Caribbean Cruising '23: Anguilla

Suzanna Pinder on 08 March 2023
There are two types of island in the Caribbean, mountainous and towering and low and flat. Although some of the lower islands are a result of tectonic plate movement, I also remember from A-Level Geography that some are actually much older than their younger mountainous friends and they too would have once been soaring but over the years they have eroded, sometimes falling beneath the sea and acquiring limestone caps, resurfacing once again. Low lying and relatively shallow water is also ideal for coral growth, which over millions of years transforms into long white sandy beaches.

A prime example of one of these flatter islands is Anguilla. Surrounded by beautiful picture postcard sandy stretches, it really is all about the beaches. Tourism is the islands main income, which has resulted in an eclectic range of buildings from traditional Anguillan houses to very modern angular structures. Although many of the beaches are backed by hotels, holiday homes, restaurants and beach bars, the island still maintains a very chilled and laid back feel.

After a busy few days exploring St Martin, Anguilla was the perfect place to recharge our batteries - swimming in beautiful turquoise water, exploring the beaches and deserted outer islands and enjoying sundowners at Elvis’ Beach Bar (apparently one of the Top 10 beach bars in the Caribbean)!

Thanks Anguilla - feeling recharged for our next stop… the beautiful British Virgin Islands!

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