Negombo Overnight

Suzanne Barney on 27 March 2023
Leaving hubbie at home - me & my friend Nicki embarked on our tour of Sri Lanka with Intrepid for 2 weeks We flew out a day early and stayed at the beach resort of Negombo for one night prior to our tour starting it is only 10 km from the airport We were impressed with the modern Pledge scape hotel which was beachfront on the edge of Negombo. Rather than just sit around we were eager to explore our taxi driver recommended a local 'spa' Sri Lanka is famous for its Ayurveda treetments so we were looking forward to having all our aches and pains taken away That was an interesting experience as it wasnt a plush spa but a wooden structure with a hole for my head and we were required to take all our clothes off it cost us all of $18 which was amazing albeit a little 'awkward' and no video footage was taken as I am sure it would have gone viral

The following day I went looking for a hat in preperation for my tour it was Sunday and a little sleepy so in the we took a tuk tuk and explore Negombo We had our own adventure going to Monkey island which is located in the Negombo Lagoon passing lots of local fishing boats with a wonderful selection of birdlife including herons and storks. Finally arriving at the island where we fed the friendly monkeys on the island who came onto our boat . The lagoon was really shallow in parts and we could sit on a chair and watch the world go by.

We met our group that evening - there was only 5 of us altogether We all got on famously laughing joking ,the conversation flowed it was as if we had known each other for ever That evening we ate at a locals home enjoying the ambience and hospitality and getting to know each other

Before we left Negombo we visited the fish market which it is famous for and the local markets with a huge selection of fruits and vegetables grown locally Then we we off inland in our minibus to discover the central part of the island known as the Golden Triangle