A day in Rome

Suzanne Barney on 01 June 2018
From a cruise ship this is quite a long excursion as the port is a good 90 minutes’ drive away from the city itself. You can travel independently but I like the security of going with the cruise company as if you don't get back in time the cruise company are responsible for you getting back on the ship!

I had travelled through Rome before to make a connection to a ship but hadn't visited the city before. The impression I had in my head was nothing like the reality and it exceeded my expectations.

I loved Rome - it was a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be busy with traffic, polluted and difficult to navigate. Not so - the Colosseum is a bit crazy with lots of ticket touts pestering you but once you get away into the backstreets it is magical. Lovely old buildings, piazzas with restaurants, lovely shops and Roman ruins around every corner. I loved the whole atmosphere and the fact it is walkable from the Colosseum to the Vatican is really impressive.

We did the excursion from the cruise ship where we had a guide who took us in and then we had three hours to do our own thing. Our tour started at the Colosseum which was a bit crazy with lots of people queuing and jostling but enough time to take a few snaps. We headed along the Via Dei Fort imperial which had lots of archaeological sites to browse, and beautiful palaces. At the Piazza Venezia we left our guide and headed to the Trevi fountain which didn't disappoint and then onto the Spanish Steps. The shops were small and individual with very few chain stores and as we meandered through the streets we found ourselves at Paizza Di Spagna for lunch. We then headed over the Tiber to the Vatican to meet up with our group. I think May was a great time to do this. The day started a bit chilly but then the temperatures started to rise and were pleasantly in the 70's which made it manageable to walk around and take it the sites. I will definitely go back to Rome on a city break to spend more time shopping and also checking out the sites as I am sure we only scratched the surface.