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Hi, I'm Paul Movel and after many years experience of selling travel in London and the surrounding areas I am now using my expertise as a Personal Travel Counsellor.

Here at Travel Counsellors we get great deals on ALL your travel needs whether it is flying to Manchester or hot air ballooning over the outback of Australia. I also offer the knowledgeable, friendly service that you can't always get on the high street. So give me a ring and let your holiday start here.

I have good knowledge of all areas of the travel industry but my specialty is finding seats on planes and spaces in hotels when everyone else says that it's impossible or impossibly expensive.

If you're getting frustrated at not being able to find EXACTLY what you need - give me a ring on the free phone number to receive up to the minute information on all Travel Counsellors' special offers and availability.

If you travel on business I can also tailor-make solutions for all your business travel needs.

Above all what I offer is to be able to offer a level of passion and excitement for travel that is not always prevalent in our industry!


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you: