Downtown Las Vegas

Trevor Smith on 14 May 2017
Downtown Las Vegas is a 'must do/see' whilst anyone goes to Las Vegas and below are just two of what you can see and do.

The area around Freemont Street has been revitalized over the last few years and now is a buzz of old and new.

The Mob Museum is a fascinating museum of the "Mob' in the USA and also in and around the Las Vegas area. A visit here should last around 90-120 minutes.

The main part of our visit to Downtown Las Vegas was to experience "Lip Smacking Tour"

This 'tour" hosted and guided by the Companies President - Donald Contursi lasted around 3 hours taking in the sights and sounds of the Freemont Downtown area and for us, one of the highlights of our visit to Las Vegas.

We met at the John E Carson Hotel (this is no longer a hotel but a base for all things new in Downtown) to meet Donald to experience the four establishents - Carson Kitchen, Therapy, Banger Brewing and finally Turmeric @CarsonKitchen @Therapy_LV @BangerBrewing @LipSmackingTour

Amazing set of sample menus greeted us at these four places with around 20 dishes and drinks served by the owners of each place.

Do not miss this and also Freemont Street, Container Park and also perhaps the ZipLine.

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