Mesmerising Maldives

Rebecca Deacon on 14 September 2017
When I first arrived in the Maldives , I had no idea what to expect, but what I did know was it was a dream about to come true! The noise of the speed boats and sea planes buzzing around filled me with excitement of the islands I was about to discover!

Taking a speed boat on to the first island was like being wrapped up in a scene of James Bond! As we arrived at Baros I could see in the distance this beautiful island like a drop in the ocean I had only imagined until now. On arrival we were greeted by staff with a cool fresh towel and a signature Baros cocktail , what a perfect start to island life. What I hadn't been prepared for was how quiet and peaceful an island that was at full capacity would be, but at night it is when it really comes to life. Our villa was the most incredible place I have had ever stayed in with stunning outdoor bathrooms, if only we had the weather in England for something like this! Beautifully designed with a private decking area and stunning views across the Indian Ocean with nothing to distract you in view.

I was lucky enough to swim with black tipped sharks, turtles and the most vibrant beautiful fish ever. You don't need to dive in the Maldives to see this, the ocean is alive with delights. Strolling along the beaches and looking over the ocean gives you a sense of time standing still, I had to pinch myself to really believe I was there, something I will never forget.

If you looking to celebrate a special occasion or make a really special moment I can highly recommend beach front dining, it is truly magical with your own butler and the sand beneath your feet sipping on cocktails and the sound of the gentle waves, it is incredible.

From Baros we took a speed boat back to Male and then hopped onto a Sea Plane, what an experience this was! The pilot rocks up with flip flops, shorts and shades and gathers you all to climb on board, I felt like I was waiting for Christmas all over again as a child having heard how incredible the planes were. The views from these are just amazing and there is no other way to experience the beautiful views of the islands you see in magazines then by a Sea Plane!

We arrived at Maafushivaru, and wow the tiniest island with total barefoot luxury! This island takes about 10 minutes to walk around and they have no motorised water sports here so the tranquillity is perfect. Again at full capacity but you wouldn't have a clue, until the evening when everyone gathers round for cocktails and music, they even have movies on the beach under the stars! The other magical thing about Maafushivaru is that it is the only island to have its very own private island which you can hire to yourself, incredible, take a pack lunch over for the day to truly live island life!

I was incredibly lucky to have been to these islands and more, if you would like to experience the Maldives and the beauty they have please get in touch with me and I can help bring these dreams come true.