How to avoid booking disappointment

Marie Rowe on 28 January 2021

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In my many years experience of booking travel for myself and also my clients, I have learnt a thing or two and heard countless horror stories which have only helped fuel my passion for providing fantastic value and excellent customer service.

I have a few tips worth sharing to help you make sure that your holiday is hassle-free and memorable from start to finish, avoiding unexpected costs, time wasting, and disappointment.

Here's my top 5...


Life rewards the organised. Last minute 'deals' are cheap because you're buying whatever is left on the shelf - the products that haven't sold. If you book last minute, the best rooms, views, location in resort and great flight times are long gone! Don't forget the basic principle of supply & demand!

Early booking discounts are much better than last minute offers and come with all the choice!


If you don’t pre-book seats, you're not guaranteed to sit with the rest of your party. If you want to check-in online before you travel, you’ll need to pay for a seat. It’s a horrendous fact but airlines notoriously overbook their planes to allow for the people who might not show up.

Don't risk losing your seat and having to wait for the next flight!


If you pre-book your travel extras in advance, you will get a much better price. 'Extras' include luggage for your flights, airport parking, VIP lounges, overnight airport hotels and transfers to resort. If you leave these things until the last minute, they will cost you a fortune.

Make sure you book in advance!


Booking 'all inclusive' doesn't always mean you'll have 10 restaurants to choose from with premium alcoholic beverages and cocktails included and unlimited spa access and kids clubs. Some places have one buffet restaurant to eat in three times a day and additional charges for premium drinks and facilities.

Make sure you check what's included before you book!


If you’re reading a review about your local pub, the chances are they haven’t engaged a reputation management agency to boost their reviews and sabotage their competition. However, many overseas hotels will pay for agencies to provide winning reviews for their property and slanderous reviews on their competition.

Be careful what you read and make sure the review source is trusted!

For more information or to start planning your next hassle free holiday, get in touch and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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