A holiday to remember in Jamaica

Juli Hodson on 16 January 2019
One of my favourite destinations must be Jamaica. My husband and I went for our 25th anniversary, the first one without my children (I was worried about how my house would be went we got back). I fell in love with the beautiful country straight away. We stayed in a hotel at Negril and from the moment we got there the staff could not do enough for us and the other guests. From cleaning your sunbeds throughout the day if it was windy and the sand was being blown about, to making special cocktails like the Bob Marley ones we had - mmm delicious! The food served was great and varied and we never got bored with the choices like some all-inclusive hotels. It was different every day. They had barbeques on the beach serving Jamaican jerk chicken, which was absolutely yummy. The beaches were as described - white beautiful sand and we saw lots of couples getting married. It was a great setting for them, I wish I could have done that when I was getting married. The water is so crystal clear and has so many different colours of blue it’s amazing to see and the fish will swim around you. I think they were just nosy and wanted to know who was in the territory. They were harmless and would move away if you tried to go near them.

Every morning we would walk hand in hand down the beach before breakfast and before it got too hot to walk anywhere. The beach is 7 miles long, we didn't walk the whole length, but it would be great for someone who liked to walk or even run. We got friendly with another couple whose husband was an avid sailor. He would use the boats on the beach and take himself off, he offered to take my husband out for a sailing lesson which he loved and thoroughly enjoyed his time on the water. I just watched from the sunbed, I don't do boats on the sea. I'm not good with the bobbing about on the water.

We visited the famous Rick's Café on the end of the cliff. Wow, what an experience that is. When you look out at the sea that is really all you can see, there is no landscape in sight and the sunsets from this location were stunning. You had to get there fairly early though as this place was packed out about an hour before the sun went down. Well worth the cost of the drinks in there just to watch that sun setting. They also had cliff diving (brave people) and even the smaller children did it. I just sat and watched them, it was very entertaining. The lifeguards put on a bit of show going to the highest point and diving off, this was great fun to see and they absolutely love doing it (and also love getting the tips of us all as they got back out!)

We had a trip to the Black River and also YS Falls. At Black River our Captain was very knowledgeable and had food with him to feed the crocodiles, this made them come out of the water so that we could all take some amazing picture - they were huge. They scared some of the children (and me!) The Captain told us loads of stories on the way round to keep the tour interesting. Our tour guide for this trip was great and she too was telling stories about Bob Marley and keeping the whole bus entertained. She made a good trip into a great trip.

Our next stop was YS Falls - just wow. The guides were amazing, they would take you around the falls, look after your belongings and take your phone so they could photograph you everywhere you went. We had pictures and videos of us in the water by the falls with the waterfall behind us and it was stunning (and blooming cold).

Holidays go so quickly when you love where you are, and I definitely didn't want to come home from this one. I would recommend Jamaica to everyone I meet, and I have already done this with my family and friends. Give it a try - you will love it.