Ephesus and Kusadasi, Turkey

Stephen Bellingham on 15 July 2016
I was pleased that the cruise line decided to include a stop in Kusadasi. It meant we were able to visit the ancient ruins of Ephesus 30km away. This ticked of one of my 'travel list to do' places. What an amazing site, and fortunate we picked the early departure trip, which resulted in a deserted Ephesus, before the crowds and heat were at their peak. Once the trade centre of the ancient world, a religious centre of the early Christianity and built in the 10th century BC, it is a vast, amazing spectacle. According to estimates it was the third largest city of Roman Asia Minor with a popular of 33.600 to 56,000 in the Roman period. It’s hard to understand why it was completely abandoned in the 15th Century - the legends, ruins giving an idea of its original splendour, and variety of occupants during the ages all add to why one must certainly visit at least once in their life-time.

Back to Kusadasi, a pretty town in a gulf of blue Aegean Sea with many local restaurants, shopping opportunities and sandy beaches. A cold beer for us, and back to the Vista for a welcome swim and relax.