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As a child my parents would pack up the car or jump on a flight and head off for the crystal clear lakes of Denmark, the awe inspiring views of Niagara Falls or the sights, sounds and smells of New York City. Little did I know how lucky I was or how these trips would ignite a passion for travel and adventure that I would pass onto my own children.

I spend hours poring over the best flight and hotel options, working out attractions and activities that really are just what my family want to experience. This passion and knowledge is what I bring to your adventure – working to get you exactly what you are looking for.

I’ve take my children to Disney, babies through to teens. We’ve watched rockets launch from Cape Canaveral, revelled in Harry Potter and held onto our seats (literally!) on Velocicoaster in Universal Studios Orlando. When we’re rollercoastered out we’ve watched the sun set over gloriously sandy beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever your dream Disney and Florida holiday is – I can make it happen.

Why stop there?

Cruising – I can help you! Let’s Cruise the Caribbean and Marvel at the Mediterranean.

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Ziplining in through the Hawai’ian jungle, feeling on top of the world as you climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge or breathing in the chaotic bliss that is New York City.

If you can dream it then together we can plan it.

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My top picks of things to do outside of theme parks when in Orlando

08 May 2024

Orlando is such an amazing theme park capital, a lot of people will travel to the area and not venture outside of the confines of Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. Whilst there is plenty in these parks to keep you busy for well over a two week visit I do like to branch out and do a few things each time I’m in the area. Kennedy Space Centre – over on the Space Coast this is one of James’ favourite things to do outside of the park. It takes about an hour to drive to Kennedy from the Orlando area. This is a relatively easy drive mostly on the interstate. We all loved our day at Kennedy – a really nice alternative from the sometimes frantic pace of the theme park. Visit a Mall - Orlando has it’s fair share of really excellent options for Mall shopping. This type of environment can be a relief out of the heat or tropical storms. My two favourite Malls in the area are The Mall at Millenia (we like The Cheesecake Factory here!) and Florida Mall. Florida Mall has an American Girl shop – a must do for any little girl! International Drive – this area is an attraction in itself! Take the I-ride Trolley to get around International Drive without a car, visit Icon Park with the Orlando Eye as it’s centre piece or visit Wonderworks a STEM based interactive museum. It’s really worth taking a look at International Drive and all it has to offer during your time in Orlando. Airboat Tours – zip through the Everglades on an airboat keeping an eye out for ‘Gaters and other wildlife native to the Orlando Everglades. This is such a fantastic alternative side of Florida to see and the airboat ride can be just as exhilarating as a theme park ride! Swim with Manatees – manatees are majestic animals and fiercely protected by Florida Law. If you do want to swim with them you must never approach or touch them. They are inquisitive creatures and so may come to you. Crystal River sits about an hour and 45 minutes away from the Greater Orlando area, so it’s worth booking in advance to guarantee your spot! Visit the beach - the theme parks of Orlando are centrally situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the wilder Atlantic Coast. Head an hour East and reach Cocoa Beach with 6 miles of Atlantic Ocean beach you are sure to find the ideal spot. If the white sands of the Caribbean are more your style then head West to Clearwater and other spots on the Gulf of Mexico – you really are spoilt for choice with beaches in the area! Eat and Drink at Disney Springs – I love Disney Springs and all of the food offerings that there is around this area. Parking is free, so it’s an easy spot to head to in the evenings for a bite to eat and to enjoy the entertainment that you see as you walk through this lovely pedestrianised area. It can get busy as the evening progresses, so go early to be able to walk around at your leisure and enjoy everything that Disney Springs has to offer. Cirque du soleil - although still on Disney property I class Drawn to Life in Disney Springs as outside of the theme parks as you don’t need a theme park admission to enter. Drawn to life is truly breathtaking and worth a visit to Disney Springs just for this (although as I’ve just said the food and drink in Disney Springs is also not to be missed!). If this is a top priority for you then do buy tickets in advance. This show is popular and can sell out at busy times of year. There is so much to do in Orlando beyond the parks and this list really does just scratch the surface. I’d love to hear your favourite things to do while in Orlando, or is there something that you are planning on doing the next time you are there?

Florida, Disney and Universal – know before you book!

23 April 2024

For the past two weeks Disney fans have been celebrating the announcement of the return of the free Disney Dining deal after a 5 year hiatus. I am excitedly working through options for families for their once in a life time trip and loving their enthusiasm and energy. Their trips will be amazing and I am 100% sure that they will all be converted to the joys of regular Disney trips for life. While I’ve been planning trips for people I am acutely aware that there are some pieces of information that I take for granted that are not always common knowledge. Not only that, but this information can make or break your holiday. For me, one of the key pieces of information that is really important to know before you head to Florida is what you will get included in your ticket and (almost more importantly!) what is not included. For all those planning on using the free Disney Dining deal your package will include accommodation, park tickets and an amount of food (depending on which hotel you book). You will have access to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. In Hollywood studios you will be able to visit Galaxies Edge – the area dedicated to Star Wars. You will also be able to ride Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story land. Your ticket will include the ability to see Cinderella’s castle and watch Happily Ever After fireworks standing on Main Street USA. Not included in your Disney trip is anything Harry Potter. Harry Potter is owned by Universal and can currently be found at Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of adventure. This is a really important thing to note. If you are staying in a Disney Hotel with Disney tickets you will have to make your own way to Universal and you will need to buy separate tickets to get into the Universal parks. If you have spoken to an independent travel agent they will be able to advise you of this and perhaps suggest a split stay between Universal and Disney. This is the perfect combo, but it takes planning, knowledge and logistics. For a Florida specialist this is an easy solution and almost certainly something they will have done themselves. For some, Disney is all they are going to Florida for. For others, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is their ultimate goal and ending up with Disney tickets at a Disney hotel without access to the Wizarding World would be devastating having spent so much money to get to Florida for their holiday. There is so much to learn about Florida and all that it has to offer. When you book your holiday working with someone who really knows the parks they can bring everything to life before you go, adding to the excitement and creating the absolute best holiday when you get there. When you are flying all the way to Florida and spending a significant amount of money on accommodation and park tickets why not have an expert at your finger times and book with someone who really knows Disney, Universal and Florida?

Rolling with the punches when planning your holiday

10 April 2024

When we decide to book a holiday or go travelling we often have an idea of what we would like to do. Sometimes this is an entire itinerary that you have in mind and other times it is a headline thing or event that you would like to see or attend. This summer James and I had planned to visit Highway 1 in California. We’ve tried to do this route before back in 2016 but were thwarted by a landslide that meant that a huge part of the road was closed. This time we changed plans and headed in land before rejoining Highway 1 headed towards San Diego. This summer was to be our redo, but what do you know – Highway 1 has experienced not just one but two landslips! I’ve been tracking the progress of the repairs, current reopening time is Spring 2024 (we visit in August), but taking a look online at progress and images shared I feel it in my bones that the reopening is very unlikely to be Spring and that August is also looking unlikely. So, what do we do? Do we stick with our plans and risk taking the interstate from the LA area to San Francisco. A journey that we have done before and is uninspiring to say the least. Or, do we make a plan and do something completely different? At the moment, we’re planning a little of both! We have accommodation booked along the Highway 1 route that is refundable. If Highway 1 opens then happy days – we will head along the route and stay and some amazing places; if the road remains closed we will make a decision closer to the time to rethink and regroup with a new plan. So, what’s the new plan? Well, who knows! The world is out oyster in California! With the ages of our children I think we will skip the wine tours of the area – we can come back to those when we are travelling on our own. Our starting point for Highway 1 was LA, so we may decide to take the short hop flight or 4 hour drive to Las Vegas. If not Las Vegas then we may travel up to see Yosemite National Park before dropping back across to San Francisco and then home. Perhaps we will stay in LA, visit the beach at Santa Monica, Warner Brothers Studio tour and the newly opened Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Who knows – at the moment the world (or California and Nevada) is our oyster. Sometimes when travelling or before you go, things don’t work out as planned. It is disappointing when that happens, but I’m always an optimist and look for ways that I can still have an awesome adventure – even if it’s not the one I set out on.

Disney, so where would I stay?

03 April 2024

Beginning the task of planning a Disney stay can be daunting. There are so many options, endless possibilities and endless opportunities to spend money! It’s so tricky to know when to splurge and when to hold back and go for the economic option. Some costs are fixed. Tickets for theme parks are a fairly set price. You may be able to vary this slightly, but on the whole ticket prices are set. If you have a set date when you would like to visit Florida flight prices are also one that is tricky to negotiate. You may be able to book connecting flights that will reduce cost slightly, but overall the cost of flights will be dictated by the time of year that you go to Disney. The main point where budget and choice comes into your holiday is through accommodation – in Orlando the options are endless and deciding where to start really is a mission in itself! Budget will can often dictate where you will stay, but where would I stay if budget were no option? I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would opt for one of Disney World’s on site hotel options. Over the years I have stayed in a lot of the Disney hotels and have loved each of them for different reasons. Disney is clever, they have provided accommodation to suit different families circumstances and they have done it well. Their Value accommodation (although not always everyone’s idea of value) gives well appointed rooms in good locations with access to the Walt Disney World transportation network. Their Moderate resorts allow slightly more amenities than Value while their Deluxe resorts really offer something of a wow factor for people who stay there. I love being in the Disney bubble. Staying on resort means that I really don’t have to worry about anything. I can hop on a bus, skyliner or monorail and be whisked to the park of my choice. I know that my room will be clean and that I will be well cared for while staying on resort. Restaurants are plentiful and varied giving me a huge array of dining options while on holiday. Pools and entertainment are always top tier. When I go on holiday I am looking to be taken care of. To have a resort that feels like it cares for me and my holiday – I have always felt this when I have been staying on Disney property. With over 20 hotels to choose from on Disney property it is tricky to pick a favourite. For Value my heart always belongs to Pop Century! With skyliner access and good room rates this resort feels a little more special than it’s other Value neighbours. In the Moderate category I would probably choose Port Orleans French Quarter – if only for the Beignets they serve in the Scat Cat Club. When it comes to Deluxe resorts picking my favourite is like asking me to pick my favourite child. I just can’t do it! They all offer something really special and choosing one is such a personal thing. I’ve loved overlooking the Savannah in Animal Kingdom Lodge adored sitting in the opulence of the Grand Floridian or marvelled in the brilliant location of Beach Club. I really can’t pick which is my favourite – I always base my choice on where to stay on priorities for my trip (and also price point!). When we started visiting Disney World with the children back in 2012 we always managed to access their free dining offer. This was such an amazing offer – free dining plan for the length of your stay. It was always an excessive amount of food, but it allowed us the freedom to visit any restaurant we wanted without having to think about the cost. With young children who wanted to visit the character dining spots this was always a huge bonus! The free dining promotion hasn’t returned following Covid. I’m hopeful that one day we will see it again – when we do I will be ready to book!

Friends around the world – a beautiful reason to travel

27 March 2024

In one of my earliest blogs I asked what was your reason to travel? Why do you choose one destination over another? Inspiration can come from a book, film or a random piece of trivia that you have heard and want to go and check out. We are lucky enough to have friends in far flung places and have travel to visit people in destinations that we perhaps wouldn’t have rushed to had our friends not been living there. Each time we’ve opted to visit friends in some more unusual destinations I have loved being able to explore and find somewhere new that is a little off the beaten track. Not only do we have a fantastic time catching up with people we love, but we also exploring somewhere we wouldn’t have perhaps opted for initially or finding something the guidebooks do not suggest that locals know as a hidden gem. Lille – a lot of people travel through Lille each day using this transport hub to connect with the rest of Europe. Coming in via Eurostar and continuing on to Disneyland Paris, Paris, Brussels and beyond a lot of travellers will not venture beyond the shopping centre just outside the terminal. Lille was a revelation to me. A laid back city influenced heavily by it’s Flemish neighbour it was such a lovely weekend break. Magnificent food that had a touch of both French and Belgium influence combined with beautiful architecture made this city an absolute gem. We went when the children were small and found the walkability of this city perfect – lots of open spaces and parks made this a gorgeous little family weekend break. Kamloops (Canada) – when a friend’s wedding beckons you to the lesser known city of Kamloops, what else is there to do than to jump on a plane and join in the fun! This was such a fun experience for us. It really is the untouched side of Canada. Very few tourists head to this area making us virtual celebrities when we arrived. The gorgeous mountains in this area and wide open spaces really are something to be seen. We used the opportunity to travel to Vancouver and Vancouver Island while we were in Canada for this wedding. A really special trip that I would love to repeat. We did this trip pre-children and loved it, I would 100% take the children back – Canada has so much to offer and I felt that we only scratched the surface. Stockholm – perhaps a little more on the tourist trail than the previous two locations, but none the less I suspect that we wouldn’t have ventured to Stockholm if our friends were not living there. What a mistake that would have been. This is a city that sparkles! Built around a series of islands you can see the water from most areas of the city. It is simply breath-taking. The clean crisp air in Stockholm really makes this location special. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Stockholm is expensive – save up your pennies it is so worth it! New York – again, not an off the beaten track location. I am lucky enough to have family in New York and so have spent time in Manhattan as well as around the greater New York area. My family are playwrights and involved in the theatre and so I have been very fortunate to attend some really spectacular events while visiting the area. Along with visiting Manhattan I have spent time further outside of the city, travelling about the state by train and car visiting lesser known areas and searching for filming locations of series that I love on the New York/Connecticut border. I love New York (if you didn’t already know!) and would gladly go back whenever I get the chance. We’re heading off again soon in search of friends in Perth, Sydney, Honolulu and San Francisco. I’m so excited to see them and to and to hear their suggestions of the places we visit. Friends who know me always give good travel advice and tourist options – often highlighting things beyond the traditional guidebook that are really memorable.

Disney Cruise Line

21 March 2024

The blog this week wasn’t supposed to be about Disney Cruise line. I had planned something else entirely – that has now been bumped to a subsequent week. Last week I went to a luxury cruise line event and managed to have a really lovely chat to the Disney representatives. This afternoon Disney announced the name of the seventh ship in their fleet – The Disney Destiny – and so here I am writing about another of my happy places on international happiness day. Did you know that Disney has their own cruise line? For me this is common knowledge, but I could well believe that outside of the world of Disney fandom in which I am well and truly ensconced it might not be common knowledge! Disney has a fleet of 5 ships that are currently sailing, the Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy and Wish. The Treasure, Adventure and recently announced Destiny will be joining the fleet over the coming years. Disney also has a private island in the Caribbean – Castaway Cay. It really is heaven on earth. Along with the new ships Disney is also introducing a new private island location. This location will be called Lighthouse Point. We only have artists impressions of what Lighthouse point will be at the moment, but anticipation is high and I, for one, cannot wait for the new island to be ready! I have sailed on the Dream and Fantasy (and attempted to sail on others, but cancelled due to Covid) and have loved both of these ships. Both itineraries left from Port Canaveral and I have done these in conjunction with a Walt Disney World stay. For me this is the perfect combination – the frenetic pace of Disney World coupled with the laid back luxury of a Disney Cruise. When you look up Disney Cruise line you will find a lot of information about exceptional dining, fantastic kids clubs and amazing adult spaces. All of this is true. I genuinely couldn’t fault the service on our Disney cruises. The attention to detail is second to none. But who is a Disney Cruise for? The majority of the people onboard a Disney cruise are not necessarily cruisers they are, more often than not, Disney fans who are looking for something a little different. This is how we started on our Disney Cruise journey and it’s definitely the perfect cruise line for us. When they were smaller, my children loved the Oceanners club. They will still reminisce about the time Stitch came to help bake cookies or Peter Pan popped in to help with an animation class. Outside of the kids club my two had the time of their life. Unlimited ice cream, check, roaming star wars and other Disney characters, check, included room service, check, films projected about the swimming pool onto the ships funnel, check! My two loved every second of being on the ship and would choose a Disney Cruise even now as teenagers. Disney can often be dismissed as a destination for children. I’ve written about this previously, working through Walt’s dream that Disney should be a place for everyone – not just a place that children will enjoy. Disney Cruise line is no different. James and I have had some of the best food in our lives onboard a cruise ship. We still talk about the steak and chocolate souffle that we were served in Palo back in 2016 – it really was that good! I love the adults only areas, the swimming pool, piano and champagne bars. We haven’t tried the cocktail making classes or any of the other adult entertainment offerings on board, that will be on our to do list for our next cruise. Right, after writing this I’ve now convinced myself that I need a Disney Cruise. As a previous customer I get the advantage of booking a day before general release. I might just go and see what’s available!

Princesa Yaiza - our half term break

13 March 2024

For February Half term we headed over to Lanzarote for a bit of sunshine and some R n R. Mr M and I both admitted that we were very busy and had not really thought much about this holiday before we got there. I had been watching the Princesa Yaiza for several years. Waiting for the right price over our school holiday period. February half term this year varied significantly over England and I think this helped us to get a good price for this ultimate 5* resort. The Princesa Yaiza is absolute bliss. Attentive staff, champagne on arrival, turn down every evening with Lindt chocolates are what we were greeted by. The following morning we woke to an immaculate hotel with perfectly manicured communal areas. Everything was light and airy making the most of the gorgeous views out across to Fuerteventura. With two pools in the main hotel area and another in the family area you really were spoilt for choice with options. We didn’t have any problems with early morning sun bed saving, but we were there at what felt like a very slow time – I would hope that they staff would manage this in the height of season. Annabel and I used the Thalasso spa while there – we would both return to this hotel just for this spa. It was so relaxing and the chocolate massage was just perfect. Our room was well appointed, we were in a two bedroom family suite in section D of the property. This is a little distance from the main section of the hotel (through a tunnel that takes you under a road). Section D seemed to be the family area. It was a well equipped area with its own breakfast buffet, lunch restaurant and swimming pool. Service through out this hotel was exceptional. From the staff in the restaurants to the maids cleaning rooms you could not fault anyone. The children’s entertainment staff pitched their activities spot on. I saw lots of families enjoying the fun and games but didn’t feel bullied into joining in as you do in some resorts. Food in the hotel was also exceptional. I don’t always like buffet restaurants as feel that food can become stale as it is left out waiting for people to dive in. We ate in a buffet restaurant on the evening of our arrival and every morning for breakfast. The food was plentiful, hot and really well presented. With a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant where the chef cooks food in front of you through to a tantalising tapas and pizza restaurant you really couldn’t go wrong with any of the restaurants on site. So, would we go back? You bet! I’m currently trying to work out the best time to return based on our other holiday plans!

Disney World a holiday for Adults?

06 March 2024

Visiting Disney as an Adult Have you ever considered visiting Disney World as an adult, no children? Just you in your grown up world taking some time out to go to Disney? Some people think this sounds utterly crazy. Surely Disney with their Princesses and Mice, Ducks and all manner of fairytale creatures is a place purely for children and adults should only go to accompany them. This really does seem to be the prevailing view of Disney, but it’s one that really is unfair towards the destination itself and towards the vision that Walt Disney had when he was creating Disneyland (and eventually Disney World). The idea for Disneyland/Disney World was born from Walt Disney visiting a local park with his children and watching them as they enjoyed the carousel. Walt was sitting watching his girls have a fantastic time as he sat on the sidelines. It was at this point that Walt claims the idea for Disneyland was born. Walt wanted to create a place that was as much for adults as it was for children. Where adults could join in the fun, no need to sit and wait on a bench watching while others are having fun. From this thought Disneyland, and eventually Disney World, were born. I have visited Disney World as part of an adults only group and have had the best time! For me, these trips have usually revolved around a RunDisney event (ever wanted to run a marathon around Disney – this is the way to do it!). As well as taking part in a run I meet up with friends who are also running. We will eat amazing food at Michelin star restaurants, search out some fantastic concerts in Epcot and drink some lovely, lovely cocktails at a range of bars and restaurants around the Disney World resort. As a discerning adult, who wouldn’t want to stay in a high end hotel with excellent customer service? Have access to beautiful grounds and multiple pools (including quiet pools for those who want to sit, relax and read a book in peace). Disney Resorts offer exceptional service – their hotels are on a par with some of the best hotels in the world. I love a five star resort and the hotels that I have stayed at in Disney are as good (if not better!) than other 5* hotels I have stayed in. Along with the parks Disney also has an area called Disney Springs – a venue with restaurants and entertainment options that come alive in the evening. Want to watch a full cirque du Soleil or experience a Blues Bar – all of this is available in Disney Springs. Disney a children’s playground? It’s also the most amazing location to go as an adult!

New York - A love letter x

29 February 2024

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. Well, I’m not actually leaving today – but I would really love to! New York has a special place in my heart. I have family who live outside of New York and so have had been lucky enough to go to New York several times and for lots of different types of visits. I’ve been on girls trips where we stayed in hostels, trips as a child with my family, trips with my husband – just the two of us – and trips with my children at various ages. I distinctly remember one trip pushing a double buggy around the streets of New York and spending most of our time between FAO Schwarz, Central Park and the now sadly gone Toys R Us with the giant Ferris Wheel as it’s centre point. I never tire of New York and always find something new to do. I’ve spent a lot of time in theatres in New York. I was lucky to have family working in the theatre and so was taken to some quite extraordinary productions – although my teenage self did not quite appreciate the significance of Baz Luhrmann’s La Boheme at the time! Each time we go the city changes and evolves. Our most recent trip we went on The Ride – a really different city tour that I would absolutely recommend to anyone, especially those with teenagers and people looking for something a little different. A backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall was a highlight – now to go back at a time when the Rockettes are performing their famous Christmas Spectacular! We have our must do’s each time. A visit to Central Park and some time at Ground Zero to appreciate the view. A trip to the Hard Rock Café (you may remember from previous blogs that our teens insist on this everywhere we go!). There are things that I would do again – a trip to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, what’s not to love about singing waiters and waitresses – and things that are one and done – M&M world, I’ll never understand the draw of the shop! Whatever we do I always enjoy going back and exploring more. New York will never be a city that I tire of. Next on the list of places to visit when we go is the new Summit One Vanderbilt exhibit. I’m intrigued by this exhibit and can’t quite understand what it might be. I think that it is something that needs to be experienced. Never mind, I’ll just have to go back to visit in person! What are your must do's in New York? Is it a city that you have visited or one that you dream of visiting in the future?

What is the best age to take children to Disney?

22 February 2024

I’ve been asked this question a lot. I think every Disney fan has. It’s such a personal decision and will depend on what you want to get from your holiday, if you plan on returning, what your holiday style is in general and the wants/needs of the children that you are taking. I’ve taken my children to Disney since they were babies. We were lucky enough to know that it was financially viable for us to visit more than once. If we hadn’t be able to do this I suspect that we would have waited to visit. Taking babies to Disney World is incredibly easy. From a parents perspective they are welcomed with open arms and you are well cared for in every aspect of your stay. Restaurants are able to cater for tiny ones who are just venturing into eating food, there is an abundance of high chairs. If you don’t want to take a pushchair with you then Orlando has an abundance of rental places you can use. As a parent I found this stage one of the easiest to travel with. My babies rolled with the travelling. As long as they were well fed and had somewhere to nap (we have a lot of pictures of them napping in Magic Kingdom/Animal Kingdom) then they were good. There were things we didn’t do while on holiday with very small children – we didn’t watch the evening fireworks until they were older. I don’t regret taking my two as babies but understand that this isn’t perhaps the holiday for everyone with babies. Taking children 3 to 5 years old is a really fun age. They will now have favourite characters that they will recognise and interact with. Again, those restaurants know children and are ready to accommodate the picky eaters or those who will try anything – which ever one you have you are catered for! At this age we stayed in one bedroom suites, this allowed us to put the children down for the evening and to have space to relax – sneaking round a dark hotel room while your child sleeps is not my idea of fun. This age does come with challenges. Always check height requirements for rides – if you have a small thrill seeking three year old they may not measure up to the height requirement. We still didn’t make it to evening fireworks at this age and still needed pushchairs. Disney is A LOT of walking! 6 – 11 is a pretty magical age for Disney. Unless you have a particularly small 6 year old they will be able to go on most rides. They retain an element of the magic and are able to mostly keep up with the pace that is needed for Disney. We still hired a pushchair when our youngest was 6/7. She was good for a few days, but on the third day of walking 8 miles a day she had had it! It saved our backs from carrying her too! This may be my golden age for Disney visits. Teenagers – well, who knows! Mine swing between thinking that going to Disney as much as we do is pretty cool to rolling their eyes at me when I tell them I’ve booked another trip. They 100% know how lucky they are to go as frequently as we do, and their eye rolls are all in jest. At this point in our Disney adventure we are exploring new places to eat - being a bit more adventurous. We do park open to close. Fireworks in every park along with relaxed moments in lounges and coffee shops. The teens are now able to explore the parks without us, leaving us to a relaxing dip by the pool while they go and save the Galaxy with the Guardians (just kidding – we wouldn’t miss that ride!) So, when would I take children to Disney? In reality any time is good. I have loved taking my children at every age and have seen different things each time we have taken them. Disney World continues to expand and transform so your experience one time to the next will never be the same – if you are lucky enough to go more than once x

Escape Rooms - taking your hobby on holiday with you

15 February 2024

Is there something specific that you like to do in each place that you travel? Do you like to collect a fridge magnet, perhaps visit a local church, theme park or beach? We often have things that on holiday are non-negotiable and that we must do. My children insist that if there is a Hard Rock Café wherever we are that we must go to it (and my daughter insists on getting their chicken tenders!). My must do is perhaps slightly more unusual than the traditional church visit or fridge magnet purchase. I love an Escape Room. If you haven’t tried an Escape Room the set up is usually that you have 60 minutes to find your way out of a locked room (although you are never actually locked in!). To escape you must work your way through a number of challenges, riddles and tasks. Sometimes these are physical, often they involve a lot of logic and some creative thinking. It’s such a fun hobby and we have been escaping for the last 8 years as a family. What I love most about having a hobby that we can take with us around the world as we travel is that it often takes us off the beaten track and to areas that we might not have gone to. Playing Paradox Projects in Athens we walked through traditional streets within the city, came across street side cafes for a morning snack before taking part in one of the best Escape rooms we have ever completed (this one was three hours of brilliant escaping rather than your usual hour). In Paris playing The Game took us to area within walking distance of Notre Dame close to the Sorbonne – we would never have explored this area had we not been playing an Escape Room. Escape rooms can be such a good activity for holidays. In Florida we played Deadlock Games – for us it helped escape the heat of the day, but a brilliant option if you are having thundery showers that Florida is known for. In Tenerife we have played Island Phobia – another company high up my list of must play games and another that is good to escape the heat of the day or perhaps just do something different as a family while you are all together on holiday. For me, Escape Rooms gives us a hobby that we do together but also something different to do when we travel. We always look forward to finding a new Escape Room and testing them out. We are on our way to Lanzarote soon and will be heading to an Escape Room there. I wonder if it will make it into our top ten Escape Rooms played – I will let you know!

Disney and Me

07 February 2024

Disney and Me I realised yesterday when sharing some offers about Disney that I should probably explain my passion. I love Disney. I have done since I was a child. As a young child I would have given everything to travel to Walt Disney World (Disneyland Paris did not exist at that point!), but family finances and my parent’s travel plans meant that I didn’t get to go until I took my own children for the first time back in 2012. Since then I’ve been hooked. We got to Disney every year, be that Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World in Orlando or the original Disneyland in California. In one 12 month period we managed to visit each of these parks – that really was something! What do I love about Disney and why do we keep returning? For me Disney offers a little bit of escapism. As my family has grown and changed so have the things that we have done at Disney. We’ve travelled to Disney with toddlers who refused to eat anything other than pizza and chicken nuggets to more recently exploring the food on offer with more adventurous teenagers - a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and really extraordinary steak restaurant were the highlight of our trip. The level of customer service and cleanliness throughout the resorts is always second to none. I just know as I drive under the Arches into Disney that I will be taken care of and for me this is priceless. When home I love to keep up with all the goings on at Disney. I follow vlogs and social media keeping my finger on the pulse for changes in the park, new attraction and restaurant openings as well as keeping an eye out for any offers that may be about. The parks and resorts are constantly change and evolving – this was one of Walt’s passions when he created Disneyland and Walt Disney World – his parks would never be finished and always be evolving. I love feeling part of the parks evolution but know this does cause problems for those who do not go as frequently. Just when you think you’ve worked out Fastpasses they change to FastPass+. Sorted FastPass+ and along comes Genie+ - Disney have already tempted a new iteration of this system due out anytime soon. I’ll be watching and reading ready for what that is whenever it is launched! During lockdown and COVID I came together with a lovely community of fellow Disney fans. We had weekly quizzes that became more and more complex as we realised that all of us really were super fans. Who knew that you could make entire quiz rounds out of floor coverings and where to find speciality drinks! My launch into the travel industry was, in no small part, propelled by my love of Disney. As I planned trips for friends and family I realised how much I had learnt in the last 12 years and how all of this knowledge had lead to some really exceptional holidays for me, my family and the people I planned for. It broke my heart to see families who had spent thousands to go to Florida but to be let down by ill-informed travel agents or not enough time to do the planning that was needed to really make their trip fly. That’s where I come in! If you tell me what your family likes to eat I can direct you towards a suitable restaurant. Let me know the level of thrill you want (or motion sickness that you suffer from) and I will be able to direct you to the best rides for you. Are you chief bag holder? I’ll let you know the ice cream shops with the location of a lovely bench for people watching while the thrill seekers have their time. Disney and Florida holidays in general are so expensive, my passion is for everyone to have the holiday they want – there’s a little bit of Florida for everyone and I can help you to find it x

What's your travel inspiration?

31 January 2024

To me, travelling is a joy and something that feeds my soul. I have a list longer than I can even begin to describe of places I would like to go and things that I would like to experience. Some of them are fairly standard but some of them are slightly out of left field. My wanderlust can be piqued by a book or film. Both the original book version and most recent film version of Death on the Nile have really inspired me to investigate Egypt River Cruises. The opposite can also happen while visiting a location I’m inspired to try a new book or TV series. On a recent trip to Dubrovnik the iconic vistas that feature so heavily in the Game of Thrones really made me aware that I must watch this series (I must find the time to commit to this). Sometimes my inspiration is a little less obvious. I have always adored the idea of tiny countries. Visiting Vatican City, seeing the Swiss Guard in their interesting uniform and marvelling at Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel only whet my appetite for these intriguing places. How on earth does Andorra sustain itself, what sets Lichtenstein apart from its European neighbours, is Monaco really the playground of the rich and famous? My son visited Monaco recently and assured me that it was teaming with glamorous individuals and enormous super yachts! As a family there is nothing that we love more than a new theme park and a top rated Escape Room. We are waiting with baited breath for the launch of Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe. The kids are desperate to return to Athens and further explore the Escape Room scene there. Athens is top notch for their horror escape rooms – I suspect that they are just wanting to scare me again! Perhaps I can convince the kids to accompany me as I explore some history, follow in the footsteps of the Mayflower – the first ship to take Puritans from England to the New World - starting in Southampton and Plymouth (UK) before heading over to Plymouth (USA) and Boston or maybe I’ll save this for a couples escape – who knows. The world is really there for the taking. There’s also food and music and friends…. the inspiration really is boundless and the world is there for the taking x

My customer stories

Sent by Lindsay Daws

Sarah was so very helpful and friendly and very prompt on her communications whilst exploring possible options within our personal holiday parameters. Thank you.

Sent by Louise White

Sarah helped us to book our perfect first Disney family holiday. Her considerable knowledge and passion shone through, and she made what was a very complicated and daunting process, so much more straightforward! Her recommendations were all spot on and she made sure we knew what to book, when and how. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and will definitely be using her skills and expertise again