All hail the Queen Mary 2

Juli Hodson on 03 June 2019
I recently went on a conference to Southampton where we had the privilege of visiting a couple of the ships in port, one of these being the Queen Mary 2. I must say that I am not normally a ‘boat’ person but as soon as I set foot on the beautiful ship I felt right at home. You were made to feel welcome by all the staff you met on the way. We were greeting in the terminal building by the young men dressed in their red uniform and their little hats with a glass of bubbly.

The ship itself is stunning inside, it is like a magnificent 5* hotel, there was nothing out of place and it just felt homely. We were given the freedom to roam the ship so that we could get a feel of what it would be like to be a passenger, I must say that I maybe could have tried a trip on her.

The cabins/staterooms were immaculate down to a welcome letter for the new guest arriving that day. Some of the rooms even had a winding staircase up to the bedroom. One of the suites we visited had a decked area which we were told would host a party of 40 people.

The restaurant would be how you imagine it to be on such an iconic ship, beautifully laid out with the waiters waiting to greet you. All the waiters were impeccably dressed and served you with one arm behind their backs, the food was simply delicious, and I enjoyed every mouthful. We struck up a conversation with the lady that was serving us and asked what it was like travelling transatlantic, as a none ship person it was interesting to hear that if you suffered from travelling then it was best to avoid the winter months and to stick to our summer months as this was a smoother sailing. I loved looking around this ship with everyone being so friendly and helpful.