Taj & Tigers

Tracey Blackman on 15 October 2023
India really has been on my Bucket list since I started in Travel and I was really Lucky enough to have an opportunity , it was a short trip but fitted so much in and it was called Taj & Tigers and I was visiting the very Famous Golden Triangle , so from Delhi , then down to the Pink City of Jaipur and then down to see the Tigers in Ranthambore , then on to Agra to see the Famous Taj Mahal , Back to Delhi . Great for me as i book people on a lot of tours so gave me a good opportunity to see for myself .

I Flew with Air France who were a good airline going via Charles de Gaul , sometimes it can work out better value to do this although longer , Flying time is 9.5 hours to Delhi .

Arriving in Delhi wow wow wow all your senses are going at once , sight, sounds, smells , and I have never experienced a city like it,!! arriving in the evening it was full of noise , lights , traffic , dust , colours , I loved it !! very different to anywhere I have experienced so far on my travels .

After a good nights sleep and breakfast we were on our coach to look forward to our exciting day ahead to Explore a full day of sightseeing around old and new Delhi , and off to Khari Baoli Spice Market , a rickshaw ride and visiting Jama Masjid, the largest Mosque in India . The Rickshaw ride was one I will never forget , there were cars along side Cows and pigs , there were street sellers selling food and Chai , Children playing , it is a place that you have to experience as so hard to explain , wonderful , exciting !! temperature was a lovely 32 C

This evening we had a wonderful meal , I am vegetarian and was worried I couldn’t eat the food as would be too hot or I would have the dreaded Delhi Belly but it was so gorgeous , the flat breads are so lovely along side the Curries , amazing food !! nothing like an Indian we have here .

Today we Travel from Delhi to Jaipur – Approx. 6 hours 260kms So much to see on the way so the time goes very quickly and we stop for comfort breaks ,as we enter Jaipur known as the Pink City because of the Pink Paint on the buildings founded in 1727 at the time of the Mughal Power and painted to impress the Prince of Wales in 1876, we head for Amber Fort on board a jeep to take us up to the Fort and the Palace entrance .It is spectacular , the yellow and Pink sandstone and white marble , it was built in 16th century by Raja Man Singh .

The other amazing place we went to was Jantar Mantar Observatory -The largest Stone and marble crafted observatory in the world , they were so clever as the 17 instruments are still in working condition .

I knew that I would be sucked into the destination , with the people the sights I was seeing and of course the people smiling , the children all so colourful , and wanting photos of us which was strange , and also cows on Motorways and an Elephant just walking past our coach so funny , we had to stop on that encounter for a photo .

Jaipur to Ranthambore National Park So exciting today we are heading south in search of Tigers , this is around 4 to 5 hours , we were heading for project Tiger Conservation in Rajasthan .We went out on an afternoon Safari and the universe didn’t disappoint , so so lucky to see a Tiger walking towards us , wow they are beautiful , there markings are beautiful , we watched him marking his territory , I could hardly breath with excitement ,!! the Rangers are so clever as they know exactly what they are looking for and listening for too . Out again after a really good sleep to see if we could see any more , and do a canter Safari , not so lucky this time but we did see Deer , Sambar , what an experience.

So checking out of our hotel we then head to Fatehpur Sikri located 40 kms from Agra built by Emperor Akbar in 1569 , we visited the well preserved and graceful buildings within the ghost City including Jama Masjid .

Next on to Agra and the most world famous Taj Mahal , Agra Rose to fame in the Medieval period as the capital of Mughal Empire and has beautiful gardens and waterfalls , bathhouses and canals and also is known for its famous carpets .

We rise very early this morning 3.45 am but we were all up as we were all so excited to see the Taj Mahul in all its glory as the sun comes up , as I went to the wooden door entrance to o peer through I could see her , she was a beautiful marble monument standing on the southern bank of the Yamuna River , she was built in Mughal by shah Jahan Emperor between 1631-1648 in memory of his wife .

Words can not describe its beauty and as you get closer the colour changes , the front also has precious stones incrusted , its is one of my highlights in my Travel Career to see and it is just stunning and I believe everyone there was feeling the same , i also sat on the Bench Lady Diana had the photo , quite surreal . Again this is where our guide was so good as he knows when to go in , best photos ect so invaluable.

This afternoon we were then heading back to Delhi for our 0035 to London , India is such a massive Country and I have only scratched a very small part of it , yes it does have a big problem with poverty and it got me at times seeing that and something I have brought home as it makes me feel very lucky for what I have , it is a very spiritual destination where our coach driver just stops and goes to a temple and says a prayer , all different religions and i loved that , also being near the front of the coach i asked loads of questions about cultures , traditions and our guide Mk was very happy to chat .

The food is also gorgeous and as long as you are sensible , no Delhi Belly for me and all of our group so very happy , I really did love this very special Destination , what I will say is it’s a must to go with a very reputable Tour operator and the Tour guides are worth there weight in Gold so i can advise the best tour to fit your needs and also of course you can do this in a more Leisurely way and of course extend to rest at the end maybe in Goa or Kerela .

Incredible Destination