Myth Busting Adventure and Touring Holidays!

Natalie Gosher on 16 November 2022
This year I have been focussing my business in on the adventure and touring sector for the simple reason that I love it!

There are many misconceptions around about this sector and I am going to break these down for you in the hope that you consider an adventure and touring holiday for your next trip! Here goes…

Follow the umbrella! Pretty sure we all know what I mean here and most of us will have encountered a coach load of tourists following a tour leader… all grappling to get to the front to get the information, taking up all the space in museums, taking 2 photos and then getting back on the coach for the next stop! Don’t get me wrong, there are tours like this BUT there are so many more tours that are not and I would 100% recommend trying out a small group tour where numbers are normally around 15 (often less) and you travel around in a swish mini bus. No umbrella’s or marching around…

No freedom Every tour supplier I use, prides themselves on their itineraries and experiences available. For many, these experiences are simply not available if you tried yourself- such as museum access after hours or home-hosted meals. The amount of time in each location will depend on your itinerary however if you wanted to spend a bit of extra time taking photos of a sloth in Costa Rica for example, a quick chat with your tour leader will almost certainly allow you to get what you want from the experience. After travelling with Intrepid earlier this year in Morocco, if you did not want to partake in the days activities you didn’t have to. It is your choice however you need to ensure that you are contactable and at the pick up point at the allocated time. These tours are what you make it but these suppliers are pro’s in their field and know how to get the most out of your trip.

I won’t like the people travelling on the tour Well this is always a risk regardless of your holiday choice however if you are considering an adventure and touring holiday, you are a particular type of traveller- you are looking for the experience. The other travellers on a tour are the same and you all have a common interest before you have even started. You also do not have to spend all of your time together- meal times are often flexible and you get free time throughout that can be spent how you feel. If you have someone rude on your tour, a quick chat with your tour leader should help alleviate any discomfort- they are all trained to make sure you are having the best time.

I have kids, we can’t do that! Yes you can! There are so many suppliers that offer family specific tours. These not only include activities that are specifically family friendly but the accommodation will have rooms big enough and the hotels often have pools to cool off in at the end of the day.

I am a solo traveller and don’t fancy sharing a room No need- once again there are tours that allocate you your own room or if you want to share (to reduce the cost), you can. Sometimes solo holidays are perceived to be an extended date but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s expensive Adventure and touring holidays offer second to none value for money. Your itinerary will be a tried and tested route through your location of choice, you will experience the very best whilst you are there and will often have options that you simply cannot buy yourself. Your guides will be knowledgeable on the destination (reading the guidebook will not come close to what they know) and your tour often includes various meals, transport and admissions throughout. When you go away on a tour, you will know what has been paid for and what you will need to pay for. There are tours to suit every budget from back packing to luxury and the memories you will make on your adventure are priceless!

I hope this covers off some of the myths surrounding this sector of the travel industry. If I have missed something let me know!