I love cruising!

Natalie Gosher on 22 October 2022
It is no surprise that I love a cruise…I say that but it was a surprise to me initially as I never saw myself as a ‘cruiser’! I had some pre-conceived ideas about it being something you did after you retired…it was boring…you had no freedom…it was super expensive. It is safe to say that not only have I been proven wrong on all of these points but I have found cruising offers so much more!

It’s a great solution for anyone with different ideas on what a holiday should be. If you love city breaks and exploring but your partner loves lounging on the beach with a good book and your kids want a pool with slides then a cruise is the perfect solution as you literally get all of these in one place!

It offers amazing value for money! Your cruise is full board so your meals are all included and snacks covered. It is a fact that you will never go hungry on a cruise. Depending on your cruise line, you may need to add a drinks package but this can depend on what you drink- if you do not drink alcohol, get the soft drinks package or there are normally a variety of packages including alcohol. Next up, there is enough entertainment onboard to please everyone so if you love a stage show, a disco or maybe you prefer live music- you are covered. BUT the true value comes from your ports- cruising offers you the opportunity to incorporate several ‘city-breaks’ within your 1 holiday- a perfect example would be our med cruise 3 years ago onboard MSC Bellissima. We visited Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta and Barcelona all within 7 nights. It was brilliant! From our cruise, we enjoyed a taster in each of these destinations and have added Sicily and Malta on our list to go back.

There is a cruise for everyone. A key part to my business is to attend ship visits which is as fun as it sounds! I have been lucky to spend time onboard Celebrity, Princess, MSC, Cunard and Norwegian ships amongst others. I have cruised with Cunard, Norwegian and MSC and have loved them all for very different reasons. There are ships perfect for families, for couples, for explorers for luxury seekers, for multi-generational family groups, for solo travellers- you name it!

A question I am often asked is whether cruising is suitable for kids. The answer to this is a huge ABSOLUTELY! Not only are the ships fully equipped with facilities that the kids will love but this is just the most amazing way to give your children a little glimpse of the world!

I am hoping this blog not only shows you how much I have grown to love cruising but also gives you some food for thought on your next holiday and that you consider a cruise- don’t forget to get in touch and I would love to help you get it planned.