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Sarah Moss

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Hello, I’m Sarah Moss - your Brentwood-based Travel Counsellor.

I've worked in travel since 1999, offering you a wealth of experience to find a holiday as unique as your own needs. That's why I joined Travel Counsellors - to focus on providing this very personal service.

You may be dreaming of a family package holiday, or a romantic city break. All inclusive luxury, or a self catering break to enjoy the local restaurants? Cruising or skiing, safaris or that seamless business trip, whatever you're looking for in your next travel experience, I can help. The world is your oyster, so if you have something in mind let me know and I can tailor the perfect holiday to suit your personal needs.

Over the years I have been to some amazing places, and had some incredible experiences. Swimming in the sea with dolphins in Cuba, baby elephants on safari in Kenya. The beauty of Prague in the winter, and the heat of Rome in the summer. How New York really never sleeps! The charm of Marrakech and the magic of Disneyland Paris and the ultimate family holiday in Orlando! The most magical trip washing and feeding rescued elephants in Thailand! Being pampered in the luxury of Dubai, sipping Champagne in romantic Santorini and cruising in Europe and the Caribbean, something wonderful to be waking up in a new destination every day! Visiting Father Christmas in Magical Lapland was a truly magical holiday, then there are the special family escapes to simply do nothing other than read a good book and play with the children - quality time we never get back. From Greece to Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey and fantastic beach club holidays and also the Canaries to mention a few.
Skiing in Europe in the Alps is the best fun with family and friends, City escapes just the two of us to spend quality time together for a couple of days in some fantastic cities from Venice to Amsterdam!

The world is packed full of places to take your breath away, and I want to help you experience it.

There is still lots more of the world I want to discover and make more memories to treasure, this passion I have helps me as a Travel Counsellor to make sure every last little detail is perfect when I help you with your holiday plans.

I don’t just work 9 till 5 - if you have anything you would like me to plan and book for you, please contact me by phone or drop me an email and I will be delighted to bring your travel dreams to life.


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