Client review: Santa's Lapland

Sarah Smith on 18 December 2017
It was all perfect!

The accommodation was a separate ’block’ at the back of the hotel, three minutes’ walk away and the room was lovely.

The hotel was great location for the toboggan run and the supermarket was a 10 minute walk away, where we stocked up on bits for lunches.

Scotty treated us to the extra trip of the Husky ride. Not cheap but as Scotty said “we’re only here once”. We went out at dusk driving our own Husky team across a frozen lake and through woodland. Jacob was sat bolt upright at the front LOVING it while Libby cuddled up to him on my knee-pretty perfect!

The trip to Santa was great. All the games the kids loved and lots of friendly staff, the elves were Jacobs favourite - he’s usually so quiet but he was shouting out at them and laughing his head off plus another husky ride where mums and dads drove the team again.

We’re so glad we stayed the extra night, but glad we did the huskies for an afternoon to break it up too, not sure I could do a full day at the toboggan run as well as all the other times we did (10pm on Saturday night!)

Can’t recommend the trip enough. I realise it’s a lot of money but if you ever have clients not sure they honestly won’t be disappointed. I actually had tears down my face when we met Father Christmas, Jacob’s face when he knew his name and had his actual letter was worth every extra pub shift and saving through the year. Feel extremely lucky we were able to go.

Thanks again for everything, we’ll be in touch once I’ve qualified for another ‘big’ holiday.