Caribbean Cruising '22: Glorious Grenada

Suzanna Pinder on 10 March 2022
I last visited Grenada 15 years ago, not long after devastating Hurricane Ivan. Touring around the island then felt sadly barren in parts, with much of the established vegetation having been destroyed and whilst fresh growth was emerging, it was not the lush green I had been expecting. However, roll on 15 years and what a gloriously lush island!

Basing ourselves in the pleasant Port Louis marina in St Georges, followed by a few days in Woburn Bay visiting friends, we’ve had plenty of time to explore areas we had previously visited such as St Georges lively market, Grand Anse Beach and the many beautiful bays along the south coast, plus time to hire a car to get off the beaten track…

Undertaking a somewhat adventurous route (my intrepid streak driving forth!), we drove from west to east over the top of Grenada, enjoying a refreshing dip at Concord Falls, before driving high into the mountains. Passing through delightful little villages with pretty houses defying gravity as they clung to the side of sheer mountain drops, road signage was not always in abundance, so we were pleased to meet friendly locals happy for a chat and to offer directions, plus the fabulous views from the top sure made up for the odd wrong turn! Grenville was a true Caribbean experience. Narrow streets crammed with market vendors selling everything from papayas to pencils and cantaloupes to covid masks. Locals bustled about their business, kids played in the streets and not another tourist to be seen - a fabulous local scene.

Driving up the more remote east coast, we visited River Antoine Rum Factory, which although unfortunately currently closed for tours, we enjoyed seeing the lovely old buildings and water wheel crushing the sugar cane.

Sauteurs on the northern tip of Grenada is a pleasant town. Again, not really touched by tourism, it offers a lovely local feel and the residents very friendly towards visitors. The northern tip of Grenada is also dotted with some fabulous little hotels, a long way from the main tourist bustle but well worth the effort for the tranquillity and fabulous views out towards St Vincent and The Grenadines. We popped into Petite Anse Hotel for a delicious roti on their airy terrace and refreshing dip in their pool. Certainly a spot to remember for a future visit!

This recent stay on Grenada has really changed my view of the island. It is beautifully tropical, with so much to see, easy to get around and wonderfully friendly locals. Whilst most hotels and tourist spots are in the south west, I would definitely recommend exploring elsewhere on the island for a more local feel, some amazing sights and fabulous views. Next on our adventure we head north into The Grenadines. An area I have been lucky to have sailed in before, but some years ago and I am excited to be returning…

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