Weddings Abroad

Rebecca Deacon on 19 June 2018
Many couples like the appeal of leaving all the fuss of a big UK wedding behind and heading off to marry somewhere small and intimate on their own or with just a small group of close friends and family. One of the attractions of getting married abroad is that it doesn't need to cost what a more traditional wedding in the UK might cost. And you won't need to blow your budget if you choose to marry abroad. I have a selection of hotels that offer free wedding packages and they are perfect if you have a simple ceremony in mind, without too much fuss.

Mention weddings abroad and most people imagine a beautifully tropical beach wedding, but did you know there is so much more choice than this! For a truly unique wedding location you could choose the unique and iconic backdrop of the world famous Maasai Mara for your wedding where you'll stay in a luxury tented camp and enjoy a fabulous game drive at the end of your big day. Places such as Fiji, the Caribbean, Bali, Mauritius and Italy feature highly in some of the best locations for a wedding abroad.

And for LGBT couples there are destinations where I know all the details on the legalities and regulations for a fully legal ceremony and we have some amazing venues in the USA, Canada, Portugal and Greece. In some destinations, although you cannot legally marry, you can arrange for a blessing ceremony which can mean you get the best of both worlds, a legal wedding in the UK without missing out on the ceremony abroad that you've dreamed of. I can arrange blessing ceremonies for LGBT couples in Mauritius, Thailand and Cyprus.

Blessings abroad are a hassle-free way to celebrate with a wedding-like ceremony whether you've recently married legally in the UK or you've dreamed of renewing your vows in a beautiful setting. Blessing ceremonies are particularly popular in the Maldives where it's not possible to arrange legally-recognised weddings.

Whether you are looking at a luxurious wedding which for those who want all those little extras like Champagne, breakfast in bed and spa treatments – all in a truly spectacular setting with an unforgettable wedding at a breath-taking venue, it is possible to personally tailor something for you.

For more information on a wedding abroad please get in touch with me. I can arrange appointments suitable at a time that is convenient for you and take you step by step through your perfect plans.