A weekend in Rome

Jade Hawkins on 22 January 2016
A new year, a new city to visit. I would say it is going to be a pretty good year when within the first month you have already been somewhere new in the world!

This January I was lucky enough to escape for a quick weekend away in the beautiful city of Rome. Let's start by saying Dom is not all that interested in Cities and prefers the quite life of the beach with a bit of Scuba diving, so this type of trip with him is a little different for us, that said he loved it and I think I have permission to do more city breaks in the future. It just goes to show that beautiful cities with stunning architecture, amazing food and a real rustic feel to them can change anyone's mind.

We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel, Palazzo Manfredi, opposite the Colosseum, meaning that the view from Breakfast was simply amazing, and the food at breakfast was so fresh with lots of juicy fruits! I would have happily sat here for a few hours just watching the cars (they do drive slightly differently to us! A little crazy if you want to know!)

So we spent the first day wandering finding and seeing the beautiful sites Rome has to offer including the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum & the Victor Emmanuel monument. It is pretty amazing to see how many cultural sites there are in one city. Unfortunately we did not have the time to go out to the Vatican as well.

The city is big in itself and we walked 5-6 miles each day, with pit stops for coffees and hot chocolate, but the most amazing thing is that although it is big it does not feel it as many of the cities streets are so tiny & narrow and you see a very boutique, rustic area which is pretty and end up just wandering in and out of these gorgeous cobbled backstreets. The whole feel of Rome just takes you back to a less commercialised time and a more friendly style of living.

My favourite thing about Rome was the food it is all so fresh and perfectly cooked we had some amazing meals, but we found that certain areas were better on the last day we went for lunch in the Piazza della Rotonda which is where the Pantheon is. It was the perfect place for a bit of people watching and some time to just relax too.

Finally the shopping, it seems they know how to shop, there is something for everyone and we had great fun looking in all of the designer labels windows! If you want to shop head down the main street Via del Corso, but make sure to take a wander down Via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina as these are the designer areas!

So as you can tell we really enjoyed our time and I would recommend Rome as a city for everyone!

I hope you've enjoyed the read.