Top 10 Beach Destination of the world

Tracey Blackman on 08 September 2018
My daughter and I have spent a really lovely week at the Bavaro Palace in August this year. The beach was amazing and I have never seen such an amazing stretch of sandy white sand with palm trees as far as you could see. It is featured in the top 10 beaches in the world and I can now understand why. The sea was so gorgeous and warm, and although it is on the Atlantic side, it still was beautiful. The hotel itself was massive. There is a lovely little train going round all day and it’s so lovely to jump on board and it stops at the different areas.

They have different sections, Bavaro Beach is adults only and we were in the family side. Talking to people in the adults section they were saying that there was more going on over on our side. The rooms were lovely and Hannah loved the Jacuzzi outside on the balcony. She used that each evening which was great.

You certainly would not go hungry here. At breakfast there was everything from pancakes and omelettes made to order to salads, cheeses and smoothies. It was so good. We were able to have four a la carte meals. We tried Mexican, we loved that, where they cooked in front of you and the Margaritas were good too. There’s a steak restaurant which Hannah enjoyed but I don't eat red meat any more, and Italian which we said was our favourite. The drinks were premium brands and you could try any cocktail you liked and a Cosmo and Pina Colada were my lovely guilty pleasures.

There were plenty of quiet bars and areas you could go into and have a drink which was nice. The weather was a perfect 32c and sea temperatures were really warm, like a bath. There was a problem with seaweed but every day they came and cleared it, apart from Sundays, as I think they may have a day off possibly.

The entertainment was fab and we saw a really good Michael Jackson tribute which was so good. The auditorium was massive! We did a really lovely excursion to Sona Island. I always like to try and do one excursion at least when I’m away as it helps the locals and economy and also gives you a feel outside of your lovely hotel of what its really like. We went out by speedboat out and Catamaran back. Going out was very exhilarating, we went really fast and the colour of the sea as we got nearer to Sona Island looked as though someone had dipped paint into the water, colour was amazing! We stopped halfway and jumped into the Caribbean Sea and swam, that was lovely. On the return we came back by Catamaran and that was very special as we saw loads of flying fish, and believe me they do fly, incredible.

What a lovely island Dominican Republic is and in August we had fabulous weather in the day and rain in the evening so it never bothered us. I definitely would go again. Paradise, sun, sea, white sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze, heavenly.