A day on Gozo

Trevor Smith on 18 September 2017
This is my Day Trip to Gozo from my Hotel on Malta.

Meet your guide at the hotel lobby and proceed to Golden Bay. Golden Bay is a stunning sandy beach set within a cliff face, located along unspoiled Maltese countryside. The bay offers one of the most remarkable sunsets in Malta. The azure blue Mediterranean Sea and cliffs surrounding the bay provide an excellent spot for swimming and snorkelling which both adults and children can enjoy. The beach has its own beach hut cafes, sunbeds and water sports available.

Enjoy a meeting with Borg Watersports.

Take the ferry to Gozo. You will be greeted by your driver at Mgarr terminal and proceed to Ggantija Temples. Explore the Ggantija Temples in Xaghra. The Ggantija Temples are the oldest, free-standing monuments in the world, created 1,000 years before the famous Egyptian pyramids of Giza. The temples are a unique architectural masterpiece and a witness to an exceptional prehistoric culture renowned for its remarkable architectural, artistic and technological achievements. The temple builders used locally available stone; hard coralline limestone for external walls and the softer globigerina limestone for the sheltered interiors and decorative elements.

Enjoy a tour of the Citadel; a small fortified city and citadel which lies in the heart of Victoria on the island of Gozo, Malta. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and in the medieval era it was known as the Gran Castello.

Enjoy a light lunch at Ta Philip. This was an amazing restaurant and our host excelled with the quality of food, and the restaurant is fully accessible by all.

Tour Dwerja; the area where up until a few months ago the famous Azure Window stood - an impressive natural arch which stood twenty metres high. The landscape is still incredibly beautiful and you can view the Inland Sea - a secluded bathing pool with crystal clear waters surrounded by sheer cliff faces - perfect for snorkellers and divers. Tour the Qbajjar Salt Pans. Carved out from the natural limestone rock, these salt pans are still in use today; 350 years after their origin. The moon-like plains are used to collect salt water which later evaporates; leaving behind raw rock salt.

You will be met by Joseph Attard at Gozo Quad Hire to proceed to a Quad Bike Tour.

Take the ferry back to Malta.