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I have had the most amazing career in a job that I have loved from the day I started 32 years ago. Travel is my passion and is something I live and breathe every day.

The most important element of what I do is to make sure my clients are happy and go above and beyond what you expect from a travel professional. What I offer is something special and by using my services you will see how I am different to others within the travel industry. I offer a very personal service and genuinely want you to enjoy every minute of working with me to find that perfect dream holiday.

For me travelling is my life and if I can share my experiences with other people so they can experience the same then this is a dream come true.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many places such as Australia, Far East, Middle East, Indian Ocean, USA and most of Europe such as Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, Spain and Lapland just to name a few.

I am a expert in arranging weddings abroad after getting married in Cyprus 23 years ago and have arranged over 30 weddings in the last few years to places such as Croatia, Portugal, Las Vegas, the Greek Islands, Caribbean, Cyprus and Mauritius. I arrange everything from the time and date of the ceremony, translation of documents, reception venue and menus and even down to the music and flowers on the day. I work with couples to find a perfect destination unique to them at a budget to suit.

Honeymoons is also a large part of my business and can offer a very tailored service to make your honeymoon the most beautiful memorable time together.

I have a family too so know the up and downs of travelling with children but after travelling across the world with them, I know the benefits to them and can offer great advice for these special times together.

Just a little something to tell you about myself, I am a very big F1 fan and have travelled to various countries to see the F1 and since doing this, I am able to put together tailor-made trips to F1 should you be a fan too!

Feel free to read through my latest travel journals, like my face book page and stay in contact for all the latest travel news.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

My Travel Blog to Croatia

20 July 2022

My Travel Blog to Croatia July 2022 Departing from Birmingham on an early morning flight we decided to have a airport hotel for the night making things easier in the morning. With Jet2 they offer a twilight check in, so we checked our luggage in the night before with no queues, leaving us with hand luggage and a small overnight bag. In the morning this was perfect as we got to the airport and literally went through to security. Saying that on this morning, there wasn’t much queuing at check in anyway. Security took 40 minutes and before we knew it, we were boarding. The Flight was on time, and we were off. Jet2 cabin crew were very good and the aircraft also good. We landed in a split on time and collected our luggage right away. We were met by Jet2 ground crew who quickly showed us the way to our driver for our private car transfer. The journey was seamless, and the car transport was very comfortable. The hotel Horizont was perfectly clean and a good 4 star, the cleaning staff worked hard and were brilliant with fresh bedding and towels every 3rd day if I remember rightly and the rooms were spotless, and the beds were comfortable and had a fridge. The staff throughout the hotel were pleasant but not over friendly however having been to Croatia before, this is their manner. We were on a breakfast basis and the food was varied. Plenty of continental and fruits and cooked if desired, all very fresh and buffet style. The pool areas were clean, and the spa and gym also however didn’t use the pool as the sea was much more inviting! The girls and I had a 30min back massage and i have to say it was very good, a male masseuse and he knew his stuff and was around 25.00. As the holiday went on the hotel remained spotless and the staff were helpful when we asked them questions. My only disappointment was the spa facilities. The hydro pool jets did not work and when I asked, they told me they hadn’t worked in 4-5 years! however they advertise as being one of the best spas in Croatia! This was a disappointing as I really wanted to use the hydro pool often. The spa itself was very lovely but given how large the hydro was and took up lots of room you would have thought they would have fixed it by now. I didn’t use the saunas, but they had at least 6-8 different ones on offer. Baska Voda Resort was unchanged since the last time we visited back in 2014 which was pleasing as it was lovely then. Very traditional, popular with Croatians on holiday and nationalities from Poland, Austria, Swiss and Germany. As before there wasn’t many English however most staff speak good English as the Croatian language is not easy to learn in 12 days. Croatian food is superb with many seafood options and great for vegetarians or vegans and pescatarians! If you like pizza and pasta too, there was a massive Italian influence. We ate seafood pretty much daily, catch of the day, scampi- (langoustines) Tuna steak, Seabass, White fish, mussels, and lobster! We were in heaven! If you are a meat eater, I would say more limiting, chicken is a favourite on the menu as is steak and veal, but that’s about it. Plenty of salad options and sharing plates. The sea, of course is a big draw and the beaches can be busy however the area we went to most days was quiet in noise considering the number of people. The sea was crystal clear and refreshing. This isn’t a sandy beach it is pure pebbles so wore beach shoes which we’re a problem at all, however The Croatians are a little more hardcore and didn’t need them! Sun beds were 50Kn per day and umbrellas 30kn - we bought foam beds and used these whilst there and were perfectly comfortable and convenient to carry too as very light (we were only 50m) from hotel anyway. These widely available and were 120Kn Inflatables were 150Kn There are many beach and souvenir shops and a range boutique clothing and jewellery shops to wander. Plenty of restaurants to choose from and a couple of supermarkets if self-catering. The staff in all the shops were very friendly and helpful. Although the supermarket staff seemed unfriendly or perhaps unhappy! ?? We visited the next resort along Makarska for the day and wandered around d the old town area and visited the daily market stalls and ate there. A very pleasant day out. From here you can catch the ferry to the island of Brac. A lovely island to visit (as we have been before) Baska Voda, is a multi-generation resort, lots of families, couples and groups of friends, always a lovely relaxed atmosphere and very safe! The nightlife is good with a couple of beach bars and one larger beach bar/Club offering cocktails, music, and DJ sets but all very relaxed and a great atmosphere for all ages. Baska Voda, offers boat trips, water sports such as jet ski, paddle boarding, Paragliding, inflatable rides, fishing trips, part- submarine adventure and island hopping too. It also offers, day trips involving buggies, River rafting and adventure tours into the mountains and national parks. It is a perfect location for a great family holiday wanting something a little ‘Non-English’. All Inclusive doesn’t really exist in this area however I know of a couple of hotels in different parts of Croatia now offering this but eating out is a big thing here and well worth it. It’s the most beautiful scenic area and great for walking and exploring. Car hire is not required however also a great option to see more of the country! This is the 4th time we have visited Croatia and it did not disappoint. We love this country and i can highly recommend it. Currency – 100HRK = 12.00 GBP 500HRK = 61.00 GBP 1000HRK = 122.00 GBP 5000HRK = 610.00 GBP Excursions - Rafting down Cetina River Plitvice lakes Boat trip to Brac Quad/Buggy tour Zipline Travelling to Croatia Travelling time -Flight 2.5 hours from UK Transfer time from split to Baska Voda- 1hr15mins in private car. Cost of meals- Pizza- 55Kn Pasta - 80Kn Seabass fillet - 120kn Prawns in shells - 140kn Mussels- 80kn Lobster (for 2) - 900Kn Tomahawk steak for 2 = 380kn

New York

19 October 2020

New York What a fabulous trip we had spending the New Year of 2020 in the city that doesn’t sleep! New Year’s Eve in New York was incredible and everything I wanted it to be it was. Its busy, its bustling, and yes there is security and police and crowds but everyone is in high spirits including the police and we had a fantastic evening just on the streets full of people taking in the countdown of the ball drop near times square where they had big screens to look on and count the New Year in. For people wanting to stay indoors then there are so many options to choose from however for me it wasn’t something I was happy to spend 150.00 dollars minimum per person doing. It was about the atmosphere and just being present. Apart from the New Year celebrations that we wanted to go for, I must say and a Top Tip- you really must be prepared for peak season crowds and queuing. This is by no means an easy city at this time of year and everything takes twice if not 3-4 times longer than usual. Probably anything from mid-December right through to 4-5 January, you are talking a lot of people, however the last couple of days of our trip we noticed a huge difference and no queuing at all which by then was a blessing however even though busy, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We went for this reason and we survived and enjoyed it so much it was a fantastic experience and a memory that will last for many years to come so for us a must do at Christmas and New Year! Just go for it! Forgetting the time of year for a moment, the bright lights of New York is spectacular. We stayed at the Hilton Midtown, a perfect hotel for families, Couples and Friends. The smell went you walked through the revolving doors was amazing! Each time we entered to go in and out it gets you and that is the first thing I remember about this lovely hotel. Then, the service, the staff were fantastic, it was cleaned thoroughly each day, spacious rooms and a great choice for location. There wasn’t anything I would change about this and I highly recommend this hotel and have done already! New York is mostly geared for families with older children, (mine are 15 and 13) or groups of friends and couples. This city offers so much to see and do, and it took us 9 days to see the main sights due to the busyness however travelling outside of peaks, a 4 day trip would be great as you can fit a lot in each day. Before we went in true “Travel Agent” style, I planned an itinerary and so glad we did as this was vital for making sure we covered everything we wanted to see and do. It did change of course due to weather, distances and the mood we were in but overall there wasn’t anything we didn’t do that we had on our list. The perfect way to plan and again this is something I offer when booking New York is the New York Pass or the Sightseeing Pass. This allows you to experience over 100 attractions and discounted meals and tours. The pass is pre-booked and Pre payable in the UK (I can book these) and it covers pretty much every attraction NY has to offer and you don’t pay a thing in NY. Its an app on your phone with a manual guidebook (if required) the passes are loaded on the app and scan as you go. There are some attractions you don’t have to book in advance and just rock up and scan however there are a few tours (due to numbers) you pre-book on the app before you go and you have a time and day booked to do the tour you wish. Its easy but its all in the Planning so another recommendation is to Plan, take a few nights at home to sit, talk and plan your trip. Its essential! Here are some of things we experienced, and I recommend – I would highly recommend “The Ride” (I don’t want to spoil it, so I am choosing not to say anymore but it’s fun!) Fun for any age group. We did it in the evening but there is day tours too. I liked the evening as you get the full effect of the lighting. The movie and TV tours are a definite must! There are several on offer so make sure you read the details as you really want to make sure it includes your favourite locations in those sitcoms and movies! Outlet shopping- there are a couple of options however we went for Woodbury Common and it was a great choice, we literally shopped all day and the prices were crazy and we came away with some amazing bargains with some really good brands. The usual must sees are definitely statue of Liberty ferry and seeing the Manhattan skyline , the empire state building during the evening as you can see all the lights of Downtown New York and then my favourite was Top of the Rocks during the day as you can not only get a perfect view of the empire state building and on the other side the far view of Central Park and the Hudson river and beyond! We also visited, Rockefeller Centre and Radio City where we had the absolute privilege of the Christmas Spectacular! WOW this truly was the most magical show I have ever seen and one we will never forget! We are also honour to have spent the day at Ground Zero and the Memorial, this is a special place and having been to New York some years ago having seen the Twin Towers and then back again when the ground was still being cleared from this devastating event and now to see a true memorial of impact this terrible event caused was truly heart pulling. This truly honours every life and you do really get a sense of that awful world changing day. We also did some unusual experiences that maybe perhaps on a short trip you wouldn’t do but as we were there for 9 days, I wanted to experience more the “Must do’s” and we certainly did. One of them was a Graffiti walking tour of Brooklyn which although it was pouring down with rain on this day it was great to image the graffiti art that is appreciated rather than painted over! There are some amazing pieces and meaningful images that allows people to express themselves to the full. The other tour we did was a Gospel tour of Harlem on a Sunday morning and taking in a Gospel Sunday morning worship which was incredible too. We also experience a bike carriage ride around central park and ice staking too which was fantastic way to end our incredible 9 days. We would not Have changed anything, the smells the culture, the shopping, the people the crazy busyness was wonderful! As you can see we literally did so much and had a fun filled action packed time in New York and cannot wait to return.

Why..Why...Why Not.........

17 July 2018

What can I say. Do you remember a time when looking at pictures in travel brochures or on the internet of beaches that have turquoise sea and white powder sand and think - I wonder if there is a place that really exists? Well, I can confirm there is - Turks and Caicos, the most beautiful beach and sea I have ever seen and as you know I have done some travelling. Each morning I would have to pinch myself to make sure I was really taking a holiday here. I travelled in May 2018 with my family and took to the skies with BA with a touchdown in Antigua for an hour to get to Providenciales on Turks, “Provo” for short. On arrival (as expected really) there is a small one terminal airport, with one baggage reclaim and 2 maybe 3 security and whole bunch of friendly people to welcome you to this beautiful island. We were quickly greeted by the Beaches staff and escorted to our minivan and taken to the Beaches Resort (10mins drive). From landing, I think it took a whole 40mins. Perfect! Beaches Resort welcomed us with cool refreshing towels and check in was a pleasure. As the resort is split into four villages with walkways to many restaurants, pools and facilities it was suggested that we did a familiarisation tour of the resort first thing in the morning which we took advantage of. This proved to be so valuable as we didn’t waste any time finding anything and knew pretty much all the areas to explore and enjoy. Beaches Resort is located on Grace Bay and is the most pristine beach I have seen and is voted one of the best beaches in the world. A little walk down the beach is home to a reef and is abundant with marine life right at your feet. Snorkelling is fantastic! The island itself also hosts many other snorkelling sites and dive sites too and there are plenty of opportunity to take advantage of these trips. We stayed in the Caribbean Village and the accommodation was very spacious and modest with a lovely view of the gardens, pool and sea in the distance. We would enjoy a lovely sunset from here. I was able to look around all the villages and many room types here as a travel agent, so I can advise on all the villages, whom they are suited for and the layout which is valuable information if anyone is wanting to travel here. As for the restaurants, bearing in mind we have never done an all-inclusive before, this was exceptional. A la carte breakfast to dinner and lots in between the food was fresh, well presented and delicious. It was the bar staff at the Caribbean Pool bar that made us laugh every day. They were very entertaining, so much fun and had the best time talking to everyone and socialising. The saying from the very funny "Bishop" the bar staff was - Why...why..why not! As for facilities, I would like to say how great the kid’s facilities were. Located in one area so our girls could go off and explore on their own knowing we were close, the waterpark was a great asset and teen club too. The staff work so hard at this resort constantly and tirelessly servicing the resort and the people. They work long hours and always had a smile and a lovely greeting for us from the restaurants to the groundsman to the reception to the cleaners. They were all so lovely and very good at their jobs. They are a credit to the resort and I would definitely return.

Surfs Up In Southern California

17 July 2018

I was lucky enough to earn a place on an Educational trip to Southern California April 2018. This was a self-drive trip with 4 fellow Travel Counsellors and we were to experience the delights taking in various places such as Huntington Beach, LA, San Diego and Palm Springs. In each place we experienced the local excursions, local food and hospitality from the local tourist office and hotels that hosted the trip. Firstly, starting in Heathrow, we flew on the direct service in economy to LA with American airlines. AA as an airline I thought were great with good seating, good variety of entertainment and service. I would definitely recommend and fly AA again. On arrival at LA we collected our car and headed to Huntington beach which should have been 1 ½ hours’ drive but given the time of day 5-6pm this took a lot longer. I think my top tip would be for anyone driving in this area would be to avoid this time of day and take an earlier flight. On arrival at Huntington beach we checked in at the Hilton Waterfront hotel and this was a great hotel with views of the beach. Our first experience was to hire bikes and ride along the beach paths. What a great experience and a lot of fun! Firstly, I don’t often ride so this was the fun part likewise a couple of my colleagues didn’t ride much so we pretty much spent the time laughing at each other’s lack of bike skills! I can say though this is the best way to see the area. Our second experience was a boat trip along Huntington Harbour thanks to “Captain Doug” and Duffy Boats! We had a private charter with drinks and nibbles. Captain Doug took us all through the harbour pointing out various local interests and explaining the area, we took a very interesting turn that I can only describe as scene from “Only Fools and Horses” where Del and Rodney hire a boat and take it across the seas to Amsterdam! To tell the story, whilst in the harbour a US military ship was in dock and we quietly sailed past when the military raced up in their rib boat to instruct us to stay clear (we were nowhere near) but they were doing their job I guess. We passed the ship and went towards the opening to the sea where Captain Doug turned around and started to head towards the harbour dock where we started, before you knew it, we had the military once again instructing us that we had to go out to sea and was not allowing us back as the US Ship was going to depart! With that we headed out to sea. This is the bit where Rodney is sick overboard! The boat we were in wasn’t exactly for the high seas and with the waves crashing over the sides and us rocking around Captain Doug handed it amazingly (we could not stop laughing) and took us back to a harbour nearby and docked at a completely different area. With that we had a drink on dry land and his lovely wife came and drove us back to where we had to be. It was the funniest thing ever! Great service, Great experience and again lots of fun! After a great stay at Huntington Beach we headed off to san Diego driving down the Pacific Coast Highway (scenic route) and loved it! Arriving in San Diego we took advantage of the Downtown area on that evening and took in the local Baseball game! It was a brilliant night with the local team Padres vs. New York Mets. We literally got with the locals and enjoyed the game. There was a fantastic atmosphere and the stadium was buzzing! The following day we visited the harbour area of San Diego taking in the USS Midway. Great day exploring this amazing aircraft carrier. This is a must see whilst in San Diego. The afternoon was spent exploring Seaport Village whish was a great place to eat. Now having left San Diego, we headed for the desert, Palm Springs and on arrival took in the Ariel Tramway. Now, given I do not like heights, I did extremely well (I didn’t look down). This cable car can take up to 80 people at one time! Once at the top the view is stunning at the front and a fantastic view of all of Palm springs and the windmills, however at the back was pure forest, mountains and beauty. Our final experience of the trip was Indian Canyons Tour/Desert Adventures Jeep Tour and again this is a real highlight! Travelling into real Indian country, learning about the history, culture and getting a real sense of authenticity. We did a mile trek through the canyon and the views were amazing. To sum the trip up in a few words, I felt we had experienced the best of these places. The tours/experiences we did were fantastic. The people we met were great. So much passion for their country, the willingness to show off their homeland shone through. It was a fantastic trip and I would urge anyone to go there and take in some of the things we experienced.

Dubai for the Weekend

08 June 2015

After winning a three night trip to Dubai with Qantas and One and Only Royal Mirage we jetted off to have a luxury weekend away to enjoy the hot sunshine and fantastic service and food that Dubai has to offer. We had travelled here before en-route to Australia three years ago with the girls but this time it was a trip just for the two of us, so experienced a very relaxing break. The hotel is stunning and the service is outstanding. All sea-facing rooms and amazing restaurants to eat in, the atmosphere is totally exceptional. Dubai certainly holds it price when you are there especially in the hotels however walking to the famous marina area "The Walk" you can find more reasonable options for eating. If you like shopping then this is definitely the place for you with big malls to suit all tastes. Eating in the Malls offer amazingly good food at good value. The Dubai Mall also offers the famous Singing Fountains overlooked by the Burj Khalifa. With a seven hour overnight flight on the outbound and return flight we were able to get the most of our three night stay and had four full days to enjoy. Perfect for a long weekend.

Lapland for the Day

08 June 2015

For a surprise for the family and as my eldest daughter was leaving primary school this year it would be my last chance to enjoy the magic that Christmas brings so I decided to look out for a good deal to Lapland. It didn't take long before I had booked the four of us on a day trip departing Exeter departing middle of December 2014. A very long day but the best surprise ever, Waking the girls up at 4am, they were in total shock and really didn't understand that they were off to Lapland. We departed Exeter with a slight delay (the aircraft was frozen) and three hours later crossing over the Arctic Circle into Swedish Lapland. A very remote and unspoiled area and very surreal. The aircraft landed on runway that was covered in snow and everything was white. It was snowing most of the day so we didn't get chance to see the Northern Lights but enjoyed the snow falling as it was nothing like we have in the UK, Soft, fluffy and lots of it! It was truly magical. We started the day with a Husky ledge ride through the forest ending up in the wilderness over a frozen lake. We then had a traditional hot drink in a Teepee with reindeers outside. A traditional Lappish lunch was next and this was lovely and served in a beautiful log cabin. We then went on to the exhilarating snow mobiles and this was brilliant. I have never been on one before let alone driven one and had the most amazing time, the girls did not stop laughing! We ended the day (well evening as it is dark by then with a reindeer ride and a lovely walk into the forest to see Father Christmas in his log cabin. He spoke to the children and they handed there letters over and we said our goodbyes. A traditional goodbye song at the airport from the Lappish people was the perfect ending to a magical day.

My customer stories

Sent by Sharon Griffiths

Maria was very helpful, nothing was too much trouble . First class service

Sent by Amanda White

Maria has been really helpful and accommodating to our travel needs and has provided a first class service. This is the second time I’ve use her and I would definitely recommend her to friends and family .

Sent by Jason Cox

Maria, is awesome. We have been working with Maria to arrange all sorts of trips and holidays for a number of years and have always found her to be very professional, easy to talk to, really helpful and a real pleasure to deal with. We always (and always will) talk to Maria before arranging any trips or holidays.

Sent by Samantha Lawn

Maria is the go to person - nothing is too much effort and I trust her implicitly. Great tempting teaser emails have encouraged us to book two holidays with her!! Love the seamless service! Highly recommended!

Sent by Andrew King

We have had a fantastic first experience with Maria who has been an invaluable source of expertise at a very stressful yet life-changing time. We will continue to use her services into the future.

Sent by Judith Wriaght

I had an excellent experience booking our Caribbean cruise with Maria Foxwell. Maria was very informative and extremely friendly and approachable. The fact that she is on hand to answer any queries we may have is a real peace of mind when we are booking a holiday like this. I have already recommended Maria to several of my friends. Thank you for all your help Maria.

Sent by Jerry Hill

Just wanted to say thank you for dealing/organising our holiday what a diamond it turned out to be. We nearly didn’t come back! Would definitely recommend this resort the staff were very helpful and friendly without being over friendly. The restaurants were great and the setting was perfect for our 30th wedding anniversary. I would also like to thank you for the extra surprises we received.

Sent by Lisa Gill

I have booked several holidays with Maria, the last one being a mini cruise for me and my daughter. From start to finish, it was a very painless process (considering Covid). The P&O Cruise was from Southampton for 4 days, no stops because of the restrictions at the time. Staff were lovely, we were all tested before being allowed to board the ship so we felt the safest we have for a very long time. As usual, food was delicious, cocktails whilst led on our sunloungers were delicious. Entertainment was a good standard, we also indulged in watching a couple of movies. Marie was wonderful, she checked in with us to ensure we were on the ship and that everything went smoothly for us, and again when we got off the ship. Fantastic standard of service, you just don't get this from a travel agent on the high street. Wouldn't go anywhere else, thank you Maria. Looking forward to our next cruise in May to the Fjords and then December to Bruge (all being well). Thank you again, the whole experience was fantastic!!!

Sent by Samantha Lawn

Maria expertly put together our recent holiday to Antigua- we were tempted by one of her teaser emails and forum there she found us The Pineapple Beach Club nestled on a glorious white palm tree strewn beach. We were apprehensive with all the covid testing requirements especially as they changed fairly frequently but Maria was on hand to guide us through and she actually did all the work save taking the actual swabs! Good prices and great service. We took off from Heathrow and had a comfortable flight and we were transported efficiently to our hotel where we were welcomed like long lost family with a cool rum punch. Our holiday was relaxing and wonderful with not one complaint. Maria also managed to upgrade our return flight too so We came back refreshed and managed some sleep. I recommend Maria and her expertise 100%z Nothing is too much trouble and she really cares that we had a great time. She also arranged birthday fizz in our room too- I’ll bet that other operators wouldn’t do that!! She’s amazing

Sent by Alison Muir

I have known Maria for several years, but not taken advantage of her travel expertise as I’ve always been happy to organise our travel arrangements myself. This year (2021) the ever changing rules for travel had become a nightmare to navigate and so having heard from so many others how easy it was to book a holiday with Maria, there was only one place I had to go! Maria took the time to understand about the types of locations and accommodation we preferred, and quickly sent use through a select few options in the places which were on the ‘green’ list for travel. She informed us of the testing requirements and sent links to testing providers who were offering Travel Counsellor clients discounts. Everything worked smoothly, we received our travel documents in plenty of time, Maria checked us in for the flights (and phoned me to make sure we had no issues at the airport), hotel transfers had been arranged. We had one issue upon arrival at the hotel where we were not given the room type we had requested, and even though Maria herself was on holiday at the time, she spoke to the hotel directly and we were soon moved to the appropriate room type. It’s very clear Maria really cares for her clients and is willing and able to take all the stress that can sometimes come with travelling away. We probably wouldn’t have managed to get a holiday abroad without her!

Sent by Sarah Myners

Maria meticulously planned and arranged our group holiday to Palma not just once, but three times because of Covid! She recommended a perfectly located hotel in a wonderful part of town, coordinated, booked eleven return flights from five different airports over three trip durations, supplied us with full and user-friendly information on testing and paperwork requirements which was invaluable and removed any anxiety about travelling in unprecedented times, checked in for us on every flight and handed us physically and electronically everything we needed to travel. She removed all the stress and hassle and no question was too much. But …. most importantly she really truly, genuinely and palpably cared that this group of mothers of young kids, emerging post-lockdown, had the most amazing and well-deserved break ever.

Sent by Clare Davis

My daughter and I wanted a special holiday together to get some sunshine and recharge after the difficult times during Covid. We were very nervous about leaving the UK due to all the restrictions, rules and forms that had to be filled in. Maria Foxwell from Travel Counsellors ensured us we would be fine and she would organise everything. We had one week available. Maria found the perfect cruise including all the places we wanted to visit in the Greek Islands. She also spent extra time helping us organise the Antigen Test before we departed, fill in the Passenger Location Form for Departure and arriving back in the UK, and ensuring we managed to do the most efficient Day 2 Return PCR Test. It all felt overwhelming, and Maria made the process easy. She was even on the end of the phone when I was in Greece and couldn’t answer one of the questions on the return PLF. Thanks Maria, we had our dream holiday – just PERFECT!

Sent by Sarah Austin

My husband and I have recently returned from two magical weeks away in Madeira thanks to Maria Foxwell at Travel Counsellors. We desperately needed a break and booking through Maria allowed us to travel abroad for some winter sun with complete confidence. Maria found us the perfect holiday. Two weeks away, flying from Bristol with warm sunny days in November. The hotel she recommended was just what we wanted, the private transfers smooth. Everything we asked for was delivered. In the run up to our holiday, Maria consulted us on COVID measures and helped us ensure we had the correct travel insurance in place should we be affected by COVID whilst away. As always, Maria stayed in touch before, during and after our holiday, making sure we were happy and had everything we needed. I’ve travelled a lot over the years and Maria has organised our four most recent trips – Mumbai and Goa; Kefalonia and Athens; Delhi and Rajasthan and now Madeira. I can’t wait to start chatting to Maria about our 2022 adventure!

Sent by Rozalyn Donson

Just returned safely from New York City, and can honestly say we couldn’t of done it without the support, knowledge and information that Maria provide us to experience this fantastic place. I took my son for his 21st birthday, everything was so well planned and booked from notifying the hotel of the big birthday to covid Restriction passes, just perfect!!! I can’t thank Maria enough for the amazing memories we will have forever, it has made such an impact on both our lives. Thank you, Roz and Luke

Sent by Jon Denning

Me and the wife have used Maria and Gemma on a few occasions . Nothing is ever too much trouble and they go the extra mile to ensure you truly do get a fantastic holiday. They are prompt with any answers you need . We never have to worry that there will be any problems , the service is first class and very professional. Even down to writing out the luggage tags (my pet hate). We have already used them once this year where they found us an absolutely beautiful holiday destination in Cyprus , so good in fact That we have booked to go back to the same place again mid oct!! We will continue to use the guys for all our future holidays . Truly the best I have ever used and won’t be going anywhere else. Thankyou Maria and Gemma you are stars!

Sent by S X

We have booked several holidays for our family with Maria and she is fabulous! Holidays are important family time for us, and Maria makes us feel like nothing is too much trouble to get all the little details right. We always feel like we have got a great deal and had a really gold star service. Also on occasion we have had things we wanted to sort out in resort and with a call to Maria they were all resolved for us without it disturbing our holiday... We are now exploring our next trip and Maria has really taken the time to understand what is important to us to help us pick somewhere that suits us and our budget. I don’t know anywhere else you would find such friendly and knowledgeable support to make your holidays special.

Sent by Sarah Myners

As a full time working mother of three children aged 5 and under, trawling the Internet for a holiday is the last thing I have time to do. This is particularly the case when I have pretty specific requirements that a search engine just can’t cover. Plus I needed an assurance that my first proper holiday abroad since having the kids was going to be fab. Well Maria (who came highly recommended by a friend) nailed it! I was presented with only a few options to chose from, all of which ticked the boxes on my criteria list. The options were clearly set out and priced. Booking was easy peasy. The travel documents was so well organised. I literally just had to pack and get the family to the airport. Maria sent us lovely cards with notes wishing us a lovely time. The holiday was just wonderful. Absolutely what we wanted - guaranteed sun (well, as best as possible), short transfers, lovely kids pools, good food, lovely comfortable rooms. Tick, tick, tick. Cannot recommend more and have absolutely been doing so!

Sent by Richard Todman

We normally book through Maria as we know we can leave Maria to sort out the best deal and it will all be handled very professionally. We also this time needed to leave the ship a day early. Maria organised the flight, not through Viking Using the points we had accumulated, this process was seamless to us. However it is just as well we booked through Maria because we were on the Viking Cruise ship that got into trouble off the coast of Norway. The Issue started on a Saturday lunch time, Viking informed one of our daughters who was listed as next of kin and Maria of the situation. Maria supported both of our daughters through the Saturday night and up to Sunday afternoon, when we were safe on land. I do not think Maria got much sleep on Saturday night Viking flew us back to Gatwick, our car was at Bristol airport. Maria organised a car to pick us up at Gatwick and take us home to Bristol at Travel Counsellors expense. As you can imagine this was a a traumatic time for us, so it was very reassuring that Maria and the TC team were behind us all the way.

Sent by Helen Button

Maria is always approachable and there to help in any way. The holiday organised for our Italian holiday was super. Flights hotels location trains. All very good indeed. Maria is organising a trip to Norway next year, sounds exciting and there will be 6 of us hoping to catch the Northern Lights.

Sent by Sharon Charlton - Thomson

Maria was an incredible help when booking a family trip to Thailand. She really took the time to listen to our needs and nothing was too much trouble. It was so reassuring when we were in Thailand to also be able to contact her if we needed. The holiday was a huge success. We’d thoroughly recommend Maria and her team and won’t hesitate to use her again.

Sent by Karen Marshall

Maria and her team provide an excellent, first class service. Our family have used Maria to arrange our holidays for many years and she never disappoints. She has excellent knowledge and is always able to help us to find the right location and accommodation within our budget. She takes the stress out of the booking process and does all the little things I don’t have the time to do. Maria also makes herself available to answer any questions or queries whilst we’re away which gives us that extra level of comfort. It’s holidays with a personal touch and we wouldn’t use anyone else!

Sent by Maxine Denham

Maria is excellent knowledgable and helpful - can't recommend her enough

Sent by John Denning

Quick response to everything, No stress for us, three holidays being booked through Maria and Gemma this year. Great service.

Sent by Avril Pearce

Very helpful with our trip to Canada. Maria has fitted so many extras in our trip for the value almost the same price from a well known travel agent. I will definitely recommend Maria to friends.

Sent by Paula Carnell

Yet again, with a limited time frame, Maria came up trumps sourcing the perfect guide and driver for our Omani mountain and market tour. We had a day to remember and so many fabulous photographs, special moments and many new friends! Thank you

Sent by Susan Key

Very friendly and extremely helpful, couldn’t have asked for better or more!

Sent by Tanya Shuttleworth

The support and help we have recieved has been brilliant, especially with the insurance claims. I have already handed out all the Travel Counsellors cards to people.

Sent by Lisa Lovesey

Thank you so much to Maria for booking our accommodation last minute due to Monarch cancellation. Hotel was clean and in a perfect location as was close to the Barbour, bars and restaurants and meant we were still close to my families hotel that were booked into. Very happy xx

Sent by Kelly Davies

Thank you Maria for the wonderful service you have given me and my family 2nd year running by finding us the ideal holiday to share with our friends. Maria's personal service, excellent advice and knowledge is exceptional. The comfort of knowing Maria was on the end of the phone during our holiday if we needed any help with our itinerary was great! It was so nice to be able to send her photo's of the lovely holiday she had found for us was lovely as she was so keen for us to have a great time! You don't get service like this on the high street! Then to come home and receive flowers welcoming us home was just delightful and a lovely touch! I am now in touch with Maria to book our holiday for next year as I know she will put her special touch on our next adventure and look forward to see what she will find us!! Thank you Maria for all the time and effort you put in to making our holidays so special!!!

Sent by Richard Jay

Maria has worked tirelessly on various quotes for holiday destinations for my family. We looked at the Maldives, Sardinia and Greece. Maria came up with various options for all three destinations. Nothing was too much trouble even though I felt at times I was asking too many questions! In the end we settled for Crete in Greece. The place that Maria has chosen ticked all the boxes with regards to what we wanted as a family. Maria had obviously taken on board what we required for a holiday and this shows a great level of customer service and customer care. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking for a holiday . Kind regards , Helen and Rich Jay

Sent by Charlotte James

Maria helped us plan and book our wedding in Croatia. She was there every step of the way, from finding the perfect destination to our big day. Her knowledge, experience and great communication, both with myself and the wedding team in Croatia made the organisation very easy and enjoyable. She also helped many of our guests find and book holidays to be at our wedding. We would like to thank Maria for all her hard work to make our holiday and wedding so special.

Sent by Anthony Dunford

We have used Maria from travel counsellors for the ten years, can not fault her, always gets us what we need for are holiday, excellent service

Sent by Pauline Brown

Based on knowledge from family members and their experiences I would definitely recommend to my friends

Sent by Jodie Crook

Brilliant service from Maria, very helpful and knowledgeable

Sent by Marcus Riddle

Maria has been fantastic arranging our holiday this year and previous years. It takes the pressure of arranging it ourselves. Well done Maria. Thanks

Sent by Hayley Chiba

I am writing this recommendation from my seafront sunbed in Bali. A 2 centre holiday with Singapore that Maria organised for us. The gift of Maria is that being quite particular with what I want from a holiday, where I want to stay and the sorts of sights and places I want to visit, meant that if Maria had not organised this for me, being so busy with work, I don't believe I would have had the time to research and book. Maria's choices have been absolutely spot on, the hotels are exactly what I look for and both locations are faultless. Maria has clearly listerned and understood exactly what I wanted from this holiday. I shall never book my own holiday again and why would I, when Maria is far better at it than I ever could be.

Sent by Celia Mannings

Maria is always wonderful. She goes the extra mile, yet professionally, and it's obvious she really cares (and I'm not the easiest client!) I trust her completely for all my travel needs.

Sent by Richard Todman

Maria has booked two cruises for us and just last week she booked us a Sandals holiday in Jamaica The best thing about dealing with Maria is that she gets to know your likes and dislikes very quickly. So it makes booking a holiday very easy as all you have to do is state the location or cruise and you can rely on Maria to find you the accommodation or ship at a good price.

Sent by Gemma Ospedale

Maria Foxwell was outstandingly helpful and efficient, very professional and went out of her way to help me book flights, car hire and deal with the Canadian Visa waiver at very short notice. She was absolutely delightful to deal with and I will certainly be using her again and recommend her.

Sent by Kelly Davies

A Very personable service and really keen to find us our ideal holiday! Thanks so much Maria!!!

Sent by Laura Cowan

Maria was super helpful and really took time to get to know what I wanted. I've always sorted my own holidays but this was all very last minute and a friend recommended her to me. I'm so pleased as it took all the effort of the planning away from me but achieved exactly what I wanted! It was a really fantastic holiday. I would highly recommend Maria and definitely plan to use her again.

Sent by Clare Davis

“I had the difficult task of having to organise a family holiday for my 4 children, husband and in-laws last Summer. My husband requested that we go to Croatia. I knew nothing about Croatia and really didn’t know where to start. I knew Maria Foxwell as she was a coaching client of mine and she reassured me she would organise the perfect holiday, and she did. Maria was extremely careful when deciding where we should go, finding the perfect villa for our needs. She told us a lot about the area, giving us information to read up on. She also organised the transfers top and from the airport in Croatia – very easy in a country we had never visited before. Maria is efficient, really caring about your specific requirements and making sure you have the perfect holiday."

Sent by Rebecca Sanigar

First of all, Thank you Maria for taking the time to meet with us at our home, to find out what we like as a family and listen to what we wanted for our holiday & the wedding. You put together a brilliant itinerary, nothing was too much trouble, you were always on hand if I had a question, and quick with the responses. Our holiday was fabulous & our wedding was perfect - exactly what we wanted. We loved the little extra touches you did, the wedding card and huge bunch of flowers on our return. Thanks again and I thoroughly recommend booking with Maria, Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Rebecca Sanigar

First of all, Thank you Maria for taking the time to meet with us at our home, to find out what we like as a family and listen to what we wanted for our holiday & the wedding. You put together a brilliant itinerary, nothing was too much trouble, you were always on hand if I had a question, and quick with the responses. Our holiday was fabulous & our wedding was perfect - exactly what we wanted. We loved the little extra touches you did, the wedding card and huge bunch of flowers on our return. Thanks again and I thoroughly recommend booking with Maria, Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Jonathan Ryman

I have booked a couple of holidays with Maria and have found the service to be excellent. We went on a fairly complicated trip to Canada last year and the thought that went into satisfying our requirements meant we ended up with a holiday that worked like a dream. All details were sorted out in a very professional manner, which coupled with a friendly personality, made the whole process a pleasure. Thanks for all your help.

Sent by Harriet Park

We decided to approach Maria to help us book the honeymoon of a liftetime following a recommendation from a friend. Safe to say we definitely weren't disappointed. Maria was absolutely brilliant from start to finish, we gave her a rough outline as to what we wanted to do, which parts of our trip were the most important, what splurges we wanted to include and the areas we wanted to penny pinch. She really did put together the trip of our lives, from booking the airport parking, flights, hotels, transfers and excursions we were not disappointed. With a wedding to plan, it took the burden of planning the details of our honeymoon away from me. Every so often we would get updates with how things were progressing and everything was perfect. Maria set up our very own website where our family and friends were able to contribute to our honeymoon fund and leave messages for us, and also gave us information cards with the log in details for us to include with our wedding invitations. If you want to book the holiday of your dreams but dont want the added pressure of tying everything in together, then Maria is your girl. Friendly and approachable, she gave us the feeling that she was genuinely excited for our big adventure and that just added to the occasion. Thank you Maria for everything you did for me and my husband. It truly was better than we could have ever expected.

Sent by Clive Turner

The trip to New Orleans and New York which Maria arranged for us was indeed very special as it was to mark our ruby wedding. The final package, after much correspondence, was just what we wanted and made the special memories we now have. We already recommend Maria to our friends and colleagues so if the personal touch is a prime requirement for any travel plans you may have, then contact Maria and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Maria and we look forward to seeking your help in the future!

Sent by Joan Cooper

I can confidently recommend Maria as someone who will help you plan your holiday and take away the stress of wading through brochures, prices and calendars. She has given great and prompt attention to detail in every aspect of my holiday planning and booking, making helpful suggestions and I am very impressed by her professionalism.

Sent by Doreen Bond

Excellent service as always. Makes booking holidays stress and hassle free.

Sent by K Marshall

I recently contacted Maria to organize a holiday for my birthday, after many recommendations from family that have used her services multiple times before. The whole experience was fantastic, Maria is so polite and easy to talk to! I often get a bit confused with booking holidays and making sure all the transport and hotels are sorted out, no clashes etc, but Maria handled it all for me, no stress! Everything was made so easy, I would most definitely recommend her, and go through her again and again for future bookings! Not a bad word to say about such a lovely lady :)

Sent by Gavin Shorter

Maria is nothing short of an angel! She reads our minds (she has to, as we only ever seem sure of what we don't want!) and always finds us incredible holidays. We have travelled with Maria to many great destinations and they have always been more than we could have dreamt of. The process is always calm and thorough, even when there are circumstances that nobody could predict. Maria is always there. She is extremely professional while maintaining a really fun and very patient client relationship. We recommend Maria to all of our friends as she takes the pressure off trawling through a million holiday destinations and flights (often finding some flights that wouldn't appear on our search). We can't thank you enough Maria.

Sent by Maggie Bennett

For all our travel plans over the past five years we have asked Maria to make the bookings for us. She is very knowledgeable regarding places, hotels, flights etc. and also knows what people need to make their travel a pleasant experience. Our last trip was spoiled because of bad weather, the flight was 24 hrs late and we missed our connection to the cruise we had planned. Maria sorted out alternatives for us and we had a great time anyway. Our next trip is Australia for Christmas with the family and of course Maria has made all our arrangements. It's so easy to let Maria take all the pressure off, all we need to do is decide where and when to go, and ensure our passports are up to date. she'll even arrange visas where needed. I recommend her to everyone whenever I have the chance.

Sent by Donna Dury

Dear Maria Thank you so much for you help and assistance with booking our special trip to Istanbul. You have taken all the stress and worry away and we are looking forward to setting off tomorrow. Many thanks again Donna

Sent by Lisa Iles

I would like to thank Maria for a fantastic holiday. She listened to all of my needs from having my dog on holiday to my budget. She fulfilled all of my needs and in return I had a fantastic holiday. I will be recommending her to everyone as she is a fantastic agent. Thank you so much Maria for my holiday and I will be calling you in the next week or so to book my next trip.

Sent by Richard Todman

We have recently purchased two holidays through Maria, a Scandinavia cruise and a Caribbean holiday. These are quite different holidays, however Maria's knowledge on both types of holiday was outstanding. She found the exact locations we were looking for, also managed to obtain for us the best cabin and the best room in the holiday and obtain a good deal on both. I have already recommended Maria to our close friends. You just feel Maria is in control, she takes all the stress out of booking a holiday.

Sent by Philippa Constable

Maria has been looking after our travel for over five years now, and I cannot recommend her and the company highly enough. The service is exceptional, first class, and very personal. I totally trust that Maria knows exactly what we want, and she has never failed to disappoint. When it comes to holiday ideas, different destinations, Maria is very knowledgeable and will suggest places that we would not have thought of. Thanks for your help, and we will speak soon I'm sure for our next trip!

Sent by Tony & Sonya Dunford

We've been using Travel Counsellors and Maria for the last eight years and we cannot fault Maria in anyway She's been great, she makes things so easy for us, we just ring her up tell what we're looking for and that's it holiday sorted. A brilliant sevice!

Sent by Kirstie Phillips

Maria has been dealing with me and my future husband for two years, she has been very patient with us as we changed our wedding date! When it was all steam ahead Maria was fantastic, dealt with all our needs and gave us a brilliant quote and also helped our family and friends with quotes! We only have a few Lil details left to go and we can sit back and relax will our wedding in las vegas, I couldn't fault Maria she is amazing, friendly and caring person who will make your special day easy and relaxed!

Sent by Emily Jolliffe

Maria was incredibly professional and helpful in every aspect of booking our training trip to Massachusetts. I would gladly recommend her and definitely use her again. Huge thanks.

Sent by Ross Thompson

Maria was so helpful and kind from start to finish in helping with our travel arrangements. All of our questions were answered quickly and fully, including web links. Maria went beyond the call of duty to ensure that our travel went smoothly. Guess what, it did! Thank you Maria, HIGHLY recommended!

Sent by Petra Stapp

It is CERTAIN that I will recommend Maria. Maria saved my holiday! After being delayed at Manchester Airport, due to snow, we missed our cruise to the Bahamas. Our airline took us out the next day. (Despite us having 24hrs grace we missed the ship). Maria answered my phone call out of hours and found us a hotel in Orlando at VERY short notice. She then ensured we knew what we were doing when we got there, giving us options for the weekend, with costs and suggestions. Our friends arrived back to collect us a few days later and even though we had missed the cruise, and our friends, we could tell them we had had a great time! I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. Her understanding and willingness to help us in our hour of need means that she gets my business every time from now on. THANK YOU!!!!! I have NEVER had such service

Sent by Kate Pearse

Maria went above and beyond for us from day one. We had all these different ideas for our wedding abroad but could not make a decision on where. Maria was brilliant and came back to us with options for different destinations and wedding options. We both fell in love with Cyprus. The quality of Maria's work was outstanding from start to finish, and we cannot fault a single aspect from the planning, to the wedding and our stay in Cyprus. Maria always kept in close contact with us, keeping us updated and also if we had any questions we knew Maria was always at the end of the phone. Not only for us but also our guests, Maria was brilliant with them and ensuring all their needs were met prior to our departure for Cyprus. This ensured all our minds were at ease and ready to enjoy Cyprus. We thoroughly enjoyed all the planning for our wedding with Maria because she has such a positive attitude and gave us every option possible to ensure the day was exactly as we wanted. Nothing seemed too much for Maria, even when we then announced we were expecting a baby. Maria sorted everything - all we needed to do was get a passport! It would be impossible for us to list everything about our wedding and stay at Capo Bay Hotel but all we can say is from start to finish it really was a pleasure to have Maria and her knowledge and experience of wedding planning and Cyprus. Maria made us fully aware of any costs prior to any bookings and made sure we got best value for money in every aspect which really helped with budgeting. We were worried we were a bit too relaxed about it all before leaving for Cyprus but Maria is a perfectionist and ensured everything was covered. She arranged a private car to pick us up from the airport, even this was perfect for us as a baby seat has been organised for our daughter. We stayed at Capo Bay Hotel in Cyprus and could not fault a thing, and again for our guests Maria was able to organise perfect accommodation depending on their needs and finances. We met with a colleague of Maria's on our second day to ensure all our needs were going to be met for our big day, and we went through everything from the music, ceremony and wedding breakfast. She even assisted us on our visit to fill out the paper work prior to the wedding. We cannot praise Maria enough for all her hard work and dedication to us for our wedding. We would recommend anyone to Maria. In fact Maria is helping some friend’s plan their wedding in Cyprus for 2014. It gives us great satisfaction in recommending Maria to them and seeing their faces glow with excitement for their big day and seeing how happy they are with Maria's work. Thank you so much Maria!

Sent by Sarah Jones

Hi Maria Thank you so much for booking such a fab honeymoon for me and Scott. We loved every minute of it from flying out first class to the hotel, food etc. We could not fault any of it was such an easy stress free process and we will definitely recommend you to friends and family and will be in contact when we go away again. Thank you again. Sarah Jones Administrator – Facilities Management & Industrial Service

Sent by Jan Lockett

We were more than happy with Maria arrangements for our recent trip to Zakynthos to stay at the Lesante Hotel for 11 nights. Our only criticism was on the part of the hotel. Maria was told of our inconvenience she handled the matter in a very professional way and we even received a bottle of wine. We would definitely recommend Maria and will book with her again.

Sent by Sheila Leeden

Maria Working full time and studying is demanding but if it wasn't for you I would never have found the time or energy to take a holiday earlier this year. It was your enthusiasm, dedication and determination to find a holiday that was right for me which meant so much -Thank you. I look forward to your help again in September.

Sent by Kelly & Chris Greenslade

A friend recommended that I contact Maria to book my recent wedding in Cyprus. Maria was above and beyond great! Anything I wanted or couldn't source, Maria was the lady in the know. Her knowledge of the Island and her experience of getting married there herself gave me great confidence. The Olympic Lagoon had just had a recent 18 million pound revamp and we were not disappointed. Thanks for all your help and advice and for coming to the Wedding party!

Sent by Nicola Hartley

I was very pleased with Maria's service and will definitely be using her again. She was 100% reliable and fulfilled every promise she made, as well as being genuinely friendly and professional. Thank you Maria!

Sent by Martyn Webster

Maria surpassed all expectations, totally professional at all times taking the considerations of her customers. Exceeds the call of duty going that extra mile ensuring everything is to your satisfaction. Takes the stress of booking holidays, her freindly manner and exceptional customer service has made it an absolute pleasure dealing with her. Will book all holidays with Maria from now on

Sent by Christine Wonnacott

I have used Maria to book two holidays in the last 12 months, one a sun holiday and the other a ski trip. On both occasions she has spent time to find out exactly what we wanted and has gone out of her way to find the right holiday at the right price. She is very efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sent by Sue Hill

I am delighted with the service that Maria provides for us. Whether it is for a luxurious holiday or a business trip Maria knows exactly what I like. What I particularly like about Maria, is she understands her customers needs and responds to them. If there should ever be any problem whilst we are away Maria or a colleague is always available at the end of the phone. A real personal service.

Sent by natasha milsom

Maria is alway a delight to speak to. Her knowledge and understanding has been invaluable to us as a family when booking our holidays. I can not recommended her or sing her praises enough. 5 star service everytime **** :)