It's time to make a Bucket List!

Natalie Gosher on 21 October 2021
Compiling a wish list of your must-see destinations is harder than you might think.

It is easy to get over-excited (if there really is such a thing when it comes to travel), and you end up writing every country in the world down and in the end your ‘to-see’ list is as long as your arm and feels a bit unfathomable… which one comes first?.. where do I start?... which is the easiest?

I personally think a bucket list is a great plan to have when it comes to exploring the world- it gives you a goal, a purpose and when those long days at the office feel a bit of a struggle you know you are working towards your next bucket list item and fundamentally it will all be worth the effort. So here are some handy tips on getting your list together: - Get all of your ideas down on paper- be prepared for a big list! - Pick out your top 10 and order them with 1 being the absolute top choice. - Don’t just write down destinations- include experiences as well. - Elaborate on each choice- why do you want to visit this place? What experience do you want? Is there anyone you want to share this experience with?

After you have done this, you should have a very special list that is personal to you. It might not be in an order that you can go straight away but it will give you a starting point to work on. Now is the fun part- make a plan!

Set yourself a goal and start ticking these special events off of your list! Give yourself a 5-10 year window and pencil in some time scales for your dreams to become a reality and of course get in touch with me and I can add further detail in helping to bring your plans to life!

Now I am sure you will have plenty of ideas for your bucket list already but below are some of my favourites that I have helped arrange and some from my own list: - Watch the Northern Lights from a snuggly bed in a glass igloo - Climb to Everest Base Camp - See the Milky Way - Walk the Great Wall of China - See a live volcano - Road trip across America in an RV - Go on safari in Africa and see the Big 5 - Attend the Olympics - Scuba dive and see basking sharks - See grizzly bears in Canada - Take a gondola ride around the Venice canals - Ride a mountain coaster in Switzerland - Learn to surf in Hawaii - See elephants in the wild - See the Taj Mahal at sunrise - Visit the Amazon rainforest - Visit Rio de Janeiro for the carnival - Cruise Halong Bay, Vietnam