How has covid changed my business?

Natalie Gosher on 20 September 2020
It probably goes without saying that covid has drastically impacted my business and the way I work. At the beginning of 2020 I was executing my plans and succeeding in having my best year yet as a Travel Counsellor and then over the course of a few weeks, the enormity of coronavirus really started to dawn on me and everyone within the travel industry.

The initial months of lockdown felt nothing short of savage with holiday cancellations, border closures, refunds as well as 2 kids at home and a shortage of loo roll (of all things). BUT the optimist that I am, I have tried to use the time to reflect and review. In a round-about way, it was a blessing to be shoved off of the daily grind as it has given me the opportunities to improve my business and my overall outlook.

There are a couple of points that I would love to share with you:

- I am a lot pickier on my suppliers! It is the tough times that really show the companies that will go above and beyond and those that quite frankly couldn’t care less. Throughout the cancellations and re-bookings that I have done I have found the vast majority of my suppliers to be incredibly supportive and helpful however I have also found a few that haven’t at all. Some have in fact behaved in a way that is not acceptable in any circumstances and subsequently I have chosen to not use these suppliers until they change their approach. I will not risk my client’s money or plans with a supplier that doesn’t respect them as I do.

- Stay connected We have all mastered the art of Zoom calls and they have at times been a lifeline for many. Pre-covid I ran drop ins at the Fire Station Café, would meet clients for coffee, home visits etc. I loved meeting you all face to face but that’s not possible all of the time nowadays so I have embraced technology and have been scheduling zoom calls with new and existing clients. It has been a great way to connect and to have a general chat about holidays! I have also been talking a lot more about myTC app that is super easy to use and is a great way to stay connected with me!

- Keep it flexible As a general rule, the inflexible rates for hotels and flights are cheaper but there is the obvious risk that you may not be able to cancel and re book. With this in mind, I am only booking flexible rates. It is so important to me that we keep any holiday plans as stress-free as possible for you and that may mean paying a little bit more for the hotel but it then means that should we need to move your trip- it is easy!

It has never been clearer that covid has changed the way that we all live our lives and certainly the way that we will travel for the foreseeable future however I am confident that the time to use a personal travel consultant has never been more important than now. The time for personal service and accountability has never been more understood and that when it comes to booking your next holiday, don’t book with a faceless online company. Call me!