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I have been in the travel industry for 36 years now. I started straight from school as a trainee and worked my way up to a Branch Manager of a high-street travel agency. After a few years, I moved to Head Office into a Business Development role where I was responsible for training travel agents all over the UK, this included worldwide destination training and cruising. I also led many trips abroad visiting new destinations and hotels (it was a hard job but someone had to do it!)

I left the travel business for a short time to help with my family business but soon missed the travel bug, and for the last few years I have been a Cruise Specialist selling many different cruises all over the world. I've been lucky enough to of sailed on over 60 cruises with many different cruise lines and I am often recommended to first time cruisers as its imperative you sail on the right ship! I love cruising but I also love all aspects of Travel and my many years of knowledge means I can find the perfect holiday for you, whether it be a Cruise, , beach holiday, city break, touring holiday or even just flights.

I live in Essex and the special “boy” in my life is my West Highland Terrier called Gizmo, he’s now twelve years old and my absolute world.

I’ve been very lucky to of travelled to many different places all over the world, my favourite destinations are Australia, America, The Caribbean, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, and Vietnam. When I travel, I like to go behind the touristy scene and see what makes the people and the towns tick, I love to go off the beaten track and explore. My saying is, “I haven’t been to everywhere yet, but it’s on my list”.

I joined Travel Counsellors because I really believe in personal service, I have always excelled in customer service, I remember the “old days” when nothing was too much trouble and it was just the norm to go above and beyond for a customer and that’s what I will do for you here at Travel Counsellors. I have been with Travel Counsellors for nearly 7 years now and the majority of my business is now repeat clients and referrals, you can read some of my clients comments on my service below, I am certainly very proud to provide exceptional customer service and making my clients dreams come true.

I am available pretty much 24/7 and contactable by email, telephone, I can help with any aspect of your holiday to any destination in the world, including flights, hotels, cruises, excursions, tours, ski holidays, weddings and honeymoons, city stays, UK breaks, beach holidays and much more, and because of my wealth of knowledge and experience I will always make sure your holiday is the holiday you have dreamed of.

Please do give me a call or email me, you won’t be disappointed!

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Scarlet Lady - PART TWO

13 February 2022

Here is the 2nd part of my blog from my cruise on Scarlet Lady with Virgin Voyages (if you missed it there is a PART ONE which covers boarding, cabin and restaurant's) There is one more after this - PART THREE in which I will share my top tips for sailing with Virgin Voyages There are some shops on board, including Duty Free and a Virgin Voyages Store (great for some last minute gifts or take home memories) there is also a Spa, Hairdressers, Make Up/Beauticians, Nail Parlour and even a Tattoo Shop. Entertainment on board is different to your normal cruise, acrobats in Duel Reality, Dance Offs in the Red Room (theatre) Never Sleep Alone Show and much more, look out for the secret magician show – if you are lucky, you might just get an invite. They really involve the audience, and I found all the shows very entertaining. There are lots of bands and entertainers in various locations around the ship, rock and roll, blues, one-man bands singing their stories, folk bands there is always something going on and most people finished off their night in The Manor which is the Nightclub with a star setting entrance. The Casino is large with its own bar, lots of tables and slots, it is also non-smoking, however there is a “secret” door that will take you to the smoking room (which also has slots in) and you can smoke freely in there or up on deck 16 by Richards Rooftop. The outside areas of the ship wowed me ... so many many places to sit and watch the waves, lots of sunbeds and then loads of massive sunbeds (like double beds) there are even private cabanas if you fancy one. The main pool area has music playing, I didn’t find it too loud and the only thing I would say is that might get a busy on a sea day with a full ship of sailors, just behind the main pool is another quieter area with massive beds and a giant hot tub and don’t forget there are tons of other places on board where you can go and chill out. There are a few different Itineraries you can do on Scarlet in the Caribbean but they will all at some stage in the voyage call at Virgin Voyages private beach club in Bimini – Virgin literally take over the whole beach club, the crew come, the bars come, the food comes … its exclusive to all Scarlet Lady sailors and its beautiful – gorgeous white sandy beaches with even more of those double bed size sunbeds (can you tell that I really liked these yet?) 2 pools, one with a DJ and a quieter one with hanging chairs around the pool – your bar tab is valid here too so no need to bring cash or anything. What absolutely amazed me is the amount of things onboard that are available at no extra cost to you – all the different food and snacks that are available throughout the day, boxed salads, wraps, pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream, cakes, even gummy bears for your sweet tooth. There is an arcade on board with lots of 80’s games like Super Mario, Space Invaders etc, Air Hockey, foosball and lots more. Board Games and daily meet ups to play them, Private Karaoke booths, which you can hire (for free) by the hour. There was even a massive colouring in board that you could complete and then take your part away at the end of the cruise. Group Exercise classes like Yoga, Pilates and even an outdoor boxing ring if that takes your fancy and of course do not forget that Virgin always include your basic bevvies – such as soft drinks, drip tea/coffee etc. Wi Fi is also included and it works really really well, I could read emails, use Facebook, make facetime calls, use what’s app all of that – if you want to stream videos or download lots of stuff then you may have to upgrade the package but the “basic” Wi-Fi is plenty good enough to do all that you mostly need on holiday. Lastly – something that does seem to cause issues with us, Tips ... Tips are also included for free and the crew do not expect or look for extra tips, speaking of the crew... they are all amazing, nothing is too much trouble and they remember your drinks/name so fast – I spoke to a lot of crew and its clear they love working for Virgin Voyages and this then comes across in the way they look after you. Virgin don’t do All Inclusive Drinks as such, what they offer is the opportunity to buy a “Bar Tab” this works so well because you don’t have to buy one for everyone in your cabin (for example if someone doesn’t drink at all or so much as the other) I purchased a $300 Bar Tab and with the current promotion Virgin gave me an extra $100 free so I ended up with $400 to spend on drinks. Drinks prices are really very reasonable around $8-9 for a Vodka (double for us) $6-8 for a bottle of beer and $9 for a large glass of wine and around $10-$15 for a cocktail depending on which one. People often ask me ... is this cruise line just suited to young people? Is it a Party Ship? I find it quite hard to place it really, I don’t think its about age, I met people aged from 20 up to 80, I think its more about your attitude to life, there is a vibe on board that is hard to explain, you could liken it to an exclusive beach club, or a really luxurious hotel and with regards to a Party Ship I guess it depends on what your view of Party is .. I really think that because its not all inclusive that is the reason you do not get loads of drunk people, yes people have a drink and yes there are sail away parties, pyjama parties and even a bar crawl but its not in your face – people are simply happy and enjoying themselves. It most definitely is not all loud music and nightclubs, its way more sophisticated than that. The Dress Code on board is relaxed, there isnt a Formal Night as such but they do have a Scarlet Night where most people wear something red, but you dont have to if you dont want to, most nights you will find a mixture of how people dress - most are smart casual, some dress up and a very small amount dress down - the only rule is no swimming costumes etc in restaurants so its really what you are comfortable in, really just what you would wear on a night out here.

Scarlet Lady - PART ONE

13 February 2022

PART ONE - BOARDING, CABIN AND RESTUARANTS I have just returned from a back-to-back cruise on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady out in the Caribbean In truth I am finding it hard to condense down 216 hours of what is quite possibly the best holiday I have ever had but I will do my best, I am going to try and highlight everything I experienced but honestly there is so much more I could share – if you want to know more about Virgin Voyages then please give me a call on 01277 840262 – grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable if you do because I could talk about this Ship forever ?? Due to word limitation on my blogs - I have done 3 separate ones so please do check them all out PART ONE - Boarding, Cabin and Restaurant's on board PART TWO - Entertainment, Bimini Beach Club PART THREE - Overview and my Top 10 Tips for sailing with Virgin Voyages Boarding the ship in Miami was super easy, check in, COVID test, wait for results and then through to the boarding area. From Mid-February Virgin will have their very own cruise terminal at Miami so I expect this process will be even slicker. Virgin do not board sailors until 2pm on your sailing day, this is because they allow the previous guests to disembark up to 11am so when you choose your check in time bear that in mind. Trust me when it is your time to disembark you will really appreciate not being rushed off the ship. You don’t get a key card, you get a bracelet (band) you can personalise it before you go and it made life so much easier, your band gets you on and off the ship, you tap it for any purchases on board and at the Bimini Beach Club, its waterproof and its so great not having to scrabble around in your bad trying to find the card or having to get your card reissued because your phone went against it – its quite the fashion accessory too! When you are in the boarding area you should be able to connect to the ships Wi-Fi and then you can book all your shows etc, dining can be pre booked before you go, along with shore excursions. Once you are welcomed on board by all the crew, your cabin will be ready and your luggage already inside – there is a safety video which you can watch on your cabin tv or via the app and then you pay a quick visit to where your lifeboat will be, check in with the crew and that’s it. I highly recommend ordering your first drink and then take yourself on a tour of the ship, get to know the areas, the bars, the restaurants etc. I should point out at this stage that Virgin Voyages are Adult only - no kidding - there's no kids at all, but that doesn't mean you cant be a kid at heart - and as nice as kids are, it was lovely to be on a cruise that is just Adult Only. I had a balcony cabin (Sea Terrace) that comes with your very own hammock, the cabin is gorgeous, a massive bed (which could be turned into a sofa during the day) a US and EU plug point and lots of USB plugs for all your mobile devices. There is plenty of space for clothes, although Virgin have taken on feedback from some sailor guests and are now in the process of adding more storage space in the cabins. You have a mini bar, a chair, vanity table and best of all mood lighting in the cabin and the curtains which are all controlled by your in-room tablet. The bathroom beware is a little small, however the shower is awesome, very roomy and has a rainfall shower head which is just amazing, the sink itself is small and the space in the actual bathroom bit is tight but it’s doable. If you are travelling as a couple its no issue but if you are friends, my top tip would be to upgrade to an XL Sea Terrace which gives you tons more bathroom space. There are many different cabin types including ones especially for Solo cruisers without the high supplements, Virgin also offer Rockstar Quarters – which are suites and come with lots of added extras including your own Rockstar Roadie at your disposal. Is it worth upgrading to Rockstar? Yes, if it is a special occasion or you just want to “push the boat out” but the standard cabins are not to be sniffed at. The ship has over 20 eateries, In the interests of research (lol) I did my best to get round them all and all were outstanding, everything is cooked fresh to order and it is like eating in a speciality restaurant every night, but you do not have to pay a supplement. The food onboard…I cannot tell you how good it is ... If you are a Foodie, you will be in Heaven ... I did not have one bad meal even the room service is out of this world - A few of my favourite places are Gumbae – A Korean BBQ experience where you all sit round a table and the food is cooked live for you whilst playing games and interacting with the crew. The Wake – this felt to me the high-class restaurant on the ship, the grand entrance walking down the stairs, the décor, its beautiful. Lots of steak and seafood available or you could be a bit daring and go for the marrowbone like I did. Razzle Dazzle – It is a vegetarian restaurant but with a secret meat menu – really good fun in here, the food again is amazing – the cocktails are to die for, and you must have the Rainbow Churros for desert – heaven! The Galley – Virgin Voyages don’t do buffets, but I suppose if you were looking for something similar this would be the nearest thing - a collection of various food houses in one place, from Diner and Dash that is open 24/7 serving burgers, cooked breakfast etc to Sushi, paninis, noodles, salads the list goes on and the menus change throughout the day. Pink Agave – Mexican all your favourites here and a bonus is they do two sizes of servings medium and large so you can stuff yourself or go easy or even share a dish with your fellow shipmate. Extra Virgin – Italian for all your pasta, meatballs, seafood, chicken – exquisite food in really lovely surroundings. The Dock House – my absolute favourite place to waste an hour or so in the afternoon – at the aft of the ship overlooking the waves on a massive sunbed stuffing myself with freshly cooked prawns, Octopus, chicken and steak, its not really a proper restaurant – it’s a bar or even a club that you hang out in and they serve this delicious food – You absolutely must eat here you wont be disappointed.

Scarlet Lady - PART THREE

13 February 2022

PART THREE - Covering the App and my Top Tips for sailing with Virgin Voyages Dont forget to check out Part One and Part Two for more information about the ship Another thing that is different is pretty much everything is done through an app once on board, now I am a technophobe and this part did worry me before I got on, however even someone like me found it really easy and just so convenient, want to change your dining whilst sitting at the pool – no problem, want to order room service to be back at your cabin when you’ve finished your night out- easy. Need to speak to Sailor Services but currently sat in a hot tub – no worries you can message them on the app. You can also view all your spends on your account and even add other guests as friends so if you want to book shows/dining together its all done in one click. Everything that is happening during the day is all on the app and there are also lots of touch screens around the ship that tell you what is going on. For those that simply must have a piece of paper telling you what is going on, you can collect a daily planner from sailor services every day. Scarlet Lady is the first cruise I have been on in 2 years (ruddy Covid) and I felt like I had come home, I felt she got me and I got her, it was my kind of ship with my kind of people, if was if Virgin had wrote to me before hand and said describe your perfect cruise and then put it all in place. I love good food, I love easy-going bars and chilled out places, I love dancing to music I know, I love modern design and mixing with people who enjoy life and want to live their best life, everyone is accepted and appreciated, and you really do feel like part of a family. My Top 10 Ten Tips for Sailing on Virgin Voyages 1) Download the app before you go – you complete all your check in on here, you can pre book shore excursions and evening dining, update your profile with your preferred name – ie if your name is Samantha but you like being called Sam put it in and your band will come with that name on it. Go into messenger and you will see your QR code – share this with friends that are going on the same sailing and you can pre book restaurants, shows etc together. 2) When you are waiting to board connect to the Ships Wifi (you get a little card at check in telling you how to do this) then you can book all the shows etc, and any payable on board activities (Grog Walk (bar crawl) Shot for Shot (mixer class) Spa sessions, Hair Dressers etc 3) Have a good walk round the ship when you get on, everything flows very easily (there is also a map in your cabin) get to know the areas etc and check out all the different spots 4) Order Room Service – all the food etc is free, there is a $5 delivery charge, however if you order something for $5 (say a can of redbull) then delivery is free. You can also stock up on free soft drinks for your mini bar – cans of diet coke, sprite, coke, etc and don’t forget the Gummie Bears 5) If you cant get a specific dining time for a restaurant – don’t panic – just go to the restaurant and they will fit you in when they can, you might have to wait 15 mins or so but I was just able to walk in to most of them 6) Different Bars do different cocktails – you can scan menus with your phone or ask for the paper copy from the bar server 7) Wear Red on Scarlet Night and hang around the rocks bar on deck 6 or just above on deck 7 – you never know who you might bump into and what secret event you might get invited to 8) If you want to get a Tattoo go to the shop on the first evening and get booked in, it is expensive though, starting from $150 for a small one. 9) Check your app or the daily planner from Sailor Services each day – there’s lots going on you just need to know where to find it 10) Live your best life, be who you want to be, relax and enjoy everything that Virgin Voyages has to offer, do something you’ve never done before, take an exercise class, eat something you’ve never had before, and an absolute must – Try the Barbequed Shrimp (prawns) whilst laying on one of those massive sunbeds at the back of the ship in the Dock House. Scarlet Lady is currently sailing around the Caribbean from Miami, Valiant Lady (her brand-new Sister ship) has some mini cruises from Portsmouth before starting her summer sailings to the Med from Barcelona and soon we will be welcoming Virgin Voyages newest ship Resilient Lady. I will be back on Valiant Lady for a quick look around in Match and then I have my next cruise booked with her for a week in May in the Med and I cant wait!! There are some amazing offers on now, FREE Flights on all Valiant Lady European Sailings from all airports over the UK, $100 free bar tab, 10% off if you book and pay in full. Med Cruises from £965pp, Short Breaks from the UK from £409pp and do not forget with the Caribbean Sailings you can add on stays in places like New York, Miami even Vegas – almost anything is possible with Virgin Voyages. I could write pages and pages about Scarlet Lady and how fabulous I think she is but sadly I am limited to the amount of words I can use, so if you think Virgin Voyages might be for you and you would like to know more or just want to have a chat about the cruises they have then please do give me a call on 01277 840262 or pop me an email at and I will be more than happy to help.

Scarlet Lady - Virgin's Brand New Cruise Ship

24 February 2020

I recently travelled down to a very wet and windy Dover to experience Virgin's brand new Cruise Ship - The Scarlet Lady. Firstly - please bear in mind I was only on her for a few hours, it was in Dover (not the Caribbean where she will be based - hence some dreary pictures) and also this ship was built to be different. 100% this ship will not appeal to everyone, it wasn't designed to, neither does it want to. Richard Branson actually bought in designers who had never worked on cruise ships before because he wanted something completely different to what is already available on the market and for this point I think he has succeeded. My first impression from dockside was that she was very grey (not helped by the weather clearly) but also I just thought she was going to a bit more "red" however once on board there is definitely nothing dull about her interiors. She is glitzy, glamorous, perfectly Instagrammable (I'm not sure that's even a word). Selfie kings and queens will be in their element, from star studded, mirrored entrances to the night club to the fabulous artwork around the ship, to me its not natural beauty is a look of wonder and I felt myself saying OMG look at that a lot of times! I like that Virgin have included a lot more things than other cruise lines, for instance gratuities, sodas, Wi-Fi, tea and coffee,wellness and spinning classes are also included. The alcoholic drinks are not overly expensive (beer around $5 Vodka & Coke $9). The biggest inclusion for me was the restaurants - there are over 20 of them and they are all FREE. Each is very different but in my opinion these were the kind of restaurants that on any other cruise line would be classed as "speciality" and you would have to pay for them. Not so on Scarlet Lady - its all included. There is no main dining room as such, you can eat in any of these restaurants at whatever time you want and all the food is cooked fresh to order, if the restaurant is busy you can join a virtual queue from your app and wander off to a bar until your table is ready. The Galley - there is no buffet restaurant on board but what you have instead is a very large area that has lots of food stations, from burgers to sushi, noodles to all day breakfasts - grab and go dinner etc etc - there is something available form here 24/7 - I grabbed a burger, sweet potato nibbles, and chips for dinner - delish! My cabin was a Sea Terrace Cabin (Balcony). Again, I have heard feedback of it being Ikea like - small, not enough storage - I think I might have to disagree a little. I get why people would say Ikea like - the furniture is very modern, it has a very clean and fresh look to it. I didn't think it was small at all - plenty of room to move around and during the day your cabin steward will even change you bed back to a sofa like position to give you even more room (personally I love an afternoon nap so I think I would be asking to keep the bed as it is during the day so I can crash out). As for storage I thought it was fine, you have a large cupboard with shelves etc and next to that is hanging space with a curtain that pulls across to make your wardrobe. There is a shelf over the desk and some small storage space underneath. Bear in mind that this ship is set to do 4/5 night sailings out in the Caribbean so I guess you wont be needing tons of clothes. The bathroom is small, but unless you are in a suite on a cruise ship, I think they all are. I loved the rainfall shower and the fact that there was hot water all the time and the water pressure was great, there's enough space to store your toiletries and the products that they use (shampoo/shower gel etc) smelt gorgeous. Towels were large and fluffy, cute hand towels and even a towel for make up (its black - so hides the left over foundation really well). There are Suite cabins on board (take a look at my cruise FB page for pictures) and yes these are amazing - who wouldn't want to have their own hot tub, fully stocked bar and even electric guitars to play, but unless you really are a Rockstar you might find the pricing quite expensive for one of these types of cabins. There are A LOT of bars around the ship, again I don't think even I managed to see them all, but they all have different personalities, from swish to chilled out, I think everyone will find a favourite and position themselves there. I didn't get to see the outside - gale force winds and downpours prevented that. I do have concerns regarding the size of the pool. The ship will take 2,700 people and I personally felt the pool was too small, however considering the ship will be in port most days or at their private beach club maybe this wont be a huge issue. There are lots of hot tubs dotted around and a very large jacuzzi. In pictures I have seen some great cabana areas, chill out zones etc, and I did catch a glimpse of the outdoor boxing ring and punch bags - exercising isn't my thing but I can imagine if its yours the facilities along with yoga classes, spinning etc would be amazing. The entertainment was really good, again not your normal type of theatre show, acrobats, street dancing, singers etc and they way you are seated around the stage you are very close to the action. My Overall View I felt she was really busy, there is absolutely tons going on. She is not laid out like a traditional cruise ship at all and I felt a bit confused and got lost quite a few times, Its strange to walk through a restaurant into a bar and because most are on Deck 6/7 it does feel like a continuous street of options. For the smokers - hands down to Virgin - best smoking room ever! This keeps the whole ship including the Casino smoke free, you have your own little lounge, comfy chairs, fruit machines and unlike some smoking rooms, it didn't feel claustrophobic or too smoky in there. If you adore traditional cruising then have a good think before setting sail on Scarlet, she probably isn't right for you. She has been built for a younger market, and to me this feels the right sort of ship for people who like to life to the full, play hard and the kind of people who like to be seen in the best places if that makes sense. It is not what I would say luxurious but its classy, its glitzy, modern and fun. Overall I really liked her. Please feel free to give me a call on 01277 840262 to see if she's right for you or to discuss any other cruise line you might be thinking of. Kerry xx


07 March 2019

I am sure you have all heard of the newest ship in town the MSC Bellissima also known as the Beauty At Sea. Well I was lucky enough to spend just under 24 hours on this beauty recently, my first ever visit to an MSC ship and what a visit it was but before I tell you all about the ship here's a few facts and figures about her: 19 Decks in Total Able to hold 5686 passengers 4 Pools 10 Restaurants 20 Bars/Lounges Casino Theatre Aqua Park Kids Clubs Teen Club Spa Gym Bowling Alley F1 Simulator Sports Court Shops Galore 1250 Balcony Cabins 136 Ocean View Cabins 175 Family Cabins 628 Interior Cabins 12 Interior Studio Cabins (single) 54 Cabins for guests with reduced mobility or disabilities 34 Suites 8 Duplex Suites Yacht Club Cabins : 15 Interior 77 Deluxe Suites 2 Royal Suites So there is no getting away from it - yes she is a big ship and even though I am super speedy in the 24 hours I was on board I didn't get to see everything but what I did see was hugely impressive. The first thing you will notice, and this is something everyone talks about, are the Swarovski Staircases - rumoured to be worth 250,000 Euros for each staircase they are stunning and an absolute must for a photo opportunity. Walk up these steps to bring yourself onto Deck 6 and the Galleria Bellissima an indoor promenade that stretches over 96 metres with places to shop, dine, drink and relax - beware it is impossible to resist the offerings at the Jean-Phillipe Chocolat & Café. The promenade is very impressive - I would imagine it is busy in the evenings but what really wows you is when you look up to the sky and all along the roof there are various displays of colour, patterns, real life scenes - it changes all the time and is mesmerizing to watch. On Deck 7 there are lots of speciality restaurants - Japanese, steak, tapas etc, to eat in these you would have to pay a surcharge but it’s not much and from the taster bites I had I would recommend them 100%. After a quick walk around these 2 decks I ventured to my cabin, I have to admit I got a bit lost at first but then that happens on every cruise I go on and maybe the cocktails had disorientated me a little! I was lucky enough to be staying in a Balcony cabin, I found it very roomy with a huge bed, wardrobes, lots of draw space, flat screen TV, mini bar and sofa, the bathroom was lovely with a glass door shower. The best thing about the cabins is your very own personal assistant "ZOE" she is like a little mini Alexa. She speaks 8 different languages and can help you with pretty much everything on your cruise like choosing and booking restaurants, spa sessions, you can check your bill with her (although she wont pay it!) You can also connect your mobile devices to her and play your music through her so no need to bring speakers. After that it was time for a whistle stop tour of the ship, the outdoor pool is lovely with a big screen to watch films on (the pictures don't do it justice - that's English weather for you) I was most impressed with the indoor pool area which is really stunning. There is an Aqua Park with slides, rope courses and lots and lots of sunbeds. The ship is very technology based and there is an F1 Simulator you can try out, virtual reality games, a whole host of arcades games and for the younger members of your family an excellent kids club and teen area too. I managed a quick stop at the MSC Yacht Club - if you want to give yourself a bit of luxury then this is the place to go. You need to book a cabin that is exclusive to the Yacht Club to use these facilities but in my opinion it's really worth it - 24 hr butler service, upgraded cabins, complimentary mini bar, private pool area, exclusive restaurant and lounge - I absolutely loved the Yacht Club areas and would definitely compare the prices for my next cruise. For entertainment there is so much going on from the speciality restaurants to the bars and discos, there are also pianists, singers etc all around the ship and there are 2 brand new shows with Cirque Du Soleil in the theatre - simply stunning. And when you just want to chill don't forget there is a luxurious spa on board - you can choose from 160 massages, body and facial signature treatments, there is a sauna and steam bath and also a hair salon and nail salon. Foodwise, the variety of food on offer is just mind blowing - I loved everything. I also ate in the huge buffet restaurant known as Market Place and found that to offer lots of different choices and the food was delicious. The main dining rooms were also very good and the food very tasty. So all in all I absolutely loved the ship, she's big, she's exciting, she's new and she's really is beautiful. There is so much to do for everyone, it wouldn't matter if you cruised as a couple, a family or even on your own you would always find something going on or if you prefer there are plenty of quiet places where you can just sit back and chill. From March to November Bellissima will be in the Med sailing for 7 nights prices from £1289pp flights included and she will then sail over to Dubai for the Winter, with prices from £1149pp flights included. Did I mention that price includes Premium Drinks as well! If you just fancy a taster then I have a cheeky little mini cruise starting at £259pp. If you have any questions or would like more information on MSC Cruises then don't hesitate to get in touch. Kerry 01277 840262

Cruise Jargon - Made Simple

14 January 2019

Hi Everyone Captain Kerry Here! It can be very confusing when reading cruise brochures or even when you are on board your cruise to hear lots of strange words. Some of you may have some "nautical" experience but for those who don't, here is an A - Z list of some of the words you might hear and what they actually mean. Enjoy! Aft - The back of the ship. Atrium - The central passenger area on a cruise ship, a bit like a hotel’s lobby. Beam - The width of the ship at its widest point. Bearing - The compass direction from a ship to a particular destination, in degrees. Berth - The bed in your cabin. It can also refer to the dock or quay where a cruise ship ties up to the shore. Bow - The front of the ship. Bridge - This is where the captain steers and navigates the ship from. Cruise Director - This would be the main person who is responsible for all the ship’s activities and entertainment. Deck - The floor of the ship. Each cruise line has deck plans that will show you what you can find on each floor of the ship. Disembarkation - The process of leaving a cruise ship at the end of the voyage. Embarkation - The process of boarding a cruise ship at the start of the voyage. Galley - The kitchen area on a ship. Gangway - The ramp or staircase from the ship to the quay or pier used by passengers to get on and off the ship. Gratuities - Basically tips – these can be pre-paid with some cruise lines or you can choose to tip or not to tip at the end of your cruise. Itinerary - The schedule of destinations and days at sea on your cruise. Knot - A unit of speed equivalent to one nautical mile per hour. Lido - The deck of a cruise ship with outdoor pools. Midship - The midpoint of the ship. Muster Drill - A lifeboat safety drill where all passengers must follow instructions and learn what to do in an emergency. Muster Station - This is the location where you must go in the event of an emergency. Nautical Mile - A unit used in measuring distances at sea, equivalent to 1,852 metres or 6,076 feet. Open Seating/My Time Dining/Flex Dining/Anytime Dining - When no fixed time or fixed seating arrangement is given for dining. You basically go to a dining room between set times say 5pm-9.30pm and have a different table every night. Port - The left side of the ship when facing forward, marked by a red light. A little trick to help you remember is “the words ‘port’ and ‘left’ both have four letters. Porthole - A round window on a ship. Repositional Cruise (also in the UK can be called Transatlantic) - A one-way cruise that beings and ends in different ports as a ship moves from one cruising region of the world to another. River Cruise - A cruise along the River, normally on much smaller ships. Roll - The movement of a ship when it sways side to side. Rarely experienced on large cruise ships. Sea Day - A day where the ship stays out at sea and does not visit a port. Starboard - The right side of the ship when facing forward, marked by a green light. Stateroom - It’s another word for your Cabin Stern - The very back of a ship. Tender - A small boat that transports passengers from a cruise ship to the shore when the ship is unable to dock at a quay or berth and is therefore anchored in a harbour. Also refers to the ship’s lifeboats. Wake - The trail of waves at the stern of the ship created as the ship moves forward. A couple of other things to bear in mind - A cruise liner can also be known as a cruise ship – but never a boat! - In comparison to the amount of people on a cruise ship, very few of them will experience sea sickness. Sea sickness tablets can normally be obtained at the Customer Service desk and for any severe cases the onboard doctor can provide an injection - On Board Jail – there is one on every ship – so behave! If you are interested in finding out more about cruising, then please don’t hesitate to give me, your personal cruise expert a call on 01277 840262 or email me at

Cruising The Med

26 September 2018

I recently took a cruise around the Mediterranean on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of The Seas. This was my third cruise on Navigator and even though the ship is going in for refurbishment later this year, she still looked beautiful to me. We sailed from Southampton and for the first time I stayed overnight in Southampton pre-cruise. I don't normally do this as its only about two hours away from me but with the dreaded M25 it can sometimes be three or four hours, so we decided to drive down the night before and stay at the Holiday Inn. I would actually really recommend doing this. You start your holiday a day earlier and the next day we were fully relaxed and refreshed and able to join the ship nice an early. During the cruise we called at the following ports: Gibraltar, Alicante, Palma, Sardinia, Seville and Lisbon. I had never been to Gibraltar or Sardinia before and it was a definite must to see the monkeys on the rock in Gibraltar and the flamingos on the salt lakes in Sardinia. I have always loved Palma and as an added bonus we got to stay overnight in port here. We went into the city for some late-night tapas and a visit to one of our favourite bars, Abaccos. The cocktails here are pricey at around 15 Euros but it is well worth it. Abaccos is an old house that has been turned into a bar which is filled with fresh flowers and fruit every day, a beautiful courtyard and parts of the old house can still be viewed - I would highly recommend a visit here if you are ever in Palma. We had a balcony cabin on board the ship, something I always recommend if you can stretch to it. It’s so lovely to have the door open and have the summer breeze drifting through and perfect for people watching whilst in port. The food was amazing - with a main dining restaurant for breakfast and evening meal, and a buffet restaurant open from 6.30am till 9pm you are totally spoilt for choice and it’s all included. You can if you want, visit one of the speciality restaurants - such as the steak house, Italian, tapas or sushi - we tried the Italian and tapas and they were amazing. It was around $20 -$30pp based on an all you can eat menu. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the main dining or indeed the buffet - the specialty restaurants are nice for a special occasion or if you just want to treat yourself. Entertainment wise there is so much going on - daily quizzes, dance lesson, casino lessons, surfing, rock climbing, swimming, activities around the pool, karaoke, cookery lessons and demonstrations, West End style shows every night, street parties – there is pretty much something going on from first thing in the morning till last thing at night and you can just dip in and out of whatever you choose. I love cruising - you get to see so many different places, you only have to unpack once and you never have to pay for a taxi home after a good night out. If you would like more information on cruising please don't hesitate to get in touch. 01277840262

Are you getting married soon?

26 September 2018

Getting married? Huge congratulations, Now the fun can really start, or stress some people might say! Weddings can be challenging to plan. From picking the perfect venue, more importantly the perfect dress! to what to say in the speeches and the some say the hardest part, the seating plan. Traditionally, the happy couple would ask their families and friends to buy them items for their new home, however in modern times, most couples already have plenty of pots, pans, towels, a toaster and maybe even a spiralizer! Instead, why not let your wedding guests contribute towards an unforgettable honeymoon! I understand that no two clients are the same and of course, no two honeymoons and weddings are the same either. As your personal Travel Counsellor, I’ll tailor your experience to your wants and dreams, creating your own unique experience. Our network of local overseas experts across the globe helps you to not only visit a destination but experience it too. We can provide you with a fabulous online website and secure payments portal especially for you, where guests are greeted with a personalised message from you and details of your amazing honeymoon plans! We can also provide stylish guest cards that you can send out with your invitations to let everyone know you would prefer a contribution towards your dream honeymoon. All honeymoon contributions from your family and friends will be deposited into one account. After your wedding, you can either put your guest’s generous contributions towards the cost of your honeymoon or if you’ve already paid, you can use your honeymoon fund towards excursions, upgrades or even another holiday. This works well as lots of couples are now doing a "mini-moon" and then go on a bigger trip some months later. I love planning weddings and honeymoons and have done lots of exciting trips for clients including a wedding and honeymoon in Cyprus, a tailormade itinerary around the West Coast of America which ended with a romantic proposal in Carmel, a Honeymoon that includes a Kenyan Luxury Safari with a night in Giraffe Manor, I have even organised weddings and honeymoon's on-board cruise ships and lots more. So get in touch today and let’s get planning the most amazing trip of your lives all with the added bonus of a fund to build to help you realise that dream honeymoon! 01277 840262

What Cruise to Choose?

13 September 2017

You may be thinking of taking a cruise for the first time or indeed be an experienced cruiser that is thinking about trying another line, hopefully the below guide will give you a small insight as to what each cruise line has to offer and of course you can always call me for more advice. P&O CRUISES P&O cruises have 7 ships in their fleet: the newest being their flagship Britannia. They are known for offering guests Strictly Come Dancing at Sea and for their celebrity chef Food Heroes on-board ships. They offer the most cruises out of Southampton, including lots of mini cruises and world cruises that depart in January You would like P&O if: • You like home comforts such as tea and coffee making facilities in your cabin and a “British” feel. • You wanted an adult only cruise - 2 ships are for adults only - Arcadia and Oriana • You want to take the family then try Aurora, Oceana, Ventura and Britannia Royal Caribbean Cruises Royal Caribbean have 25 Ships in their fleet and they range from small to super-size!! Their largest ship Harmony of the Seas can take up to 5,400 passengers but don’t let this put you off, the ships may be big but there is plenty of space on board and with things like Sky Diving, Bumper Cars, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Ice Skating and a full-size carousel on board some of their ships there is plenty to do. Independence of The Seas is about to have a multimillion pound makeover that will include the first Trampoline Park at Sea! You would like Royal Caribbean if: • You are a family (the kids and teens clubs are amazing) • You want a more relaxed atmosphere on board • You like West End Show Productions and great entertainment • You are a first-time cruiser as there are lots of different ships, you will find one that suits you Cunard Cruises Cunard are very much a traditional cruise line, I would say more liners than cruise ships, kind of along the lines of Titanic. There are 3 ships, one being the Queen Mary which was built specifically to do a Transatlantic Sailing (Southampton to New York) This particular ship is the only one I am aware of that also has its own deck for dogs, with kennels, a full time “doggy” butler. As well as the Transatlantic Cunard also operate world cruises in January, mini cruises and sailings from Southampton throughout the year You would like Cunard Cruises if: • You like formality and tradition • You like exceptional service • You like to dress up of an evening • You can’t bear to be parted from your furry friend whilst on holiday MSC Cruises MSC Cruises have 16 ships in their fleet, they sail mostly in the Med, The Caribbean, Dubai, Northern Europe and South America. Like Royal Caribbean the majority of these ships are big ones but with lots to do on board including water slides and a bowling alley. MSC are a little different, being Mediterranean you will find that the food, entertainment etc reflects that, however they do have a ship called Magnifica which is sailing from Southampton next year to Northern Europe and this ship will have a more British feel, with Tea & Coffee making facilities in the cabins, British Comedians and more British inspired food. You would like MSC Cruises if: • You have a family with children (kid’s prices are normally very good with MSC) • You want to mix with lots of different nationalities • You want to visit lots of ports • You are price conscious (MSC are very competitively priced) • You drink – MSC have one of the best priced drinks packages at sea! Norwegian Cruise Line NCL have 11 ships in their fleet and sail almost world-wide, Australia, Hawaii, South America, Alaska, Canada, Caribbean, Asia and of course in Europe. On NCL there are no set dinner times, no dress codes you do as you wish when you wish. Great entertainment on board including shows, comedy clubs, Ice bars, bowling alleys, water slides, kid’s clubs. Prices include all drinks and Tips, NCL were also the first cruise line to build cabins specifically designed for solo travellers, cruise lines are notorious for charging high single supplements but on a few of the NCL ships they have Studio Cabins that are very affordable. You would like NCL if: • You are a solo cruiser • You are a couple or travelling with a group • You prefer a relaxed informal style of cruise • You are a family (lots for everyone to do) • You like to budget all your costs prior to your holiday (tips/drinks already included) Celebrity Cruise Line Celebrity are what I would put as a 4* type of a Cruise ship, a bit classier than Royal Caribbean but not as formal or traditional as Cunard, they have speciality restaurants on board, Martini bars, Wine bars, even on some ships a lawn club with real grass where you can have a picnic. In my opinion although they do cater for families and have kids/teen clubs there are no so many things on board for kids to do but for couples or groups of friends they are brilliant and have some amazing itineraries. As well as Europe Celebrity cruise to lots of different places including Antarctica, The Galapagos, India, South Pacific, Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand, Caribbean Asia, Alaska to name but a few. You may have seen in the news about their newest ship which will sail from 2018 called The Edge, the design is like nothing you have seen before and will be a real game changer for cruising. You would like Celebrity if: • You are a couple or travelling with a group of friends • You like to eat out in different restaurants • You want to cruise to different destinations Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Fred Olsen are a family run cruise line that have 4 ships, these ships are much smaller than other cruise lines and generally appeal to the older market. They are well known for their friendliness and levels of service. They sail from lots of ports in the UK including, Dover, Harwich, Tilbury, Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton and Edinburgh and sail all over the world including Europe, The Amazon, Indian Ocean, South Africa, Norwegian Fjords, The British Isles and many more. Each evening on most cruises there are hosted dance events, so great if you are into Ballroom Dancing etc, there is entertainment and lots of guest speakers and lectures throughout the cruise, because the ships are smaller you do feel like you are getting a more personal service, however if you are looking for lots of activities or to party all night then this wouldn’t be the cruise line for you. You would like Fred Olsen if: • You are of an older generation • You like good service and a very friendly ship • You like to visit smaller ports of call (because the ships are smaller they can access places that the big ships can’t)

Stunning Sidari in Corfu

08 September 2017

I’ve always loved the Greek Islands, there’s something about the people, the atmosphere and the food that really makes me feel that I am on holiday. I’ve been to quite a few of the Island’s and many years ago my hairdresser told me I would love Sidari in Corfu, I’d been to Kavos (in my much younger days I hasten to add) but I had never ventured to the North of the Island. This summer I had a tiny window of where I could get away and as luck would have it I stumbled across a 4-night deal to Sidari, myself and my best friend decided to book it. Before I flew out I joined a few Facebook groups for Sidari, I would really recommend you do this for when you are going on holiday as there is loads of great information, recommendations on these sites from people that know the resort well. It was invaluable to me as being there for a short time I wanted to make sure I fitted in as much as I could. On arrival in Corfu the heat hit us it was 9.30pm – I LOVE that feeling ,and wanting to get to the resort asap I had pre booked a private transfer, coach transfers can take anything from 90 minutes to 3 hours to Sidari depending on drop offs and a private transfer is just over an hour and direct to your hotel door. The route to Sidari goes through the mountains and there are lots of twists and turns so if like me you suffer from car sickness then be prepared – a travel sickness tablet will get you though. We booked to stay in the Elena Stef Apartments and on arrival (this is now about 11 pm) the owners themselves came out to greet us, took our cases to our apartment and joined us in the bar for a drink, like most apartments it was basic but had absolutely everything you needed, the godsend was Air Conditioning at just 5 Euros a day and believe me you needed that and after the first night some kind of magic happened .. it didn’t feel basic anymore .. it just felt like my “Greek home” Elena Stef is a small complex of just 16 Studios that will sleep up to 3 people, it has the most amazing pool, sunbeds, a bar that stays open till you go to bed and also serves snacks and of course the obligatory full English breakfast. There is a supermarket on site and the location is brilliant, you are literally 2 mins walk from a beach and 2 mins walk from what is known as “The Strip” in Sidari. There were no issues with noise, in fact laying around the pool was very peaceful and the people who run it (Yiannis, Alexandria, Macchi) and even the lovely cleaning lady cannot do enough for you, I have travelled to many places and stayed in many hotels, apartments and I have to say these guys were the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met. They truly go out of their way to make sure you are having the best time ever and even cried when we left. Sidari to me is the perfect resort for people my age who still want to go out for a few drinks, have some fun, eat some good food and laze by the beach or pool during the day, it is a busy resort but it is not at all in your face, there are many bars but rather than it being a clubbers paradise it is more tribute bands, live music some Karaoke and just generally relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, it’s extremely good value for money, a cocktail is around 5 -6 Euros, we found restaurants serving English Breakfasts for 3 Euros and (thanks to the Facebook page) we found THE BEST restaurant called To Steki tis Pareas, it is run by Panos and his family (his wife is the amazing chef) and they are famous for their mixed grill (10 Euros for 1 person or 18 Euros for 2) we had the most amazing night there with starters, mains, dessert and drinks and when the bill came it was around 45 Euros – we couldn’t believe it, it’s a new restaurant this year and thanks to the power of Facebook it has now become the most recommend and popular one in Sidari – I highly recommend this restaurant and if we had been staying there longer we would have eaten there every night! The beach is really nice, with plenty of sunbeds (many of the beach restaurants and bars allow you to use their sunbeds for free if you are purchasing drinks/food from their establishment) nice and shallow to start off with so very safe for families etc and there are also lots of water sports available and private boat hire. Although we never made it, if you head out of the main strip down towards an area known as Canal D’amour there is apparently a beautiful beach and cove there and it is the place to go in the evening for a cocktail and to watch the sunset. Lots of excursions are available, from Horse Riding to a day trip to Albania, there are many places in the main strip offering excursions at very reasonable prices. All in all Sidari for me was lovely and I can see why many people return year after year, if you are interested in a late break for 2017 or would like to book for 2018 please do give me a call on 01277 840262 or email me : and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

My Suite Experience on The Celebrity Eclipse

01 July 2017

As you know I do love a cruise or two and I have often walked past Suite Cabins on disembarkation day and had a sneaky peek inside, and I could only ever dream of staying in such a luxurious cabin. Well, just recently this dream came true for me. I was lucky enough to stay in The Royal Suite on board Celebrity Eclipse for a 2 night mini cruise and WOW - it was just amazing! Whilst I appreciate that a Royal Suite is very expensive, you may not be aware of all the little extras that you get and honestly when you off set all of this against a normal priced cabin then it’s not so bad, here’s a few things that you get: - Private Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Full in Suite breakfast, lunch, dinner service - Personal Butler - Priority Check in - Luxury Bath Amenities - Premium Drinks Package - Unlimited complimentary speciality dining - Complimentary mini bar (soft drinks, water, beer) - Complimentary bottles of Alcohol - Private VIP club lounge with concierge service - Unlimited Wifi - Daily delivery of afternoon savouries - Reserved theatre seating - Priority disembarkation So let me tell you all about my Suite Experience Check in at Southampton was easy and fast, we had a separate check in area and were then met by a concierge member of staff who escorted us onto the ship. As we boarded we were handed a glass of champagne and taken to The Michaels Club (private lounge for suite guests) where we were invited to stay until our cabin was ready. It’s worth noting that Suite Guests can board anytime so we were on pretty early (11am) and the lounge was perfect for waiting in with free drinks and canapes. We decided to take a look round the ship and then wandered down to our cabin (if you check out my facebook page you can see the video of us actually entering the cabin) we were only there for about 5 minutes when Oscar (our private butler) rang the doorbell and introduced himself and told us all about the suite. To say I was blown away is an understatement - the space in the cabin is outstanding, as you enter there is a separate toilet to your left and a kitchen area with dining table to your right, our 2 bottles of spirts that we had pre-ordered (free with suites) were waiting for us and the mini bar was stocked. The lounge area is in front with the biggest TV I have seen and 2 huge sofas that can be used as sofa beds. Out on the balcony there is a jacuzzi bath, a sun lounger and table and chairs, the balcony is just huge. The bedroom is massive with a separate dressing area and then an en suite bathroom, with 2 double sinks, a walk in shower and a separate bath all done out in marble – it was just beautiful. The amenities are by Bvlgari and smell divine. You may of noticed that there are not any pictures of the actual suite, this is because I took quite a lot of video footage which I think gives you a much better feel for the cabin, so please head over to my Facebook Page - just search Kerry Cansdale Travel Counsellor on Facebook if you haven't already liked my page and scroll down and you can see all the videos I did whilst on Celebrity Eclipse. So the cabin was amazing but what about the ship? I have cruised on Celebrity Eclipse a couple of times and have always enjoyed her, she is small enough to not get lost on and big enough to have lots to do. I love the spa area (although you do have to pay to go into the steam room or sauna – (free for most suite guests). She has a stunning Solarium and 2 more pools in the pool area. The big attraction is the Lawn Club – this is an area on deck that has a fully growing grass lawn area, it's lovely to sit on and maybe have a picnic or just to chill with a drink, they have lawn games and also a Glass Blowing Show – which has to be seen to be believed. There is a main dining room on board and a buffet restaurant – the food is delicious but for me I love the speciality restaurants, (these are chargeable but free for some Suite guests). Last time I was on board I went to Qsine, which serves quirky food – think sushi lollipops, popcorn fish and chips and where you order food from an iPad – don’t make the mistake that I did and order everything … there is so much that you cannot possibly eat it all! This time we decided to try Murano’s and Tuscan Grille, sadly I was a little bit disappointed by Tuscan Grille, whilst the food was ok, there was no wow about it and it just felt a little rushed and bland. Murano’s however was quite honestly the best meal I have ever had in my life, the ambience was fantastic, we had a brilliant waiter who explained everything and when he flambeed my lobster at the side of our table it was amazing (again there is a video of this on my Facebook page). Entertainment wise, I missed the show as I was eating but reports were that it was very good, there are lots of bars and even a nightclub on board and they had game shows in the evening. The Martini Bar tends to be the late-night hangout and the bar staff here are great, performing all kinds of tricks to keep you entertained. Lots of shops on board from designer handbags to prestige Art, but all a bit out of my price range sadly. There is also a gym, running track and basketball court for those of you that feel the need to exercise. Overall, I absolutely loved my Suite Experience and I would love to cruise like this every time, it will be hard to go back to an ordinary “Balcony” cabin on my next cruise lol. Celebrity Eclipse is a UK favourite but will be leaving us at the end of 2017, in 2018 we welcome the Celebrity Silhouette and at the moment Celebrity have some fantastic deals including free drinks packages and on board spend, so if you are interested in a Celebrity cruise then please do get in touch.

My Magical Day on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

01 July 2017

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the Disney Magic Cruise Ship, being a bit of a Disney Diva myself I love all things Disney but had never been on board one of their 4 cruise ships before so I was really keen to see what it was like. My initial thoughts were that it would be like walking into The Magic Kingdom, with all things Disney everywhere and very much "in your face" but I couldn't of been more surprised. Yes this is a Disney Ship but actually the interior, the layout is very subtle, when I first walked into the Atrium the only "Disneyfied" part was a beautiful statue of Captain Mickey and some pictures of Disney Characters and Walt Disney himself upon the walls. There are of course the Hidden Mickeys (real Disney fans would be disappointed if there was not) and as you go around the ship it does become more apparent that this is Disney, but I was worried it would all be over the top. That couldn't be further from the truth, it is all very tastefully done, my initial impression that a Disney Ship is only for kids was quickly squashed, I would happily spend a week on here. FOR THE ADULTS If you are cruising without kids, then you will enjoy it, I think you would want to have an interest in Disney, but don't feel that it's all about Mickey, there is plenty to do and lots of Adult Only Areas (Bars, Restaurant, Pool, Spa etc). FOR THE KIDS The kid's clubs blew me away, and made me wish I was a youngster again, imagine playing in Andy's room from Toy Story or becoming Iron Man in the Avengers Academy. Disney has 4 levels of Kids Clubs It's a small World Nursery - for babies to 3 year olds (Disney takes infants from 12 weeks) Disney's Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab - for ages 3 -12 Edge for ages 11 -14 Vibe for ages 14 -17 My favourite was the Oceaneer Clubs - Toy Story, Pixie Hollow, it looks amazing and is very spacious, for the older kids they have their own areas filled with High Tech fun and in Vibe they even have their own sun deck area and a chill spa relaxation zone. I have to mention here the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, because this is one of my favourite things about Disney - this is where the kids (boys and girls) can go for a full on Disney Makeover and become the Princess or Prince of their dreams - beware though its not free but if you want to give your child a very special treat its worth it. ENTERTAINMENT Again don't think everything is going to be Disney, yes there are Disney Deck Parties, Character Meets, and Disney Shows such as Tangled the Musical and Once upon a Song but for evening entertainment there is also comedians, musicians, an Abba tribute, and other performers, as well as on board game shows. There is a theatre on board that shows all the latest Disney Films, Shops, Karaoke, Deck Party's, an Irish Pub, Movies under the Stars and then there is the outside areas. Aqua Dunk, Aqua Lab, Goofy's Pool, Nephews Splash Zone (for the little ones) Quiet Cove Pool (adults only) and Twist and Spout (water slides) there are plenty of areas to get wet and have fun, the slides looked really good and I loved the little splash zone for the little ones. There seemed to be lots of sun loungers and plenty of areas you could go to if you wanted a bit of peace and quiet, I loved the Quiet Cove area for Adults only and nice sized pool and its own bar. If you feel the need to exercise then there is a Gym on board, for me I would prefer to chill out in the spa area. I was surprised to learn that there is no Casino on board any of the Disney Ships, but they do have the odd game of Bingo. FOOD For your main evening dining, Disney operates on a rotational dining system round 3 restaurants - Animators Palace, Lumineres, and Canocas, there are 2 sittings - first at 5.45pm and 2nd at 8.15pm. Rotational Dining means that you are seated at a table with the same people and the same wait staff and you all move together each night to the different restaurants - it's a great way to eat in a different place each evening. There is also Cabana's (buffet restaurant) or Cariocas or if you are looking for more snacky eateries then there is Daisy's De Lites, Pete's Boiler Bites or Pinocchios Pizzeria Another thing I loved is that in the Irish Bar there is a small buffet area serving late night snacks - always handy to have some food available when you get the munchies and of course there is room service as well. CABINS I was really impressed with the size of the cabins, if you were cruising as a family of 5 then you would comfortably fit in, again the whole Disney theme is not in your face, there are Disney films on the TV and maybe a Disney Picture on the wall but apart from the branded toiletries and a cushion on the bed that's about it. What Disney do that is completely different to most cruise lines is that most cabins have a split bathroom with a shower/bath and sink in 1 room and then a separate toilet and wash basin in another, perfect for when you and the family are getting ready. In a family room you would have a double bed, bunk beds and a sofa bed (if up to 5) or if its just for 2 adults then its a double bed (can be converted to twins) and a sofa to chill out on. They offer Inside, Outside, Balcony and Suite Cabins (my god the suite was AMAZING!!) and also have a number of adapted cabins available for the wheelchair users. Overall my feeling was one of luxury and space. Another little touch is that Disney provide free walkie talkies for families to use on board, you don't have to pay or connect to the internet to use them and so handy for keeping track on everyone. So in closing, I have to say I loved the ship, I think its brilliant for adults and kids alike, you can take part in as much or as little as you like, its definitely not in your face and come on even I got excited when I saw Mickey! For families it's amazing the kids clubs are just out of this world and there is so much going on for the kids to get involved with so Mum and Dad really can chill. Disney Magic is cruising from Dover in 2017/2018 on various Europe Itineraries (Caribbean later in the year). Disney Wonder, Dream and Fantasy are cruising the Caribbean, Alaska and Bahamas, please do give me a call if you would like more information.

Harmony of The Seas - The World's Biggest Cruise Ship

01 July 2017

For those of you that know me - you will know that I love a cheeky cruise, so when I heard that the World's Largest Cruise Ship was coming to Southampton I had to make sure I was on board! I have been lucky enough to of taken over 30 cruises on many different cruise lines but my favourite cruise line is Royal Caribbean, I love that there is so much to do and some of them are things you would never of dreamed are even possible on a cruise ship - I have Sky Dived, Ice Skated, Surfed, Climbed a Rock Wall and even drove a Bumper Car. I think there is something for everyone on a cruise and it is such good value for money. Harmony of the Seas was offering 2 short breaks, I knew that this wouldn't be enough for me so I booked the two of them together as a back to back, the ship was cruising to Europe with a couple of port stops in France and Amsterdam but I was more interested in what was on board. Harmony is a big girl, she can hold over 5400 passengers, has 18 decks and is bigger length wise than the Eiffel Tower, but don't let that put you off, there are plenty of quiet spaces to have time to yourself and the only queuing I experienced was on the last morning in the buffet restaurant. The new thing that everyone was talking about was a brand new slide called "The Ultimate Abyss" it is the worlds tallest slide at sea with a 100ft plunge, 2 slides side by side so you can race your friends, do it during the day and then again at night for a completely different experience. It's even more scary if you have maybe had a couple of cocktails - as I found out!! Another thing I tried for the first time is Panic Room - you are locked in a high tech room with a team of friends or other cruisers and you have an hour to solve all the clues so you can be released - we did it with 3 minutes to spare! CABINS There are many different types of cabins, you have the standard Inside, Outside and Balcony and then the Suites, something different is what is called a "Virtual Balcony" this is basically an inside cabin with a large Flat Screen down the side of the wall that projects real time images and sound - so it's like looking through the side of the ship, this is great for the budget conscious as it really is like having a balcony. Another different type of cabin are the Central Park View or Boardwalk View balcony cabins - instead of looking out to the sea, you overlook Central Park (yes it's a real life park with trees/flowers etc) or the Boardwalk (where the Carousel is) again if you are trying to keep costs down these type of cabins are great. I stayed in a Central Park View Balcony, my only criticism was that there are no net curtains and you are looking directly opposite (across the park) into other cabins, also if you go for one on deck 14, people that are sunbathing on deck 15 can look right into your cabin. WHAT TO DO ONBOARD Honestly there is so much, I don't think I have enough space to tell you everything.. so I will try to highlight the best bits.. Waterslides and Pools Surf Simulators Rock Climbing Panic Room Ice Skating Mini Golf Zip Wiring Central Park Boardwalk - full size Carousel Aqua Theatre - Dive shows Kids Clubs Bars Disco Food .. Food .. Food (see my review below) Shops Gym Spa Casino Solarium FOOD When they say you might put on some weight on a cruise.. well it's definitely going to happen on here. You have a main restaurant for dining and also the famous Windjammer buffet restaurant but that is only just the start, also included in your cruise are Sorrentos and Café Promenade that provide snacks throughout the day, a delightful little café in Central Park for a "healthy" breakfast, lunch and snacks, self service ice cream and then you have the speciality restaurants which have a small cover charge, I ate in Jamies Italian and Izumi - both were out of this world and well worth the extra charge, there is also Chops Grille (steak house) Giovannis (Italian) Vintages (fine wines and tapas) and 150 Central Park (upmarket dining) You certainly don't need to splash out on a speciality restaurant, there is so much choice included but I would definitely recommend it if you are celebrating or want to treat yourself. ENTERTAINMENT On most Royal Caribbean ships deck 5 is what they call the Promenade Deck, this in reality is like a large street with shops, pubs and bars and restaurants running each side. Some people worry that they will get lost on a ship this size but I always find if you go back to the promenade you can work out where you are. On Harmony the promenade runs the whole length of the ship with the theatre at one end and Boardwalk at the other, there is a bar called the Rising Tide Bar which literally rises up throughout the ship, an old English pub which is great for a singalong in the evening, a sports bar that also offers karaoke, a bar called Boleros for dancing and what has become quite famous is the Robotic Bar, were your drinks are made for you by a pair of robotic arms. Aside from all the sporty entertainment, there is a show pretty much every night, it can range from a comedian to a magician or even a singer, we also had Bobby Davro who was very funny. There is also a big production - when I was on Harmony it was Grease - I really cant explain to you the amount of work that must go into these shows, it really was like watching a West End Theatre Show, the staging and the performers were amazing. Every night you get a newsletter that tells you what is happening on board for the next day/evening, as well as all the main places of entertainment you will also find quizzes, fun game shows that you can take part in, destination talks, cookery demonstrations/lessons, card games, you can even learn how to make the towel animals that magically appear in your cabin at night time. Harmony has now left Europe and is currently cruising around the Caribbean along with her sister ships Oasis and Allure of the Seas if you would like more information on any of these ships then please get in contact with me. The 2 Royal Caribbean ships that are in Southampton for this year and for 2018 are The Independence and The Navigator, both of these are smaller than Harmony but still have some amazing facilities on board, again if you are interested in hearing more then just give me a call. Happy Cruising!!

My customer stories

Sent by Carol Carpenter

Brilliant personal service, nothing's too much trouble. Will definitely recommend!

Sent by Mark Collins

Kerry is absolutely brilliant at what she does. Very helpful and friendly and good communication. Always on the ball.

Sent by Dean Walsh

Great personalised service

Sent by Denise Wade

Kerry goes above and beyond! A lady full of knowledge and experience. So willing to assist, if I ask a question and she doesn't have the answer, I have full confidence that she will get me an answer. I am always recommending her to family and friends because she is extremely thorough and does an outstanding job!

Sent by Samuel Wright

Kerry was fantastic, extremely polite, kind and helpful

Sent by Graeme Buckle

10 out of 10 as always for Kerry, amazing service , on this occasion sorting out a family cruise for 18 people, she managed it , something i found impossible, she is an absolute star

Sent by Helen Bedworth

Kerry is so helpful and so knowledgeable. You can just trust that she knows exactly what is going to work for you. She is always available to speak to and just does the very best she can for you!

Sent by Carol Davies

We will not go anywhere else to book our cruise, Kerry has our top marks for knowledge, customer care, sense of humour and getting exactly the right holiday that suits us. She has introduced us to different cruise lines and widened our horizons, would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to book a holiday.

Sent by Shane Harnett

Fantastic service Absolutely amazing customer service and support

Sent by Sharon Wright

I have recommended Kerry to a few of my friends. She always goes above and beyond to make sure every aspect of our holiday is perfect. She keeps us up to date with everything, big or small and always adds the personal touches which make you feel valued as a customer.

Sent by Spencer Peacock

Kerry is knowledgeable, personable and treats you as individual, tailoring a holiday that ticks all the boxes. Her knowledge of cruise holidays is second to none

Sent by Tom Head

I wasn’t even planning to book on our initial phone call. However, Kerry got me so excited for the trip and I felt I could immediately trust her so I booked there and then. Thank you Kerry, can’t wait for the cruise! Already recommended you to 2 of my friends.

Sent by Gill Prince

Always 10/10 for Kerry! Would never book with anyone else - she makes the process so easy, and I have total peace of mind that everything is booked correctly and I have all the info I need. Thanks again Kerry! xx

Sent by Katherine Goodwin

Kerry was so helpful organising my trip to Australia! Took away all the stress of trying to organise a big trip and provided me with a bespoke holiday package to suit my needs. Would highly recommend!

Sent by Paula Dowdall

Kerry is so helpful, knowledgeable &goes that extra mile to make you feel a special. Nothing is to much trouble for Kerry to help you making the best choice for your next holiday!

Sent by Sandra Hickson

Kerry is so helpful and takes so much time and patience with looking for our perfect holiday. Thank you so much.

Sent by Victoria Lawrie

Kerry was friendly and efficient and went above and beyond to make sure my bookings went smoothly. I would definitely recommend her to others

Sent by Carol Flatman

The service we’ve received from Kerry has been outstanding. Nothing has been to much trouble. She is a credit to Travel Counsellors and to the travel industry in general.

Sent by Julie Taylor

Kerry always provides a really personal service and has come up trumps with every booking we have made with her. I wouldn't think of using anyone else.

Sent by Maureen Dedman

Kerry is a fantastic travel advisor, she goes above and beyond to make sure we get the best available cruise and helps us every step of the way.

Sent by Susan Ranshaw

Kerry is very efficient, professional and still finds time to go the extra mile and add her special personal touch . Kerry is a true credit to your company

Sent by Susan Woods

Kerry is amazing and I would never consider going elsewhere. Nothing is too much trouble and it is the personal touches that mean so much, the pre holiday call, the luggage tags and above all her care and personal attention. Despite being able to get a discount by booking ourselves we still Choose to use Kerry for her service, she is part of our holiday

Sent by Beth Long

Kerry was amazing and really helpful. I would definitely book future holidays with her again.

Sent by Dawn Broughton

Kerry is so helpful and full of ideas to enhance your trip!

Sent by Christine Makings

Made booking holiday for 5 of use was as easy as anything. No hassle, no long waits. Excellent accommodation exactly what l hoped for. Thank you Kerry for making the booking a pleasure.

Sent by Rachel Haywood

Kerry is amazing and with a wealth of knowledge about travel I would recommend her with no queries at all.

Sent by Paula Donaldson

The service with Kerry is always first class. We have recommended her to our friends and we would not travel without her help and expertise.

Sent by Noreen Lynch

Kerry has been amazing !! I’m lost for words. I was so nervous about booking our first ever cruise but Kerry has made it so easy and now thanks to her I can relax and look forward to it.

Sent by William Wade

Always helpful with booking, if I ask a question, Kerry will have the answer or get the answer which makes the whole process of booking a holiday that little bit more stress free!

Sent by EJ Goode

Kerry has been super helpful and approachable, and I can genuinely tell that she was trying to find the right trip for us, not just try to sell something for the sake of it.

Sent by Andrew Makings

The service that Kerry has provided to us and other people that we know has been perfect, her attention to detail and the "brief" has been excellent, we will continue to recommend her expert service to our friends and family in the future. Regards Andy&Jan

Sent by Sam Crane

Kerry has been amazing, very helpful and understanding. All round excellent service.

Sent by Graeme Buckle

First rate service as always, thank you Kerry

Sent by Lin McGill

Kerry goes above and beyond looking after us before, during and after a holiday, she is always ready to support us should we need help. . I trust her advice 100% and would always recommend her to friends and family. Although we have never met I have gained a friend in my travel counsellor.

Sent by Lindsay Ormandy

Kerry is a fantastic travel counsellor she is always there to help

Sent by Karen Last

Always amazing and helpful from start to finish

Sent by Carol Davies

We have used Kerry from Travel Counsellors many times now and will not look to go anywhere else to arrange our holidays, she is so knowledgeable, helpful and has a warm disposition.. We have the confidence on going on away knowing she is always at the end of the phone if we encounter any problems. We have built up a good relationship with Kerry and she can anticipate our holiday needs which is half the battle when selecting our getaway. We think She needs a bottle of bubbly and some chocolates in recognition for being so good at her job!!!

Sent by Paul Hickson

Kerry is very efficient polite and welcoming . Introduced by friends and this is the second holiday she has arranged for us and won’t hesitate to use her again or recommend

Sent by Joanne Mixture

Kerry is such a delight to book with, no question goes unanswered. Kerry is so friendly and efficient and makes booking with her pleasurable and easy. Thank you Kerry.x

Sent by Gill Prince

We’ve had the pleasure of booking our cruises (and other trips) through Kerry for many years now and would never go anywhere else. She is so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable - can highly recommend. Thanks Kerry!

Sent by Kathryn Bridgeman

We have been going to Kerry now for many years to book our holidays and would never consider going to anyone else. As well as being friendly and a pleasure to deal with, she is extremely efficient and knows her job well. Nothing is too much bother and she provides the personal touch with every booking.. My husband and I have recommended her to a number of people because we are so pleased with her service.

Sent by Paula Dowdall

Excellent service as always… very knowledgeable & nothing is too much trouble for Kerry to sort out for you. Would highly recommend her service to all my family & friends.

Sent by Susan Woods

Kerry is amazing. Nothing is ever too much trouble, she offers great practical advice and suggestions and you know your important holiday is in trusted hands. Yes we could book direct but she adds value and enhances the whole holiday experience. Thank you Kerry you are fabulous

Sent by William Walsh

We can’t thankyou enough for what you have done for us for Making our booking with you such a lovely experience ,you truly are A gem in what you have done for us . We hope to deal with you again in the new year, You have such a lovely personality when we book through you You take all the hassle out of it .we can and will recommend your services Thanks for everything . Kind regards Bill & Irene xx

Sent by John Farrer

Holiday all sorted within a few hours. Great !

Sent by Paul Duck

Professional & caring. We feel all our holiday requirements will be met as if she was booking the holiday for herself.

Sent by Maggie Childs

Kerry was excellent and did so much more than we ever expected even getting our covid certificate we were recommended by friends and family and certainly we would also recommend kerry

Sent by Jonathan Wardell

Kerry was great - thank you so much for sorting us out

Sent by James Ellison

We found Kerry extremely helpful, friendly & knowledgeable, particularly as it our first experience of a cruise

Sent by Jill Goodwin

Kerry was absolutely amazing! Our daughter's flight and on going connections were cancelled and Kerry was able, with the minimum of fuss, to get her booked on to another fight with ongoing connections. She made a very stressful situation less stressful.

Sent by Christopher Darken

Kerry is very professional and willing to go the extra mile to assist

Sent by Paula Donaldson

I would never book a holiday without you and encourage my friends to do the same!

Sent by Irene Walsh

She is excellent at her job ,gives a first class service ,nothing is to much trouble for her to help a wonderful personality have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone ,which we have done on several occasions.

Sent by Michael Ranshaw

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, reassuring. Thank you very much Kerry

Sent by Tracy Kirby

I would highly recommend Kerry. Her knowledge is amazing and her personal service is second to non . Nothing is too much trouble for her and she will do her upmost to get you the most amazing holiday, couldn’t be happier with her service and happy cheery attitude.

Sent by Paul Hitchings

Goes above and beyond to do everything for the client

Sent by Olivia Christian

Kerry is absolutely fantastic - her passion for travel shines through and she always goes above and beyond to find your perfect holiday. She’s helped my family with numerous holidays over the years and we would all highly recommend her!

Sent by Fiona Dowling

Kerry has delivered a fantastic service so far and we can’t wait for the holiday she has helped us plan and book.

Sent by Jane Spriggs

Kerry has been friendly and professional throughout and has found us a travel package that we would have never been able to find for ourselves.

Sent by Gill Prince

I always recommend Kerry to everyone! So friendly and helpful, as well as being very knowledgeable - especially when it comes to cruising :-) Thanks again Kerry, glad to be back booking cruises with you again!

Sent by Pauline Harrison

Kerry is so helpful with sorting my travel plans, I am really happy to leave everything in her capable hands as she just does everything, leaving me with nothing to worry about, what else could you need from an expert travel counsellor which Kerry is.

Sent by Maureen Dedman

Kerry was so patient and helpful helping me choose the right cruise for us. She was very honest with her advise, which is what I wanted. I chose travel councillors because kerry assured me she would be helping me every step of the way, no matter how small my question was. Would definitely recommend to friends and family

Sent by Carol Davies

We will always use Travel Counsellors simply because of Kerry Cansdale, she always gives 100 percent commitment to her clients. She is a real asset to the company with her friendly personality and knowledge of destinations.

Sent by Lesley Jones

Kerry went above and beyond to sort our holiday out.

Sent by Danielle Caldicott

Fantastic service - couldn’t book with a nicer person, really cares about the experience offered to customers pre/during/post holiday

Sent by Susan Woods

As ever, brilliant personal service. Nothing too much trouble and why we book with Kerry rather than direct on website. Totally recommend for a pleasurable, first class service. Outstanding.

Sent by Liz Cordell

The service from Kerry is fantastic. I have already recommended her and will continue to do so.

Sent by Keira Harrington

Didnt have a clue what I was looking for but Kerry spent loads of time going through different hotels and options and I know we are all going to have a really good time - would highly recommend Kerry

Sent by Ellie J Harnett

Just booked my first holiday with my friends through Kerry - she was so helpful in making sure we understood everything and in helping us find a really good deal on a fantastic hotel - she is so good at what she does.

Sent by Lindsay Ormandy

We have been booking holidays through Kerry for the past 4 / 5 years and she is wonderful nothing to much trouble we think of her as a friend and will always book through her .

Sent by Kathryn Bridgeman

Kerry is consistently reliable, professional and extremely competent. We have been booking with her for years and we have never encountered a problem. She always goes that a little bit extra to ensure that everything goes smoothly. I can’t recommend her highly enough I would never dream of booking with anyone else

Sent by Denise Wade

Kerry is very professional and if you have any questions when booking a holiday if she does not know the answer herself straight away(which she normally does) she will find the answer and is very quick to respond with it.

Sent by Jane Gerbaldi

Always extremely good service, hence why we return time and time again.

Sent by Helen Bedworth

Excellent and efficient service

Sent by Samantha Jennings

Kerry was amazing We have no experience of cruises and she was so helpful explaining every aspect from booking, to what to expect on our first cruise I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my family or friends

Sent by Gillian Prince

Kerry is amazing and I've already recommended her to loads of people. We would have been nervous of booking our first 'post-Covid' trip if it hadn't been for her support and advice on destinations and the required paperwork and processes - plus her personal knowledge of the location. We had the most brilliant time, including a room upgrade also thanks to Kerry.

Sent by Shane Harnett

Fantastic professional service highly recommend her great knowledge made the whole process easy

Sent by Andrew Sharman

Kerry really puts so much effort into finding the holiday you want. She’s patient, she listens & I fully trust her to find us the best deal. I know we are looked after & safe booking through her.

Sent by Julie Taylor

Kerry is so helpful-we’re not easy customers but nothing is too much trouble!

Sent by Jane Gerbaldi


Sent by Diane Bryant

found kerry very helpful with no rushing talked me through all my options for my cruise I have booked with her, I would definitely go back and book all my future holidays with her

Sent by Carol Davies

You cannot compare Kerry's personal service when booking a holiday, she absolutely gets it right every time for us, she is a real asset to Travel Counsellors.

Sent by P Broad

Kerry has been so helpful, she has took all the worry away from us booking a holiday in these uncertain times. Kerry has made sure everything little thing is done leaving us nothing to do but enjoy our holiday. I will be definitely using Kerry again,

Sent by Lesley Pervez

Kerry makes going on holiday so much easier, plus she has a wealth of experience.

Sent by Sheena Weeks

Kerry is very professional, patient and caring She has put together some amazing holidays, her attention to detail is brilliant. I would 100% recommend her.

Sent by Kathryn Bridgeman

. I have been booking holidays with Kerry for a long time now and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Nothing is too much trouble and you feel you are getting a one to one service with her. She is incredibly efficient, reliable and diligent in all aspects of her work. She’s also a pleasure to talk to.

Sent by Hannah Carter

This is the 7th time I have now booked with Kerry, and every holiday has been superb. Her experience and knowledge within the travel industry is amazing. Will definitely be booking with her again.

Sent by Lesley Pervez

Brilliant, what would we do without Kerry, we just need to turn up on the day of the holiday as Kerry takes care of everything and when you're away you have peace of mind that should a problem occur Kerry is always available to help sort it.

Sent by David Edens

Kerry is an absolute star - nothing is too much trouble and she always goes the extra mile to deliver a flawless service - well done Kerry

Sent by Craig Dockerill

Kerry , was very helpful not only with booking our holiday but recommending areas to stay and visit. This only comes with her own experience or from people she has helped in the past .

Sent by Lesley Jones

Helpful friendly great service looking forward to my New York trip

Sent by Carol Braddock

I would like to thank kerry on all her help booking our cruise. This will be the second time we have booked with kerry, I can fully recommend kerry, kerrys knowledge of cruises is upmost .

Sent by Jordanna Pearce Davies

Kerry was absolutely fantastic with us from start to finish. She was genuinely interested in finding us our perfect honeymoon destination, and provided us with so many more options than we even could have found alone. She came with great recommendations having travelled to these places and stayed with the tour operators herself which was invaluable, and really helped steer our final decision. We will definitely be calling on Kerry for help with future holidays, and can’t wait to head off on the trip of a lifetime this October. Diolch o galon! Thanks so much!

Sent by Louise Selvage

Listened to my needs and nothing was too much trouble. Took time to find out about me fully

Sent by Judith Sabine

What ever I ask kerry, she gives 100 % and never makes me feel a nuisance

Sent by Martin Rand

Nothing was too much effort. Very helpful and and an excellent service all round...Provided very detailed information and continues to do so even after the booking is made..

Sent by Janet Makings

Kerry is the most helpful person I know because she really does love her job and it gives her great pleasure in helping finding the ideal place, flight, hotel etc. To make the most marvellous holiday/trip/break. Nothing is too much trouble and you can tap into her knowledge of places to go, of interest etc. Without feeling like you are asking too much because she is always ready and on hand to help. Kerry gives her best and to top that, is very honest in her comments. What more could you ask!

Sent by Sharon Wright

Kerry goes the extra mile for us to make sure our holiday is perfect from booking right through to the end of our holiday and the personal touches that she puts in make us feel extra special

Sent by Kathryn Bridgeman

I recommend Kerry Cansdale to all my friends and people I meet on holiday on a regular basis because I couldn’t be more impressed with the service she offers. She is extremely competent and reliable. She takes the time to ensure that you’re happy with all details of your holiday. She couldn’t be more helpful. She is also very pleasant to deal with and makes organising our holiday an enjoyable experience. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Sent by Elizabeth Cordell

Kerry always takes the time to find out exactly what you want and don't want from your holiday. And she always delivers great options.

Sent by Lindsay Ormandy

We are very happy with Kerry she is great at her job + we wouldn't use anyone else.

Sent by Paula Donaldson

I can be 100% sure that Kerry will make my holiday experience the very best. She is brilliant

Sent by Lindsay Coombes

Kerry was extremely helpful and friendly.

Sent by Sara Mall

3 days ahead of our family holiday with my 3 year old, hubby, parents and disabled brother who were all set to fly, the Thomas cook disaster occurred. A friend at work mentioned Kerry and to be honest I’ve never booked a trip with a human before. Kerry swooped in with her cape and saved the day by finding us an amazing replacement holiday which was not extortionate as other website's were displaying. She was calm and understanding, not to mention so personable and professional. She literally was our holiday hero. We flew our just under a week later and had one our best holidays and made my brother and my daughters dreams come true. Thank you so much Kerry

Sent by Lynn Foley

Kerry was recommended by my very good friends and I am delighted with the service she has given. I generally book holidays myself and she has saved me so much time and effort. The fact that she managed to find a really good deal is a wonderful bonus.

Sent by Jenny Wood

Kerry booked a holiday for my Mum and Dad and I cannot express how thrilled and grateful and pretty damn amazed they are at everything she has done for them, they couldn't believe how much she actually did, down to the last detail and are now feeling gutted they have not booked with Kerry before. They absolutely adored Kerry and will be using her all the time for all their holidays and recommending her to all their friends. Thank you so much Kerry, honestly, you go above and beyond and as they rightly said, deserve so much success. Xx

Sent by Josie Baxter

Kerry is professional, caring about her customer, courteous and ensures that the holiday is taking care from beginning to end

Sent by Pauline Harrison

Brilliant service from Kerry, always helpful and ready to answer many questions, I would highly recommend Kerry to friends and family.

Sent by Susan Ranshaw

Very friendly, extremely efficient professional service.......keep up the fantastic work Kerry

Sent by Jenny Wood

Kerry was so helpful and made our booking stress free. I would have no doubts about recommending her.

Sent by Sue Bullock

Is there an eleven?! Best thing ever, Kerry coming into my life! Second booking with her and so kind and efficient, especially for this procrastinator! Nothing has been too much trouble and Kerry goes above and beyond to assist, all with great humour too! That’s Kerry Cansdale

Sent by Lewis Blewett

Kerry was fantastic, really helpful and had great knowledge made sorting a holiday hassle free.

Sent by John Davies

I have nothing but praise for Kerry. She has planned and helped with the best holidays I have ever had. Many thanks.

Sent by Linda McGill

when you book a holiday with Kerry you know you will get the best customer service, this lady goes above and beyond giving you the best advice and help you could get, keeps in touch right up until the holiday preparing everything for you and even calls when you get back to hear about your vacation experiences. I’ve never met Kerry but she’s so friendly she’s more like a friend than my travel counsellor, nothing is ever too much trouble for this lady and I would have no hesitation recommending her 100%

Sent by Karen Last

I have booked with Kerry before excellent service and very helpful will be recommending her to family and friends.

Sent by Sally Leach Aslam

Kerry is amazing and we would highly recommend her to everyone we know. We have a little boy with epilepsy who requires medication on a daily basis and Kerry sorted taking the medication on holiday with the airline. We can't thank her enough for finding us an amazing holiday (we've booked to go again next year) and for all her thoughtful messages and cards. She is star

Sent by Joanne Boxer

Just to say thanks again for sorting out holiday. It was honestly perfect for us and our family. Sad to be home.

Sent by Lesley Pervez

Will definitely use Kerry again.

Sent by Jackie Burridge

Could not have been more helpful, understanding, kind & knowledgeable. A fabulous credit to your company.

Sent by Susan Woods

Brilliant, efficient and always goes the extra mile, Kerry is part of the holiday experience and could not make things easier. Always makes us feel like we are the most important customer. I am quite capable of booking direct and online but she adds a level of service and engagement that would mean us use this service rather than ourselves.

Sent by Irene Hibbert

We have booked our cruises through Kerry for many years, she is always very helpful with sorting out our bookings, advising on cabins, the costs and everything to provide a great holiday ! We look on Kerry as a friend, always keen to help and checks that we are happy with our cruise arrangements and after our holiday that all went well.

Sent by Beverley Buckingham

Excellent service by Kerry when arranging my holidays. Wouldn't book with anyone else

Sent by Graham Boxer


Sent by Nick Charlwood

Kerry was very accommodating , helpful and went above and beyond to help us with our holiday itinerary

Sent by Kathryn Bridgeman

I have already recommended Kerry to loads of people and any who used her have been delighted. I have used Kerry for many years and I love the personal, very friendly and helpful service. Nothing is too much trouble and it adds to our confidence when booking a major holiday. Keep up the good work

Sent by Gail Bambrook

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Will definitely go to Kerry for all future travel requirements and will recommend to friends and family.

Sent by Tina Dixon

Kerry is a lovely lady. She has been very diligent and responsive. She checked out all the options and worked hard to make sure I had the travel arrangements that I wanted. She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable working with her outstanding service

Sent by Julie Taylor

Nothing is too much trouble for Kerry, no matter how many times you ring her with a different (and sometimes even the same!) question! She is a treasure mine of information and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

Sent by Carol Davies

Kerry is very professional, thorough, polite and friendly. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family for their holiday bookings, she just can't do enough for you.

Sent by Claire Simpson

Kerry was fantastc and explained everything we needed to know and answered all our questions.

Sent by Gill Prince

Need a higher score option than 10 for Kerry! She was amazing as always

Sent by Hayley Sheath

We always book our cruises with Kerry Cansdale as she is extremely helpful with all of our requirements. She has such a lovely personality too, it feels like I'm chatting to a good friend every time we book. I always recommend Kerry to other fellow cruisers and will continue to do so.

Sent by Claire Buckle

We never book with anyone else. Kerry is like your friend and really does work hard to get the best deal for you. It doesn’t finish there tho, her attention to detail is amazing, from her communication to even printing out our luggage labels. We have met Kerry on one of our cruises and Kerry even gave our large group a gift each as a thank you for booking with her. I would not hesitate in recommending Kerry not just for cruises but also for land holidays as she got my daughter an amazing package touring Bali, keep up the good work Kerry and see you soon some where on a cruise ship.

Sent by Sharon Wright

Kerry goes above and beyond every single time. There’s nothing she won’t do for you or try her hardest to sort out

Sent by Jean Adams

Kerry was friendly, knowledgeable and completely approachable and came back with the information immediately 100% would use her again!

Sent by Matthew Mitchell

Amazing! Soo helpful! Would not hesitate to recommend!

Sent by Elizabeth Cordell

Kerry was so kind and patient with us and throughout the process it was clear that she just wanted to find us the best holiday, whatever it took. She suggested hotels we wouldn't have found or considered and she was so thorough that I feel completely relaxed that everything will be in hand for our trip. I would definitely recommend Kerry to people and will use her again in the future.

Sent by Joanne Boxer

Quick, responsive, helpful and friendly. I feel confident that she is one step ahead of me and will deal with any worries or concerns I may have in the future with my booking.

Sent by Kaite Keteleers

I have been extremely happy with the service received by Kerry. She went out of her way to help me and get the best deal for our trip next year. Booking with Kerry took away the stress you feel when doing it yourself. I also received a card in the post to thank me for booking, which was a really lovely touch!

Sent by Helen Parker

This utterly amazing lady was up at 545am this morning just to get my flights booked as they went on sale at 6am! What amazing commitment is that and service that you just don't get anywhere else! I would never use anyone else to book my holidays now! Thank you Kerry, so much

Sent by Andrew Makings

Kerry Cansdale has been very supportive to my wife and I and can always be relied on to deliver great customer service.

Sent by Irene Walsh

Thank you once again for your excellent personal service which we have been very grateful for. We will most definitely use again.

Sent by Gill Prince

Kerry was hugely helpful as always with our last trip (about the 20th we’ve booked through her) organising a last minute back to back cruise, in two parts with two cabins, and even getting us an upgrade for the first week. I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle that booking on my own! Sadly we had to leave the cruise early due to me breaking my ankle while in Italy, but Kerry was on hand the whole time by text and email - advising us on who to talk to at the cruise line, making calls on our behalf to gather vital information, and giving us all sorts of different options on how we might get home, or even the possibility of rejoining the cruise, and what paperwork/approvals would be required. This wasn’t an option in the end, but having all that information easily accessible while we were dealing with other issues all made a huge difference - definitely well above and beyond what you’d expect to get from a normal travel agent. Thank you again Kerry!

Sent by Benthe Stokvis

I appreciate the genuine interest Kerry shows in getting a booking just right and the efficiency with which she deals with any requests big or small. Kerry gives a very personal service and is a pleasure to deal with.

Sent by Kendal Moore

How can I thank Kerry Cansdale enough for her exceptional service to my flight itinerary. Her personal touch, welcoming and friendliness was out of this world. Thank you so much Kerry and look forward to using you again. Will highly recommend Kerry to everyone one I meet.

Sent by Amanda Lovewell

Very helpful, prompt responses. Keen to find us exactly what we wanted.

Sent by Sue Whibley

Kerry Cansdale has been great from start to finish booking our cruise for us. Kerry has made the whole process very easy for us from choosing the right cruise for us through to booking the cruise and sorting out all the necessary documentation. Nothing has been too much trouble for her. She puts you at ease straight away and it shows how much she cares and enjoys being a Travel Counsellor. I would not hesitate to recommend Kerry to anyone wishing to book a holiday. Thank you for all your help and hard work.

Sent by Bev Buckingham

Thank you for arranging our holiday, enjoyed the flight as had extra leg room all thanks to you. The hotel and area was lovely, pure rest and relaxation. I will be using you again and have passed your name onto friends. Plus the added touch of the bottle of fizz In our room was lovely. You certainly go above and beyond, so thank you once again for all you did to make our holiday special.

Sent by Karen Pearmain

I've booked via Kerry before and you always get her best. She goes out of her way to ensure you get the best offers and is in contact before and after your holiday making sure everything is perfect. I have no hesitation in recommending Kerry!

Sent by Maureen Hatton

Kerry as usual was more than helpful!

Sent by Pauline Harrison

Kerry was so helpful with organizing the Christmas cruise for my sister and myself, I feel confident that I can phone her with any questions that I might have, which is very reassuring.

Sent by Charlotte Wainde

I have booked many cruises with this lovely lady and have never been disappointed. I'm due to go on a cruise from Seattle to Sydney in October and she has been amazing helping me sort everything. Always available 24/7 when I need her. It's a friendship we have now built ! Not just a business relationship. I won't book with anyone else! Very competitive or if she can't beat the price it's usually because other companies are not displaying their hidden costs. A friend for life!!! Xxxxx

Sent by Sam Raindle

Excellent travel agent. Really gets what you're after for that special trip.

Sent by Sarah Hamilton

Knows her stuff, very experienced truly lovely lady would recommend to anyone.

Sent by Paula Jones

Just returned from a trip to Budapest. I booked the Milford Suites (by the Castle) The apartment was amazing and a very nice surprise was the outside terrace overlooking the garden. Kerry kindly arranged a lovely restaurant for my 50th Birthday which I would highly recommend called the Comme Chez Soi, an Italian restaurant. The food was amazing and the staff were brilliant. The service was fantastic. Kerry did a brilliant job organising the whole trip. I would highly recommend Kerry and I will be booking my next trip through her without hesitating. Her personal service was fab! Paula Jones

Sent by Allana Buckle

Amazing service from Kerry - would use her every single time I book a trip! Very personalised!

Sent by Kendra Hems

Cannot recommend Kerry enough, nothing is too much trouble! Was a pleasure booking our holiday with her.

Sent by Anne Johnson

We have booked three holidays with Kerry and the two we have been on so far have been truly amazing! Our third cruise is due shortly and I am sure it will meet our expectations. Kerry certainly knows a lot about travel and is the lady to go to to book your holiday.

Sent by Anne Johnson

If anybody is thinking of booking a holiday this is the lady to go to she has many years of knowledge and is so helpful. You can't go wrong with Kerry!

Sent by Clare Courtney

Kerry goes beyond the norm to ensure you have a trouble free holiday.

Sent by Jon Kirby

Your amazing at what you do. In fact amazing doesn’t cover the second to none service, care and attention to detail you always provide!

Sent by Jeff Simia

We appreciate great friendly and efficient service that Kerry always provides

Sent by Julie Taylor

This is the first time we've booked through Kerry and she absolutely bent over backwards to source a tricky holiday request! We have no hesitation in recommending her and will definitely be booking with her again.

Sent by Kathryn Bridgeman

I am so happy with the service we continually receive from Kerry that I constantly recommend her to everyone of my fellow travellers

Sent by Janet Makings

Kerry is the most helpful travel consultant I have ever met!

Sent by Sally Leach Aslam

Kerry is great, really wouldn't use anyone else and would highly recommend her.

Sent by Gill Prince

Kerry was amazing as always, not only arranging a complex back to back cruise, booked in two halves, but also for two cabins - and she even got us an upgrade as well! We'd never book a cruise through anyone else.

Sent by Richard Feather

Kerry was very efficient and helpful throughout the booking process. She especially showed great patience and understanding when we changed our minds numerous times regarding holiday details. Kerry also provided helpful suggestions and many links to websites for additional information, making the whole process a friendly and satisfying experience

Sent by Paula Donaldson

Kerry is a gem, I don't know how we ever found a good deal without her help and it is so lovely to have someone to share your excitement with.

Sent by Lindsay Ormandy

Kerry is a very helpful and has guided very well through our holiday choice, it is our first cruise and she has been very helpful. I feel like I have known her for ages, very easy to talk to. We will definitely be using her from now on.

Sent by Lyndsey Hadris

Outstanding service given by Kerry! This is the first cruise holiday we have ever booked and Kerry has a wealth of fantastic advice to give. The fact that she had just road tested the new symphony of the seas ship was invaluable to us! She genuinely wants to look after you and make sure you know everything you need to know in order to have the most fantastic experience. I have just recommended her to my friend who will be calling for a quote!

Sent by Hannah Western

This is the second holiday I have booked with Kerry and I can’t even imagine not booking with her now! She makes it so easy, when looking online there is so many hidden charges but not with Travel Counsellors! And I always ask Kerry’s opinion that means so much to me, she’s so honest and gets to know me so I know she will only quote for places she knows I like. I would never not book through Kerry again thank you so so so much!

Sent by Linda Williams

Kerry has been so helpful booking my trip to Australia and sorting out my visa. I will be recommending her to my friends and family and also future holidays and flights for myself. Thank you Kerry.

Sent by Jill Goodwin

We've taken advantage of our daughter running the Budapest marathon with the excuse to visit the city (we're not running though!) We have never been before and had no idea where to stay etc. Talking to and booking through Kerry was just so quick and easy. She listened to what we thought we wanted, helped us, advised us and then booked the short break. Absolutely fantastic and so easy. We will definitely be using Kerry again. Thank you Kerry!

Sent by Rachel Ryan

Kerry is very helpful, listens to everything you say, and goes out of her way to help. She really adds the personal touch, which is so rare these days.

Sent by Susan Bullock

As a total novice to cruising and with big plans in mind, Kerry has been absolutely fantastic at sorting out all the details of my upcoming trip. I was passed to Kerry by one of her colleagues and can honestly say both ladies are a ray of sunshine, bright and fun and totally knowledgable about their particular passions. Kerry has responded over weekends and very quickly provided information when asked. I feel totally confident that everything will run smoothly as she has thought of everything. If you have a trip to plan let Kerry Cansdale do the leg work for you, it is a much more pleasurable experience then trying to do it yourself online! Thank you for a great service so far!

Sent by Bev Buckingham

Excellent service from Kerry, and she understands customer wishes. Nothing is too much trouble for this lovely lady, thoroughly researched options to match our requests. Very professional and would we would definitely recommend Kerry.

Sent by John Westwood

Kerry was extremely helpful, making my overall booking experience really good.

Sent by Karen Sharman

Kerry puts 100% effort in to find you the perfect holiday. Nothing is too much trouble for her to look into, to get you just what you’re looking for.

Sent by Georgea Buckle

Kerry always goes above and beyond to help out and make the booking process stress free! We wouldn't go to anyone else :)

Sent by Judith Sabine

I’d never used a Travel Counsellor before and being a lone traveller it was so nice to have the pressure of searching and booking taken from me I would say to anyone try it, it makes traveling a pleasure

Sent by Jackie Harnett

Kerry is our "Go to Girl" for all our holidays, she always goes above and beyond when booking our trips, her personal service is exceptional, nothing is too much trouble, her knowledge and little tips are invaluable and she really does care about you and your holiday which is quite rare these days. I wouldn't even consider going to anyone else, she is quite simply the best in what she does. Thank you for finding our latest cruise for us and for all that you do Kerry xx

Sent by Linda McGill

When you book a holiday with Kerry it's like you have a friend looking after you, she makes you feel like your holiday is as important to her as it is to you. Every detail is taken care of personally and she is always willing to listen to and take on board any query you may have. Thanks once again for everything Kerry, you are such a lovely lady, always willing to help, listen and give the best advice.

Sent by David Steer

Kerry has always provided an excellent service for us .

Sent by Deborah Knight

I have booked through Kerry a few times now and she always goes the extra mile to ensure our holiday booking is the best deal we can get. She is thorough and ensures all aspects of our travel are covered. I would certainly recommend Kerry to plan and book your holiday through to make sure it is plain sailing.

Sent by Anne Johnson

I always recommend Kerry from Travel Counsellors to all my friends and family when we are talking about holidays! excellent service and we are very happy with what she has arranged so far and we have just booked our third cruise!

Sent by Karen Last

Thank you so much for helping book this holiday making it easy and hassle free.

Sent by Samuel Griffiths

I am completely and utterly bowled over by the sheer professionalism that Kerry has displayed today. Not only did she go above and beyond to find us the very best for our money but she also filled me with confidence that she will look after me and my booking right up until I return home. I am so so looking forward to this trip and feel so grateful and blessed to have Kerry as my Travel Counsellor. See you in November Vegas! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, yet again Kerry.

Sent by Allana Buckle

My dad initially started using Kerry a few years ago and hasnt used anyone else since. I have now independently used her for my own holiday and I have nothing but great words to say. She is so professional yet really down to earth and approachable for any requirements. No request is too much to ask her! I would 100% use her for every holiday I book on future. Not only does she come up with the best packages and ideas but she made this much more cost efficient than anything that we were finding independently online! I would massively recommend her.

Sent by Becky Davies

I was looking to book a cruise from Miami, staying in Miami two nights prior to the cruise and six nights after the cruise. I was going to book this myself individually and asked a family member of mine for advice - which is when she recommended Kerry to me. I was advised that Kerry is friendly, helpful, knowledgable and makes the whole experience of booking really personal - which is all very true! Prior to contacting Kerry, I was very nearly put off booking this type of holiday due to the amount of planning involved. But Kerry was able to do all of the research and put together an amazing package for us - completely hassle free! I am really impressed with the service we have received. The best part of the service is that you can tell Kerry really cares about her work and wants you to have an amazing holiday - which i think goes a long way! Thanks Kerry for all of your help!

Sent by Carol Anne Braddock

I can honestly say I would recommend Kerry to my friends and family with confidence to book a cruise for them. I have found her friendly and caring personality so reassuring when booking my first cruise. Kerry was so helpful nothing was to much trouble for her she always replied to my emails and phone calls immediately. This is our first cruise if we like it we will be booking with Kerry again.

Sent by D Collyer

Very pleased we bumped into Kerry one Sunday afternoon, that quick chat has probably changed how we book our holidays going forward. A very personal service, from a very knowledgeable lady who will put herself out to ensure everything is just right. Already passed on your details to others and we will be speaking to you soon to book our next adventure. Thanks for sorting Dubai, we enjoyed every minute.

Sent by Hayley Sheath

Kerry is so fantastic at her work that this is the 3rd time we have booked our cruise with her... we even followed her from her previous job especially to book with her! She explains everything so thoroughly and caters for all of our requirements and needs ....even offering to get a cake sent to the dining table for my Mums birthday on board which is wonderful. Kerry has tried many cruises herself so she gives valuable detailed information about everything to expect on the cruise. She has such a lovely bubbly personality and is so helpful and friendly that we will definitely be booking our next cruise with Kerry too!

Sent by Jayme Dowdall

Kerry has been amazing throughout booking our holiday! She has made it so easy for us and would definitely recommend.

Sent by Mike Hems

Would like to thank Kerry for all her help booking our Disney trip to Florida. With her excellent knowledge of Walt Disney World, after having worked there for 2 years, she made sure we included everything to make it a ‘perfect vacation’. Nothing seemed too much trouble, and she always responds to our questions quickly. Thank you again, Mike.

Sent by Kendra Hems

Kerry had been amazing in helping us book our Florida trip, nothing is too much to ask. Kerry is always quick to reply to any questions I have and always has the answers! She has gone above and beyond to ensure our trip is amazing!! Thank you for all your help, I will definitely be recommending your services!

Sent by Dawn Broughton

Kerry has been exceptionally helpful with all our questions relating to our recent cruise booking, offering first hand advice and even getting us $50 on board spend! Very personable service, I highly recommend Kerry!

Sent by Graeme Buckle

As always, fantastic service, nothing too much trouble, takes the hassle out of booking as Kerry takes care of everything for us

Sent by Helen Parker

Kerry was fantastic and so helpful in costing a couple of short breaks for me. She couldn't do enough and I will definitely be back to book through her again!!! Thank you kerry x

Sent by Jeff Simia

We often recommend Kerry because of her highly efficient and friendly service.

Sent by Irene Hibbert

Kerry has again been very helpful in booking our next cruise for 2018. We will always give Kerry a FIVE STAR recommendation, she is now a good friend who is always excellent in her job, she is always helpful in finding the best cruise and deals to suit us, great communications and care so that we get the cruise holiday just right for us. It's great to have someone that is there to help and give expert advice if it is needed. Therefore, we have no problem in highly recommending Kerry if you are thinking of booking a cruise as you will receive all the help and backup that you could possibly require. Irene and Dave (two very satisfied customers).

Sent by Danielle Caldicott

What can I say other than Kerry was fantastic! Not an easy enquiry with lots of repackaging but nothing was to much trouble for Kerry. She made numerous calls to the tour operator and went above and beyond when she knew the answers she was getting weren't quite right. She tried every way possible to get us the best value for money and explained the whole booking process throughly. She also offered to help with all of the online cruise and flight check in and offered first hand knowledge of cruise ports we would be visiting and gave recommendations of excursions that would best suit our party. Will definitley be using Kerry again and recommending her to friends and family. Thank you for making the booking process memorable and seamless.

Sent by Sharon Wright

In an age of internet where you don't deal with a human being, Kerry is a breath of fresh air!! We've now booked at least 4 holidays with Kerry who always listens to exactly what you want and puts 100% into finding it for you. Any questions or concerns are not a problem for her, and she is a lovely bubbly person who makes the whole holiday booking experience a pleasure. It's all the little details that she gives you that make the biggest difference and I have no qualms at recommending Kerry every time to my friends.

Sent by David Kershaw

Kerry is very professional but crazy with it. Makes you feel at ease

Sent by Pamela Bravery

Have booked with Kerry for years, followed her as she always gives such a fabulous personal service. Wouldnt go anywhere else.

Sent by Paula Dowdall

Booking with our Travel Counsellor Kerry could not be anymore straight forward, she always goes above and beyond her duty to make sure that whatever holiday you want its tailored made for you. Kerry will always go over any queries you have, nothing is too much trouble for her. We have used Kerry as our Travel Counsellor now for a few years and would like to say "thank you", you make our holiday a great experience from start to finish...

Sent by Ian Dines

Kerry is hugely knowledgeable and professional and has been a delight to interact with. She has made our holiday booking so easy and we cannot thank her enough for her excellent communication and patience with us!

Sent by Stuart Wills

Have been booking with Kerry for many years and she's never let me down - exemplerary service as always.

Sent by Guy Barry

Kerry has been fantastic with our cruise booking. Lots of knowledge and great information and communication! We have booked with Kerry a few times now and will continue to do so due to her fantastic service and knowledge. Thank you for the great work!

Sent by Dale Oswin

Such friendly, professional and all round fabulous service. Nothing is too much trouble and Jerry always goes beyond to make sure we get the best Holiday. I would strongly recommend Kerry to plan your perfect getaway - you won't be disappointed!!

Sent by Samuel Griffiths

I have been absolutely blown away by the sheer professionalism and warming personality that Kerry has demonstrated today. It was so easy to talk to her and handle the booking with ease. A truly lovely lady. Can't wait for the holiday!! Sam xx

Sent by Amy Stevenson

I have just finished booking a California tour with Kerry as she was a recommendation from a friend. She was absolutely great the whole way through from the quote stage, to the booking, including the finer details. She has a lot of knowledge and knew some clever little tips to save us some money along the way. I haven't done a holiday like this where we will be travelling around before and I felt completely confident that Kerry knew exactly what to do and the best places for us to stay. She's very friendly and you feel like you have known her for years when you speak to her. The app is great as it provides an itinery and countdown to the holiday as well as all the key documentation for the various flights, hotels and car hire. I will definitely go to Kerry for my next holiday - I couldn't recommend her enough!

Sent by Ashton Angell-McEvilly

I was looking for the perfect getaway with my husband to celebrate my 30th birthday in January 2018. An old school friend recommended Kerry to me and from the moment she called me I felt like I'd known her for years. She spent the time really finding out what I wanted from my trip before offering me a few different options. Each location had helpful hints, tips and personal recommendations which really gave it a personal touch. We decided on a Caribbean cruise, Kerry found an amazing deal that really ticked all the boxes. For each island we stop at she's recommended fabulous things to do or places to see whilst there. I'm so so excited for January to get here and I'll continue to use Kerry for future bookings as well as telling all my friends and family about her too. She's helpful, easy to talk to, understanding and honestly does her very best to deliver a 5 star service. Xxx xxx xxX

Sent by Kevin Watson

Well.. what can i say! Kerry has been awsome with her help in organising my booking for my friends stag. Great communication from the start and kept me up to speed witg all the details of the holiday. Would highly recomend kerry and will certainly book with her in the near future.

Sent by Mark Collins

Fantastic lady !!! Nothing is to much trouble. Always willing to go the extra mile. Cannot fault her.

Sent by Sue Ranshaw

Extremely helpful friendly prompt professional service. Nothing is too much trouble for Kerry! Would definitely recommend and use again - Thanks Kerry!

Sent by Alex Leach-Aslam

Kerry has set up mine and my partners wedding in Cyprus, Paphos at Louis Imperial Beach Hotel. What I thought would be really stressful, Kerry has made very easy to cope with as she has taken the responsibility as our local wedding co-ordinator. Im well travelled myself but I have never been to Cyprus before and with kerrys knowledge of the world Im excited to visit the country as well as marry there. Kerry has organised everything for us including a reception outside the hotel for a party of over 30 guests. I couldn't thank her enough for making our perfect day and honeymoon! I would highly recommend kerry to anybody getting married abroad or even just going on holiday. Thank you so much

Sent by Phil Peachey

The service I received from Kerry was absolutely outstanding. I'll be returning as she's got exactly the right travel business acumen and provided some very valuable advice. Fantastic work!

Sent by Charlotte Wainde

Kerry is amazing and feels like a friend. She is happy to quote anything you ask and will be honest with you on everything. She goes out her way to secure that you have an amazing holiday.

Sent by Graham Boxer

Kerry demonstrated both her knowledge of the area we planned to visit and also her patience in exploring the alternatives before we arrived at the best solution. The information supplied was clear and easy to read. We have already recommended Kerry to our friends and would have no hesitation in using her to plan future holidays.

Sent by Dawn Clayden

We are repeat customers with Kerry and once again she has done a great job. I would highly recommend her. Whatever you ask of her she will go above and beyond to get you what you want.

Sent by Louise Albert

I contacted Kerry for advice regarding a family holiday abroad. She has proved to be exceptional, and her knowledge and experience dealing with weddings abroad proved invaluable. I will (and have) recommend her to family and friends with complete confidence. Seamless service without being in the least bit pushy. She took note of all of our requirements, and met them to a tee! Thank you Kerry

Sent by Sue Woods

I would never consider going any where else but to Kerry, her personal attention and desire to assist are second to none and nothing is too much trouble. She listens, makes recommendations and is very patient. I have booked numerous holidays with her when traveling as a couple, with family and friends and cannot recommend her enough. My holiday starts with her.

Sent by Anne Johnson

We have just booked another cruise with the lovely Kerry as we had such a super time in March - everything went so smoothly and booking with Kerry makes it so much easier as she does all the hard work and we can just relax on our holiday. Kerry provides an excellent service.

Sent by paula donaldson

I feel like we have found our personal holiday arranger and no holiday will ever be booked alone again. An absolute pleasure, so helpful and informative and nothing is too much trouble. Kerry definitely has our vote. Very highly recommended, booking a holiday has never been as easy :)

Sent by Graham Boxer

Kerry demonstrated both her knowledge of the area we planned to visit and also her patience in exploring the alternatives before we arrived at the best solution. The information supplied was clear and easy to read. We have already recommended Kerry to our friends and would have no hesitation in using her to plan future holidays Graham Boxer

Sent by Jason Poole

Kerry was recommended to us when we were looking to book a long weekend in New York. We gave her a call and she recommended a great hotel in the middle of Times Square at a great price with flights. She also gave us tips on where to go and not to go and could not have been more helpful nothing was too much trouble. Needless to say we had a great time and have already booked a Carribean cruise for February 2018 through her. I couldn't recommend Kerry highly enough!

Sent by Derek Bullivant

We contacted Kerry after a recommendation from my daughter, she was most helpful and after discussing our requirements we had five recommendations the next day. We picked one that suited us, and it was so simple we wished we had done it before, will certainly use Kerry again and will recommend her to all my friends. 10 out of 10. Thanks Kerry

Sent by Denuse Wade

Fantastic service, takes the stress out of booking a holiday, booking with Kerry, no questions ever seem too much. Very conscientious and knowledgeable Travel Counsellor, absolute pleasure to book a holiday again with Kerry.

Sent by Faris Pervez

We had been researching our holiday for a couple of weeks when I was referred to Kerry. Within 24 hours of speaking with her, she had provided 5 amazing options for us, all within budget and offering exactly what we were looking for. She offered great advice, removed all the hassle, and now we are looking forward to a dream holiday!! We will certainly be speaking to Kerry again for our next trip! Thank you Kerry!

Sent by Suzanne Downes

Kerry is absolutely amazing! I find booking a holiday for 5 a hard task, keeping within budget and the perfect location is always difficult to I have Kerry. She is always very patient in dealing with my ever changing holiday demands and her knowledge is second to none. I have, and will continue to, recommend Kerry to all my friends and family. Her enthusiasm and professional approach to finding you your perfect holiday is a breath of fresh air.

Sent by Georgea Buckle

As always Kerry is so helpful and patient with us (we don't make it easy) but she always makes sure we get the best price and the best holiday. We wouldn't go to anyone else for booking our holidays and would always recommend Kerry to our friends and family. Thank you so much again for all your help!

Sent by Luke Brough

Fantastic service given from choosing through to booking, very attentive to our needs backed by 110% energy and enthusiasm. Highly recommended.

Sent by Olivia Christian

Kerry is absolutely fantastic at finding you your dream holiday. She went above and beyond to get us the best deal for our budget and I can't thank her enough for that. She really listens to what is important to you and uses her extensive knowledge to match you up with the perfect holiday. I will certainly be booking with Kerry again and would reccomend her to all my family and friends x

Sent by Deborah Harewood

I followed Kerry from her previous job as I really enjoyed the great service I received in my previous trips. When I started looking for the trip that I am now booked on, she was the only person who I knew would find me the best deal and has she delivered. I don't have the biggest budget available but she always finds me the best deals. You cannot go wrong in taking advantage of her expertise.

Sent by Clare Courtney

Kerry has gone the extra mile to sort my holiday out and I can't thank her enough. I highly recommend her services, she is polite, knowledgeable and very helpful.

Sent by Natasha Barnett

10 out of 10! Absolutely amazing service! After shopping around around Kerry was recommended to me by a friend to book a speacial birthday trip. Her service alone stood out from the others and was a HUGE selling point for me! We booked an appointment just to talk about what I wanted from my holiday... no other agent did that. She made me feel like she cared about what I wanted more than than the actual sale of the holiday. Other agents just bombarded me with emails of hotels they chose, which did not suit me or what I was looking for. I will 100% come back to Kerry with all my future travel plans and recommend her to all my friends Thank you Kerry xx

Sent by Hannah Western

Kerry has been so amazing when decided where to go on our holiday....answering all our questions and emails (even though I sent ALOT)! Would recommend her to anyway and we will definitely be booking through Kerry again!

Sent by Carol Davies

I found Kerry's service to be exactly what I require, always at the end of an email/telephone as I am a very picky traveller and everything has to be just the way I want it to be and that is what Kerry provides. She is very polite, knowledgeable and also has a sense of humour! I would not hesitate to recommend booking through her as you will get the best service possible.

Sent by Jackie Harnett

I cannot recommend Kerry and her services enough, she is an absolute star and never fails to amaze me with her wealth of knowledge, her wonderful friendly, helpful attitude and that she always seems to be able to find exactly what we want and need. I have booked my holiday and business trips with Kerry for many years and will continue to do so as there simply isn't anyone who can even come close to the level of service and professionalism that she provides.

Sent by Janet Makings

Kerry has so much empathy with her clients. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She listens to everything you have to say and then compiles the absolute dream trip taking into account all your preferences. She works tirelessly at finding the right flight/accommodation/holiday etc. and uses her extensive knowledge of travel to steer you in the right direction. Her experience is invaluable especially if you feel unsure of anything and if maybe, and I say maybe, she doesn't know something Kerry is the first person to want to know and to find it out. Having Kerry book your holiday also takes out all the strain and worry from this daunting task. As a bonus she is so easy to talk to. If you are going to use ask for KERRY and I am sure you won't be disappointed. OMG I am going to Australia in July all booked by Kerry!

Sent by Joanne Mixture

I was recommended to Kerry through a family friend and as I was looking to book a trip to New York I thought I would give her a call. She had a warm and friendly manner and I told her roughly what I was after and the budget I had. Kerry called me as promised within hours to tell me what she could offer which was fantastic! As I have never been before Kerry was able to give me so much great advice, from applying for my Esta to the places to visit, her knowledge really is priceless and she really does go the extra mile to try to get just what you're after. I emailed her a couple of times with questions I had forgot to ask and she responded very quickly with the answers and nothing was too much trouble. Needless to say I happily booked with Kerry and rest assured that I can contact her anytime with anymore questions or concerns should I need to. It's been an absolute pleasure to chat and book with Kerry and I wouldn't hesitate to call her again for future breaks or holidays and will be recommending her to my family and friends. Thank you very much again Kerry!

Sent by Anne Johnson

What a great service we received from Kerry last week - we really hope our holiday is as good as the service we had in arranging it. Kerry was enthusiastic and a joy to speak to. She really loves her job - which these days is a rare thing!

Sent by David Franklin

Kerry arranged a cruise for us with great professionalism and no hassle, every element was smoothly explained and the actual trip went like clockwork . We will be using her in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her for any travel plans you may have

Sent by Paula Jones

I highly recommend Kerry! She was so professional and extremely helpful and found my ideal accommodation and flights to Budapest. Very quick in responding. Kerry has saved me a lot of time and money! I will definitely be booking through her again.

Sent by Janine Degun

Excellent service from Kerry, booking was fast and easy , would thoroughly recommend

Sent by Sharon Wright

Kerry has done any amazing job organising my holiday. She has taken any hassle from me which means I'm fully looking forward to my holiday knowing everything is covered.

Sent by Josiane Baxter

I have made several holiday bookings with Kerry, she manages to get everything that I require and much more, I find Kerry extremely capable, but most of all a joy to deal with. I would recommend Kerry to anyone who want to book a holiday and against all odds booking through an travel agents is not any dearer and can save you money

Sent by Lorraine Ham

Kerry has found the prefect holiday for us and taken all the hard work out of planning and booking. Will definitely be recommending her travel service to all my family and friends. She has gone above and beyond any other travel agents we have ever used before, giving expert, honest travel advice and tips due to her vast experience.

Sent by Paula Dowdall

Kerry is a fantastic travel consultant, her knowledge of all aspects of travel is amazing! She goes out of her way to make sure to listen to all your requests, to book the best deal she can for you and takes away all the worries of booking any travel requirements... I would always use Kerry to book any of our holidays, she takes the stress out of stressful so you can sit back, relax and know your going to have a great vacation!!!

Sent by Karen Williams

Excellent personal service, would highly recommend Kerry to friends and family looking for a holiday.

Sent by Linda Irvine

Can't thank Kerry enough for all the hard work she puts in to our bookings. I would not trust anyone else to organise everything right down to all our transfers. I am a pain with all my questions and changing details but nothing is a problem with Kerry - thank you for all your hard work.