Ally & Dannie In Lapland with Transun

Ally Case on 02 January 2023
Wow, what an amazing experience. If you think that Lapland is just for children then think again! Myself and Dannie were offered the chance to spend 3 nights in Lapland, courtesy of Transun, to experience all that this magical country has to offer. We travelled to London Gatwick for our early morning flight to Enontekio Airport on a direct charter flight exclusive to Transun. Transun flies from 14 UK airports so there is always a departure local to you. Enontekio is a very small airport and our flight was the only flight of the day. We then took the hour-long transfer to Karesuando, a remote border village that straddles Swedish and Finnish Lapland, located some 300km inside the Arctic Circle. We checked into our hotel, the Davvi Arctic Lodge, a basic but very comfortable room, we were then taken to the store to be fitted with our thermal snow suits and boots, which definitely made you feel so warm in Lapland’s Arctic temperatures. The hotel provides full-board and the meals were very hearty and all that was needed to keep you full and warm. I didn't know but you need to eat a lot more calories in Lapland because of the extreme cold! I didn't need much persuading ha ha!

We received a schedule when we arrived for all our planned activities and over the course of the next two days we embarked on numerous activities The first one was a 2-hour Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari, this was an evening excursion when, with the crisp Arctic sky overhead, we took our snowmobiles down to the frozen river, which runs between Finland and Sweden, to a vantage point in the wilderness where we witnessed the amazing Northern Lights. This was the most exhilarating experience and one we will never forget.

The following morning we took our bus to do the Call of the Wild Husky Safari, the most amazing hour where you get to mush a team of excited huskies through the spectacular Lapland scenery. The huskies were so excited and could not wait to work with us. I "drove" the sled whilst Dannie relaxed in the back!! When we got back we enjoyed a warm mug of glogg..non-alcoholic! That evening we embarked on a Northern Lights Forest Trek, an hour-guided walk through the forest to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the border-village of Karesuando. We did not witness the northern lights on this evening but it was still magical.

The following morning we went to the Reindeer Camp where we spend 2 hours learning about the importance of reindeer to the people of Lapland on a visit to a traditional kota and herding corral. We then enjoyed a reindeer sleigh ride - a time-old mode of transport in these parts! We also took the time to walk across the bridge into Sweden, it takes about an hour and there is a little cafe just on the border which serves the most delicious chocolate brownies with coffee. You can also see the church where they filmed one of the first Coca Cola adverts.

We did pay for an extra experience of a Cross-country ski school....I have never laughed, a fallen over, so much in my life!! We were taken for a 2-hour lesson through spectacular scenery, I spent more time on my bottom than on my feet, but it was such fun and good exercise. There are many extra experiences you can pre-book either before you go or when you get there such as a overnight stay in an igloo or Ice-Fishing.

I thoroughly recomment a 3 or 4-night trip to True Lapland, it is a perfect winter holiday for everybody looking to catch a display of the Northern Lights, and also experience a host of once-in-a-lifetime Arctic activities, it is honestly like being in Narnia!