Lapland Packing & Travel Tips

Catherine Mackey on 25 November 2018
I’ve got lots of families booked and getting excited for their Lapland adventures this year – and early bookings in for 2019 too!

A trip to Lapland is a magical experience and not a trip that families do over and over again, unlike holidays to sunshine destinations, so I’m asked a lot about what to pack. Here are my top tips to ensure that your trip goes smoothly…

• It’s essential that you have adequate insurance place so that you are fully covered from the time of booking should anything happen to prevent you from travelling. It's important that you make sure that you are covered for husky sledding and snowmobiling. If you need insurance, you can click the link here to obtain a quote from Travel Counsellors insurance partner

• The flight time to Lapland is approximately 3.5 hours so take items to keep children entertained whilst travelling. I would also recommend taking energy boosting snacks with you to keep you going if your children will need to eat outside of the set meal times during your trip

• First time visitors to Lapland can often underestimate how cold it will be, with average daytime temperatures of -6°C and -9°C in the evenings, but it can get much colder than this so do check the weather forecast before you go so that you are properly prepared, especially if you are travelling with very young children

• Thermal suits and boots are provided by most suppliers on arrival in Lapland however you will still need to wrap up warm underneath this. Check with your supplier the size range of the thermal gear to ensure that it will be available in your size. If anyone is outside the range of this sizing, they will need to provide their own. If you take your own thermal gear, make sure it is good quality and suitable for Arctic conditions

• I would recommend thermal base layers, woolly hats, scarves, waterproof gloves (and spares), warm woollen socks, fleeces/jumpers/hoodies

• Disposable hand warmers are a great idea. Only take reusable ones if you know you are going to have access to facilities to be able to re-activate them

• It will be dusky or dark most of the time you are there so torches/headtorches will come in handy

• If you’re on a short break you’ll need to take European plug adaptors. If your family have lots of devices and appliances that will need plugging in take an extension lead as often hotel rooms don’t have enough sockets to operate everything at the same time!

• Cameras and phones - extreme cold can adversely affect electronic devices, causing the batteries to discharge very quickly in the cold, so bring plenty of spare camera batteries and keep your phones warm in your pocket when you are not using them. Also, with the dusky light and darkness you may need a flash to get the best pictures.

• Lastly don’t forget your passports and travel insurance documents!

If you are getting ready for your trip to Lapland I hope you have a wonderful time and come back with amazing memories. If you are still to plan your family’s trip, get in touch if you are looking for late availability for 2018, or if you want to get organised for 2019, have your pick of the dates and pay with a low deposit!