My responsible travel pledge

Marie Rowe on 29 August 2023
As a sustainable travel advocate within the travel industry, it is my passion and duty to promote responsible tourism and educate others on how we can better protect the planet and people on it when we travel.

As a business owner, I am accountable for designing and selling holidays to my clients that align with my sustainable travel commitments.

As an individual and a travel enthusiast, it is my responsibility to lead by example and travel with transparency. With that in mind, I share my responsible travel pledge which I commit to upholding whenever I travel on personal trips...


To consider myself as a guest (not a tourist) in the places I visit and to treat the people and environment as if it was my own.


To always travel with a refillable water bottle and reusable shopping bag and to avoid single use plastic where possible by choosing accommodation, restaurants and bars that share the same commitment.


To embrace local life by taking part in activities that help educate me and showcase the traditions that local people are proud of and celebrate the culture in the places I visit.


To limit my personal flying time to 24 hours a year and limit my business flying time to 48 hours a year. To select destinations that can easily be explored on foot, by rail or electric car and to always select hotels that have great green credentials. To consider group travel where possible.


To always support the local community by shopping in local independently owned gift shops and markets that support local artisans, eating in family run restaurants, using local tour guides, and supporting local life in any way I can when choosing how to spend my money whilst travelling.


To never visit wildlife attractions that are unethical and do not adhere to my animal welfare policy.


To share the highlights of my personal trips that showcase aspects of responsible travel to inspire others.