A Day In The Life...

Debbie Dent on 15 November 2018
Ever wondered what I get up to in a typical day? Here’s a day in my life as a Travel Counsellor, not that there is a typical day as no two are ever the same!

One thing I love is working from home and not having to do the daily commute, especially during those snowy days and cold, icy mornings when the car windscreen needs scraping. Brrrr!

0845-0900 I look at my diary to see what I need to do that day and if there is anything that needs doing straight away. For instance, I might need to contact a company in Asia that is coming to the end of their working day, or I may have pre-arranged a phone call with a customer at 9am.

0900-0930 I check and respond to any emails that have come in with a much-needed cup of tea! If one has come in overnight from a customer wanting to book, I’ll give them a call to get all the names and other necessary information for the booking.

0930-1230 Start working on the enquiries I have which could be anything from a UK hotel or family holiday to Spain, to a round the world trip or a wedding party of thirty to the Caribbean. This time includes researching to find that perfect trip.

1230-1315 Take a break for lunch and walk in the local park with my husband Paul, who also works from home. I always feel better for getting some fresh air, even if I take a bit of persuading to get out sometimes! I take my phone with me and divert my calls so people can still reach me.

1315-1530 Carry on with enquiries and let people know what I have found, which can then result in me booking their trip.

1530-1545 Deal with any flight re-schedules I have received by notifying customers and updating my back office system.

1545-1645 Admin time – write welcome home and thank you for booking cards for customers, check in online and email boarding passes, phone customers that have recently returned to see if everything went well, email a hotel with special requests, fill out luggage labels to save my customers the job and enter passport details into the airline’s booking system.

1645-1700 Social Media – Put something on my Facebook business page. This isn’t an everyday occurrence, but I do it when I can.

1700-1730 Finish enquiries off, look at the diary for tomorrow.

1730-2130 Check emails throughout the evening on my phone and respond if I can.

I also take calls throughout the day with new enquiries and questions on existing bookings.

Then it all starts again tomorrow and I love it!