She arranged car park, car hire everything. I have no hesitation in recommending lizzie to anyone, much nicer than using 'corporate' agents like we have in the past. And the boys loved TC Ted!

Sent by Jill Scarr

Lizzie has so much knowledge about all types of holidays. As this is my first cruise I had lots of questions which she was able to answer and put my mind at rest. I wouldn't hesitate in using her again and I have told all my friends about her.

Sent by Ann English

Lizzie has now booked two amazing family holidays for us, not only did we get them for the best price available (even when compared to other companies and the internet) she also took away any hassle. Lizzie booking everything on our behalf and printed off all the required documents, sending them to us along with baggage labels and few lovely surprises! Booking via Lizzie, who is as a certified Travel Counsellor, takes away the worry. Everything is backed by the Travel Councillors guaranteed, and it is reassuring to know that should something become a problem whilst on holiday there is someone experienced at home we can trust to call on for help. I highly recommend using Lizzie whenever you are looking to book a holiday, she offers a personal service and is passionate about helping you find the perfect one

Sent by Laura Forbes

Amazing service from Lizzie. She responded to every query so quickly, even on a Sunday night which I didn't expect. We can't wait for our amazing honeymoon and would like to thank Lizzie for helping us make it possible!

Sent by Lynn Fellows

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. This villa is amazing and everything is central just like you said which makes it ideal. Just needed to let you know straight away that you have got it so very right for us. Thank you. You are truly wonderful

Sent by Kelly Lienert

After an amazing family holiday we are now home and working through the jet-lag. If anyone is looking for a tailor made holiday I really can't recommend Lizzie Adamson-Brown highly enough. Lizzie is fantastic at taking all your requirements down and building you an amazing trip. We got the best deals by far via Lizzie and the service she provided was above what we expected, even sorting out our Australian visa's which was above and beyond. Thank you for helping us with such an amazing trip Lizzie and always with such good craic! We will certainly be in touch for our next adventure

Sent by Jackie Trafford

You provide an amazing service Lizzie, our holiday was fabulous, would definitely recommend you

Sent by Alison Patmore

We have had fantastic service from you Lizzie and I have recommended your service to several of my friends and colleagues. Best decision we made booking our cruise through yourself. Saving up for the next now. ;-)

Sent by Amanda Johnson

Lizzie's support, pre, during and post holiday is awesome. Always on the look out on how she can best support her clients.

Sent by Kay Wilkinson-Hall

Lizzie, You are simply the best! We've had an amazing holiday, seen some wonderful sights, recharged the batteries and all courtesy of your hard work and dedication. Thank you so much for everything, the personal touch you provide goes above and beyond the call of duty. When we got back late last night feeling tired and a bit weary it was so lovely to find your welcome home postcard. Next time we are thinking of getting away for a bit I know exactly where to come. We have been singing your praises to our family and friends so don't be surprised if you get a sudden influx of enquiries! You provide a brilliant service and the more people who know about it the better!

Sent by Anna & Jason Brand

Thanks to Lizzies expert advice we've managed to help my step son out of nightmare situation. Due to her knowledge of this industry we've been able to get him on the correct flight home saving us money and one very stressed out teenager. Thank you so much, Love from The Brands xxx

Sent by Kay Wightman

Lizzie has helped me get exactly the holiday I wanted and has gone above and beyond what any other travel agent offered. I will definitely use her again!

Sent by Maureen Seaton

From the start Lizzie has been so helpful. Lizzie is very tuned into what you want and has a very good way of matching you to your perfect holiday. Thankyou Lizzie Xx

Sent by Claire Campbell

Lizzie went above and beyond to cater for our needs and we booked the great deal she found us immediately. Not only did Lizzie give us a great package, she also give us lots of information. I have already recommended her to family and friends.

Sent by Claire Campbell

Nothing is too much trouble for Lizzie and she will squeeze the deal for you x first holiday booked with her can't wait thank you x x

Sent by John English

Brilliant personalised service from Lizzie at Travel Counsellors!

Sent by Lynn Bainbridge

Lizzie has been amazing from start to finish, never pushy, always listening to what we wanted whilst making really sensible suggestions that I hadn't even thought about! She really does go the extra mile even after I booked, replying really quickly to additional questions. I wouldn't book with anyone else ever again!

Sent by Claire Mills

Lizzie was lovely, very keen to find out lots about us and the holiday we would like. Will definitely be back in touch when we are thinking about our next holiday!

Sent by Ollie Hardwick

Lizzie is fantastic, the family have used her many times before so we thought we would give her a go! Great service and a pleasure to deal with from start to finish, she put together a great package that met all our needs and enabled us to relax and explore Tenerife away from the tourists! Will definitely be using again!

Sent by Helen Scott

I just wanted to take the time to say a massive thank you to Lizzie, who organised our recent holiday to Cape Verde. The customer service has been outstanding from my initial enquire, research, booking and sending over all the information needed. We also loved the personal touches including a 'Welcome Home' postcard. We are already thinking about our next holiday and without a doubt be back in touch with Lizzie!

Sent by Callie Carling

My absolute go-to travel agent: Lizzie is so knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to make your trip a very memorable one. No trip is too small for her to help you with, and the little extras (like the welcome home postcard) makes you feel so loved! Thank you Lizzie for fixing our travel plans with a smile - even when they aren't straightforward! x

Sent by Alison Stephenson

We have had a wonderful experience through Lizzie. She took all our needs and requests on board and came back with a package that met everything we asked for. We received a welcome pack before we went and a courtesy call the night before. We had a lovely welcome back postcard also. It was the most stress-free booking of a holiday ever. I literally did nothing other than go online and check us in! Thank you so much Lizzie. We will be back for next year's holiday!

Sent by Karen Porrett

Lizzie has been very patient and helpful with my holiday booking. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. She made my booking very simple. Lovely lady.

Sent by Kate Mackay

Lizzie is fab, taking the hassle out of travel. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Sent by Mark Adams

Lizzie came recommended through family who have been clients and Fiona and I would have no hesitation recommending Lizzie to friends and family based on our experience so far. We're also likely to continue to go back to her for future holidays. She's been great!

Sent by Owen Whitehead

Lizzie has been great. Wonderfully attentive and responsive, whilst dealing with some complex requests. Thank you so much.

Sent by Angela Broadbridge

Lizzie has been wonderful, taking the time to get to know more about what we wanted from our first family holiday. I returned from work yesterday to a book for our daughter, for her first flight, a lovely touch!

Sent by Caroline Cogdon

What a godsend, I'm new to Travel Counsellors and I was thrilled with the pre holiday service of expert advice and guidance through to immaculate travel plans and communication, all wrapped in the glorious package that is you Lizzie. You do an outstanding job and your passion is second to none.

Sent by Anna Skelton

I know you like yoga, Lizzie, but that's not the only bending over backwards that you do! Thanks for being so patient with your very demanding clients to ensure every detail of a holiday is spot on!

Sent by Emily Barr

Lizzie always sorts out our complicated family hols, there's usually at least one person not doing the same as everyone else so there always some tricky travel arrangements but Lizzie always manages to make it work for us, she really goes above and beyond what you would expect from your usual travel consultant!

Sent by Anna Brand

We've also been helped by Lizzie. I cannot recommend her enough, she goes above and beyond and cares so much about giving you the best holiday ever. Her knowledge of places is priceless. And as a bonus she's an absolutely sweetie.

Sent by Abbie Johnson

Absolutely fabulous service as usual, can't fault Lizzie on her professionalism and her knowledge is outstanding, will definitely use her services again

Sent by Callie Carling

Thank you SO much for my lovely postcard. It's those little things that make you and your service so very special (and rare) ... thank you x

Sent by Alison Martin

I can honestly say I have had the best experience dealing with you Lizzie Adamson-Brown - fantastic, personal service. I harassed you with SO many questions at all times of day and night and you responded within nanoseconds either via message/phone plus you were so patient waiting for my final decision. I feel like all the stress has been taken away as you have sorted everything hassle free. Don't think I will use a high street agent again as had such bad experiences (won't name and shame though!) Plus you got us a better price than any of them or the internet anyway! Just wishing the months away now until we go - thank you x

Sent by Lisa Morland

Lizzie is such a breath of fresh air and nothing is too much trouble. Just from booking two holidays Lizzie has become a friend as well as my 'go to' Travel Counsellor :0)

Sent by Joe Turner

Lizzie was so helpful, nothing was too much trouble and got us exactly what we wanted. A very special service. Thank you so much!

Sent by Carol Johnson

Always goes above and beyond. Lizzie is charming, helpful and always gives us lots of help and advice. Invaluable. Thank you x

Sent by Sonya Roe

Lizzie was always accessible and more than happy to respond to my queries. She had a far superior knowledge of our destinations and attractions and provided some solid advice to us. I've already recommended her to friends and shared her FB page on my account.

Sent by Caroline Carling

Lizzie is always so fabulously-supportive of our travel plans, and is akin to a walking travelogue (only better! because she's human and has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what you need from your trip, not what you think you want). Highly professional in all aspects, and the personal touches really make travelling a truly memorable experience.

Sent by Callie Carling

Sooooo excited! Thank you to Lizzie who has made my weekend!! Flight info + cute cards + v.handy sleepmask, perfect for my soon-soon-soon long-haul flight to a SECRET destination. What a fabulous surprise envelope ?? It feels real now, Lizzie ?? visa appointment early next week ?? - booked via - she's fabulous!

Sent by Alison Martin

I always think you should shout about people/organisations that go the extra mile so having finally booked our very belated honeymoon-plus birthday celebrations with Travel Counsellors (a first for us) via the lovely Lizzie Adamson-Brown I would like to say a big thank you for making it such a stress-free, pleasant experience so far and beating all the other quotes from the big names! Highly recommend Lizzie for that personal touch (and patience!!) which is so lacking these days. #it'sthewayforward. Thanks again. xx

Sent by Alison Thomas

I had never heard about Travel Counsellors until recently. Lizzie has been so helpful and patient, answering my numerous questions promptly and finally getting us a great deal for our honeymoon. Lovely to have such a personal touch that I thought was gone forever. Don't think I would use high street travel agent again!

Sent by Clare Wood

I found Lizzie very thorough. She tried & tried until she found me the best deal. Very easy to contact & answered all my queries as soon as she could. A very good service - very happy!

Sent by Vicky Evison

Lizzie was fantastic. So friendly, extremely helpful and was very accessible. Nothing was too much bother it seemed, she is a pleasure!

Sent by Adrian Hardwick

Lizzie is a wonderful person to deal with. She has a great sense of fun and nothing is a problem. As a family we have all booked holidays with her and will continue to do so.

Sent by Jill Robinson

Great service. Friendly, managed to find exactly what we wanted, very efficient. Highly recommended!

Sent by Martin (Max) Webster

Lizzie did a sterling job of organising our cycle club accommodation, during our recent cycle ride from Cologne along the Rhine to Rotterdam and The Hague. One of the hotels was even thoughtfully cherry picked by Lizzie to include a cycle museum next door! I would not hesitate to recommend Lizzie to my friends and family. I look forward to booking again with her soon!

Sent by Debbie, Kenny & Lewis Aikman

Just wanted to thank you for organising our trip to see Santa in Lapland - we had a fabulous time. An amazing day to remember! Now what to do next year, I'll be in touch! Debbie, Kenny & Lewis xx

Sent by Kevin Field

Huge thanks to Lizzie for sorting out all the flights down to Sydney... and back! Easy to use system, quality service and follow-up. Looking forward to developing more tours with you Lizzie and and bringing musicians from Down Under to the North East... and back!!

Sent by Samantha Hardwick

Well what can I say but a very big thank you for all your help in organising my 50th birthday trip to Spain with my best friend. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and the hotels we stayed in were wonderfully welcoming and great facilities will certainly be heading back to Seville and Cadiz to explore further so will be back in contact to sort. Lizzie's attention to detail is great, her advice and friendly nature just makes everything so easy - thank you Lizzie you are amazing.

Sent by Samantha Hardwick

Lizzie was absolutely brilliant in helping me organise my mum's 80th birthday trip to Ireland for 10 of us last summer. Her attention to detail and communication were second to none. The little touches on arrival were very much appreciated from a welcome card and organising for the restaurant to provide mum with a birthday cake on our first night. I would highly recommend Lizzie and will be using her again for our next trip.

Sent by Janet Pini

Lizzie arranged my holiday last year and I was more than satisfied! I will definitely book all future holidays with her.

Sent by Joanne Garbutt

Lizzie and her team have been incredible. She assisted us on our honeymoon to Italy. Nothing was too much trouble, fantastic service. 10/10

Sent by Georgia Walker

Lizzie help me organise a trip of a lifetime! Using a travel agent such as Lizzie gave me the comfort to know I always had someone there for me! We did lots of travelling so lots of checking in! I wasn't clock watching and searching for wifi ! Lizzie checked me in everywhere as check in opened! And evenchanged a few things along the way upon request! I hope I get to use Lizzie again to organise another amazing trip! Best get saving!

Sent by Angela Sterling

My business is beginning to expand internationally and I have very little time! Paired with juggling with family life, my travel needs are a complex to say the least! That's where Lizzie stepped in and made my life a whole lot easier (and cheaper!). She has helped me book business trips with the kids in two, last minute bookings to some far flung places at a great price, travel arrangements for my staff, cheeky day trips between appointments and she even gave the hotel manager in Dubai a good talking to for me at 3am! She really does go above and beyond the call of duty and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Sent by Sarah Myburgh

Lizzie was fantastic. She listened to our brief and within 2 hours had come back to me with the perfect holiday. She has made the process stress free and I would highly recommend her to anyone else looking to book a holiday be it a short break or the trip of a lifetime.

Sent by Lynsey Webb

Thank you to Lizzie for organising our family holiday. From searching for our holiday to the welcome home postcard, the service we received has been fantastic! I can highly recommend Lizzie as a great travel counsellor and we will certainly be using her again

Sent by Mairi Bell

Lizzie has been helpful, responsive and friendly throughout the booking process for our group holiday.

Sent by Anna Skelton

Lizzie did her utmost to find the best itinerary for us which included multiple flights and accommodation. She secured great value prices and convenient flight times which all worked to plan. The accommodation choices were ideal too. Lizzie is VERY quick to respond to queries and will bend over backwards to ensure your trip is tailored to your specific requirements and once finalised all runs smoothly. Thanks Lizzie, I look forward to seeking your advice on future trips and will recommend to friends. :)

Sent by Louisa Pini

My partner and I knew where we wanted to go and let Lizzie do all the organising and this resulted in a lovely relaxing holiday in Turkey this summer. Lizzie is very easy to speak to, naturally helpful and has excellent customer service, always going above and beyond my expectations, she comes highly recommended.

Sent by Adele Johnson

We have just returned from a fabulous trip to Dubai which we booked through Lizzie, the whole process was so easy, we just had to tell her where, when and what we wanted to do and she came up with some great options. Everything exceeded our expectations, the hotel was fantastic, transfers from the airport very professional, even down to a celebration cake and message in our room!! All I can say is if you want the personal bespoke touch for your holiday or you have special requirements I can highly recommend Lizzie, (Ioved the dune bashing in the desert) Thanks again Lizzie, you're the best !

Sent by Jacky Beesley

Like many people I have very little time to devote to searching out great venues for weekend breaks with my family and friends. Lizzie is my booking angel extraordinaire. Every time she has helped me she has delivered just what I'm looking for 'with bells on top'. Thanks Lizzie. I'd be lost without you!

Sent by Kathryn Bailey

Lizzie's service is faultless! She really takes the time to understand what it is you're looking for- and offers lots of great advice and suggestions. She takes all the stress and hard work out of planning a holiday. So it's incredibly easy to recommend her to friends, family and colleagues.

Sent by Amy R

Lizzie your service has been second to none, and you have resolved what has been a stressful situation today where it came to light that a travel agent has made false promises to us. Thank you so much!

Sent by Katie Ternent

Lizzie is absolutely phenomenal at what she does! I will always use Lizzie now for all our holidays. Lizzie goes above and beyond.

Sent by Adele Johnson

Fantastic service, every last detail taken care of , Lizzie is very friendly and approachable will definitely be using her services again.

Sent by Joanne McLauchlin

Fantastic service, exceeded my expectations (which are pretty high) faultless service from start to finish! Such lovely personal touches that just don't happen with high street companies thanks again.

Sent by Katie and Dan Ternent

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us organise our amazing honeymoon! It was unbelievable and all of your little suprises you had organised for us made it so much more personal. Thank you for our champagne in the room when we arrived at the Maldives and for arranging a surprise champagne sunset cruise too - they were such nice touches! The whole honeymoon was incredible but you made it that little bit more special and we are extremely grateful. You are a pleasure to work with and you will be hearing from us very soon to help us with organising our 30th birthday holiday.

Sent by Helen Walker

Lizzie extremely helpful, knowledgable and understanding when I kept asking lots of questions. What an incredible find... I can definitely recommend.

Sent by Louisa Pini

Lizzie is a wonderful person who goes more than the extra mile to satisfy her customers! Loved booking through her and won't go anywhere else.

Sent by Joanne McLauchlin

Exceptional service, Lizzie is a true professional in her field. nothing...literally nothing is too much trouble! Very knowledgeable adding the personal touch throughout the whole process. Total pleasure from the first email! Thank you very much. Cant recommend enough! Lizzie even found me options that were not showing as an options ANYWHERE else!

Sent by Wendy Taylor

Fabulous lady, amazing service and will recommend to all friends and family too - won't need to worry about finding the perfect holiday ever again.

Sent by Dave Baharie

Lizzie is well organised and knowledgeable on her subject. She was also able to put a package together that rivalled the competition in price and quality. We will certainly use her again and recommend her services to friends and acquaintances.

Sent by Jayne Deakin

Fabulous service, couldn't be happier!

Sent by Mark Stokes

Great experience and very friendly service. Lizzie was on the ball with all of our queries and went that extra mile to make sure we had the correct accommodation.

Sent by Kate Mackay

I would not hesitate to recommend Lizzie and have done so in the past. She provides an excellent service and is so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. A big thank you!

Sent by Alison & Iain Phillips

We came back from honeymoon yesterday and can't thank you enough for organising it all. It truly was perfect and an amazing place for a honeymoon!

Sent by Emily Barr

Lizzie is a true star, putting up with all our requests even when we move the goal posts!

Sent by Alison & Iain Phillips

Hi Lizzie, we hope you are well. We just wanted to send a quick update that we are at The Pilot Beach Resort and it truly is amazing. Thank you so much for organising it all. The petals, wine and fruit was a lovely surprise. The pool view is incredible and we are so relaxed already after all the emotions (excitement and nerves) of the wedding. If anyone wants expert advice and to book a holiday with no stress or hassle we 100%+ would recommend Lizzie and Travel Counsellors. Thank you so much for the lovely wedding card too. xx

Sent by Mike & Ali McCoy

Lizzie has the patience of a saint, She is kind and generous with her time and I would fully recommend her, Thank You

Sent by Keith Newman

You've taken the worry away from our son's flight to the USA - his first time away from home as a young teenager. We know that if he need's help with travel, you are on the end of a phone and that is so reassuring

Sent by Ellouise Hempstead

Lizzie, has been fantastic. My partner and I feel reassured, cared for and important! She's taken the initial planning stress away and will continue to do so I have no doubt as we get closer to our wedding date. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Lizzie to anyone looking to plan a wedding, or any trip for that matter.

Sent by Marion Giles

Brilliant, friendly, caring service. Went that extra mile to make sure our holiday would be special.. Will be using Lizzie again for future holiday plans and have already recommended her to friends.

Sent by Rebecca Wilkins

Lizzie is a great help and eager to find the right solution to any holiday query. Friendly and knowledgeable, she's a wonder woman.

Sent by Angela Mills

Lizzie was so helpful helping me to choose a holiday for my family. I wasn't sure where to go and she advised which areas best suited for time of year. I have recommended Lizzie to my friends and family and will definately be in touch again for any future holidays. A Travel Counsellor with superb knowledge, professional throughout, making my holiday choice much easier to choose. When ever I had a question I always received an answer by phone or email quickly. A true 21st Mr Benn who helps you go to places and making dreams come true x

Sent by Stephen Lunn

Everything was so easy one phone call. Lizzie knew exactly what I wanted and at what price with her great knowledge of travel. Travel made simple!

Sent by Peter Matthewson

Lizzie Adamson-Brown Travel Counsellor is no ordinary travel agent. She is absolutely passionate about what she does, awesome knowledge and advice, all online and phone rather than having a retail outlet somewhere, and the service doesn't stop when she's organised you a ticket somewhere.

Sent by Jo Tompkins

Lizzie arranged a business trip to Sarawak for my husband. The support was fantastic and the price was pretty good too! We will be using Lizzie's services again for both personal and business travel and highly recommend her to you.

Sent by Callie Carling

Lizzie really is the consummate professional and goes way beyond the call of duty! A chance message on Facebook one evening led to her dedicating her evening to find a last-minute weekend getaway for my son & his fiancee. She not only found the perfect venue, but helped him to book it that very evening and did all she can to make it a very special weekend away for them (both active service personnel - Army). Bless you, Lizzie. You are now my go-to Travel Guru and would highly recommend you to anyone planning to go away anywhere, for a holiday, a wedding .... any occasion, in fact!

Sent by Peter Matthewson

Wonderfully helpful, particularly with advice, securing best prices, and general communication when trying to plan a UK visit from New Zealand. Totally awesome, thanks.

Sent by Katie Malcolm

Lizzie planned our summer holiday to Barcelona, and we were delighted with our trip. She worked enthusiastically to tailor the holiday to our requests, with excellent communication in updates, guidance when needed and eagerness to achieve best prices. Having been used to traditional package holidays abroad, she gave us a competitive alternative, with first class professional support. Thank you Lizzie for the confidence you gave us to explore this wonderful city.

Sent by Callie Carling

I'd like to say a huge thank-you to lovely Lizzie Adamson-Brown for her hard work yesterday eve, when she really should have been putting her feet up and switching off from work. <3 My baby boy (25!) has just returned from 2.5 months on exercise in Canada, and last night he WhatsApp'd: "pleeaaaaaazeeeeeee help me Mum. Want to take H**** away (his fiancee) this w/e. Help". (His Army unit is on standby to go out to the Middle East) ... dutiful Mamma immediately sent him links to a couple of places and some websites I use when booking hotels, and then thought: Oh! Lizzie! Lizzie might be able to help us tomorrow with her Travel Counsellor hat! Well. This lady is truly an angel. She not only replied to my FB message immediately, but took it upon herself to find some gems right there and then ... and booked it for him. (this was all happening late yesterday evening!) Lizzie: Thank you SO much for giving up your precious evening to help him (& me! trying to help him book his w/e in London when he proposed to her turned my hair grey!). I know these two precious people in my life will have a fabulous weekend of R&R in a little piece of heaven you uncovered. And I am so glad to discover that you plan weddings, too ;-) Thank you, thank you. Grazie Mille x

Sent by Sean Lavender

Lizzie was fantastic to deal with and always happy to help in any way she can. Lizzie goes above and beyond to ensure her customers feel like royalty.

Sent by Kathryn Bailey

I'm not just extremely likely to recommend Lizzie to my friends and colleagues- I already have! Lizzie has gone above and beyond what I expected- and created an amazing holiday for us- and all at such great value. Any questions or requests I have had and she has gone out of her way to answer them and reassure me. And more than anything else, she has made me feel really special and valued- which I find to be so rare. I will be booking all my holidays with Lizzie from now on :-)

Sent by John Burns

I would like to thank you personally for all the help and assistance given to me and Hazel with our last cruise and also for our up and coming cruise. All the stress and hassle is definitely taken out of booking the perfect holiday. Dealing with you is truly an exceptional and personal travel service. Recently I needed to add two more people to the up and coming cruise and you dealt with all the necessary changes. Thank you once again and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting a first class service.

Sent by Katie Baxter

Thank you for all of your help planning our honeymoon. We really have never had such professional but personable help with planning a holiday before.

Sent by Chris Pattinson

Please accept my thanks for all of your hard work and assistance in arranging our recent family holiday to Tuscany. The trip was lovely from start to finish and truly enjoyed both by my two young sons and mother-in-law alike. For me, in particular, the best thing about a holiday is being able to sit back, relax and leave all of the worrying to someone else. With the help of Travel Counsellors, that feeling started for me as soon as I picked up the phone. Leaving the arrangements to the professionals allowed me to totally relinquish my worries and enjoy our holiday to the fullest. I can honestly say that I felt like a VIP throughout the whole process. I would definitely use your services again, and will recommend you highly to absolutely anyone seeking a totally stress free holiday. Thank you.

Sent by Fiona Pagett

My huge thanks to Lizzie who put the travel plans in place for my son on his first trip alone. She has been a huge support to one rather stressed out mum here!

Sent by Amy Robertson

Lizzie is by far amazing. She couldn't have done more if she tried. I was very picky as to what kind of hotel I'd like to stay in and Lizzie found the most amazing place that met ALL the fussy requirements we wanted. She's always happy and genuinely loves her job! Amazing amazing service!

Sent by Marion Giles

Lizzie was amazing, so helpful and friendly and went out of her way to arrange the perfect holiday. All we (my friend Pat and I) have to do now, is to sit back and relax whilst Lizzie takes care of all the details. We would highly recommend Travel Counsellors to friends and family.

Sent by Caz & Clare Johnson

Just a quick thank you from us both for organising our little trip to Prague. We both had a fantastic time - the hotel was perfect, the city amazing and the weather just fabulous. Thank you so much for all your help!

Sent by Helen Gunning

Really impressed with Lizzie's enthusiasm, friendliness, responsiveness and knowledge. I've recommended her to friends already!

Sent by Caroline Cogdon

I was blown away by the professional and speedy service the fabulous Lizzie delivered, nothing was a problem. The entire experience has been absolutely tremendous, can't wait for our trip. You're a client for life now! Huge thanks!

Sent by Catherine Mackay

Lizzie is amazing and has pulled out all the stops to get this organised. I would not hesitate to recommend her and have done so already. She is definitely my 'go to' person for holidays. A huge thank you to her.

Sent by Lisa Pullen

Personal service to guarantee our perfect holiday at a very competitive price. Top banana!

Sent by Barbara Redhead

Thank you sooooo much. I have had a fantastic time celebrating 1/2 century. Thank you for helping make it memorable. Turkey was relaxing. Your attention to detail impressive. Definitely recommending you!

Sent by Bruce Redhead

We had a fantastic time in Turkey which was booked by Lizzie. She went into every detail to help us have a relaxing time. We can't recommend Lizzie at Travel Counsellors highly enough. Thanks for the great service.

Sent by Christopher Bell

Just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic service you gave my 75 year old Dad. It was his first holiday since his wife passed away, and none of the family were comfortable with him going anywhere, as she had always kept him organized in the past. You took time to get to know him, made him feel very comfortable, organised his holiday completely hassle free and supplied him with an easy to follow itinerary. To top it off, you did all this at a great price. My notoriously tight brother tried and failed to find a better deal elsewhere and I was far more comfortable having you guys looking after him than some faceless internet deal. So all-in-all, a superior all round service. I will not hesitate in recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks again.

Sent by Emma Young

We received an excellent and friendly service from Lizzie and knew that she was there for us to answer any questions that we had. We had a long journey to Australia and it was so good to know that Lizzie was at the end of the phone if there was anything that we needed during our travels. Thank you for helping us have the most fantastic holiday ever!!!

Sent by Emma McNeill

We had a blast! Resort, flights, transport, attractions tickets, everything was seamless and fab, and when we had a problem with the boat ride we could leave it to you to sort whilst we got on with our holiday - perfect! I really do appreciate everything, from the lovely touches such as the little chalk board, to the travel wallet and the help that was always on hand. You don't get that on the High Street! So just wanted to let you know we made it back and are very very happy!

Sent by Carol Johnson

Lizzie is great! So enthusiastic, cheerful, helpful, has a wide knowledge base and took on board all our requirements. She was quick to reply to questions and made great suggestions. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family. Indeed we will continue to use her services to search for the perfect honeymoon.

Sent by Gary Edgar

Lizzie has been a great help in making my holiday booking experience as seamless as possible. I would definately recommend her as a Travel Counsellor and would have no hesitation in using her services again.

Sent by Steve Boyd

Lizzie worked hard to get the itinerary I wanted at the price I wanted to pay. She went the extra mile to help get everything just right.

Sent by Stef Johnson

Lizzie was really quick to come back to me with some quotes for a few locations and all within our budget and requirements. She's been so helpful and has taken all the stress out of booking a holiday!

Sent by Jane Morland

Such a quick and easy way to book a holiday. Lizzie came up with options I would not have considered and I have already recommended Lizzie to my friends.

Sent by Christine Stobbart

Friendly, efficient very informative .....first class/ 5 star service

Sent by Jane Morland

Fantastic Lizzie, you have done a brilliant job, really prompt and came up with something we may not have considered. I would certainly recommend your services.

Sent by David Young

I have always shied away from booking holidays and let my better half deal with it as I really couldn't face endless brochures or websites and travel blogs. I would rather spend my time working than dealing with that hell. However I am trying to man up and deal with things I would usually avoid. Enter the Travel Counsellors. I gave them some dates over the phone and received an email with the best prices and airports to travel from. I said I would think about it and 2 weeks later I phoned up and said the dates have changed. That day I had a new set of prices and times. That night I had my flights booked and some great advice on travel from Lizzie. I now have a great resource to fall back on and take care of my family and I whilst we are half way round the world. Thank you Lizzie for making my life a tad easier.

Sent by Mervyn Franklin

Superb, excellent, considerate, polite, good value, excellent communications, availability amazing.

Sent by Patricia Barclay

Service beyond my wildest dreams - I've been telling all my friends!

Sent by Debbie Aikman

Hi Lizzie, just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help booking our holiday. We all had a great time! So much to do there we will be back! Amazing personal service from yourself. Will be passing on your details to many! Look forward to booking our next holiday with yourself. Thanks Lizzie.

Sent by Amanda Cheesey

Lizzie was great, brilliant customer service, extremely quick and provided options that matched our requirements. I liked the additional extras like the call prior to the trip to ensure we had everything and were OK and ready to go and also the welcome home card on our return. Little touches that make a difference.

Sent by June Goodrick

Extremely efficient and personable, Lizzie was responsive to all our requests and made the process smooth and trouble free.

Sent by Jayne Graham

We always find booking holidays a bit of a mind-blowing experience and I don't mean good! But all that's now changed. Through your amazing travel service we've now booked a holiday of a lifetime for the family, and as well as the end result being much more than we could have hoped for within our budget, we've found the whole process fast, really enjoyable and stress-free. We realised that the guarantees you're able to provide gave us protection as holidaymakers, and that's why we decided to use your service rather than going it alone. But at no extra cost to us you've managed to save us money and your customer service skills are an absolute education to anyone in the service sector (or they should be!) Thank you. I would highly recommend your travel agency service to anyone, and we will definitely be back!

Sent by Paul Douglas

Thank you for all your assistance in finding such an ideal vacation. I hope that the holiday is every bit as pleasurable as it has been dealing with you. I have no doubts that it will exceed my expectations, just as you have done.

Sent by Caroline Kerr

Lizzie has taken away an awful lot of stress and hassle for us, and we all appreciate everything she has done.

Sent by Wayne McKay

We found a holiday 'deal' on a website of a reputable travel company and asked Lizzie what she thought? It turned out the price quoted was too good to be true and had been mistyped, it should have been £500 more! Lizzie, using her vast experience and Travel Counsellor clout, managed to secure the original price, saving us that £500 and a lot of grief! Lizzie is a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend her without fail.

Sent by Sonya Jenkins

Lizzie was very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. A pleasure to deal with.

Sent by Deborah Wellington

We met Lizzie and Colin on our first day in St Lucia and hit it off straight away. We were privileged to be a part of their wedding. Lizzie was so organised and calm you wouldn't think it was her wedding, she had everything planned down to each small detail even ordering last minute flowers for us to wear. She looked absolutely gorgeous (as did the groom) and would be the perfect person to help and guide anyone on their special day!

Sent by Jonathan Askins

I recently needed to make travel arrangements to go to Melbourne and e-mailed Lizzie for her assistance. By the end of that day I had been offered a range of very competitively priced travel options including reduced cost seats in premium economy, which should make the long return journey a whole lot more bearable. The service she offered was first class and I would strongly recommend her to any prospective traveller.

Sent by Amy Aruch

Lizzie went above and beyond ensuring my wedding day not only went smoothly but was my dream day. Ensuring all members of the wedding party, American and British, were in the right place at the right time and had a place to stay was only one of the many services she willingly provided for myself and my husband.