5 tips for travelling with kids

Natalie Gosher on 19 March 2019
I love travel! I love adventure! I love exploring new places off the beaten track! I love eating new food! I love it all!

I also love travelling with my kids (and husband, mustn't forget him... he is very good at pushing the suitcase trolley)!

I had a very lucky childhood with regular trips over to Cairo to stay with my Grandparents who lived there. I never fully appreciated the experiences this gave me and eventually how it helped me to become the person I am today; with my own travel business. Since having children, I am always looking for ways to open their eyes to the world in the hope that they will fall in love with her as well although that is not the hard part really... the hard part can be the logistics!

Getting from A to B with a stroppy toddler can be... let me find a positive frame for this…. character building?! Ok, it can be stressful, and I have had many a conversation with clients around concerns they have when travelling with children. I have travelled long and short haul with my little angels and I have found a formula that so far has worked well for us, so I thought I would share 5 handy tips to hopefully make your lives a little easier:

1- Exhaust them

Going on holiday is pretty exciting for an adult right? Even more so for a kid! The whole experience can be pretty overwhelming for them and all of that energy needs a bit of an outlet. If you have the time, head off to the airport a little earlier and stop at a soft play/playground before you park up and check in. Some of the larger airports even have facilities in the terminal where they can run off a bit of energy, these are definitely worth a pit stop! A slightly tired excited child will appreciate the inflight movie a lot more, believe me!

2- Food, food, food

Pack snacks. My kids are hungry all the time (at least that's how it feels). Try to pack a range of snacks and not all sweets and crisps. I found cereal bars/ flapjack a great go-to on our last trip to South Africa and I stocked up on some fresh fruit from the shops in the terminal. Pitta breads also travel pretty well and make a good alternative to bread for a sandwich. I do always pack some sweets though... a bit of bribery isn't a bad thing 30,000 feet in the air... needs must and all that

3- Pack spare clothes in your hand luggage

Self-explanatory, kids get dirty and will doubtless spill something down their top. Most importantly however, pack spare clothes for yourself. I have been at the end of a leaky nappy on a flight...it wasn't cool, but I was very thankful for the spare clothes I had packed!

4- Entertainment

Before our first long haul flight, I scoured the internet for tips on entertaining kids and I came across a blog that mentions packing 1 'new' thing for every hour of the flight. It should be something that the child hasn't seen before or for a while at least. The logic is that every time they start to get a bit bored, you whip a treat out of the bag to keep them entertained. This does take a bit of planning but to date has worked for us. Treats to include may be colouring books, puzzles, Lego, craft activities, stickers, card games, travel games, Where's Wally.... the list is endless

5- Relax

This is probably the most important of all my tips. If your kids see you relax, they will relax (in theory). Go and get that glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the start of your holiday!

I hope this helps to give you some ideas for travelling with your little treasures. And of course if you would like to start planning your next family adventure, please don't hesitate to get in touch!