My awesome birthday treat!

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 25 June 2017
It all started with a phone call in my office on a Thursday afternoon, “Hello, is that Lizzie? I’d like to welcome you to Archerfield House for you birthday tomorrow” says the soft spoken Scots lad on the other end.

“But it’s not my birthday until Saturday,” I replied, not even registering the Archerfield House bit!

“My name is Calum, from Archerfield House and your husband, Colin has booked you a Spa Break at our lovely location” he goes on to say.

Now I’m just gobsmacked, “He’s what? Oh my god that's fantastic,” says I, holding back the tears, “Ooooh I’m so excited now, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

I did know about this amazing place from a customer of mine who had stayed there for a Spa Weekend too and had raved about it. So now I’m just hyper and dancing around the office, I just wanted to hug and kiss my lovely hubby! Anyway, I’m glad I knew early enough to be able to plan outfits etc.

Early on Friday we set off on a 2 hour drive up to Dirleton which is just past North Berwick. We did detour a little, so we could have a leisurely drive up the coast. We didn’t arrive until nearly 2pm, but when we turned into the estate you could tell we were in a high-end place and parked up outside the “big house”. It turns out you check in at the Clubhouse which is further down the estate beside the golf course, where Michelle and Kirstie were fantastic.

I was booked in for a ‘Signature’ treatment at Fletchers Spa at 4:30 pm and Colin was having his neck and shoulders massaged at the same time. It was a case of picking up our keys for our accommodation, unpack and then head down to the spa.

When we saw our ‘Pavilion’ room it was like having our own one bedroomed flat which was absolutely fantastic and pure quality! It even had a complimentary, fully stocked fridge of wine and beers as well as chocolate and other snacks.

The spa which is set in mature woodland with a walled garden and absolutely stunning; was a short drive down the lane or a lovely walk if the weather is nice, which it was but we were in a bit of a hurry.

The spa staff were so friendly and helpful, to the extent that nothing at all was a problem and they were only too willing to help! Sarah was my Therapist and Hannah was Colin’s. The spa treatments were out of this world, and Colin who hasn’t had many massages said he felt fabulous.

Afterward we were given fruit and a small cup of fruit smoothie and lazed in the sumptuous lounge area . . . pure heaven!

We had booked our evening meal in the Clubhouse for 8 pm so we just relaxed before heading back to our suite to change for dinner.

We were offered a lift from our suite in an estate vehicle which is complimentary and very thoughtful. The clubhouse is enormous inside, full of fluffy sofas and a large dining area. Once again the customer service was awesome and Jess looked after us impeccably. The food was outstanding, great quality and fabulous value.

We could have asked for the transfer back to our suite but as it was a lovely night we walked back, past the amazing Lodges that can be hired.

Next day after breakfast, we headed back to the spa for our ‘Rasul Mud’ treatment which was for both of us. Again, we had THE best time and stayed relaxing in Salt Room which is a room built Himalayan salt bricks which made the air so fresh and relaxing. We stayed just chilling, walking around the walled gardens for ages in our gowns and slippers, then decided to have a cream tea outside, pure decadence and so delicious.

We left Archerfield House with heavy hearts, wanting more and can’t recommend this place enough! With the facilities, accommodation and ALL the staff, Archerfield House is world class!

I’m already planning a return visit with a group of friends. They have a fabulous offer of a day in the spa with afternoon tea – just what the Doctor ordered!