I believe in Belize

Kirstie Timmins on 20 June 2019

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I believe in Belize!

Are you looking for a destination slight off the beaten track? Bored of your drop and flop holidays? Want to fit in as much experiences as possible? Then I can truly recommend Belize for its diversity. I went to Belize in June because I wanted to swim with the whale sharks, and it was my 50th birthday so I wanted to conquer my fear and do a zip-lining experience. What I experienced was a whole lot more… First stop was 3 nights in a lodge near the Mayan ruins of Lamanai. Picked up from the airport we were taken to the river and finished our journey via an air boat on the river! The guide was wonderful and that trip, complete with an ice-cold beer, was the start of our experience. This lodge offers full board inclusive of 2 excursions per day, such as, medicine trail walk, day and night jungle walks to name but a few… My favourites were the air boat night safari… where we where guided along the riverbank looking out for toads, spiders, birds. We were also treated to an explanation of the night sky and a wonderful display of fireflies! The early morning Kayak was an experience I shall never forget... on the water before the sun had risen, the only noise being the gentle sound of the paddle and the call of the animals… I have never seen water lilies open in front of me… I have never experienced such calm and wonder… The food was delicious, and the cabin was facing the river and air conditioned with its own fridge. After a sad farewell we were transferred to our next destination for the adrenaline activities. Here the activities were not included in the price, but the food was. The accommodation was of a more modern standard and there was a plunge pool here overlooking the river... Here I experience the Zip-lining…. And yes, I was scared! But I had to do it. It had 12 platforms and 7 runs totalling 2745 feet! It was a great experience and I felt safe and secure at all times. On the final zip, we had to shout… I BELIEVE IN BELIZE! And by that time, it had secured a place in my heart. The other trips on offer where horseback riding, birding, caving and various on-site activities, e.g. a rope swing into the river! Yes at 50 I actually did this!

The final leg of the journey was too the beach… I wanted an apartment right on the beach and that is what I received… Unfortunately, I was unable to swim with the whale sharks as I sliced my big toe in a freak accident. However, I managed to get around with the hotels help and explored Placentia as much as possible, enjoying the lobster during the festival! How did I get back to the international airport? I flew in a twin prop aircraft, and that was an amazing experience… For any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me, you could be there enjoying so much more that the average holiday.

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