Expedition Adventure Cruise!

Hayley Bass on 24 June 2019
Expedition cruising is so much more than a cruise experience. It’s a sustainable nature experience offering unique destinations for adventurers. Do you love nature, exploring, photography, listening to expert talks or maybe you’d love your children or teenagers to have a fun learning experience focusing on fun eco-friendly organised activities about the world they live in and their surroundings? Would you love the chance to do something you’d never get to do on most holidays? Then an expedition cruise is for you. You’ll get to follow footsteps of pioneers in the destination of your choice creating incredible unique memories of a lifetime.

Choosing your expedition cruise will be the hardest challenge as the choice is huge and so varied, however they all look incredible. I love holidays where I get to relax on a sun lounger with a cocktail in my hand, but even though that’s my first choice when I think of a holiday I actually think I’d prefer to travel to one of the colder climates for my first expedition cruise.

I’d love to see wildlife and visit places I wouldn’t normally have the chance to see. My ultimate must do would be to see the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle where there is no light pollution plus, I’d love to see Polar Bears too in their natural habitat. Whatever you have on your own wish list, I can help you choose your Expedition by chatting about the time of year you’d like to travel and what your interests may be.

What are you likely to experience if you choose an expedition cruise? You could be looking for a true Polar expedition, exploring a frozen wilderness, setting foot on the most unique and remote places on Earth. Meet wildlife like penguins, whales and seals in their natural habitat in the Antarctic or you might encounter the polar bear in the Arctic! In the Arctic you will also have the chance to take part in a beach clean-up in Albertinibukta and Kapp Brun in the area of Svalbard where sustainability and understanding their eco-system is a priority.

Maybe a warmer climate is for you discovering Cays, Coves and Reefs in the area of the Caribbean Sea. Would you prefer an adventure cruise in Central or South America to explore stunning landscapes such as lush rainforest, getting close to rich biodiversity – monkeys, mangroves, hummingbirds and more!

What’s your style?

There’s even a choice of the type of vessel/ship you’d cruise on (destination dependent) so it’s worth having a think about what type of cruise experience you’d like whilst on board the ship too. Some are basic whilst others are more luxurious so it will be a very personal choice for you. Did you know that an expedition cruise could also be a perfect choice for wheelchair users? They have adapted cabins, although not all destinations might be suitable, I can help you discover the best destination for the best experience for your personal requirements.

Depending on what type of style cruise ship you would love to have and what destination experience you would like too, I’d highly recommend either Hurtigruten, Silver Sea or Celebrity for your Expedition Cruise. With so much choice on offer I can help you to discover the perfect expedition cruise experience that is just right for you.