My Bucket List

Jade Hawkins on 03 June 2015
I wanted to write you a bucket list today of the next ten places on my must see list. Having just come back from the USA and having seen New York I can officially take that off my number 1 spot. I am sure it will take a little (or long) while to see all the places in my top 10 but here they are;

1) Rio de Janiero - I want to go to the carnival in Rio, I did a bit of work on an itinerary for a customer and ever since, I have wanted to go. Going during the carnival would be absolutely amazing. 2) Venice - I love this city it is so picturesque and beautiful.

3) Bali - This time I'm going big, It looks amazing and is definitely on my list for the amazing scuba diving you get out there, which is one of my holiday hobbies.

4) Monte Carlo - This trip was very nearly planned and booked a while back but we changed our minds and instead have nothing planned. I think for me the draw to Monte Carlo is the Grand Prix and seeing all the amazing yachts in the harbor.

5) Iceland - I really really really want to see the northern lights and would love to go around Christmas too.

6) Safari - Now this is one that I haven't done all that much research on but I would love to go to Africa and do a proper safari! I want to meet the Lions!

7) San Diego - I love the idea of this city it has everything Sun, Sand and entertainment such as Sea World and the Zoo what more can you ask for.

8) Santorini - A piece of heaven, and not even a long flight - even the pictures make me feel relaxed.

9) Rome - Who doesn't want to go to Rome, the food (mmm Pizza) the culture, I think it would be completely awe-inspiring and so different to our day to day lives.

And last but not least -

10) Sydney - Obviously, as with most people I would love to go to Australia, I really want to walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the whole country is a place than can offer so many different experiences too.

Why not let me know what is at the top of your bucket list!