Family Cruise Onboard MSC Bellissima

Natalie Gosher on 31 August 2019
Before I started my business as a Travel Counsellor, the thought of a cruise hadn’t even hit my consciousness. My adventures had always been overland and I had made some (incorrect) assumptions and deemed a cruise to not be ‘my cup of tea’. That was until a colleague said to me ‘you wait, once you step on a ship you will get it’… and boy was that true!

The first ship I visited was on the launch for the MSC Bellissima in Southampton. As soon as I set eyes on her, I was in awe and I knew I was going to love every moment spent on board. I loved her so much in fact that I booked our family holiday just 4 days after getting back home.

Fast forward 6 months, with our suitcases packed and the kids in tow we set off on our first ever cruise from Marseille. We decided not to tell the kids before-hand, I wanted to watch their reaction and it was magical.

So, instead of telling you all about the ship, I thought I would let my family tell you, what they loved:

Don (husband of 5 years, partner in crime for many more): What did you love about our cruise? I loved that we visited 6 different places in 1 week without feeling stressed or hassled. The food and drink was great and we had the freedom to do as we pleased. When we got off, it felt like we had been away for a lot longer and I really felt relaxed.

What was your favourite port? Valletta, Malta. I knew I would love this place but watching the sun rise over the city as we docked was a memory that I will hold. It gave a great taster and I am certain we will go back.

Louie (7 year old Lego fiend): What did you love about our cruise? I loved that we could have salami every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also loved the Lego wall at the kid’s club and the water slides.

What was your favourite port? I loved visiting Pompeii (Naples).

Sophia (3 year old bundle of fun) What did you love about our cruise? I loved the water park with the sprinklers and the strawberry ice cream. I also like the sparkly stairs and want to sleep on the top bunk next time.

What was your favourite port? I liked Barcelona as there was a man making big bubbles.

Thankfully, cruising was a big hit for our family and I know that this will not be our last!