What type are you?

Hayley Bass on 13 June 2019
Traditionally when I mention a cruise option to my customers many have a vision of a large cruise ship, dressing up for dinner, and visiting ports of call. Of course, all of that is an aspect of cruising, however, there really is so much more on offer and so many different types of customers are loving cruise experiences than you may realise!

I’m going to tell you about 3 types of customers that love to cruise, could this be you?

Are you one for adventure, exploration, and learning with professional expedition? I highly recommend Hurtigruten, the world’s greenest cruise company who are experts in this field. Cruising to destinations like Svalvard, Greenland, Arctic Canada, Iceland, Alaska, South Americas, the Caribbean, Russia, the Northwest Passage or embrace the Seventh Continent, Antarctica!

You’ll enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a relaxed dress code where there’s no need to change for dinner. You’ll find fellow passengers and crew all share a love of the natural world. You’ll still have great food experiences, pools and leisure facilities but more importantly you’re there to enjoy some unique experiences. Go ashore with the expedition team to go kayaking or hiking, small boat whale watching, maybe you’ll brave a polar plunge! Will you see polar bears in the Arctic, or Grizzly, brown and black bears in Alaska or Canada, or maybe you prefer the warmer climates of the Caribbean Sea to discover historic cities and sandy beaches. In South America you can see wildlife of the Galapagos, or maybe you’d visit Machu Picchu. All of this but still in the comfort of elegant suites and comfortable cabins.

Family cruising is popular and cruise ships cater for the most incredible family holiday, perfect for adults and children so everyone in the family will be happy. There’re a range of cruise companies I’d recommend to families but 3 that spring to mind are NCL, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. With destinations available all over the world such as Europe, Australasia, Caribbean, Alaska, Canada and the USA there’s always somewhere new to explore. Did you know that some cruise ships have these incredible facilities; an ice skating rink, Zip lining, waterslides, iFly sky-diving simulator, bungee trampolines, clubs for every age group from 6 months to 17 years old all with their own unique area’s on board just for them. Plus, they all have amazing restaurants, spa’s, nightclubs, casino’s and theatre shows plus so much more. Some even have their own private islands just for the guests on your cruise ship for the day.

Some people cruise to totally have a break from everyday life with the main aim to de-stress and relax, however, although so many of us do need this we still often need a proportion of our day where we need to work and keep in touch with our career. A cruise is the perfect holiday to work remotely and still have time to enjoy your time on-board or offshore. Most cruise ships offer WIFI, desks and work friendly locations allowing you to take less annual leave, keep up to date and in touch with work, and still enjoy an incredible cruise experience with the rest of your family or friends.

If you’d like to discover what type of cruise may be perfect for you then please get in touch with me and we can have a chat about what would be just right for you.