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Welcome to my page. My name is Anne-Marie Banks and I am a Travel Counsellor based in Redditch (although I am able to book you your dream holiday from wherever you may live!)

From a young age I have loved and been passionate about travel. I am lucky enough to have travelled across four continents and explored a wide range of destinations (though there are still many more on my “bucket list”). My first introduction into the work of a Travel Counsellor was as a customer trying to navigate the complexities of a Disneyworld trip. I was so impressed by the advice, service and overall experience that I received, that I was inspired into becoming a Travel Counsellor myself.

As your personal advisor I can work with you to tailor make and organise a trip which meets your exact travel requirements; from package holidays to bespoke adventures, from city breaks to ski and snow, from cruises to safaris, I really do have it all covered. I can liaise with you at a time and place which fits into your busy schedule and take time to really understand your needs. Additionally, you yourself can rest easy in the knowledge that you have a single point of contact for all aspects of your trip meaning all the small details that transform a break from “good” to “unforgettable” can be guaranteed.

As a busy, working mum I know just how precious holidays are and therefore how important it is to get it absolutely right.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Bali: Beyond Instagram

07 February 2020

With its iconic gates (see picture), legendary rice paddies, famous swings and of course miles of golden coastline Bali has, in recent years, catapulted itself to the top of the discerning traveller’s wish list. For my own travels, Thailand had opened my eyes to the endless offerings of Asia and we, as a family, were keen to continue exploring it. However, there are few long haul destinations to the East that offer a dry, warm climate during our Summer holidays so that narrowed our choice somewhat and was a key factor in us eventually selecting Bali. There is absolutely no getting away from the fact that it’s a long old journey, and as I write there are no direct flights available from the UK. We flew from Birmingham though and found the journey surprisingly easy (even with two ten year olds). The journey was split fairly evenly into a 7 hour and 9 hour flight, both of which we all settled into with a drink in hand and several films later we arrived! The choice of resorts in Bali is somewhat overwhelming. The island has everything from infamous Kuta, home to surfers and party goers to it’s cultural epicentre of Ubud, made famous in the film “Eat, Pray, Love”. Seminyak offers a trendy and upmarket feel whilst Sanur offers a chance to feel like one of the locals. We chose to base ourselves in the gated tourist resort of Nusa Dua. Some warned us it was “sterile” and “not authentic” but we chose it with good reason which was the simple fact that the sea here is not as rough as elsewhere on the island. Remember this is a surfer’s paradise but for those with children you do need to bear in mind that all of those surfers and waves may not fit comfortably into your own idea of a relaxing family holiday. Nusa Dua proved to be the perfect base for us; luxury high end hotels line the shores, all connected by a small well-lit footpath leading to “The Bali Collection”- a decent offering of restaurants, bars and shops. It’s quiet, feels safe and is provides a fabulous stroll of an evening. One thing that became clear was that whilst there is very little to choose between these hotels (all are beautiful and luxurious) some have better beaches than others and a small minority offer All Inclusive packages. Although we based ourselves in Nusa Dua, the children are getting older and we were keen to explore and see as much as we could fit in. We hired ourselves a driver and explored Ubud and it really is the heart of Bali…if I could have fitted in a couple of nights there I would have, but since we were holidaying with family (and meeting my gorgeous new niece) it wasn’t an option for us. The rice terraces are spectacular in their beauty and fascinated the boys as they are really so different from anything else they’ve seen. You really don’t need to visit any specific one, they dominate the landscape so there is ample opportunity to just pull over and admire them. However if you’re adventurous it is well worth the Bali Swing experience and soaring high above them. Some are obviously better than others so I’d recommend asking me to incorporate it into your itinerary to make the best of your time while you are there. Another recommendation is visiting Tegenungan Falls to the South of Ubud. You can actually wade into and bathe beneath these spectacular falls which is one to tick off the bucket list. Our guide James also took us to a fabulous club/ bar where you can sip cocktails in a pool, chilling to the sounds of a DJ overlooking this natural wonder. I still cannot quite believe the boys' first visit to a club was in the heart of an Indonesian jungle with swimming pools and waterfalls - it certainly beats my adventures in Reflex. Leaving Ubud we set off for our castaway adventures to the Gili Islands, famed for their coral reefs and being a snorkelling paradise. There are 3 “Crusoe-esque” style islands in total with Gili Trawangen, the one we picked, being the largest and most commercial (and I use that term very loosely). The islands offer crystal clear waters and a coastline all the way around so you can walk the entire perimeter in a few hours. It is also easy to island hop between the three Gili’s and large island of Lombok so if you get itchy feet when you are travelling this option is perfect. Again, we didn't have time but I have done numerous itineraries where clients want to incorporate more islands (specifically Komodo island) into a bit of a tour and so this can easily be built in too for more Instagramable opportunities, Arrival in Gili is via a rather choppy boat transfer, taking around 2 hours from the mainland (depending on which port you depart from). There are many companies offering trips from hotels around Bali but we noted a huge difference in the standard and safety of transport on offer so this is definitely one to sort out with your agent before you arrive. Stepping onto the white sands, the immediate feeling and vibe could not be further away from Seminyak and Ubud where roads are crazy and chaotic with mopeds and cars (definitely not a self-drive destination this one). Here, there are no motorised vehicles only horse and cart or bicycles to transport you and your luggage, down the labyrinth of off road tracks, to your accommodation. Needless to say, this adds to the adventure and feels somewhat like being on a film set a million miles form the “real world”. Equally there are no big chains or hotels on the island but that doesn’t mean accommodation is basic. We were delighted with our stay at the Desa Dunia hotel which was a huge 2 bedroom beach villa costing less per night than I normally pay for a 3 star hotel in a city. There really was something ever so special about watching the sunset from a beach outside our room with only the sounds of the waves to listen to. It was the perfect way to finish a fantastic adventure and whilst I am far from having seen all that Indonesia has to offer, I do feel that I got a very good taste of the diversity and spirit this part of the world has to offer and can hand on heart say that it was totally different from any other holiday that we have experienced.

Captivating Cuba

11 June 2019

Havana Oh NaNa....Half of my heart is in Havana oh nana. Of all the countries I’ve visited, Cuba is my favourite (unless of course you’ve read my Greece blog). I’ve had favourite holidays, but these are usually to do with a great hotel, or lifelong friends we made or an excursion we took. With Cuba I just fell in love with the actual country. We booked Cuba as our perfect honeymoon destination because the (limited) knowledge I had at that time informed me it had nice beaches and a bit of history (forgive me I was young!) We had married in the summer of 2006 and at the time were restricted to travelling during school holidays so headed out over the Christmas period. The first thing that struck me on arrival into the airport was the music. It’s everywhere and it’s those Salsa beats (that weren’t cool then but certainly are now) that just make your shoulders relax and immediately you feel like you’re on holiday. Even around the swimming pool, a tune would come on and staff would look at each other and start to dance; not a rehearsed let's entertain the guests dance, but just “Salsa is in our DNA dance”. It’s just mesmerising to watch, even if it does make my own very British shuffle feel hugely inadequate. We based ourselves in Varadero, a tourist area that offers beautiful white powder beaches and turquoise waters. It is true there is little else here but it’s perfect for honeymooners after a bit of low-key relaxation. We had pre booked a day trip to the capital of Havana for a bit of sightseeing but if I get the chance to revisit this captivating country then I would definitely make this a twin centre trip (If only I had known a Travel Counsellor then). Havana is truly remarkable. It remains one of the only cities that matched the image I had in my head created from snapshots of movies, books and posters. Old men sit in doorways rolling cigars, vintage cars and bicycles line the roads, the architecture is stunning and colourful but crumbling and of course amongst all the day-to-day background noise is the ever present beats of Salsa. We took the walking tour of the city which is fantastic showing us sites integral to the revolution and allowing us an insight into how communism operates in the 21st century. In a far too brief 12 hours we saw The Capital building (almost an exact replica of the one in the US), Revolucion de la Cuba and the famous image of Che Guevara, the old Bacardi distillery and much more before ending with us sipping cocktails in bars made famous by the great Earnest Hemingway. To this day, I have not tasted a better mojito. Our fantastically knowledgeable guide explained how Cuba had the lowest infant mortality rate and some of the world's best hospitals because all have access to the same education and careers. We learned though how many of the brightest and most gifted often choose to work in the tourist industry as the opportunity for tips and extra income is just so enticing. Every minute of that day was a learning opportunity and I don’t think we've ever been so keen to learn. Fast forward 13 years and I’d love to go back with the boys and take advantage of some of the unique and more authentic experiences that I now know are available. We would do a home stay with a Cuban family whose weekly shop is done with ration cards, giggle whilst having a salsa lesson and what child wouldn't love the chance to tour the capital in one of those iconic cars? Every single one of these would offer unforgettable experiences and memories made as a family before we flopped exhausted onto those glorious sands. If Cuba is on your agenda for a trip, please don’t look at it as a beach destination with the possibility of some sightseeing, you’ll be selling the country short and most of all selling yourselves short. NB Please excuse the poor-quality photos but they were taken with an actual camera in 2006 and so are scanned versions.

A Taste of Thailand

24 November 2018

It is a country that for some reason hadn’t really been on my radar, but I was lucky enough to take my whole family in 2017 for the wedding of my brother (who many of you know lives in China). Thailand sometimes struggles to overcome misconceptions and prejudices of “seediness” and lack of cleanliness, but the truth is there is so much more to this country than it’s often given credit for. On top of that, I found Thai hospitality among the best I have ever experienced, and I’d go back in a heartbeat. Which resorts are best? Thailand is such a large country, with so many resorts that there really is something for everyone; sorry the urge to use cliché is strong today! If it’s nightlife and large resorts that you’re after head to Pattaya, Phuket or Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui. However, if like me, your party days are behind you, smaller, more picturesque resorts include Krabi – where life is centred around the Aonang beach area; Koh Lanta which is a beautiful, tropical island off the mainland, accessed James Bond style by speedboat and Fisherman’s Wharf on Koh Samui - a beautiful village style resort where you can experience traditional street markets twice a week. Responsible Tourism Excursions Of course, Thailand is synonymous with elephants and like many of you, I am fascinated and a little bit in love with these majestic creatures. Therefore, it saddens me the amount of unethical practice and elephant riding that continues to operate in 2018. All is not lost though as the many organisations are seeking to eradicate unethical practices and Thailand now has several companies that offer fantastic encounters allowing you to get up close and personal with elephants in a responsible manner. Like all Travel Counsellors, I’ll only ever recommend experiences that are, to the best of my knowledge, ethical and sustainable. Elephant Hills luxury camping experience is frequently cited as the highlight of a traveller’s trips and is one I would always strive to include in any client’s travel itinerary. Which hotel is right for me? With some of the world’s best beaches, Thailand is home to a plethora of hotels for every budget and every taste, and many of them sit right on beautiful white coastline meaning you can literally step outside your hotel room onto the soft powdery sands. In fact, if you’ve always dreamed of a tropical water villa Thailand has some on offer at fantastic value. Likewise, the private plunge-pool on your balcony! What I would say is that it’s always best to know what you want from a hotel as some of the most luxurious are found in rather remote locations, children’s facilities can be scarce at more boutique properties (and even in larger chains) and some are on very busy public beaches. The beaches in Thailand are all government owned so if you’re dreaming of relaxed, uncrowded beaches you need to select the right hotel. These are all things I can help and advise you on. When should I visit? Like many long-haul destinations, the general rule is their summer sits alongside our winter. December through to March is a perfect climate to visit Phuket and the surrounding areas of the mainland whilst Koh Samui and its neighbouring islands are ripe for visiting from February until April. Visiting around about the Easter period is an absolute blast too as it usually coincides with Songkran, a Thai festival which involves 2-3 days of the biggest water fights you’ve ever seen. Prepare to get very wet! I tend to find many clients are pleasantly surprised at the excellent value at this time of year compared with traditional favourites such as the Canary Islands.

Disney, Dreams and Dolphins

30 October 2018

As I’ve mentioned previously in some of my video posts, it never ceases to amaze me how many misconceptions exist around Disneyworld holidays. In fact, when talking to a friend recently I may have actually laughed so hard that a little bit of lemonade spurted out my nose! The friend in question had set themselves a two-year deadline to save for a Disneyworld holiday in the belief that it might cost their family of 4 £20,000. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure (as with any holiday) that you can spend this and more, but it is certainly not the requirement. In fact, if you're used to travelling abroad in the summer holidays, you might be surprised to know that Florida flights and accommodation can work out pretty much the same sort of price. I'm not sure it's for us? Like many parents, Disney had always been on my radar, but Mr B was a little more uncertain. He had never been and had visions of spending his precious 14 days off work in a busy theme park akin to those he was familiar with in the UK. I did my best to explain that this was not the case but he remained unconvinced, so we settled upon the idea of combining our Orlando break with a week’s visit to a fantastic beach resort called Siesta Key. Florida has plenty of beautiful white sand beaches on its coastline (including the number highest rated USA beach) which offer a fantastic break from the theme parks. Alternatively, mini cruises sail regularly from its ports and can offer you that little bit of R and R if you’re worried it might all get too much. Will my children be too old/young? Like anything, this depends on your own situation and expectations. I personally would say that it is hard work for a child under 5 because of the jet lag and sensory overload. That said, it can be done, if you keep your expectations realistic. The boys turned 6 while we were there; they hadn’t been in pushchairs since they were 2 and were well used to activity. Despite all this, we only managed until lunchtime most days in the parks which is why for us staying in a Disney hotel was a godsend. It was easy to get the free shuttle back to the hotel or even a waterpark for a slightly more chilled out afternoon. For our return trip next year (aged 10) we have decided that a stay on International Drive is right for us, as our time will be largely spent in other parks. The first visit was about magic and awe, whereas with 10-year olds it is the excitement and thrills that’s driving the plans and that’s the key to enjoying it; making sure you speak to an expert who will help you to understand what’s going to work best for you. Friends are great sources of information, but they will undoubtedly think their way is the best way! Where is best to stay? First work out where you are going to spend most of your time. If the answer is Disney, then I'd definitely recommend a Disney Hotel but make sure you book between April and November when the resorts offer free dining options at some hotels. This can mean you save around £1500 as a family of 4 and for us kept spending money down to a minimum. However, if you are going to regularly visiting the other parks then I'd recommend stopping on International Drive or Universal Studios where everything is much more accessible. If you are a larger family or intend having more chill out days a Villa can offer fantastic value. Which are the best parks? Again, this depends on your child’s age and interests. The main bit of advice I’d offer is that the parks essentially break down into three main resorts; Disney, Universal and SeaWorld. Each of these resorts has 3-6 parks within them and to do most of these properly is more than 1 full day. Therefore, if you are staying 14 nights, I’d generally only advise booking 2 resorts. We did Disney and SeaWorld because Matthew is mad about fish and dreamt of swimming with dolphins. Next time round though we are doing Universal instead of Disney as their interests have moved on from Mickey Mouse to Harry Potter. They’re also taller this time which lends itself more towards Universal resorts and Busch Gardens. We will also be revisiting Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins once more as it truly was amazing!

Brilliant Belek

09 August 2018

I sit here today on my first day back at work with a little sense of sorrow. Don't worry though, it's sorrow in a good way because it stems from the fact that the big family holiday that I put my heart and soul into organising over the last six months, has come to an end. It was a holiday filled with laughter, tears, nostalgia and new memories made; everything really a holiday should be. It was also a holiday that was so desperately needed by my family after a difficult few years. You see, in the summer of 2017 we sadly lost my father in law. He had battled bravely with illness for many years and the two prior to his passing had taken a physical and mental toll on everyone as they struggled to see someone so dearly loved so very poorly. As the family began to pick themselves up and try to move forward, we decided that a huge group holiday might help us mark a new chapter and so it began. Why Turkey? It never ceases to amaze me that I still get looks of surprise and negative comments when I tell people we're off to Turkey. In fact, my sister in law herself was largely apprehensive having only experienced an 8-30 style resort in her youth. However, a holiday for 11 people comes with complexities in making sure everybody is happy and so we felt that an all-inclusive was the obvious choice with such a varied group of age and requirements. We had grandparents used to the finer things in life, fussy kids, active kids and beach-loving lads to cater for. We wanted waterparks, luxury accommodation, high quality food and branded drinks and the truth is that, in my humble opinion, Turkey leads the way in Europe for this style of holiday. Glorious Gloria Having previously stayed at both Lara Beach and Belek in Antalya, I was happy to recommend these areas as they offer a huge range of 4* and 5* hotels complete with spas, world class golf courses and unrivalled kids’ facilities. We eventually settled on The Gloria Golf Resort in Belek. You can fly to Antalya directly from most British airports in four hours making this a great (and more budget friendly in school holidays) alternative to places like Greece and Canary Islands. It meant we arrived at the hotel at 3.30pm just in time for some evening pool fun and to sample the food and road test the cocktails. First impressions were high as we drove up the lengthy driveway fringed with some beautiful trees and vivid flowers (most hotels here are gated and have private driveways separating them from the main road - similar to Caribbean style resorts). Check in only served to confirm our expectations as we were led to the bar and offered drinks whilst the reception staff completed paperwork and admin. The fact that bottles of Coke and Corona (complete with lime) arrived, resulted in happy smiles from both the kids and the parents. What are we doing today mum? As already stated, we chose this resort to have everything close at hand and easily accessible which is great if you're travelling with children or anyone with mobility difficulties. Like many people we spoke to here, we adopted the "little and often" approach to the facilities meaning that after breakfast, we'd settle by the pool and let the kids play freely while the adults read (or slept off the previous night's White Russian cocktails - yes you Aunty Sarah!) Then after lunch we'd either head over to the beautiful pier on the Gloria's private stretch of beach for a spot of diving or snorkelling or give in to Uncle Matt's nagging and join him at the waterpark to have fun on the six waterslides. The beauty of these waterparks is that, even in the summer, there aren't any queues as most people settle into their own routine and just visit for a 1-2 hour chunk of the day. Equally, as the mum of a vertically challenged 9-year-old who has been limited in some European parks, it's great that the restrictions can be waived if children are properly supervised by an adult - these are great slides but not particularly white knuckle! On top of this the kids were able to hire bikes to ride around the resort, play darts and should, they wish, go to a rather impressive and fully supervised soft play centre. Expanding waistlines! The final thing to tick off on a holiday checklist is the cuisine - this can be one of the main turn-offs of the all-inclusive concept with lukewarm food, limited choice, repetition or the chaos of a traditional buffet being amongst the complaints. Again, I'd done my research (as you'd expect) and chosen a hotel with several different restaurants and most importantly three a la carte options. This prevents boredom setting in and adds to the sense of luxury. Some properties have as many as eight! As with everything else in the hotel, the buffet was of a high standard; everything was fresh, well presented and hot. Additionally, outside was a BBQ area where fresh meat was available to order and then brought to your table. That said it was a nice change to visit the a la cartes. Here, we could visit each a la carte once per week meaning we were only in buffet style dining every other night. Our a la cartes included an Italian, a Spanish and an Asian Inspired one. They were all fantastic, but I think the whole family are in agreement that it was the huge and fabulously cooked fillet steaks in the Italian that stole the show! I think our next family visit to The Miller and Carter might be an expensive one since this is the kids' new favourite cut of steak! In regard to drink (which I have touched on already) I can honestly say I have never seen so many brands as at The Gloria - Bacardi, Havana Club, Jameson’s Whisky, Beefeater Gin, Corona Lager, Heineken to name but a few (I'd name more but the effects of such good quality drinks on offer means that some memories are a little hazy!) On top of this kids were spoiled with cans of branded soft drinks, Magnum and Walls Ice creams available and a min bar restocked daily with Haribo and Godiva chocolate! And finally...… I could honestly fill another two pages with what I loved about this holiday (I haven't even touched on excursions etc) and the all-inclusive properties available in Turkey. I honestly believe they represent excellent value for money and are a brilliant choice for travelling as a large group. Unfortunately, I've run out of space and I'm being nagged by the family to start planning next year's holiday but please feel free to get in touch if you'd like any more advice about travelling to Turkey!

Saying "I Do to a Destination Wedding"

31 May 2018

This week myself and Mr B celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, and so on my social media accounts up popped lots of reminders of our wonderful wedding in Lindos, Rhodes. I popped on my rose-tinted glasses and started romantically reminiscing about the day. This in turn got me thinking about the popularity of destination weddings, and so I thought I’d take a brief moment to share some of my own experiences with you lovely explorers. Why go abroad? Destination weddings are popular for many reasons. They are often a far less stressful experience than a British wedding since most of the organising is done via a wedding planner who is familiar with your chosen location. Additionally, they can be more budget friendly and better value since you’ll often have a week’s worth of memories instead of one day. Finally, they help you to avoid the minefield of guest lists and relatives you haven’t seen in so long, they couldn’t pick you out of a line up! What about the guests? It was a combination of all three reasons for us back in 2006, and so we decided to revisit the island that brought us together four years earlier. We thought long and hard about where to get married but always knew it needed to be somewhere that would be accessible to our nearest and dearest whose presence was non-negotiable. Unbeknown to them, we had already decided that if any of these “chosen ones” declined their invitation we would reconsider our options. I guess my advice here is to think about who your non-negotiables are and speak to them during the planning process. How does it all work? Every location is different so my key advice here is to use a travel professional who can research the legalities for you, leaving you to worry about the fun bits. It is extremely difficult to marry in Spain for example, unless you are a practicing Catholic. For us there were certain deadlines for documents being submitted at specified times for translation to take place. We also wouldn't have realised that a minimum stay of seven nights prior to the wedding was a legal requirement without the expertise of our wonderful wedding planner. Will it be all I dreamed? The overall experience was absolutely all I’d hoped it would be. You can often make these weddings as formal or informal as you like. For me, I couldn’t give up the dream of the big, white dress and so I wore one, in 32-degree heat, in the 4 o’clock sun with a beautiful glow of sweat across my brow but I didn’t care; I felt like a princess. The rest was relatively informal: we chose a local rooftop taverna for a meze; walked through the cobbled streets being congratulated by locals rather than hiring wedding cars and watched the sunrise over the Acropolis from the hotel bar in the early hours of the morning surrounded by 50 plus guests+. I guess my point is, like a wedding at home, you can absolutely create your own unique experience wherever you want in the world. Just remember let the journey be as exciting as the destination! Keep your eyes peeled for a Top Tips follow on post in the next few days.

Memories of Mexico

16 September 2019

As you may know, before I found my calling as a Travel Counsellor, I made my living as a teacher. The beauty of that job, as everyone constantly reminds you, is lots of holidays; the downside (that is never mentioned) is that these are confined to the most expensive times in the travel calendar. It was during this life that I came across the amazing revelation that travelling long haul over school holidays often gives you much better value for money. It’s one of the first options I ask clients about when discussing their travel requirements, and nine times out of ten clients often think (incorrectly) that long haul travel will exceed their budget. What I love about Mexico is the fact that it truly does have something for everyone. Our first visit was as a newly married couple of twenty somethings who primarily just wanted to sunbathe in the day and party at night. Whilst we based ourselves on the white sandy beaches of the Mexican Riviera we also made time for several visits into the hedonistic mayhem of Cancun. If nightlife is on your radar, Coco Bongo (made famous in 90's box office hit The Mask) is a must visit. I don’t want to give too much away but never before or since have I been partying the night away while Spiderman flew overhead! Our subsequent visits were much more chilled, thanks largely to the two small people we brought with us. For these holidays we found ourselves selecting from an endless choice of 5 star all-inclusive options offering everything from onsite water parks, surf machines and even a Ninja Warrior course. Again most of these hotels have prime beach front locations and crystal clear Caribbean seas. As a destination popular with Americans, you really can expect the highest of standards and service here. That and the fact that in it’s tourist areas English is widely spoken, make it a perfect option for anyone travelling with additional or medical needs. If all of this sounds too exhausting, chaotic or, dare I say it, family orientated, I’d recommend looking at some of the smaller hotels, some of the adult only options or even perhaps a hotel on the beautiful paradise island of Isla Mujeres where life is more laid back and tranquil…..Robinson Crusoe style. For those who want more, Mexico offers a whole host of trips which celebrate the country’s rich culture, nature and history. My must-dos for families are the eco-parks of Xel-Ha or Xcaret. Both of these are like giant theme parks created by Mother Nature offering amazing snorkelling experiences, rainforest treks and zipwires; just don’t let your 9 year old convince you to jump from the “cliff of courage”, especially if you plan to hit the water side on! Mexico also offers plenty of historical areas of interest based around the Mayans but be sure to plan these visits with your travel professional as many involve long transfers which can be exhausting in the heat of the rainforests and not all local operators adhere to the safety regulations that you expect and deserve. Like the rest of the Caribbean, the best time to visit Mexico is during our winter so it makes a perfect destination for half term or Easter holidays. However, we have also been during August and bar the occasional shower (which actually provides some relief from the humidity) the weather has been glorious. So if Mexico isn’t already, make sure it’s on your radar for a holiday in the future.

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Sent by Janine Chance

Anne-Marie goes above and beyond to help with any travel plans you have. The suggestions she has made for resorts to stay in and places to stay have been brilliant- many we would not have looked at ourselves. With all the recent travel restrictions, Anne-Marie has made changing our plans easy and trouble free.

Sent by Gemma Lewis

Absolutely amazing!!! Anne Marie is worth her weight in gold!!! Would never book a holiday without her again!

Sent by David Bellamy

Anne-Marie has provided an excellent service and cannot thank her enough, this during a pandemic with all the uncertainties, she has helped and advised us at every turn.

Sent by Darren Wright

Excellent friendly service, extremely responsive and very patient despite the numerous changes requested. Would definitely use again and absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to book a holiday.

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An excellent personalised service where you feel like you have control of all aspects of your holiday aspirations but with the guidance of an experienced consultant. I especially like the aftercare that this service comes with.

Sent by Tom Fletcher

I would definitely recommend using Anne-Marie for your travel requirements, she was extremely helpful in organising a stag trip abroad for a group of 12 especially when it came down to organising multiple payments. I will be 100% contacting again for future holidays!

Sent by Lisa Lightfoot

Anne-Marie was really helpful, she did a great job of listening to our list of requirements and translating that into a fabulous holiday plan. She was also very patient with all of our questions! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!

Sent by Michelle Radbourne

Anne-Marie went out of her way to book our holiday to Dubai for myself and two children. This was a very sad trip as it was our first holiday without my husband, who had recently passed away. Anne-Marie made everything so simple, and succeeded in planning every last detail in an incredible short amount of time, 3 days I believe. Nothing was too much trouble and the communication was never a problem for her at anytime of the day. We’ve had the most amazing, relaxing fun time, every small detail was perfect including an incredible room up grade on arrival. She’s amazing at her job and is a really lovely lady to talk to and understands your needs straight from the start. I cannot thank her enough, and yes I’ve already recommended Anne-Marie to most of my friends Already. Thank you so much we all had a very restful family time

Sent by Samantha Bristoll

Anne- Marie Banks is a down to earth, caring and attentive travel counsellor. She works above and beyond the call of duty and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a holiday planned to spec. Thanks for your time and patience .

Sent by Kate Finley-Perks

Anne-Marie is so fantastic. She listens to the type of holiday I want, the things I would love to experience, then goes away and makes it all happen! I am so excited for my next adventure with Travel Counsellors, and it is all down to Anne-Marie. I will always recommend her to all family and friends, and anyone else who happens to mention holidays!

Sent by Lucy Ryall

Anne-Marie was incredibly knowledgable and helpful - she listened to us and really understood what we were looking for to provide us with options to consider. She got it perfect first time and made the whole process stress free and enjoyable! We can’t wait to use Anne-Marie again. She is wonderful!

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I would 100% recommend Annemarie to friends and family and will be doing so in the future. She listened and understood exactly what we were looking for and narrowed down the options for us to help us make our choice. We are immensely grateful to her and glad that we found her. We will be using her services again.

Sent by Therese Hoyle

Thank you for being so patient with us. So pleased we are off to Bali x

Sent by Elizabeth Longworth

Anne-Marie was extremely helpful and found us the perfect holiday. We changed our thoughts about what we wanted along the way and she quickly responded with new ideas. She listened to what we wanted for the whole family and was always available to answer questions. Using the travel service adds a personal touch and keeps planning stress free. Thank you

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Anne Marie’s attention to detail was excellent and she provided exactly what we asked for.

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Second holiday booked with Anne-Marie. Friendly efficient service. I'll be back for my next holiday!

Sent by Kerry Williams

Such helpful service, nothing has been too much trouble

Sent by Kirsty Garratt

A lovely friendly person who will sort you dream holiday and get you the best deal possible for the best price she can. Thanks Anne Marie I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family

Sent by Neil Jones

Excellent service and very attentive to our needs.

Sent by Jonathan Wood

Anne Marie was very helpful throughout, can't recommend her highly enough

Sent by Maxine Kinchin

It was wonderful having the stress taken out of finding and booking a special holiday for my family. Anne-Marie Banks was able, with her knowledge and enthusiasm, to find us a fantastic holiday. Her professionalism was spot on.

Sent by Kate Finley

Anne-Marie has made this whole experience so easy. To be able to chat to someone who is knowledgeable and excited about our trip is fantastic. Thank you so very much!

Sent by Jill Creighton

A group booking with many changes before final itinerary. Nothing was too much trouble and Anne-Marie listened to our requirements. She gave us several different alternatives of hotels and flights. Was efficient and informative. Will definitely be booking through her again .

Sent by Katie Drumm

We have been to the same resort for the last 8 years and were anxious about choosing somewhere new, Anne-Marie took the time to find out what we wanted from a holiday and found us the perfect holiday in the perfect resort. We are having a wonderful time and received excellent service from beginning to arrival. I haven’t had to worry about a thing - even the printing of boarding passes was an excellent touch! I will definitely be booking with Anne Marie again and recommending her to my friends.

Sent by Laura Jayne Harris

If I could pick a higher number I would Anne-Marie was amazing with what she came up with and under pressure with the time frame to do it in! She went above and beyond with my requests love her xx

Sent by Karen Hawkey

Very pleased with the service. Thank you.

Sent by Kim Boulton

So this lady has been amazing over the last few weeks and has helped us to book our dream holiday to Florida next May!! Can’t thank her enough for all that’s she’s done!! Any one looking for a holiday please ask this wonderful lady for help!!